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Agri-fab 45-0299 48-inch Tow Plug Aerator Review (2023)

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The aeration process includes puncturing your grass with tiny openings to make it possible for nutrients, water, and air to extra effectively get to turf roots. Oygenation permits the origins to grow more deeply, which creates an extra strenuous, healthier yard.

The key reason that your grass must be freshened is because it relieves dirt compaction. Compressed soil will at some point to build up an unwanted of strong particles within a certain space or quantity. This accumulation avoids nutrients, water, and air from being able to efficiently flow throughout the dirt. Additionally, oxygenation eliminates hefty natural debris or excess grass thatch that can accumulate under the surface of the grass, which deprives lawn origins.

The Agri Fab 45-0299 48 Inch Tow Plug Aerator is an excellent instance of what an aerator need to be. Its impressive style incorporates 32 spikes, which are made of costs galvanized steel, to quickly penetrate the soil. As with all Agri Fab items, this design is made in the United States, which allows Agri Fab to keep a limited grip of manufacturing quality. An included transport handle makes it straightforward to increase and decrease the aerator ‘s knives as required.


  • The coring branches of the Agri Fab 45-0299 are crafted from stainless steel, which guarantees that they will not rust as well as will stay sharp for lots of uses.
  • Assembly is straightforward, and also the setting up directions are well-written and also easy to adhere to.
  • Agri Fab supplies a sector leading, 3-year warranty from the maker.


  • Some faulty devices have had an incorrectly pierced opening in the shaft that made it extremely challenging to raise and decrease the tines to the appropriate height.

Trick Features

  • Each Agri Fab 45-0299 is made in the United States with some imported materials.
  • Agri Fab offers a 3-year service warranty from the maker on each model they market.
  • The ergonomic layout of this design consists of an easy to make use of cantilever transport manage for lowering and raising the points as required.
  • To achieve deeper penetration, this version has a 48-inch weight tray that can suit approximately 175 pounds of extra weight.
  • The pneumatically-driven tires are guaranteed to never ever go level and attend to a smooth flight.


As your lawn gets older, or if it is regularly subjected to rush hour, the dirt will certainly come to be compacted. This stops your grass from successfully obtaining the water, air, as well as nutrients it requires to grow and also thrive. The Agri Fab 45-0299 48 Inch Tow Plug Aerator is especially made to open the soil’s surface and allow the lawn roots to receive what they require for healthy and balanced growth.

Firstly, consumers should realize that the 45-0299 is a plug aerator, as opposed to the typical spike aerator Rather than cutting deep grooves right into the soil like a spike aerator, it in fact takes out small plugs of soil as well as lawn. Typically, plug aerators are messier and more disruptive, however they are developed for lawns that need sturdy maintenance.

The Agri Fab 45-0299 is a tow design aerator, implying it is created to be drawn behind a small tractor. The weight of this design will not enable it to be hauled by hand. In regards to measurement, it determines 48 inches wide and also weighs roughly 93 extra pounds. The style boasts 32 separate plug aerator blades that are made from galvanized steel. The deck is likewise made from long lasting hefty gauge steel, and the drawbar is bonded to make sure longevity. The steel deck can fit an extra 175 extra pounds in weight. The added weight can be included in the aerator to strengthen the deepness of each plug ‘s penetration.

This model does call for some setting up upon arrival. A lot of buyers have actually been able to finish the assembly procedure within 2-3 hrs, and they have actually commended the assembly directions for being simple to read.

Overall, the Agri Fab 45-0299 48 Inch Tow Plug Aerator has actually won go crazy testimonials from individuals. At the time of this writing, over 80% of users that had actually acquired this model had actually offered it a 4 or five star ranking. Although the 45-0299 has actually been applauded for its style, efficiency, and sturdiness, many customers have actually stated that it was Agri Fab’s 3 year, sector-leading guarantee that inevitably offered them the self-confidence to acquire this design.

There have actually been a couple of grievances relating to defects in the shaft where an inaccurately pierced hole made it hard to elevate and lower the cantilever. Nonetheless, it deserves noting that Agri Fab has actually supplied consumers who lodged a problem with a new, appropriately made shaft to change the defective one.

Thanks for Reading!

The layout of the Agri Fab 45-0299 48 Inch Tow Plug Aerator is strong as well as resilient, and also numerous customers have had their Agri Fab aerators for over five years and were still utilizing them. Oygenation is an oft failed to remember component of exceptional yard treatment, and also we’re prepared to bet that you’ll be happily surprised at the distinction it will certainly make. Your yard will thanks also.

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