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2022’s 5 Best Countertop Compost Bins [reviews & Buying Guide 2022]

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The best countertop compost bins make composting in the house feasible, even when you stay in a tiny home. They are additionally a terrific enhancement to the cooking area for those that have a much larger composting container outside.

Composting is a great means to decrease your waste items. The raw material that you can compost is saved from ending up on a landfill where it will just contribute to methane degrees– bad for the setting.

There are industrial composting firms that accept naturally degradable waste from customers so you don’t have to go through the entire procedure on your own. Nevertheless, also after that you need a container that will certainly collect your waste (unless you prepare on making day-to-day trips to the compost business).

Whether you have been composting for years or lastly intend to give it a try, these countertop compost bins will help you out. Scroll to discover even more concerning composting at residence and just how to select the ideal container.

Best Countertop Compost Bin: The Top 5

1. New OXO Easy Clean Compost Bin

oxo compost bin

OXO is recognized for making extremely practical items. Their entire array is very carefully created to make on a daily basis tasks easier and now they have actually added composting to that list.

This countertop compost container checks all packages. It is portable, avoids odors, very easy to clean and keeps your cooking area looking tidy.

With a maximum quantity of 1. 75 gallons it is best for songs and couples that do great deals of cooking in the house. The means that the internal container is designed makes certain that there is constantly some area on top for air flow, necessary for composting.

You have the choice in between making use of a bin liner or otherwise. The whole container appropriates for a dish washer so in either case, you can keep it completely tidy.

An additional fantastic style aspect is the removable cover which stops any scraps from making the lid unclean. The cover will likewise stay upright by itself so that you can maintain it open while you are prepping dishes.

Best Features

  • Removable stay-open lid
  • Can be cleansed in dish washers
  • Soft-close to decrease smells as well as insects

2. Granrosi Farmhouse Style Rust-Proof Kitchen Compost Bin

granrosi compost bin

If you have a rustic cooking area decoration then this Granrosi farmhouse design compost containers will certainly fit right in. Made to look like a jug, the steel is rust-proof with a unique internal as well as outer layer to keep it looking excellent for years to find.

Although the layout might look basic, it was actually very carefully considered. Among the biggest issues with a kitchen compost container is nasty smells and Granrosi has included an excellent solution for that.

There location oxygenation openings in the lid but thanks to the charcoal filter you will not be drawing in any type of fruit flies. The cover also features an excellent sized handle so you can keep it clean whenever you are including food waste to it.

Each plan comes complete with one pre-installed charcoal filter as well as two extra charcoal filters as substitutes. Each filter can keep your cooking area cost-free of scents for up to 3 — 4 months so you are set for virtually a whole year.

The container fits 1. 3 gallons, which is a fantastic size for smaller sized households. It is additionally the perfect dimension for when you have a bigger compost stack or container exterior.

Best Features

  • Rustic container styles
  • Integrated charcoal filter (+ extra filters)
  • Durable rust-proof steel

3. Cycle Odor-Free Kitchen Compost Bin

full circle odor free compost bin

Complete Circle is a great brand name if you are looking for items that creative, practical, trendy and also kind to the setting, all at the same time. Those four adjectives additionally flawlessly describe their countertop composting bin layout.

What collections this compost container besides the remainder is exactly how successfully it allows air flow through many thanks to the trademarked style. This air flow reduces the disintegration price and also avoids poor smells from developing.

The lid opens up with a switch so you can keep it tidy of oily fingers. It likewise fits in the top layer of your dishwasher so there is no factor to keep it dirty.

Each 1. 5 gallon compost bin comes with 5 best size comfortable linings to obtain you began. This makes it even easier to store the food waste up until you have time to take it to the compost collector.

A final feature worth stating is that it is made with sustainable materials. All the plastic is reused as well as the steel is partly reused which implies this product has a smaller sized environmental footprint.

Best Features

  • Patented air circulation system protecting against odors
  • Recycled materials
  • Switch for opening lid

4. Polder Kitchen Composter Flexible Bucket Design

polder kitchen compost bin

This cooking area compost bin styles by Polder sticks out from the group. It does not look anything like a regular composting container and also that is specifically why you ought to obtain it.

As opposed to a hard exterior, Polder selected to create a versatile bucket-like container made out of silicone. It rests neatly in a metal cage that maintains the whole item light-weight.

There are ventilation openings in the silicone pail which assists with air flow. The cover revolves permitting you to have better control over the cardiovascular disintegration price.

When it is time to empty out the container, you merely get rid of the lid and also start pressing out its content by pushing the silicone pail from the bottom. This allows you to obtain out every little without ever having to get your hands unclean.

This initial design is a terrific option for those that still really feel a little made out when they see the crumbly contents of a compost bin. It is dishwashing machine risk-free so you ought to have no problems maintaining it clean.

Best Features

  • Manageable air circulation systems
  • Light-weight and also flexible layout
  • Easy to tidy

5. Tiyafuro Hanging Compost Bin

tiyafuro hanging compost bin

If you are searching for a tiny compost bin due to the fact that you have actually limited area in the kitchen this Tiyafuro style could be the best solution for you. Rather of having to place this composting container on your cooking area counter you can mount it on any type of cabinet or other door.

The container features a wall install which allows you inconspicuously hang it under the cooking area sink or alongside the counter where you do your food prep for added benefit. No matter exactly how you hang it, you have very easy accessibility given that the cover opens up in both instructions.

This is among the larger house compost bins on our list with a maximum capability of 2. 4 gallons. Its size likewise makes it simpler to locate compostable container liners.

The streamlined style was intentional so that it would be very easy to clean with simply water and soap. There are no slim crevices where fluids and compost can get stuck.

An additional excellent reason to get this design is that there is no need for charcoal filters. The unique design of the cover makes certain that it does not release any type of smells while likewise keeping fruit flies away.

Best Features

  • Easy installment hanging layout
  • Cover opens up 2 means
  • Can be concealed inside cabinets

Considerations Before You Buy

Picking a countertop compost container is not as straightforward as choosing a routine countertop trash can. Composting container offers a feature apart from just keeping your waste in one area.

These are the functions you should think of when selecting a countertop compost container.

Cardio Composting vs Vermicomposting

There are two various composting options for home compost bins: aerobic composting as well as vermicomposting. In aerobic composting, air circulation as well as temperature level are the main aspects affecting the disintegration price while with vermicomposting you are counting on red worms to overcome the organic waste.

For a kitchen area compost containers, cardiovascular composting is suggested. This is not just because the thought of keeping worms in your kitchen area might make you uneasy. It is also for a really practical factor and that is that cardiovascular composting bins are easier to clean.


How much organic waste do you have in a week on standard? It might be hard to make a quote but this is a crucial element in choosing the appropriate size.

Plainly, if you are purchasing a countertop compost bin you don’t desire it to be too large, either. The minimal suggested size is 1. 5 gallons which is huge sufficient to hold a week’s well worth of naturally degradable waste for many households.

Air Flow System

How air streams via the materials is a crucial aspect in compost bins The air circulation is necessary for decomposition yet it likewise aids to maintain foul odors away.

Many composting bins manage the air flow with the cover. The basic option is a couple of exploration openings at the leading yet advanced layouts have unique closures or various other ventilation accesses throughout the container.

One more essential layout feature pertaining to air flow is just how much space there is left on top. Some layouts have an indoor container that prevents you from loading it up after a certain level. If this is not the case, you will certainly need to pay close focus that there are always a few inches left in between the top of the heap and the cover.

Charcoal Filter Integration

In theory, an excellent lid style gets rid of the demand for a charcoal filter. Nevertheless, in practice things can exercise differently.

A charcoal filter soaks up bad odors which is ideal for a composting bin. That is why some manufacturers produce compost bins with an incorporated charcoal filter.

Remember that these only job for a minimal amount of time; a couple of weeks up to a couple of months. Ensure that they are easy to replace.

Reduce of Cleaning

Regardless of its function, it is important that compost bins are kept clean. This not only prevents bad smells and also bring in insects however it likewise prevents rot.

Since you will be keeping this container on a countertop, you intend to see to it that it remains very tidy, both on the inside as well as outside. The simplest kitchen compost bins to clean have a smooth exterior and interior surface area without any kind of spaces as well as crannies where dirt can get stuck.

Compostable container liners are a fantastic solution for maintaining bins tidy. It is additionally extremely recommended to pick a model that is dishwasher risk-free so you can offer it a proper cleansing each week.


Plastic as well as steels are the preferred materials for composting bins Whichever you choose, make certain that it is resilient.

You desire a solid plastic that does not quickly tear or fracture and also is virtually non-porous. If you prefer metal after that see to it that it is rust-proof.

Lately, you can also discover silicone compost bins These are adaptable that makes them much easier to clean up as well as still dishwasher safe.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is the most effective Kitchen Compost Bin?

The best cooking area compost container has the complying with features:

  • A sensible size
  • Excellent air circulation system to avoid smells as well as fruit flies
  • Easy to clean style

Which kitchen area compost bin is best for will depend on just how much food waste you carry a weekly basis as well as just how much space you have in the kitchen.

Should Compost Bins Be in the Sun or Shade?

Positioning your compost container in the sun accelerate the decay procedure while placing a compost bin in the color reduces it down. For indoor compost bins, it is essential to maintain them in a shady area for that extremely reason. A slower decay process assists with preventing negative smells.

If you don’t want your outside compost pile to obtain as well big prior to you can utilize it after that, consider putting it in a sunnier place. Nevertheless, keep monitoring it to avoid rot.

Should I Leave the Lid Off My Compost Bin?

Lids are not a vital function for compost bins , however a lot of families favor designs with a lid because it assists protects against negative odors and also bring in bugs. A lid is likewise helpful for controlling the air circulation and also temperature within the container.

If you have a compost bin with a cover, there shouldn’t be a factor to need to maintain the cover off. A great composting container layout has a lid that permits adequate air flow even when it is closed.


Cooking area countertop compost bins are an excellent alternative or a buddy to bigger outdoor compost bins They are a hassle-free as well as practical, which removes a few of the initiative of composting at house.

When buying a countertop compost container, believe about just how the style affects the disintegration prices. Additionally, think about just how well the style maintains bugs away and quits odors.

Because of where you are putting them, it is incredibly crucial that you are able to maintain the compost container clean. Choose a style that can suit the dish washer for the most convenient cleansing however even then it is essential that there no grime capturing holes.

Beginning a compost pile in your home is a fantastic way to be a bit much more conscious of our waste as well as its influence on the environment. Also if you can’t finish the procedure at residence, having a countertop compost bin makes it much easier to collect your biodegradable waste for the area compost heap or industrial enthusiast.

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