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7 Tips on How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats in Houseplants! (2023)

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You can do away with fungus gnats in a number of natural means including drying pot soil, repotting plants, presenting nematodes or spraying a thinned down neem oil option. You can likewise avoid fungus gnats by not overwatering houseplants, making use of a dirt cover as well as watering plants utilizing a drip tray.

Being tiny flying animals, fungus gnats can be quite bothersome and challenging to detect before they have reached bigger numbers. The biggest issue is not also visible in the beginning; their larvae that feed on organic issue in the dirt and plant origins.

Tiny as they may be, there are fairly simple remedies to managing fungus gnats As soon as you understand exactly how to identify them, you can quit them from growing in population.

Keep reading to learn what draws in fungus gnats, exactly how to avoid them as well as how to remove them.

What Are Fungus Gnats as well as Where Do They Come From?

Fungus gnats are extremely small flying insects, comparable to fruit flies just a lot smaller sized and with a black body. One of the reasons why they are called fungus gnats is that they make it through on rotting natural materials, consisting of fungi.

These small flying creatures are commonly discovered on houseplants with extremely saturated dirt. Pot soil that is left too wet for as well lengthy commonly consists of decomposing matter which is the ideal breeding place for fungus gnats

Besides wetness as well as rotting organic product, fungus gnats are additionally attracted by moist problems, light and also carbon dioxide. This indicates that houseplants near home windows or a lamp are a lot more at risk to a problem.

Once the grownups begin breeding, your houseplants remain in risk. They lay eggs in the excessively moist pot soil as well as these eggs end up being larvae that likewise prey on decaying matter.

Fungus gnats larvae are a lot more damaging to houseplants because they are deeper in the dirt therefore closer to the plant origins. When they feed on these plant roots, your plant will experience serious damages.

7 Ways to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats

Not overwatering the pot dirt of houseplants is the best means to protect against fungus gnats Nonetheless, all of us make blunders and it is simple to overestimate just how much water plants actually require.

The good news is, it is completely feasible to do away with fungus gnats prior to them do any irreversible injury to houseplants. Here are 7 effective ways to deal with fungus gnats

1. Dry the Pot Soil

Quickly stop watering your plant if you discover fungus gnats swarming about. The faster the pot dirt dries, the far better.

Naturally, there is the worry that the plant will totally dry out. Display the overall wellness of the plant, however a few days of dryness is more suitable to fatality by fungus gnat.

2. Repot the Plant

Fungus gnats lay eggs in the leading layers of soil. If you do not desire to manage larvae, the safest choice is to repot the plant with fresh soil.

Just how to securely repot a plant depends on the particular species but in every case, see to it that you properly cleanse the roots prior to repotting. If any components of the plant have actually already been affected or program signs of degeneration, make sure to eliminate it first.

3. Cover the Soil

Having a dry top layer over the potting soil will assist stop the fungus gnats from laying eggs. There are numerous choices for soil covers as well as many will not influence the wellness of your plant.

Crushed rock, sand as well as ornamental moss are all exceptional leading soil covers although, the moss has to prospective to be wet, too. You could additionally be able to discover specialized soil covers specifically for avoiding fungus gnats

4. Water with a Drip Tray

Plants pots with poor water drainage are at higher risk of coming to be as well damped. An easy alternative to this is by making use of pots with drip trays.

Drip tray pots have openings at the base and a matching meal that can be filled with water. Just bear in mind that these drip trays ought to just be filled up for brief time periods– vacant it out after about 30 wins to stay clear of root rot.

5. Area Paper Flies Traps

Fly catches are a tried and also relied on a technique for removing flying bugs. You could utilize any normal paper fly trap as well as location it in the plant pot yet there are unique traps for fungus gnats, also.

Obviously, fungus gnats are drawn in to the color yellow, which is why fungus gnat fly traps remain in that bright shade. The drawback of this technique is that it does not deal with any kind of eggs as well as larvae that may currently be in the soil.

6. Present Beneficial Nematodes

Nematodes are a significantly preferred organic and environmentally-friendly bug control technique. Nematodes are little worms, invisible to the nude eye, that eliminate off a large range of common soil-borne bugs in a matter of days.

Without mosting likely to the gory information: the nematodes feed upon fungus gnat larvae as well as so are an efficient way to deal with ravaged soil. When choosing for this option, avoid presenting any other chemicals or natural insect control because that could likewise influence the nematodes.

7. Spray Neem Oil

Neem oil is an additional natural remedy to many gardening bugs and it functions for fungus gnats, too. All you have to do is water down neem oil with some water and also spray the top layers of the pot dirt.

Nonetheless, the results with neem oil might differ. It may take longer for the neem oil to take impact which is why it is much more recommended as a preventative step.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Are There Gnats in My Bag of Potting Soil?

Several bags of potting soil have small holes in them to let the dirt breath. If the soil has been exposed to moisture, it might draw in fungus gnats which can conveniently enter through the openings.

Will Fungus Gnats Go Away on Their Own?

Fungus gnats that have actually set up their reproducing ground in the soil of potted houseplants or other rotting issue will not disappear by themselves. You have to remove their reproduction ground to ensure that their eggs and larvae do not turn into grownups.

What Eats Fungus Gnats?

Several larger bugs happily feed upon fungus gnats Instances consist of rove beetles and also lady bugs.


Fungus gnats are small yet annoying flying bugs that can do significant damage to houseplants. They are naturally drawn into damp dirt with rotting natural particles, making houseplants their perfect breeding location.

Luckily, there are numerous basic and also natural methods to eliminate flying gnats One of the most crucial rule remains though: do not over water your houseplants.

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