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The 5 Best Airsoft Masks: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide (2023)

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So you’ve built your own exterior obstacle program, as well as after running it a couple of times, you feel like you’ve simply left boot camp. What better means to comply with up than with a airsoft suit? Or, much more realistically, by allowing your children to blow off some heavy steam with a airsoft suit. But airsoft pellets pack an unexpected amount of strikes They might not be harmful, but they can do some damage if you’re not putting on the ideal safety equipment. To keep your kids’ risk-free while they contend with each other, we’ve browsed for the best airsoft mask on the market. We’ve likewise created a convenient buying guide

Allow’s begin!

1. Valken Airsoft Sierra Thermal Lens Goggle

If you’re trying to find a minimal security option, the Valken Airsoft Sierra Thermal Lens Goggle is difficult to beat. These look like a pair of ski safety glasses. As well as while the conventional variation is clear, they’re also available with amber or dark lenses, similar to ski safety glasses. Not only will this safeguard your eyes from damaging UV rays, but it will also offer you better visibility when the sunlight is in your face.

These safety glasses are rated to ANSI high-impact criteria. This suggests they’re rated for tactical usage, not just to shield you from square one. Consequently, they can take care of a powerful influence, even at point-blank range, and also they’ll still keep their architectural stability. They’re well-padded around the edges, so even a tough hit won’t harm your face or leave a bruise.

The haze defense is also really excellent. The vents lie outside of the lenses and are barely noticeable from the exterior. This unobtrusive layout is surprisingly efficient. However, on extremely hot days, you could obtain some sweat build-up or condensation. If you’re mosting likely to be playing in extreme warmth, think about using some defogging spray just to stay on the secure side.


  • Easy to readjust
  • Well-ventilated
  • Offered with brownish-yellow or dark lenses for sun protection


  • Just cover your eyes

2. Outgeek Airsoft Half Face Mask Steel Mesh and Goggles

The Outgeek Airsoft Half Face Mask Steel Mesh and Goggles is specifically what it seems like. It’s a steel mesh half-face mask that ships with a pair of polycarbonate goggles. This mesh layout makes it exceptionally breathable, with plenty of air flow around your mouth and nose.

The Outgeek half-mask is offered in five various patterns, consisting of black as well as camouflage, with matching frames on the safety glasses. Cosmetics certainly come second to safety and security, yet allowed’s admit it, it doesn’t hurt to look great while you’re plinking away at your friends.

The safety glasses themselves have a form-fitting layout, with a strap that’s easy to change. They’re generously padded with thick foam and also are ANSI ranked for effect security. They likewise soak up UV rays, so they keep your eyes secure in more methods than one. That said, the lenses are clear, which suggests you might experience some glare in brilliant sunshine.

The mesh half-mask additionally features a single flexible band. The strap broadens out as it wraps around from the back to the front, so it protects the mask along its entire side, not just at a solitary factor. Integrated with extra thick padding, this guarantees a comfortable fit that won’t impinge on pressure factors.


  • Comfy and also well-padded
  • Really breathable
  • Five elegant patterns


  • Prone to glare

3. Outgeek M50 Airsoft Mask

The Outgeek M50 Airsoft Mask is a full-face mask that resembles something right out of World War I. This isn’t an embellishment. It’s designed to appear like a gas mask, complete with big “filters” on both sides and a slotted discharge vent in the center.

The hard plastic shell is surprisingly comfy. It’s thickly padded around the outside, and there are four different modification factors on the bands. You can readjust at the top or the bottom, on the left or the right, to get a truly customized fit without a whole lot of migraine.

The “filters” on the sides aren’t just for the program. Every one houses a powered follower, which significantly improves ventilation. This guarantees that the M50 won’t mist quickly or leave you wheezing for air. Nevertheless, the followers, each of which calls for 2 AA batteries, include substantially to the weight. In general, the M50 weighs over 2 pounds, which is a little bit heavy.

The polycarbonate eye shield is well created. It has a wrap-around layout, which permits a vast area of sight without requiring to turn your head. It’s likewise tinted, which decreases glare and also UV rays.


  • Extremely flexible
  • Full-face protection
  • Outstanding air flow


  • Bulky as well as hefty

4. Gen X Global: GNX XVSN

Technically, the Gen X Global: GNX XVSN isn’t made for airsoft It’s a paintball mask. That stated, it’s just as fit for airsoft It’s rated for high influence and also is created from difficult, durable plastic. You could possibly take a sledgehammer to it, although we really did not evaluate this.

Hype apart, this is an excellent mask. It’s not powered, yet it’s nearly as well-ventilated as a powered mask. Instead, it has a number of rows of breathing ports, both on the front and on the sides. This permits plenty of air movement. It keeps you breathing fresh air, and also it keeps you from misting up the eye guard.

That stated, the eye shield itself is likewise dealt with for haze resistance. Also under extreme conditions, it doesn’t quickly get misted up. It also has a wrap-around style, permitting a complete, 180-degree field of vision. Nevertheless, the polycarbonate is clear, that makes it vulnerable to glare under some problems.


  • Full-face defense
  • Breathable as well as fog-free
  • Sturdy building


  • Prone to glare

5. OutdoorMaster Full Face Airsoft Mask

The OutdoorMaster Full Face Airsoft Mask is a durable plastic mask that covers your entire face. It can be found in five various patterns, including a skull, an American flag, and also a British flag. There are two holes in the nose for very easy breathing, and also they likewise contribute to the mask’s hardcore look.

The fit is comfy and protected, with a foam rubber liner around the inner side. Furthermore, there are 6 change points, 3 on each side. This enables for an absolutely customized fit, guaranteeing that it will fit almost any face. Added vents under the mouth permit additional airflow.

One of the most impressive features, nonetheless, are the steel mesh eye shields. At initial glance, they show up flat black, which provides the mask a challenging look. However, they’re really transparent when you’re up close. They’re simple to see through, they give added air movement, and they never ever fog up. Nevertheless, they’re rather recessed, which restricts your field of vision. You’ll require to transform your head to see to the sides.


  • 6 points of modifications
  • Never hazes up
  • 5 hardcore patterns


  • Limited visibility

Airsoft Mask Buying Guide

When you’re making your decision, it’s important to recognize all the available features. Due to the fact that there are a variety of airsoft masks (and also airsoft glasses) on the marketplace, we decided to break down a few of the different alternatives. Here’s a fast overview of the essentials.

Full-Face or Half-Face?

The two broadest classifications of airsoft masks are full-face masks as well as half-face masks. These are precisely what they seem like. Full-face masks cover your whole face, from all-time low of your chin to the top of your temple. Half-face masks typically just cover your mouth, cheeks, and also chin. Therefore, you’ll need to buy a different pair of goggles to secure your eyes. However there are numerous various other considerations.

Breathing is easier with a half-face mask. Usually, they have more air vents. Nevertheless, this is extremely variable. Aired vent full-face masks, specifically, can often be extremely breathable. The product is also a variable right here.

Overall defense is much better with a full-face mask. This makes good sense, because a half-face mask, also when integrated with safety glasses, will normally leave your nose as well as cheekbones subjected. This isn’t horrible. A airsoft pellet might damage your eyes, but it’s not mosting likely to break your nose. That stated, a pellet can still leave a horrible swelling, which can be problematic if it’s on your face.

Fogging can be a problem with numerous full-face masks. This can be a problem with goggles also yet to a lesser extent. That stated, many full-face masks have integrated fans to aid with ventilation. This can substantially decrease fogging, guaranteeing that you’ve obtained a clear sight of the playing field.

Modification alternatives are normally better on a half-face mask. This is a no-brainer. Considering that the mask and also the goggles are separate parts, you can adjust them both independently, which allows them to fit a broader variety of faces. But there are exceptions, relying on exactly how several bands are made use of.

Full-face masks likewise tend to be a lot more expensive. This isn’t constantly the case. For example, a relatively cheap full-face mask will certainly cost much less than a high-grade half-face mask. Still, if you’re attempting to conserve a couple of bucks, a half-face mask as well as some safety glasses will certainly be extra economical.

Metal or Plastic?

Lots of various materials are utilized to create airsoft masks. Yet primarily, they’re mosting likely to come under two classifications: plastic and also metal mesh.

Plastic is usually favored because it’s easier to mold. Masks with unusual shapes or crazy styles are generally created from plastic. As well as high quality plastic can additionally be quite strong. When properly built, you can shoot a plastic mask point-blank with a airsoft sniper rifle as well as it will keep its integrity.

That claimed, solid plastic isn’t breathable. This can cause misting in full-face masks. It likewise makes it more difficult to, you know, take a breath. If you’re searching for a plastic mask, discover one with big vents and even with built-in ventilation fans.

The metal mesh is a more budget-friendly choice for more ordinary masks. Not only is it affordable, yet it’s also lighter than plastic, and it’s naturally breathable. Metal mesh masks don’t typically mist up.

That stated, metal mesh isn’t as safety as plastic. A point-blank shot can frequently punch via it, although point-blank headshots are typically discredited in the airsoft neighborhood, to begin with.

Some airsoft masks, like the OutdoorMaster we assessed, have a hybrid design, with plastic building and also steel mesh eye covers. This protects against fogging completely, while still enabling for some degree of visibility.

Eye Safety

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, airsoft pellets can create serious eye injury These injuries can consist of separated retinas, corneal scuffs, bleeding of the eye, as well as even tear of the eyeball. And also as airsoft grows in appeal, these injuries are ending up being a lot more typical yearly Sorry if we put any terrible images in your head. That’s simply the nature of the sport.

Luckily, proper eye security can decrease or remove these risks. One of the most typical options are goggles or built-in visors. Both of these techniques to protect your eyes with polycarbonate or various other hard, shatter-proof plastic. This ensures that also if you suffer a straight hit, the BB will certainly not obtain anywhere near your eyeball.

The other selection is metal mesh, which we’ve already discussed. It’s practically as effective as polycarbonate as well as being equally reliable at any kind of range outside a few feet. However, BBs often ruin on effect. This can cause little items passing through an intact mesh, scratching your eyes. This isn’t as major an issue as a hit from an undamaged BB, however it’s still something to consider.

Best Airsoft Mask Brands

Prior to you buy, it’s a great concept to recognize a thing or more about the firm you’re buying from. To that end, we’ve done our research. Here’s a little history details on our leading manufacturers.

  • Valken Sports is a neighborhood firm based in Logan Township, New Jersey. They obtained their begin as a straightforward paintball shop yet soon found that there’s a great deal of need for quality airsoft gear. Given that after that, they’ve begun producing dozens of their own items, and have made them available online as well as through regional dealers.
  • Outgeek is a China-based business that specializes in making products for hobbyists. They may be based in China, yet they have a lengthy track record in both the US and Europe. Their item lineup consists of such disparate products as airsoft tactical equipment and Christmas designs.
  • Gen X Global is one of the better-known producers on the market. They’ve been in the organization given that 2002, and also they produce tools for both paintball and airsoft They’re based in the United States and offer their products both online and also through licensed retail dealerships.
  • OutdoorMaster is a Texas-based manufacturer of outside wear. They cut their teeth by offering skiing as well as camping equipment. As an outcome, they have years of experience production rugged, sturdy equipment, which means they’re well qualified to offer airsoft gears.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before we conclude, there are a couple of usual concerns we assumed we must respond to. Right here, we’ll bind our loose ends.

Q: Why is Ventilation Important?

A: Ventilation is important for two reasons. First off, it’s crucial because it permits you to breathe. However, secondly, it also lowers fogging. Finally, great ventilation maintains you amazing, which means you won’t have to bother with sweat dripping right into your eyes.

Q: What Are Some Good Ventilation Solutions?

A: The easiest alternative is to utilize a half-face mask. These masks often have much better air flow. At least, the warm, moist air you take a breath out will be different from your goggles. Metal mesh eye covers are an additional option, as we’ve already reviewed. Yet an additional option is to make use of a mask with ventilation followers. These fans will actively press air through your mask, maintaining your air tidy as well as your sight fog-free.

Q: What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Powered Ventilation?

A: The advantage of powered ventilation is obvious. It provides dramatically much more air movement than easy breathing ports and even steel mesh. Nevertheless, air flow fans include weight. They also create audio. Typically, they’re not audible for your challengers to hear. But a set of fans under your chin can make it difficult to hear somebody who’s sneaking up on you.

Q: What About Adjustability?

A: The adjustability of a airsoft mask is mostly mosting likely to rely on the bands. The more private bands you have, the a lot more you’ll have the ability to customize the fit. There are 2 primary kinds of band: nylon weave and flexible.

Nylon weave bands are more secure, as well as they don’t dig into stress points. They’re also very long lasting. Nevertheless, they often tend to have a limited adjustment range. Flexible straps, on the other hand, are nearly considerably adjustable. However, when they’re tight, they can dig right into pressure factors as well as also give you a migraine.


So, which among our choices is the best airsoft mask? As is so often the situation, it depends on what you’re searching for. If you want something light-weight and breathable, with lots of security, the OutdoorMaster is tough to beat. It additionally looks frightening. That claimed, the mesh eye defense isn’t as secure as polycarbonate, as well as your field of vision is restricted.

The Outgeek M50 uses also much better air flow with a layout that’s nearly as frightening. The powered fans make a little bit of sound, however they make certain good airflow also on a stagnant, perspiring day. As well as the wrap-around eye guard uses an excellent field of vision.

The Outgeek Half Face Mask is an ideal selection if you desire a half-mask. It secures one of the most important parts of your face while enabling for very easy modification. It’s also very breathable, and eye security is properly designed. The only disadvantage is that the polycarbonate eye shield can produce glow in bright conditions.

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