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2 Stage Vs 3 Stage Snow Blower: a Complete Guide (2022)

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If you live in an area with cold winter seasons, you’ve no uncertainty had fantasies of having a snow blower no matter whether it is a 2 stage or 3 stage snow blower. These fantastic gadgets are terrific for getting rid of pathways, driveways, decks, as well as sidewalks during the chilliest days when high rainfall has actually caused inches and also feet of snow When you’re taking care of especially awful winters months, such as the ones in the Northern and Midwestern United States, then you require to invest in a sturdy snow blower. Rather than being available in solitary phases, the majority of versions will certainly rather have two or even 3 levels created to deal with a wide array of situations. But simply, what is the difference in between a 2 stage or 3 stage snow blower? This guide will certainly aid you compare the two and explains the advantages and disadvantages each.

What Are the Stages of a Snow Blower?

When you find out about phases of a snow blower, it is normal to examine simply what this term implies. The “phases” pointed out refer to just how numerous levels exist in the snow clearing operation of the device. As an example, a 2-stage model makes use of a dual serrated auger and also an impeller to clear pathways, while a 3-stage has three augers along with the impeller.

What Is an Auger?

The auger is a turning metal tool formed like a spiral. It has the very same name as the tool utilized for monotonous holes in timber. In a snow blower, the augers are accountable for pressing snow into the main chute so it can be thrown to one more location. The even more augers a snow blower has, the extra-worldly it can take care of simultaneously, the faster it will certainly refine snow, as well as the further it will throw it

What Is an Impeller?

The impeller is a blade which forms a component of the main device of a snow blower. It is accountable for the constant flow of the snow and is what mostly tosses excess product far from the tool. The augers are responsible for pressing snow into this impeller so it can be blasted away from the area you are cleaning up.

Do a 2-Stage as well as a 3-Stage Have the Same Design?

When it concerns snow blower layouts, all designs will certainly have at the very least one auger as well as one impeller. When you enter even more innovative tools like the 2-stage as well as 3-stage, you will certainly have greater than one auger but will certainly still have a single impeller.

They both function in a similar way, although the 3-stage has somewhat extra devices. In many cases, a high-velocity 3-stage snow blower can throw unwanted product up to 75 ft. away, making it optimal for companies, companies, and any individual who live on a large story of land. A 3-stage option is additionally much better at managing huge stories of ice mixed with snow, given that the augers chop it up before it is blasted away.

The Differences between both Types

Bigger is not constantly better, which is why it’s crucial to understand whether a 2-stage or 3-stage snow blower will be better to you. The primary distinction between both is that the 3-stage has much more horsepower than a 2-stage since of the augers and usually the dimension of the engine. While both can extreme snow removal and also can blow up snow as much as 50 ft. far from your target zone, only the 3-stage features an accelerator.

The accelerator in the snow blower is liable for speeding up the entire snow removal process. While both designs will have an intake section with augers for intimidating the material, it is just the 3-stage which is capable of making the procedure go faster via the visibility of the third auger. Utilizing this logic, the 2-stage will certainly additionally be faster than a single- stage option.

The various other key advantage of the 3-stage version is the evenness of usage. Unlike the 1-stage and also 2-stage, 3-stage snow blower experiences few quits and also can rake with massive hills of snow without coming to be clogged up or requiring time to get used to the flow. These models are mainly made use of by businesses for a factor, since they make it simple to clear a parking area when a rake isn’t readily available.


The most significant issue individuals face with the 3-stage is maintenance. Mechanically inclined individuals will certainly be able to do their very own maintenance on smaller snow blowers, but the 3-stage needs specialist support to take apart the machine as well as properly care for each part.

Part of this pertains to the sheer power of the engine, which requires to be cleaned up often. The other issue is the complexity of the mechanism, which can be tough to uncouple and also repair without a guide or experience.

Exactly how to Maintain a 1 or 2-stage Snow Blower

For context, the ordinary snow blower requires surprisingly little upkeep thinking about just how well they operate. You only need to adhere to 8 standard actions that can be carried out from the convenience of your own garage. Regrettably, these actions can be tough with the average 3-stage model because numerous of the components are unreachable unless you deconstruct the whole device.

  1. Modification the trigger plug
  2. Evaluate and replace the belts if needed due to fracturing as well as general wear
  3. Inspect the paddles: If they no longer touch the ground or are damaged, you require to change them
  4. Determine the shave plate as well as replace it if put on
  5. On a 2-stage blower, examine the skid shoes and turn them if one side is used but the other is not. If both sides have actually been damaged, it is time to change them with new ones.
  6. Check out the shear pins. These are the pins developed to hold the auger in location. They are suggested to break when put under excessive strain to stop damages to the equipment. If yours have cracked or shattered, you require to obtain substitutes.
  7. Modification the oil that has been left in the equipment during the offseason. It is normally a great idea to allow the snow blower to be on for a few mins so the oil heats up prior to it is eliminated. Make sure to drain the entire container before putting brand-new oil inside
  8. Vacant out any one of the gasoline which has been left inside the maker over the summer season as well as be sure to change it with fresh gasoline.

When you make use of a 3-stage snow blower, these standard actions still require to be complied with. Nevertheless, it will be hard to reach all of the parts, and lots of individuals struggle to get around the 3rd auger when attempting to perform normal upkeep.

The Pros as well as Cons of Each Model

2. Stage Snow Blower

The 2-stage snow blower is perfect for people who have a moderate quantity of snow in their area. It works best in regions that often tend to obtain an accumulated 3-15 in. of snow as well as moderate ice. Maybe taken into consideration the center ground for people curious about snow blowers given that it is not as lightweight as a solitary- stage choice but not as sturdy as the 3-stage


  • Moderate strength
  • Fewer stops and starts
  • 2 augers to funnel snow
  • Able to blast 50 ft.
  • Self-propelled
  • Modest cost in between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000
  • Can be preserved at residences


  • The auger does not touch the ground, leaving a thin layer of snow
  • Cost may be also expensive for some individuals

3. Stage Snow Blower

The 3-stage snow blower is suggested for people that need to relocate a great deal of stuffed snow as soon as possible to go concerning their tasks. These can be used in also the heaviest of snowfalls, with the ability of going up to a built up 25-30 in. and also jam-packed ice. These are one of the most high-end alternatives on the market and absolutely the biggest in terms of horsepower. These are not intended for a person who only obtains light to moderate snowfall or owns a tiny lawn.


  • Amazing horsepower as well as stamina
  • No quits
  • Able to blast up to 75 ft.
  • Self-propelled
  • 3 augers to better funnel snow
  • Accelerator


  • Expensive– these blowers can cost in between $ 2,000 and also $ 3,000
  • Heavy and awkward for smaller people
  • Requires a specialist for maintenance

A typical problem for the average person encounters with the 3-stage snow blower is that it could be subdued for a basic driveway or sidewalk.


The 2 stage vs 3 stage snow blower share the same basic mechanism as well as being frequently self-propelled. They differ in regards to horsepower and the variety of augers existing in the design, which influences just how solid every one is. If you live in a typical community that gets modest snowfall, after that the 2-stage version will certainly work best for you. If you absolutely have hefty snowfalls every year and also require removing an impressive amount of ground swiftly, after that consider the 3-stage Simply remember you will need to invest more money at the start and also will certainly be incapable to execute upkeep on your own.

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