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Banana Peel Fertilizer: is It the Best Diy Fertilizer? (2022)

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Banana peels are high in potassium, which is the primary nutrient that aids plants to flower and set fruit. For that reason, banana peel fertilizers is one of the outright best DIY fertilizers you can make in the house.

Envision that! Usually, we toss out our banana peels or at best, placed them in the compost heap. Yet, after you’ve finished reviewing this article, you’ll consider those banana skins in different ways.

So, why are banana peels so great for your plants? Let’s delve into all the benefits.

Why Is Banana Peels Good For Your Plants?

banana peel good for plants

As I stated previously, bananas are high in potassium. And, as is the instance with many fruit, there’s constantly a greater focus of nutrients in the skins. All plants need potassium.

Potassium is essential for generating masses of blooms and fruit on your plants. Plus, it additionally assists your plants to relocate nutrients around their cells. And also, it helps in photosynthesis.

Potassium additionally aids to reinforce the stems of your plants. Plus, it’s helpful for maintaining diseases at bay.

Pro TipIf growing out bare rooted roses, placed a piece of banana skin in the bottom of the opening. This will certainly break down over time and also feed your roses with necessary potassium as they start to blossom. You’ll be awarded with masses of glorious flowers!

What Other Nutrients Does Banana Peels Containing?

The skins of the modest banana also include phosphorus, calcium, manganese, sulfur and also magnesium. All of these nutrients are crucial for healthy plant growth. They help with photosynthesis, chlorophyll production and also water uptake.

Remarkably, bananas do not contain nitrogen. That’s precisely why banana peel plant food is the ideal option for blooming and also fruiting plants such as roses, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

You see, nitrogen produces green plant development. Consequently, any type of plant that you wish to urge to flower or fruit does not require a whole lot of additional nitrogen. What it does need is– you presumed it– potassium!

However remainder ensured, also plants that do require a great deal of nitrogen will certainly benefit from banana peel fertilizers. You see, the calcium found in banana skins aids plants to absorb more nitrogen from the soil.

As a result, banana peel plant food is optimal for all the plants in your garden.

Just how Do You Make Banana Peel Fertilizer?

how do you make banana peel fertilizer

Banana skin plant food is very easy to make. When you follow our recipe, you’ll want that understood about this years back.

Below’s What You’ll Need:

  • A one-quart mason container total with the covers
  • Some banana skins
  • Sufficient distilled water to load the jar

Right here’s How To Make The Fertilizer:

  • Put the peel from one banana into the container.
  • Totally fill the jar with distilled water and put on the cover.
  • Allow this to sit for concerning 1 to 2 weeks. This permits the nutrients from the peel to seep out into the water.
  • Once the water has actually transformed shade, the fertilizer prepares.
  • You can now throw away the banana peel or pop it right into your garden compost.
  • Mix the fermented plant food with water. The best proportion is 1 part plant food to 4 components water.
  • Water your preferred plants with this concoction and see them grow!

Naturally, you can make as much banana peel plant food as you want. If you intend to make a bigger set to begin with, simply make use of a larger container and also add even more than 1 banana skins.

You can additionally have more than 1 jars addressing the very same time or startle the batches to ensure that you constantly have some fertilizer helpful when you require it.

One of the most essential thing to bear in mind is to never ever once again allow a banana skin go to waste!

Just how To Use Your Home-Brewed Banana Peel Fertilizer

Once you’ve thinned down the brew, water the roots of your plants at the very least once a week. Follow this and quickly you’ll see the results of your initiatives.

You can also use this in any potted plants that you have. The focus of plant food in your mixture will get directly to the plants when they need it.

Pro TipIf you mulch your potted plants, add some sliced up banana skins to the top of the soil before putting on the mulch. The peels will slowly break down and also launch nutrients to your plants.

If you remain to sprinkle all your blooming and also fruiting plants with this ‘tea’, you’ll make certain that they’ll keep generating all period long.

Pro TipIf you leave your brew in a cozy spot after removing the peel, for concerning a month, it will certainly remain to ferment. This makes it perfect for acid-loving plants such as hydrangeas and blueberries.

You Can Also Use Your Banana Peel Fertilizer To Repel Aphids

aphids banana peel

It’s a well-known fact that aphids hate bananas. Sorry what– you really did not recognize? Well now you do! If you spray the thinned down banana peel tea onto your roses, the aphids will merely go away.

This is an additional factor why planting some sliced up banana peels in the soil around your roses is so useful.

Pro TipChop up some banana peels to utilize when planting seeds. Simply place a seed straight onto a piece of banana skin before covering with dirt. This will provide your seed starting’s an incredible running start in life. The phosphorus in the peel will certainly assist your seeds to germinate faster.

Make A Dried Fertilizer Powder Using Banana Peels

powdered banana peel fertilizer

Along with the banana tea that you can quickly make, you can additionally grind your banana skins right into a fine powder fertilizer.

Right here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Some banana skins
  • A flat pan or drying out shelf
  • A mortar as well as pestle or coffee mill

Here’s What To Do:

  • Area the cut up banana skins onto a flat pan so they’re not touching.
  • Put the cooking sheet into the oven on the cheapest setup as well as allow them to dry completely.
  • Additionally, placed the banana skins on a drying out rack in the sun as well as await them to dry.
  • Once the skins are totally dry, put them right into a mortar and also pestle or coffee grinder and also grind into a great power.
  • Put the powder into a sealed container and shop in a great, dry area.

Occasionally it’s much easier to picture these things, here’s a wonderful tutorial from Project Diaries on how to make your own banana peel fertilizer.

Just how To Use Your Powdered Banana Fertilizer

To use your powdered plant food, simply spray a pair of tablespoons around the base of your plants. After that, water the fertilizer in to make sure that it obtains to the origins of your plants.

Pro TipIf you do not eat a great deal of bananas, ask your regional shake shop to maintain some skins for you. They’re going to throw them out anyway, so you might too put them to great use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Air banana peels off excellent for all plants?

Yes, all plants need some potassium as well as various other nutrients that banana peels consist of.

Do banana peels benefit eliminating aphids?

Banana peels off won’t kill the aphids however since aphids dislike bananas, they’ll leave if you plant some chopped up banana peels around the base of your plants.

Last Thoughts

Banana peels are among the best resources of potassium for your flowering or fruiting plants. Use our recipes to make your own banana peel fertilizer as well as you’ll have a thriving yard in no time at all.

Have you had great success with banana skin fertilizers? Share your tales with us in the comments below.

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