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The 5 the Best Bocce Scoreboards: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide (2023)

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Bocce ball is one of the staples of backyard barbeque games. Together With Cornhole and Croquet, these video games form a trifecta of enjoyable interruptions that we’ve all enjoyed paring our evenings away with. Bocce ball is arguably one of the better ones; it separates everybody into teams and there’s a lot of possibility for tinkering your challengers! However, you’ll only have the ability to appreciate Bocce sphere suitably if you have the ideal stuff. Too few individuals have any kind of supplies for Bocce ball at all, not to mention a good scoreboard. With so several Bocce scoreboards to select from, how can you recognize which one is proper for your backyard?

Fortunately, we’ve already done lots of research and found the ideal Bocce ball scoreboards for anyone. We’ve arranged them below and also provided some handy recommendations when it pertains to choosing a leading scoreboard for the next yard hangout.

Let’s start!

1. ScoreTower Scoreboard as well as Drinkholder for Bocce Ball

This scoreboard is one of the most extensive Bocce accessories you can purchase. It has 2 scoring sides along its vertical axis, and also each scoring side goes to a total of 21 to allow you to complete as short or long of video games as you favor. The numbers are colored in alternating shades– red and white– so it’s easy to maintain track of points and also move the pen pin up or down depending upon your existing score.

It’s set up utilizing a thin rod/stake that has a sharp suggestion to enable it to easily penetrate a grassy lawn or backyard. It doesn’t need screws or any other components to be installed, conserve for the drink owner that calls for a little finalizing before you can use it.

That’s right, drink holder. This is positioned at the base of the scoreboard and also it’s vast sufficient to hold any cup or container you could intend to bring with you on your next game. It’s also vast adequate to fit mugs within it if you desire something hot on a cooler early morning or evening.

Completely, the scoreboard is exceptionally long lasting with a powder-coated heavy-duty steel structure that supplies the scoreboard with sufficient weight to avoid it from toppling despite its apparently slim layout. The scoreboard itself is made from weatherproof as well as water-proof products to maintain it looking fantastic also if you leave it outside for weeks at a time. It stands 54 inches high once you’ve pushed it into the ground: a suitable height for a lot of customers.

Things We Like

  • Really sturdy general
  • Does not blower topple
  • Has a great drink owner
  • Graphics are high exposure

Things We Don’t Like

  • Numbers are a little bit

2. Midwest Masterpiece Upright Magnetic Scoreboard Bocce Ball

This scoreboard is an extremely budget-friendly alternative. Regardless of its reduced asking cost, this scoreboard utilizes a much more special racking up approach to maintain its noting pins in position: magnetism. It includes two pawn-type neodymium magnets, plus placing screws to keep that major scoring card in location versus the magnetized back board.

The magnetic pawns are very easy to position along a board’s length and also the magnetism strength is appropriately intense such that they won’t diminish quickly, even if you hit the board with one of the rounds accidentally. There’s additionally a round level washing machine that you can quickly place on the underside of the board; this permits you to save the magnets and pawns when they are not in usage.

Home plate general actions 3″ x 21″ as well as having a baked white powder coating to enhance its durability and also aesthetic. The numbering for the line dividers on the board decal itself is very sturdy also, making use of the same paint on industrial cars as well as ranking to last for several years before it wears away. The numbers are conveniently noticeable even if they aren’t the biggest we’ve seen.

On the disadvantage, you only get the plate itself instead than a board itself. You’ll have to supply an upright surface area for the plate to be placed on, and also it may be difficult to locate a board appropriately sized. Still, the economical asking rate offsets this negative in our eyes. It’s inevitably an extremely easy to make use of and hassle-free Bocce scoring board. The magnetic service to maintain the score pawns in place is very creative.

Things We Like

  • Magnetically maintains the pens in place
  • Easy to affix to a variety of surfaces
  • Budget friendly asking cost
  • Durable and also resilient materials
  • Has washing machine for saving the pawns

Things We Don’t Like

  • Does not featured a board for installing

3. House Scoreboard Red White and also Blue

This Bocce scoreboard will certainly be an instantaneous standard for fans of the American red, white and blue visual. You get 3 distinctive scoreboards in this pack, one for every primary, as well as each board goes from 0 to 21 with two spaces on either side of each number to allow you to clip pins or other noting tools effortlessly. The acquisition includes several scoring clips, so you do not require to provide your very own.

The boards are all made with sturdy as well as weatherproof plastic so you can conveniently utilize them for indoor or outdoor activities. They additionally aren’t made particularly for Bocce yet can likewise be used for similar video games like console. They’re 3/16 of an inch thick as well as being UV immune, also. This gives them superb sunlight damages resistance, making them ideal boards for leaving outdoors for lengthy stretches of time.

There’s a metal grommet at the top of each board that you can make use of to hang them from hooks or attach them to wires. You can likewise easily attach these to risks, although neither stakes nor products to guarantee proper attachment are consisted of. However, given the reduced asking cost, we can not complain way too much about this obvious oversight.

Generally, these Bocce scoreboards give excellent value from their sturdiness, adaptability, and ease of use. They’re not all that advanced yet they’re a terrific choice for periodic Bocce ball players or those that aren’t as well worried regarding discovering a scoreboard that they can completely place.

Things We Like

  • Comes with three scoreboards
  • Each board is weatherproof and also UV resistant
  • Has steel holes for hooks
  • Really very easy to store/install

Things We Don’t Like

  • No consisted of placing devices
  • Numbers mix in a little bit

4. GoSports ScoreCaddy

GoSports’ ScoreCaddy is a greater end but extra expensive Bocce scoreboard. It includes two pieces; the primary scoring blog post and a second drink-carrying caddy. Both items are made with solid timber building and have actually been boosted with a sturdy coating to maintain them looking and also feeling great use them outdoors without storing them.

The pieces are easy to put together in about 10 minutes and can be utilized for a selection of outside games, not simply Bocce round. There are 2 tables with the purchase, one for each team, and also a solitary primary tower that has an integrated scorekeeper. The scorekeeper the big negative we can find with this pick, as the numbers are rather tiny and hard to see from afar. Each item is also not strictly weatherproof or water-proof, so we would certainly still advise storing them inside or in a garage if you can remember.

However it does come with noting magnetic pins that won’t diminish quickly. The numbers likewise go all the means up to 21 so it helps a selection of games or more extreme sessions of Bocce. The drink holders are also excellent, with lots of space to spread out treats or various other things and deep cup owners to maintain your drinks safeguard.

However the table and also scorekeeper include a four-foot layout that maintains them stable also on somewhat irregular ground. We assume these will certainly be a big favorite for bigger Bocce ball players or households that like to obtain with each other as well as play exterior games reasonably frequently.

Things We Like

  • Features two tables
  • Scorekeeper is magnetized
  • Legs are four-pronged for security
  • Durable construction

Points We Don’t Like

  • Not weatherproof
  • Rating numbers is small

5. Love The Ultimate Bocce Scoreboard

The Love Ultimate Bocce Scoreboard is a truly phenomenal option for Bocce fanatics that have a little additional cash money to spend. For starters, it has score-indicating pens on either side and also huge numbers to maintain things simple to review also from an excellent range. As a result, you can put this scoreboard near the center of the court or completely at the end and you won’t battle to see just how the game is going.

It additionally includes a 48-inch wood mounting post, along with all the devices or accessories you need to put it together and prepare your game. There are two shade fixes included with the purchase, so each team has a different fix to plainly keep the score precise.

The major scoreboard itself is also super long lasting. It’s made from a multicolored polymer that is completely weatherproof (as well as which can stand up to water or shock damage) and also UV resistant, so the lettering will not fade even if the scoreboard invests long hours in the sun. In addition, this polymer is graffiti immune. This makes it a terrific scoreboard for expert Bocce ball programs or courts.

The numbers go from 1 to 20 to accommodate even longer Bocce ball games. It can further be mounted indoors or outdoors. Entirely, it’s the best of the bunch when it concerns sheer high quality and convenience of usage, though it’s affixed to a high rate tag. We would certainly advise this only for Bocce round fans or those who are creating a professional-looking Bocce court for frequent play.

Things We Like

  • Really sturdy and also UV immune building and construction
  • Weatherproof as well as graffiti immune
  • Can be set up with 48-inch mounting blog post
  • Numbers are very easy to review and also double-sided
  • Comes with 2 shades of marker fixes

Things We Don’t Like

  • Very costly

What To Look For in a Bocce Scoreboard

When you’re trying to find a new Bocce scoreboard, keep these significant things in mind as well as you’ll have the ability to distinguish outstanding boards from sub-par ones.

Weatherproof Construction

The best Bocce boards will undoubtedly be making to stand up to stormy climate, as very couple of will certainly make the effort to move their boards inside or right into a garage each time it rains or snows.

Bocce scoreboards that can withstand in any kind of weather won’t break down as swiftly as less expensive boards. You can just keep them up throughout the cozy but stormy summer season as well as enjoy them each time you go to play.

Weatherproof building and construction are also beneficial since it ensures that yard things, like water from a pipe or mud from a pet dog spraying about, do not influence its top quality or create it to break down also promptly. These boards are also much better for Bocce scoreboards you plan to require to a pal’s residence.


Related to weatherproof building, you’ll additionally desire a scoreboard that is built to last. Durable Bocce scoreboards deserve even more cash since you will not need to change the scoreboard as rapidly as well as it’ll take considerable deterioration prior to revealing indicators of anxiety.

This could additionally be necessary since Bocce rounds can occasionally strike the scoreboard. Extra sturdy boards won’t damage as easily, too soon ruining the game. Long lasting boards will additionally be much safer for usage in hectic backyards that are full of youngsters or animals; boards that break quickly might fling debris around the yard, perhaps creating safety and security hazards during playtime.

Inevitably, sturdy and weatherproof Bocce scoreboards are far more important than their cheaper, flimsier counterparts. This is real also, if you need to pay slightly more money upfront to get a good board. Opportunities are, you’ll save money in the future.


The dimension of the Bocce scoreboard you pick will certainly have an effect on how well it fits into your yard. Bigger scoreboards can fit more rating numbers onto their area, while smaller sized boards are simpler to carry to a close friend’s home or to save in a garage.

There’s no right or wrong solution regarding the suitable dimension of a Bocce scoreboard; it all depends upon the size of your backyard and also how big of a scoreboard you wish to handle each time you need to take it out. Bear in mind that smaller boards are usually lighter and much easier to mount than much heavier ones.

Setup Type

Some Bocce scoreboards are set up by screwing the board right into small openings precut by the supplier so you can mount the board onto a fencing or a wall of your residence. Such boards can likewise be installed onto the wall surface of the garage, or any various other horizontal surface area you can envision. Several boards with this sort of installment technique additionally featured the screws and/or devices you need to complete the procedure.

Additionally, some Bocce scoreboards are developed to be installed on risks. These can be planted in your backyard, permitting for easy configuration. Nevertheless, these scoreboards leave openings in your yard if you constantly remove the scoreboard and also store it between Bocce games.

Lastly, some Bocce scoreboards are suggested to be hung with a chain or rope. These call for a basic hook installed on some upright surface area. These could be optimal for boards that you hang on a patio area or inside a garage.

Number Readability

Bocce scoreboards are developed to tell you the score of the game at a glance. Naturally, the size as well as color of the numbers determine exactly how very easy this is for all the gamers.

Some Bocce scoreboards have smaller sized numbers but fit more of them into a more confined area. These are handy due to the fact that some Bocce game scores as well as enter into the 20s or past. Others might have bigger yet less complicated to review numbers, with a smaller sized number maximum.

Once again, there’s no right or incorrect response when it involves the optimal number dimension and also color; all of it boils down to personal choice and the vision quality of the gamers.

If you accidentally purchase a scoreboard with numbers that are as well small for comfort, keep in mind that you can always reposition the scoreboard to be closer to the gamers.

Number Maximum

Like the last aspect, this is mainly down to personal choice. Some boards have numbers that exceed 20 while others will only have rating optimums that increase to 10 approximately. Neither option is always better, although better gamers might desire Bocce scoreboards that have greater maximum ratings for extra affordable as well as significant games.

Also if you have a scoreboard with a low number maximum, you can still take pleasure in games with greater scores than what the board represents by remembering to add a “1” to the front of each number as you struck the teenagers. Solutions like this exist for every single Bocce scoreboard concern you could face.


Finally, think about whether a given Bocce scoreboard has any devices or bonus that include its acquisition. These may not always affect the actual quality of the board, yet they can assist you to choose between 2 very similar boards or be intriguing sufficient for you to settle an acquisition.

As an example, some wonderful Bocce scoreboards feature drink holders. These allow you to bring your preferred trendy drink out to the lawn and store it somewhere secure also if there isn’t a chair or table nearby. Others may have chains affixed to their pen plugs, which prevents the plugs from being lost or gone down on the ground.

Best Bocce Scoreboard Brands


GoSports is an outdoor game and also sporting items firm that hails from warm southerly California. They generate a big collection of top-tier showing off items and various other devices to allow families or showing off events to be the best they perhaps can.

Midwest Masterpiece

Midwest Masterpiece is a smaller company that just generates a handful of products. Yet they use handicapped or necessary individuals, so buying from them is straight aiding workers who need to work most.

Backyard Scoreboards

They make scoreboards for a selection of enjoyable family members as well as backyard games, not simply Bocce sphere. They likewise concentrate on supplying products in bright, USA-focused colors, so they’ll fit right in for those that value timeless American BBQ aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How Do You Play Bocce?

A: Bocce ball is played by establishing up a court: a degree, flat room that’s 91 feet long by 13 feet large Naturally, casual video games can have fun with these measurements. Split the playing area by five lines, attracted 4 and also ten feet from either side of the area. Draw the 5th line through the center. There must additionally be a back wall of some kind established at the much end of the court to keep balls from flying into the lawn, though this is not a strictly necessary component of the configuration.

Next, accumulate the Bocce spheres. A Bocce phone call set will certainly come with 8 drops in 2 various colors, plus one Pallino– this is a smaller white round. Different the gamers right into teams.

Bocce ball is played in “frameworks”, where one of the groups throws the Pallino or jack. After that players try to get as close as they can to the Pallino with their Bocce spheres without letting the balls drop outside the court space. All tosses have actually to be done from behind the 10-foot line on the local side of the having fun area.

To toss a Bocce sphere, surrender a deceptive style to incorporate power and also control. It’s additionally a good idea to offer the round some broadcast as opposed to trying to roll it, particularly if you play on irregular ground like lawn.

Q: What is a Bocce Scoreboard Meant to Do?

A: It maintains track of the Bocce ballgame, obviously!

After each Bocce round in a collection has been thrown, you’ll examine which group has the Bocce round that landed closest to the Pallino. The winning team will have the closest round.

Yet that’s not all. Then the winning group gets a additional factor for each and every Bocce round that rest closer to the Pallino than the opposing team’s Bocce rounds. Winning teams, for that reason, constantly rack up a minimum of one point. After that can score a maximum of 4 (because there are four balls per group in a set of eight).

You after that mark this on the Bocce scoreboard. The frame is then considered” complete, and also you go on to the following framework. The conventional optimum score is 12 — the first group to reach this is the victor. Certainly, you can exceed this limit if you pick.

Q: What About if the Bocce Ball Hits the Pallino?

A: In this situation, it depends upon your regulations. Some people do not allow it to count in any way. Others have you score 2 points if the structure finishes and your group’s ball is still touching the Pallino. For the most part, absolutely nothing happens if the Bocce round simply hits the Pallino and also does not continue to be in get in touch with.

Q: Can Bocce Be Played Indoors?

A: Bocce ball can be played indoors, however it’s advised that you only do this in a gym or in a room where the ball won’t ) damage the floor or B) bounce excessive and also not be able to land near the Pallino. Outdoor atmospheres are usually a better bet for Bocce round.

Q: How Do You Pronounce “Bocce”?

A: Bocce is an Italian word, so it’s noticable “Bawt-che” or “Boe-chae” depending on your choice. Nonetheless, most English-speaking individuals just called it “Boch-ee”. You can either thrill or irritate your relative the next time you play by bringing this up.

Q: Why Does Bocce Balls Bouncing the Way They Do?

A: It has to do with their constructions. Bocce rounds are made from a solid material that advertises resilience and also provides a gratifying thunk when they hit the ground. This avoids them from becoming also lively and regularly dropping outside the court restrictions. Commonly, Bocce rounds were made from wood.

Q: What Happens if You Step Inside the Court Line?

A: This is usually thought about a foul. It’s up to the ones playing to establish what this means for the video game.

Final thought

Eventually, any one of the above 5 Bocce round scoreboards should be able to offer you well at your next yard cookout or hangout. Every one can give you with practical accuracy to let you keep score (and also make certain the various other team does not rip off!) along with permit you to utilize them outdoors without worrying way too much regarding longevity or the climate.

Possibly you’re looking for something budget friendly and with a drink owner, so you do not have to keep heading back to the patio area. In that case, the ScoreTower Scoreboard and Drinkholder for Bocce Ball are possibly your best wager.

Or maybe you’re trying to find something even greater in terms of top quality as well as expert aesthetic. Because case, the Love The Ultimate Bocce Scoreboard is a scoreboard that specialists (or aspirants) will really enjoy.

Whichever you select, we wish this guide has actually been valuable. Many thanks for reading!

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