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20 Awesome Houseplants That Are Safe for Cats! Full Guide of 2023

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It’s hard sufficient to find excellent looking houseplants that fits your home’s Feng Shui, nevertheless, if you’ve got felines roaming the location. It’s important whatever you opt for, is safe for your furry little buddy. And also whether the plant is long lasting sufficient to take the weird swipe and nibble!

These are my top 20 recommendations for the best houseplants that are safe for pet cats.

20 Houseplants SAFE For Cats

1. Areca Palm

Areca hands are a fantastic option if you desire to develop a tropical feel in your house. Be alerted though, your feline may delight themselves with its fluttering leaves.

2. African Violet

African violets is the perfect blooming houseplants due to the fact that the ordinary room temperature is their perfect setting. These are a great cat-friendly way to bring more shade into the area.

3. Infant Tears

The name might not seem extremely appealing however this green low-maintenance plant resembles clovers. Pro idea: plant child tears at the base of taller plants or interior trees to prevent your family pets from excavating in the soil.

4. Bamboo Palm

Bamboo is among one of the most resistant plants that you can keep in the residence. Despite just how frequently your cat scratches, this tropical plant will certainly survive as well as proceed to cleanse the surrounding air.

5. Boston Fern

Boston brushes are preferred shower room plants because they like high moisture. If you position them in a basket hanging from the ceiling or on a very high shelf, your feline may not also have the ability to get to it.

6. Bromeliad

One of the problems of cat-parents that of houseplants is that their hairy friend likes to dig in the dirt. Fix that problem by getting a Bromeliad that expands affixed to an item of wood– no dirt and no mess to clean up.

7. Burro’s Tail Succulents

A lot of succulents are harmful for felines which is why many animal proprietors can not get on this prominent fad– previously! Among the exceptions to the policy is Burro’s Tail, also referred to as Donkey’s Tail, which is non-toxic for pet dogs.

8. Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron plants are as sturdy as they sound. If you have had a poor record of maintaining plants to life, this is the plant that will certainly recover your hopes of having an eco-friendly oasis.

9. Gloxinia

Gloxinia are beautiful Brazilian blooming plants being available in a range of shades. Mind you, these are not the best plants for beginners since they do need rather some attention.

10. Hawthoria

Hawthoria is one more succulents that is safe for cats. Get a pot of Hawthoria if you’re a follower of Aloe Vera but an even bigger fan of your feline.

11. Marigolds

Absolutely nothing claims spring like marigolds. These lovely floral flowers include a wonderful touch to any type of table you put them on.

12. Mosaic Plant

Mosaic plants are well-known for their white capillaries that meanders through deep eco-friendly or purplish leaves. Also called nerve plant, this is a leafed houseplant that is completely safe for felines.

13. Orchids

You can not have lilies in your home if you have a feline yet you can have a pretty alternative: orchids. These flowers enjoy great deals of indirect sunshine and stand beautifully near a home window.

14. Peperomia

There is a variety of Peperomia so you can spread all various kinds around the home. Each one has its own unique qualities, so it will certainly add wonderful appearance to your interior.

15. Polka Dot Plant

Although they initially hail from tropical Madagascar, polka dot plants have fantastic loss colors. Their deep purple as well as dark environment-friendly fallen leaves add warmth to a space and also are completely safe for cats.

16. Petition Plant

Prayer plants can be found in various patterns and shadings, making each plant distinct. They have lovely broad fallen leaves to do welcome a little nibble from cats yet feel guaranteed that it is safe.

17. Rattlesnake Plant

Rattlesnake plants obtain their name from their long eco-friendly stems with red stripes of a dark reddish-brown. This is a houseplant that does well in low-light locations, ideal for illuminating a dark space.

18. Spider Plant

Spider plants have a great deal of quantity, which is excellent for beautifying a bare area in the space. They have long slim fallen leaves which might bring in the focus of your feline so be sure to place it in a critical spot.

19. Venus Fly Trap

This fascinating plant does equally well indoors and outdoors. Keep it by a big window during the chillier weather condition and let it boost your veranda during the spring and also summertime.

20. Zebra Plants

Zebra plants are a component of the Calathea household as well as having the exact same trademark wide environment-friendly leaves. This variant has streaks of a lighter color, therefore its name, which thrive in great dubious places.

Often Asked Questions:

Which Houseplants are Toxic to Cats?

Examples of usual houseplants that are toxic to felines include:

  • Monstera
  • Aloe Vera
  • Lilies (all variants)
  • Eucalyptus
  • Philodendron
  • Azaleas
  • Ficus
  • Caladium
  • Hyacinths
  • Daffodils
  • Succulents (certain variants)

Is It Okay For Cats to Eat Houseplants?

Pet cats appreciate munching on plants often as well as this is unsafe when the plant is hazardous for pet cats. If your cat has actually eaten harmful houseplants it may present the adhering to signs:

  • Looseness of the bowels
  • Vomiting
  • Allergic reactions
  • Skin irritability particularly around paws and mouths

How Do I Stop My Cat from Eating My Houseplants?

Although you can not completely quit cats from eating houseplants, you can try to dissuade the behavior with this basic hack. Spray a watered down blend of lemon water on the plant– felines do not such as citrus tastes therefore will not take pleasure in eating the houseplant.


Having a pet cat does not mean that you can not have any houseplants There are a lot of great plants that are non-toxic to cats and also still look amazing.

There are much more pet-friendly plants beyond our leading 20 list so don’t really feel dissuaded. Just keep in mind to check whether it gets on the listing of harmful plants for felines and pets prior to earning a brand-new environment-friendly baby.

With the numerous options readily available, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a cat-friendly houseplant.

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