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How to Make a Backyard Putting Green: a Comprehensive Guide (2022)

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So you wish to enhance your golf game, however you do not constantly have adequate time to obtain down to the local driving range or country club. If you understand just how to make a backyard putting environment-friendly, you can create your very own technique center in the privacy of your backyard

Believe concerning just how lots of strokes you can cut off your standard if you can exercise putting daily after job!

Obviously, you can practice in your workplace or on your living area carpet but to obtain major practice in, you require a genuine technique green. So just how do you construct one?

Well, we’re regarding to walk you via the whole process, step by action.

Action 1: Choose Your Location

Prior to you decide anything else, the first thing you’ll require to pick is your putting eco-friendly’s place. After all, you can’t quite possibly exercise any kind of other details if you do not understand topography. There are a couple of essential factors to consider to make when you’re choosing a location.

The very first is the amount of sunshine that the ground receives. This isn’t a considerable consideration if you’re using synthetic grass– much more on that later on– however it can be a major problem if you’re utilizing natural lawn.

Yet what matters most is the incline of the ground, as well as the absorbency and also level of smoothness of the surface. You’ll need a reasonably level area, with a slope of no greater than 2 percent.

It’s additionally vital to keep a sense of perspective when it concerns room. While America is all about the greatest and also the best, it’s crucial to keep things in point of view; the ordinary US golf program environment-friendly steps in at around 5,000 square feet , greater than 2 times larger than the typical rural home and greater than 5 times larger than the ordinary urban house.

Obviously, not every putting green needs to be this huge. It’s completely appropriate to have a little eco-friendly, yet you will not be able to practice longer putts.

An additional concern is whether or not your putting environment-friendly will restrict residential or commercial property access or obstruct you off from a part of your yard. The suitable area is towards an edge, preferably with partial color so you can remain great on a warm mid-day.

If you have a large lawn, it’s also feasible to establish areas for exercise with wedges as well as brief irons. This will permit you to exercise your brief video game and boost your wedge accuracy, in addition to dealing with your putting

Certainly, you can also develop a full-length hole in a large lawn, however that calls for fairway upkeep, which get making complex– as well as pricey– quickly.

Before you damage the planet, sketch the location out beforehand utilizing chalk or lawn-safe noting paint. You may be stunned at how seeing things set out in paint can place your strategy in perspective. This is especially crucial if you’re building near the residential property line given that fences and bushes can to make also a big eco-friendly feel confined if the green is as well near to the fence.

Step 2: Choose Your Material

Once you understand where your eco-friendly is going to be situated, the next action in preparing your job is determining whether you’re going to make use of real turf or synthetic grass. Both products have their own advantages and drawbacks, so we’ll take a closer look at each of them.

Yard Greens

From a visual perspective, it’s challenging to make a disagreement against a real environment-friendly. Also the best synthetic grass looks “off” compared to the appeal of genuine, all-natural yard.

That said, they need significantly even more upkeep, so you’ll require to be prepared to invest money and time in its maintenance.

The most apparent problem is trimming. An appropriate putting green need to be trimmed to an eighth of an inch or much less in elevation– about the elevation of two quarters stacked on top of each other.

Comparative, your ordinary consumer lawnmower has a minimal elevation of around 2 inches. To come down to an eighth of an inch, you’ll require a specialized reel lawn mower, which can run in the hundreds of bucks.

The reason for this is that a conventional rotary lawn mower cuts your lawn with a solitary rotating blade. At really reduced elevations, this technique isn’t effective. On the other hand, a reel lawn mower collaborates with a set of blades, which swing together like a pair of scissors. This enables accurate, low-level cutting.

As you can imagine, this likewise influences just how much variant your green can have. Also a slight bump or dip can cause a reel mower to “lower out”, so constant interest with a yard roller is needed to maintain your eco-friendly looking fresh as well as healthy and balanced. On top of that, the reel mower itself will certainly need consistent maintenance. The rollers under call for calibration before each trim; you’ll require dial calipers to make certain pinpoint-accurate change.

You’ll also require to guarantee that your blades stay sharp, and not just file sharp like a rotary mower blade. On a reel motor, you have 10 to 15 separate blades, along with a bed knife. And all of these demands to be razor-sharp for a precision cut, which means you’ll require to purchase a collection of special grinders. That’s a great deal of devices required simply to cut your environment-friendly.

You’ll likewise need to maintain the edge well-trimmed, although that can be accomplished with the most affordable setting on a conventional push lawn mower– provided you do not mind the “edge” resembling the rough on a conventional golf course.

A lot of people don’t think about the various other upkeep needed, too. For one thing, you’ll need to water religiously. We indicate every day, preferably in the morning before the sun is out. For an additional thing, weeds and crabgrass are a constant threat. You’ll require to discuss your eco-friendly with a fine-tooth comb on a regular basis, draw out any kind of upseting plants, as well as spot harmed areas.

Synthetic Greens

Artificial greens provide you an easy experience that requires practically zero upkeep. They won’t dry out during a watering restriction, and also they need no weeding; simply use a leaf blower to eliminate any type of particles that takes place to fall on your green.

The only actual upkeep you’ll need to do on a synthetic eco-friendly is checking the sides annually to make certain that all the ground spikes are totally anchored and also haven’t rusted out.

That claimed, excellent synthetic grass can be expensive. As well as if you make a decision to utilize a cheap indoor/outdoor carpet, you won’t be doing yourself any kind of supports. They play terribly, as well as they look fake even if you’re legitimately blind and also not wearing any kind of glasses.

Spend in top quality grass, and you’ll have a resilient putting green that you can practice on for several years.

Ultimately, fabricated greens are ideal for any environment. So also if you live in a desert or a cool location, your environment-friendly will certainly stay, for the absence of a better word, green

Action 3: Grading and also Landscaping

The first step to installation is making certain that your putting environment-friendly is properly rated for which there’s a lot of water drain. You’ll also require installing a lining to keep your environment-friendly devoid of weeds.

To accomplish this, you’ll first require to remove any type of existing yard. You can rent out a sod cutter for reasonably little cost, however you can additionally attain the same outcome with a shovel and a little effort.

Don’t fail to remember to clear out a fringe, also. You’ll require a minimum of 12 inches, however approximately 24 inches is great if you desire a bigger edge. The edge is greater than just an aesthetic attribute. It likewise enables you to set up a preserving wall, which will keep rating materials where they belong, avoid erosion, as well as permit very easy drain.

The next point you’ll need to do is dig deep adequate for a crushed rock base, which suggests excavating down around 18 inches. Once more, you can use a shovel, yet it’s a great deal faster and easier if you lease a small excavator for the mid-day. Make certain that the base of your form is level and level. Make use of a tamper as well as a lengthy degree, ideally 4 feet or longer, to guarantee that you’ve got a secure base. If necessary, you might need some fill dust to accumulate on one side or the other. Make certain to damp down both the brand-new and the old dust before tamping, to get a regular base.

Now that you’ve obtained your type removed, construct your retaining wall surface around the edges. You can do this with any type of landscape design blocks as well as capstones, so search and discover a color and also shape that fit with the remainder of your landscape.

Next off, you’ll require to safeguard your environment-friendly from weeds. The preserving wall goes a lengthy method to assist with this, however a bed lining will certainly aid even extra. Make use of a permeable landscape design towel, not a plastic lining. This will certainly stay out weeds as well as shoots, but will certainly still permit water to drain.

Next off, you’re mosting likely to require a base for drainage. For this, you’ll require to lay down a six-inch layer of 3/4-inch crushed rock. You’re mosting likely to require a great deal of this product, so do not buy it by the bag from Home Depot; you’ll invest a tiny ton of money. Most likely to a landscaping distributor and acquire it wholesale. Lay down your gravel in 2-inch layers, tamping and also leveling each time. A plate compactor will certainly make brief works of this work, yet you can utilize a manual tamper if you desire to save cash.

Next, you’ll desire to cover the gravel layer with sand. Do this the very same way you laid down the gravel: 2 inches at once, tamping as you go. If you purchase completely dry sand, make sure to wet it down with a hose as you use it. This guarantees that you get complete, even compaction.

Finally, you’ll desire to place down 6 inches of high quality topsoil on the top– 2 inches at once, tamping as you go, as you did with the sand as well as the crushed rock. Do not utilize inexpensive fill dirt! Your environment-friendly depends upon excellent soil to grow thick and lush. Please note that this 3rd step isn’t required if you’re using man-made lawn. In that situation, you can remove a 12-inch bed rather than 18 inches and also avoid the topsoil.

Tip 4: Add Drainage

Before you complete off your putting environment-friendly, it’s important to ensure that it has appropriate water drainage. After all, no matter a lot if the green is smooth as well as clear if it’s suddenly covered by half an inch of water whenever it rainfalls.

Before you set up the grass or carpeting, dig a trench under your environment-friendly that goes through the middle and drains pipes on each side. This trench should be lined with rocks as well as crushed rock as well as need to be sloped so that it drains pipes totally free from the putting surface.

As we’ve pointed out, it’s additionally important to ensure that your whole setup is lined with gravel. If you have not followed our guidelines, please re-read step 3 and also make sure you’re doing points right.

And also as always, if there’s any substantial doubt, ask for suggestions from a landscaper you understand and also trust. They can frequently provide particular advice for a portion of the price of a complete set up, supplied you have a good connection.

Step 5: Install Turf or Carpeting

As soon as you’ve obtained your bed landscaped, lined, and tamped down, the following action is to mount the brand-new surface area. Whether you’re going with lawn or carpets, you’ll still need to guarantee that it’s well installed.

We’ve already gone over the pros and cons of carpets versus synthetic grass, so we won’t summarize that right here. But in either case, you’re going to need a dependable putting surface.

Also, as we’ve mentioned in the past, the fringe location around the environment-friendly must determine at the very least 6 inches in width, otherwise 12 inches for maximum drainage. This area can additionally aid to make up extra slope around the sides, which can suit awkwardly-sloped lawns.

If you’ve laid your pavers area by section, piece by item, regularly re-measuring the level, you should not require to make any kind of modifications now. You’ll intend to make sure that your stone caps are reduced than the eco-friendly.

There are 2 factors for this:

  • The environment-friendly itself will require a rubber lip or retainer (also if the eco-friendly is fabricated and also requires no water).
  • Even without a lip, your green demands significant water drainage. If the stone caps are greater than the environment-friendly and also the wall surface is well constructed, water can pool up after a storm, turning your putting environment-friendly into a mud pit.

Presuming that you’ve followed these suggestions, along with the guidance from our previous area, you must be well established up to install the surface of the eco-friendly itself. Thankfully, we’re concerning to offer you a few pointers regarding how this is done.

If You’re Planting Your Own Grass

When it involves growing, cover your grass seeds with hay prior to you water. These seeds are mosting likely to draw in birds, and also if the birds want your seeds, you’re not mosting likely to experience much growth.

For bare turf, the requirements are simple. Aerate regularly, run a weighted yard roller over the environment-friendly, as well as making use of a top quality lawn mower– as we have already discussed.

If You’re Building an Artificial Green

Prior to you begin, lay the entire item of outdoor carpet or Astroturf out in front of you. Make certain that the whole account covers your target area.

The reason for this is that it’s easy to overestimate the room outside. When it concerns the actual measurement, it’s an excellent suggestion to estimate approximately 10 percent extra in each measurement, in order to guarantee that there is more than enough product to walk around.

Certainly, an artificial environment-friendly needs anchoring, which needs a vast array of tools. We recommend non-galvanized spikes that measure a minimum of 6 inches in size. Truthfully, any much shorter than this, as well as you can kiss your garden liner and your plants bye-bye in any kind of type of rough climate. On the upside, 6-inch spikes aren’t horribly costly.

That stated, once you’ve put in the Astroturf, your task is total. No even more upkeep will certainly be required.

If You’re Installing Rolled Natural Turf

In a similar way to installing carpets, you’ll require to plan in advance when it comes to your cuts. Besides, a lot of jobs need even more product than you would certainly prepare. Equally as you would with synthetic grass, lay whatever out first prior to you make any cuts.

When you’ve obtained your space rationed, you’ll need to make use of a chalk line to ration the measurements. Next, reduced the ground with a turf cutter. If you’re attempting to save money, a lengthy razor blade will certainly suffice, but be prepared to alter blades regularly.

Incidentally, if you’re operating in the grass, it’s a good suggestion to utilize knee pads. This may not feel necessary on the day of the work, but believe us, if you do not use knee pads, you might experience considerable discomfort the next day.

While you’re cutting the bed, step as slowly as feasible to boost accuracy, and also favor long sizes over brief sizes. This guarantees that you will not leave your residential or commercial property line.

Action 6: Install the Hole and also Pin

Now, at the end of it all, you’re all set to mount your putting opening. There are several products, such as the Standard Golf Hole Cutter Guide, that can make this less complicated.

And also why limitation on your own to a single opening? To exercise a selection of shots, it’s a great idea to produce several openings.

You may or may not require a pin. For most putting environment-friendlies, it’s just unneeded. If you have a large residential or commercial property as well as you’re chipping or making use of an iron prior to you hit your green, then a pin may be a good suggestion.

Step 7: Decorate

Similar to an actual fairway, half the attraction of a backyard putting eco-friendly is the reality that you get to go outside as well as take pleasure in the outdoors. So why not spruce things up with some decoration?

The most noticeable point to do is set up a yard bench or chair close by, preferably under some shade. This means, you’ll have someplace to take a seat and also remainder in heat.

But you can additionally get creative. A little fish pond or a sand catch can simulate the kind of risks you’ll see on an actual fairway. Not only can these types of attributes be appealing but they likewise aid if you’re working with your short video game.

Or, You Can Just Buy One …

If all this seems like a bit much, we understand. This is an engaged procedure that takes a few days of effort– as well as some assistance from friends and loved ones– to get the job done right.

Luckily, there are other methods to obtain your very own backyard putting eco-friendly. As an example, you can pay an expert to do the work for you.

Several firms, such as Pro Putt Systems , offer this type of service. Merely send them a picture of your area, in addition to the overall square video footage of your suggested environment-friendly, as well as they’ll get back to you with a price quote that includes the total cost of landscaping and installment.

As much as simplicity of installation goes, that’s difficult to beat. On the various other hand, you’ll be paying considerably more, however you likewise will not have to do all the hours of the job.


A backyard putting eco-friendly has several advantages. It makes your golf technique a lot more convenient, brings it closer to house, and it allows you to practice over the weekend break.

Then once more, it’s likewise a little bit pricey. That stated, if you need to know how to make a backyard putting green, we think we’ve done our job. We hope we’ve helped!

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