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The Best Cherry Pickers for Harvesting Fruit Effortlessly for 2023

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best cherry picking toolLet’s shake off the chains holding you back from harvesting the cherry bounty! You’re craving that taste of sweet victory, fresh off the tree. This season, grab control and equip yourself with the juicy secrets to effortlessly pluck ripe, red treasures.

Equip your tools, map the terrain, and charge full steam into abundant cherry yields with these cherry picking pro tips. Time’s wasting – harness the power to efficiently reap nature’s summer gifts and fill your baskets plump.

Key Takeaways

  • Harvest timing varies by location and variety.
  • Tools for picking cherries include fruit picker baskets, extendable fruit pickers, silicone thumb knives, and aprons.
  • Maintenance tools include telescopic extension poles for reaching high branches safely.
  • Protecting crops can be done using bird netting.

Top 7 Best Cherry Picking Tools

As an orchard manager, fruit harvesting season can be difficult without the right tools. We highly recommend the fruit picker basket head, Fiskars extendable fruit picker, and PetiDream bird netting this year.

Investing in high-quality tools will make your cherry harvesting much easier and protect your crop from pests.

Fruit Picker Basket Head

HANZIUP (Upgraded) Fruit Picker BasketView On Amazon
You’ll love using the handy fruit picker basket head to easily harvest your orchard’s peaches, lemons, and other small fruits overhead without climbing ladders or straining your back. This lightweight plastic picker attaches securely to any pole, allowing you to reach those high branches with ease.

The stainless steel basket has reasonable spaces between fingers to cradle fruit without bruising. Just give a gentle twist, and the fruit is released into the attached cotton bag.

You can pick for hours without neck or back pain thanks to this clever harvesting aid. Handy for small orchards or amateur gardeners harvesting from backyard trees. Kids can get in on the fun with supervision too.

Be aware that the plastic may be flimsy, with quality concerns from some buyers. Also, the spacing may be too tight for larger fruits like apples. However, for smaller harvests of peaches, lemons, kiwis, and such, this little picker basket is a handy harvesting help.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Allows picking overhead fruit without a ladder
  • Cotton bag holds picked fruit without bruising
  • Easy to attach and remove from poles
  • Cheap plastic materials
  • Too small for larger fruits
  • Quality concerns from some buyers

TIHOOD Fruit Picker Head Basket With Garden Gloves

TIHOOD Fruit Picker Head BasketView On Amazon
Place the TIHOOD fruit picker basket on your pole and start plucking those high up apples without climbing. No need to risk life and limb on rickety ladders when this handy harvesting helper lets you gather garden bounty from the comfort of solid ground.

Just attach the lightweight stainless basket to your sturdy pole and revel in picking freedom.

The 5.5 inch diameter and nearly 8 inch depth securely cradle your crop as the sharp teeth sever stems. Watch your harvest tumble into the wide cotton bag, its visibility ensuring no early drops or overfilling.

Reward your patience with tree-ripened produce, boosted yields, and a fun new hobby for all ages. Simplify harvests for small orchards and farms too. Liberate yourself from gravity’s grasp and enjoy nature’s gifts up close with this clever picking pole pair.

  • Enables easy picking without climbing
  • Good for short and tall people
  • Fun activity for supervised kids
  • Works for small orchards/farms
  • Lightweight and packs small
  • Need pole/handle to attach to
  • Small space for large fruits
  • Teeth may damage thinner skin
  • Stability requires practice
  • Pole not adjustable

Fiskars Extendable Fruit Picker

Fiskars 340160-1001 Extendable Fruit Picker,View On Amazon
Throw those dangerous ladders away and harvest high fruit safely with the Fiskars extender. This lightweight fiberglass pole with fruit-picking tabs lets you easily harvest fruit up to 11 feet high without bruising.

The secure lock keeps the pole steady at any height, and the visibility through the bag lets you monitor your haul. Replaceable bags and a lifetime warranty provide longevity for seasons of safe harvests.

  • Extends up to 11 feet for picking overhead
  • Lightweight fiberglass pole
  • Bruise-free FiberComp picking tabs
  • Adjustable mesh bag for visibility
  • Secure double lock when extended
  • Replaceable bags available
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Limited fruit capacity per pick
  • Concerns with missing hardware
  • Pole may be flimsy when fully extended

ZGYFJCH Garden Silicone Thumb Knife

ZGYFJCH Garden Silicone Thumb Knife,View On Amazon
Try the unique ZGYFJCH silicone thumb knife for harvesting your garden’s bounty. This innovative tool fits over your thumb like a comfy glove, providing you with precise control while pruning branches or plucking ripe produce.

The stainless steel blade, covered in silicone, lets you snip stems and cut fruit cleanly without nicking your fingers. Wear it alone or with gardening gloves for safety and comfort. With practice, it becomes an extension of your hand, enabling you to harvest nature’s gifts quickly and easily.

  • Innovative thumb design for control
  • Silicone protects fingers from the sharp blade
  • Compact and portable
  • Can be worn over gardening gloves
  • Allows quick, clean cutting
  • Blade exposure poses a risk of cuts
  • Can be awkward compared to snippers
  • Sizing and fit may be tricky
  • Plastic makes pinching difficult
  • Not as sharp as some gardening tools

UpBloom Original Harvesting and Weeding Premium Apron

UpBloom Original Harvesting and WeedingView On Amazon
Pull up the canvas harvesting apron like a superhero’s utility belt as its pouch frees your hands to till the gardens ‘neath the sun’s setting rays.

No more straining backs from baskets, just load the bounty in its belly then onward to the next row.

Feel the power of working unencumbered, nothing weighing you down.

Pull weeds and prune without pause, with the pouch catching each unwanted scrap.

This clever apron guides with a sure hand, allowing you to nurture and cultivate.

  • Frees hands for quicker, easier harvesting
  • Reduces back strain from carrying baskets
  • Holds large amounts of freshly picked fruit/veggies
  • Enables working continuously without stopping to deposit the harvest
  • Hands-free carrying allows quicker weeding and pruning
  • Durable, adjustable, made in the USA
  • May not fit all body types/sizes
  • Heavy loads still strain the lower back if overfilled
  • The original model lacks pockets, the new version adds them
  • The belt may twist inside if not put on correctly
  • Not suitable for picking large fruits like melons

PetiDream Bird Netting

PetiDream Bird Netting -Stops Hawks,BirdsView On Amazon
Guard your garden’s fruits and veggies with this protective netting. Drape the lightweight, durable mesh over trees, bushes, and garden beds to create a barrier against birds, squirrels, rabbits, and other critters trying to sneak a snack.

The soft netting protects your crops without harming animals. Simply customize the size to fully enclose plantings and anchor securely.

This cost-effective solution keeps pests out so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Customizable size and shape
  • Cost-effective
  • Animal-friendly pest control
  • Easy to install and use
  • Provides full coverage when installed correctly
  • Must be anchored well
  • Requires monitoring for tears
  • Not suitable for large wildlife
  • Can tangle or blow away if not secured
  • May need trimming for the best fit
  • Must remove and store during winter

Telescopic Extension Pole

7-24 ft Long Telescopic ExtensionView On Amazon
With this heavy-duty telescoping pole, you’re reaching hazardous heights safely and easily. Stop risking life and limb on rickety ladders trying to prune apple trees or change lightbulbs. This sturdy aluminum extension pole is the efficient orchard manager’s secret weapon for maintaining flourishing orchards without injury.

Extend effortlessly to 24 feet with the quick-release thumb lever. Balance securely with the textured non-slip grip as you snip succulent cherries and tempting peaches from their lofty branches. No fruit is out of reach with the lightweight durability of this telescoping wand.

Store compactly at 7 feet for quick access when needs arise. Reach new heights of productivity and efficiency while keeping your feet firmly planted on solid ground.

  • Extends to 24 ft safely
  • Thick aluminum, remains rigid
  • Quick thumb lever adjustment
  • Non-slip grip for stability
  • Compact 7 ft storage
  • Heavy, may tire arms
  • Not quite as stable as a ladder
  • Attachment compatibility varies

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cherry Picking Tool

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cherry Picking Tool
When selecting the right cherry picking tool for your orchard or garden, you’ll need to think about several key factors that will determine which option is best for your specific needs and setup. The purpose and frequency that you’ll use the tool, the size and weight of the cherries you’ll be harvesting, the height you need to reach, and any space constraints you may have are all important considerations before investing in a cherry harvester.

Taking the time to evaluate these aspects beforehand will ensure you choose the optimal cherry picking tool that enhances efficiency and productivity in your orchard.

Purpose of the Crane

You’ll maneuver heavy engine parts around the shop with that crane. Careful planning, knowing the weight limits, reach, and lift height will ensure you pick the right cherry picker crane for the job.

Weight Capacity and Size of the Load

Check the crane’s weight capacity and boom reach before lifting your ride to avoid tipping accidents. When cherry picking, consider the total fruit weight gathered to select a basket, pole, and angle with better handle strength and a wider basket size.

Location and Space Constraints

You’d match area limitations before nabbing nectarines. Customizing extension poles, multi-purpose tools, specialized gear suit each unique harvesting space.

Required Lift Height

Consider the height you need to reach when choosing your harvest helper. Telescopic poles or fruit picker cranes permit access to upper branches. Maximize stability and load capacity as height increases. Maintenance keeps lifting systems operating safely.

Cable management avoids tangles. Select a tool with a reach that exceeds the tree height.

Frequency of Use

Decide how often you’ll be using the tool before investing in an expensive, heavy-duty model, lest it gather dust in the shed. If harvesting just a few trees annually, a basic model should suffice. Frequent large harvests warrant a commercial-grade tool for durability and extended reach.

Storage space is also a consideration. Folding or collapsible designs minimize cost but sacrifice sturdiness.

When is Cherry Season?

When is Cherry Season
When determining the optimal harvest time for your cherry crop, you must consider several factors affecting cherry ripening like weather conditions, cultivar, and intended use. Monitoring color, solids, and acidity will indicate when your Bing, Rainier, or other variety has reached ideal sweetness and firmness for picking.

By understanding the typical harvest windows from May through August for your region and cherry types, you can select the best harvesting tools and schedule pickers to capture cherries at perfect ripeness.

Determining the Harvest Times

Harvest times vary depending on your location and cherry variety, with darker cherries typically being sweeter while lighter ones taste more tart. Focus on the change in color from green to red and flavor sweetness when determining tree maturity.

Pick ripe cherries gently at the stems to prevent splitting. Consider dwarf and mini fruit trees if you are limited on yard space. Adaptable telescoping poles allow you to attach various harvesting heads. The U.

S. produced over 650,000 tons of cherries in 2021. Timing matters, so observe those trees.

Factors Affecting Cherry Ripening

The color of cherries provides clues to their ripeness and sweetness, with darker shades indicating readiness for picking. Daylight length, sunshine exposure, soil moisture, tree health, and pruning practices all impact fruit ripening.

More sunlight and healthy trees typically yield the fullest-flavored cherries. Monitor soil moisture, fertilize if needed, and properly prune trees for ideal growing conditions.

Varieties and Their Harvesting Periods

You’ll find Bing and Rainier cherries ripening in early summer, while the Lambert and Van varieties arrive later for picking. Time your harvest carefully, as each variety peaks for just 1-2 weeks. Sweet Bings hit mid-June out west, with Rains and Vans following through July.

Here in the east, tart Montmorency cherries precede Balatons and Empresses. Monitor color and taste samples to gauge ripeness. Have your harvest gear ready, as timing matters. With attention, you’ll enjoy cherry bounties that demand pie making, preserving, and fresh eating delights.

Benefits of Using Bird Netting for Cherry Protection

Benefits of Using Bird Netting for Cherry Protection
You realize that protecting your cherries from birds and critters is crucial for a successful harvest. Our soft, lightweight netting creates a durable barrier that keeps creatures away without harming them.

Simply drape the diamond-patterned netting over trees and anchor it securely. The material withstands weather and resists tears while letting rain and sun through. Customize the shape and size for full coverage of your orchard. Remove and store it over winter in cold areas.

Protecting Fruits From Birds and Critters

Drape our lightweight netting over your cherry trees to keep those pesky birds from stealing your harvest. Deterrent sprinklers, predator decoys, and natural repellents can work, but for full protection, nothing beats completely covering trees with soft netting.

Anchoring it securely creates an impassable barrier while letting sunlight and rain through. It is safe for wildlife yet blocks access. It is cost-effective compared to losing your cherry crop. It is customizable for any garden size or shape. Enjoy peace of mind and harvest the fruits of your labor.

Lightweight and Durable Material

Our soft, diamond mesh netting shields your garden while letting birds fly freely. This lightweight netting creates a protective barrier that withstands weather and resists tears, thanks to quality construction.

Drape it over trees, bushes, and beds, then simply anchor it in place. Keep critters away without harm in a simple, natural way.

Easy Installation and Customization

You can shape and size the netting any way you want for full coverage over your garden. Our flexible diamond mesh netting is easily adjustable to fit trees, bushes, or enclosed beds of any dimension. Simply drape over the area needing protection and use the included fasteners to secure it firmly in place.

The lightweight material conforms well to varied spaces and layouts for maximum coverage. Our high-quality netting suits many horticultural use cases while deterring birds humanely.

Animal-Friendly Pest Control Solution

Its lightweight, diamond-patterned design keeps away birds, squirrels, and other critters without harm, reducing crop damage by up to 90% based on studies. The netting blocks animal tunnel entry points into your orchard or garden. Consider humane live trapping and relocation options if pests persist.

Test natural smell repellents or humane noise deterrents before resorting to harmful measures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if my fruit picker will fit my existing pole?

You gotta check sizes before buying, friend. Your fruit picker’s diameter needs to match your pole’s to snugly attach. Don’t force a bad fit or things will get shaky up top. Read item specs and measure your pole first.

What is the ideal basket size for picking cherries?

Look for a basket around 6-8 inches wide with 1/4-1/2 inch gaps between fingers to securely cradle ripe cherries without bruising these tender fruits. A lightweight, durable plastic or stainless steel model attaches easily to your pole and makes harvesting a breeze.

Should I look for a folding or non-folding cherry picker crane for my garage?

You should consider a folding cherry picker crane if your garage has limited space. A folding model can tuck away neatly when not needed. However, a non-folding crane will have greater stability with its wider footprint.

Assess your space constraints and frequency of use. Optimize for maneuverability in tight quarters or sturdiness if used often.

How often should I check and repair my bird netting?

Check and repair your bird netting frequently during periods of high bird activity to ensure it remains intact and prevents birds from damaging crops. Walk the perimeter daily to identify any gaps or tears that may allow access. Mend any holes and add additional support clips as necessary.


You’re inspecting your cherry orchard and notice some cherries are ripening high in the oldest trees. Your extendable fruit picker can’t reach the tallest branches anymore. Consider the Fiskars fruit picker – its lightweight aluminum pole extends to 11 feet, so you can reach every last cherry without bruising.

Ultimately, the right cherry picking tool like this picker or nets will let you harvest your crop completely and protect your valuable cherries.

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