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About Us

Welcome to!

Trying to get that perfect yard? Of course, you are, we all are!

My name is Mutasim Sweileh and I’m the creator of Best Yard Tips, your one-stop site for all your backyard ideas.

Me and my team, we’ll help you get the yard you’ve always dreamed of with our in-depth articles, product reviews, videos, and tips.

Our goal is to help you, our readers, to achieve the yard you’ve always wanted. It can be frustrating at times, trust me, we know.. but with the right guidance, we’ll help you whip that yard into shape – we just hope you’re ready when you’re family and friends come knocking on your door for the advice!

Stick around, have a read through our site, and enjoy yourself.

Feel free to get in touch anytime, or reach out via our social media channels.