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Best Crabgrass Killer That Won’t Kill Grass – [top 10 2023]

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Crabgrass can come as an unpleasant intrusion to any kind of yard and is notoriously persistent as well as hard to get rid of. To avoid and also kill crabgrass without harming your existing grass turf, you require a reliable as well as reliable herbicide. This short article will certainly take you via the leading 10 best crabgrass awesome along with an overview on just how and also when to kill crabgrass for good Allow us to offer you with the knowledge and skills to tackle a crabgrass intrusion.


If you are not sure of the precise kind of grassy weed that has actually invaded your grass;

beware to determine the weed as crabgrass prior to taking any type of further action utilizing the items recommended below.

Crabgrass commonly grows in clumps with an origin system that looks like crab legs from a crab’s body. For even more images and suggestions on exactly how to identify crabgrass, review additional here

When seeking the best product to kill or stop crabgrass, you need a product details to your needs. Have a look at the most reliable crabgrass preventers, killers, and also selective killers listed below.

Remember that the top protection against weeds and parasites in the grass is a healthy and balanced thick rug of grass Correct treatment, fertilizing , and watering are all equally as crucial for the prevention of intrusive weeds such as crabgrass as herbicides. A thick, flourishing grass has much less space for weeds than a slim, enduring one.

Best Crabgrass Killers

1. Persistence Turf Herbicide

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This Crabgrass killer is a double danger, serving as both a pre-and post-emergent. This suggests it can be used for both stopping crabgrass and also eliminating it.

Tenacity Turf Herbicide will certainly hinder weeds and also undesirable crabgrass from utilizing photosynthesis, as a result triggering them to merely shrivel and recede.

The label will certainly inform you it targets crabgrass, clover, chickweed, and also much more. This herbicide is discerning as well as will not hurt lawn grass

One tiny, 8-ounce container can be utilized for around 60 gallons of herbicide– of course, constantly read and also adhere to the label when mixing weed killer This herbicide will work best when integrated with a surfactant to ensure the option can permeate the waxy leaves of unwanted grass or leaves.

Tenacity can be used at seeding, prior to weeds emerge, or after development. As with many herbicides, the ground temperature ought to disappear than 90 levels. And the projection needs to be dry, however the benefit is that Perseverance can be used at almost any type of stage of grass growth.

Customers concur that although it might take a couple of applications with a couple of weeks in between, the results are amazing.

  • Kills crabgrass before it ends up being visible
  • Eliminates existing crabgrass at the origin
  • Will not harm your lawn
  • Cost-effective
  • Takes other ranges of weeds with it
  • Can take weeks to see outcomes
  • May call for a number of applications to strike all cycles

2. Quali-Pro Prodiamine 65 WDG Herbicide

Prevents crabgrass at germination Cautious focus to dirt temperature is essential upon application
Prevents various other ranges of verdant weeds with it It may call for numerous applications to assault all cycles
Careful– will certainly not hurt your lawn

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Next, we have a terrific item for the avoidance of crabgrass If you intend to nip pesky crabgrass and other weeds in the bud, prodiamine is an excellent option.

Few herbicides will quit crabgrass from sprouting, yet this set will certainly target as well as kill well prior to the weeds appear in your grass. It kills selectively, so you do not require to bother with it ruining your lawn.

Experts utilize this herbicide for big areas of landscape, golf links, and also grass. When used correctly, it can be extremely reliable, while leaving a very little environmental effect, and is also secure for pets once it has dried out– at Quali-Pro’s suggested dose.

A little goes a lengthy way with Quali-Pro Prodiamine. Adhere to the directions on the label to water down the granular prodiamine with water, constantly making use of gloves and protective devices when dealing with. Because of being temperature-sensitive, this herbicide can be splashed on your grass in late be up to very early springtime– as long as you take care to have it being in the dirt prior to the ground temperature gets to 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the springtime. Stay clear of splashing your grass in the winter season, as inactive grass can be delicate to herbicides. Splashing bi-annually will ensure that you capture all brand-new development cycles.

3. Scotts Halts Crabgrass Grassy Weed Preventer

Prevents crabgrass — pre-emergent Cautious focus to dirt temperature level is vital at applications
Stops various other varieties of verdant weeds with it Doesn’t affect post-emergent crabgrass
Discerning– will certainly not damage your grass Pricey
Maintains functioning under chilly weather condition problems

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This pre-emergent by Scotts is an excellent item for protecting against crabgrass by a dependable brand name. Pre-emergent weed killers target weeds prior to they spread as well as create more powerful, harder-to- kill origin systems. Win the fight versus crabgrass before it begins, with simply a solitary application– obtaining it right the very first time will imply less waste on a rather pricey item. A lot of testimonials warn that timing is everything with this weed killer, so pay careful focus to

  • The lawn’s atmosphere
  • Your area
  • Soil temperature

Making use of a normal grass spreader, Scotts Crabgrass as well as Grassy Weed Preventer is most efficient versus crabgrass when applied in the early spring. Pay mindful attention to the soil temperature (you can always gauge with a much more uncomplicated meat thermostat stuck a few inches into the ground), and also review the packaging to discover out how very early in the springtime it should be applied. As a general regulation, pre-emergents do best in dirt that has actually been above 55 levels Fahrenheit for a week. This single application ought to care for pesky grassy weeds all period long. Apply once again in the autumn if your yard is prone to winter months weeds– the chilly weather needs to not impact the efficiency of the preventer.

4. Ortho Weed B Gon Plus Crabgrass Control

Kill crabgrass — post-emergent Careful focus to dirt temperature is very important at applications
Eliminates over 200 selections of other verdant weeds with it Requirements several applications
Careful– will certainly not hurt most yards Costly
Rainproof after 1 hour Non-selective for St. Augustine grass, Centipede or Bahia grass yards

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Ortho Weed B Gon is a solid, chemical crabgrass killer that targets the most typical lawn weeds, without striking your grass It is, however, recognized to leave some damage on some warm-season yards. This product is for post-emergent crabgrass, so it is best for use throughout the weeds’ expanding season, for instance, the springtime. This would certainly be the best time to spray down before the grass goes to seed. As this weed killer go for the leaves of the weeds and also not the dirt, it is safe to plant or overseas within days after splashing as well as seeing results.

Apply Ortho Weed B Gon with a regular hose pipe sprayer if in concentrate form, or you can purchase a slightly less cost-effective, ready-to-use formula with a hose pipe accessory. In either case, always comply with the tag and also check out directions extensively before applying. The weed killer is waterproof after 1 hours, so don’t worry if it rains not long after application. You may need to spray numerous times per season to obtain each development cycle, especially for persistent grass weeds like crabgrass

5. Select Source Quinclorac 75 DF Herbicide

Eliminate crabgrass — post-emergent Will kill vermin and also St. Augustine grass
Eliminates over 200 varieties of various other verdant weeds with it May need numerous applications to kill crabgrass
Careful– will not harm many yard turf
Extremely economical

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This post-emergent crabgrass killer is a well-known herbicide that combines Quinclorac with methylated seed oil to produce a product that will kill off crabgrass as well as various other usual weeds. The results usually show within a few days, however as crabgrass can be very stubborn and also challenging to get rid of, it commonly needs a number of applications prior to all the crabgrass will certainly die. That being said, it is always a good idea to give the herbicide over a week to do its point prior to making a decision to run it over your lawn again.

This version is a dry formula that needs to be blended with water before splashing. It can be applied anytime throughout the crabgrass growing season. See to it to check out and also follow the tag when looking for the appropriate dosage, and also consider utilizing a surfactant such as meal soap to assist the herbicide in sticking to the grass blades

6. PBI Gordon– Ornamec Over The Top Grass Herbicide

Kill crabgrass — post-emergent Will kill Bermuda and also a few other ranges of turf grass
Eliminates other varieties of verdant weeds with it Several applications called for to kill crabgrass
Rain-fast after 1 hour
Easy application

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Ornamec is a herbicide developed for yards that have problems with perennial as well as annual grass invasions. This weed killer will not just remove crabgrass, however it will certainly aid manage Bermuda grass, foxtail, goosegrass, as well as others. After splashing, a lot of customers state they see outcomes within a week and outcome by three weeks. It consists of a chemical combination normally only located in business herbicides that eliminates crabgrass right down the origin and makes for easy removal.

Utilize a knapsack or handheld sprayer, depending on the area you require to cover. Mindful splashing around edibles such as berry bushes, however otherwise feel cost-free to use on shrubs, blossoms, and various other ornamentals. This herbicide is a great selection for tall fescue or Kentucky bluegrass yards

7. THUMBS-UP 7462 Wipe-Out Crabgrass Killer

Eliminate crabgrass — post-emergent May result in a damaged yard if over applied
Kills other varieties of verdant weeds with it Place applications is more labor intensive
Low levels of pollutants

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This crabgrass killer is advertised to finish the job, especially when handling a crabgrass issue. It uses a mix of different crabgrass killing solutions to ensure the task gets done. Although this item may be terrific for killing crabgrass and various other weeds, utilize caution, as well as consider placing treating the crabgrass instead of splashing the entire grass. Some customers say it impacted their lawn grass and also cautioned versus splashing greater than the recommended amount. It is also vital to spray in the right problems to reduce the danger of melting grass grass

One 32 ounce bottle will certainly cover to 6,400 square feet when weakened. Take care to water down as well as use according to the instructions, because this is a strong chemical formula.

8. QuinKill Max Crabgrass and Weed Killer

Kill crabgrass — post-emergent Not weather or water resistant
Eliminates other ranges of verdant weeds with it Unknown or brand-new brand name on the marketplace
Quick results Discerning just for particular grass types

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Quinkill is another herbicide that uses trustworthy quinclorac as its energetic ingredient, to kill crabgrass as well as other pesky weeds, which are the same active component numerous professionals utilize. This is a post-emergent, so it will certainly kill crabgrass presently expanding in your grass, yet is not preventative. Outcomes will reveal in regarding one week, nevertheless, wait an additional week or more prior to reapplying to prevent melting your lawn grass Pay cautious focus to the label, as it states numerous ranges of turfgrass that will be hurt by this item– for instance, St. Augustine, Bahia grass, and vermin grass

Simply 3 tablespoons will cover to 1000 square feet. A little goes a long means. The bottle style features an easy-to-use measuring cup for basic dilution into a hand or knapsack sprayer. Be cautious to apply when there is no rainfall in the projection for the next day or more due to the fact that this herbicide is not water-proof.

9. Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns Plus Crabgrass Preventer

Stops as well as eliminating crabgrass Not careful on certain kinds of lawn grass
Kills other varieties of typical weeds with it Granule applications is a lot more labour intensive
Rapid acting May take a number of applications

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Spectracide carries a selective weed killer, promoted for use on grass with crabgrass troubles. It kills over 470 kinds of weeds, consisting of dandelions, clover, and also difficult-to- kill crabgrass Best made use of on a well-known grass lawn, this is a post-emergent weed killer, so it is not preventative, with the exception of crabgrass, in which it claims to be pre-emergent. The tag will state which ranges of grass grass Weed Stop is suitable for– some cozy environment types are not suggested for this product. Be client when awaiting outcomes! The Weed Stop is advertised as fast-acting, with outcomes noticeable within a day– however in the instance of crabgrass, customers state it requires time as well as maybe a number of applications.

This weed killer comes granular and also requires no dilution– a 11 lb bag will certainly conceal to 3,000 square feet with a yard spreader. Apply any time throughout the expanding season, springtime via to very early loss, however, for best outcomes, use when the initial weeds show signs of germination (or flower) and then a second time six to eight weeks later on. Cozy weather condition aids trigger the weed killer, but beware to apply prior to it obtains to 90 levels. Keep in mind when spreading granules to wet the grass extensively ahead of time, and water lightly a day or two later. Your family pets and youngsters can make use of the yard once again as soon as it is dry.

10. Bayer Advanced Crabgrass Killer for Lawns Ready-To-Spray

Eliminate crabgrass to the root Not careful on particular kinds of lawn grass
Kills other ranges of verdant weeds with it Pricey
Great for amazing period grass and smaller sized yards May take several applications
Ready-to-use Highly chemical scent

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Last on the listing we have a ready-to-use herbicide concentrate by Bayer. This item is made especially to obtain rid of crabgrass on cool-season yards. Warm-season grass, such as Bermuda and St. Augustine, is not suggested on the label and will melt if affected by this formula. It works well as a post-emergent crabgrass killer, however will certainly not prevent new development. Along with combating crabgrass, this herbicide will certainly take of various other grassy weed intrusions.

The container consists of an attachment for the majority of normal garden tubes, so it’s ready to make use of. Adhere to instructions on the tag to see to it the water stress is appropriate for diluting the concentrate and take into consideration utilizing it to identify treat areas of crabgrass as opposed to struggling over your entire lawn. The container can be viewed as a financial investment, as you can use it over and over for hand spraying herbicides on your grass.

Customer’s Guide– What to Consider When Selecting Crabgrass Killer

Now that we have actually weighed the advantages and disadvantages of 10 of the best crabgrass awesome, it is very important to make the option that is right for you as well as your lawn. Crabgrass is a common issue around the United States in all various type of grass, so these herbicides can differ greatly, relying on the environment they were created to be efficient in. In this purchaser’s overview, we will certainly outline the various factors that needs to be taken into account when seeking to eliminate crabgrass

Idea: Having problems with dandelions, clover, or other weeds in addition to crabgrass Numerous herbicides are made to target even more than just crabgrass — save on your own the added initiative and money by selecting an all-in-one treatment.

Selective vs Non-selective

First, you need to make a decision if your crabgrass issue calls for a careful or non-selective herbicide. Knowing the difference can conserve you a whole lot of difficulty as well as effort later on.


‘Selective’ crabgrass killers are created to kill the weed as well as absolutely nothing else. This indicates your lawn grass and surrounding plants will certainly not be hurt by the herbicide. These looked for after weed killers are the best option if you have spots of crabgrass throughout your backyard that grow around your existing (and still preferred) grass In this manner, you can spray the whole grass to ensure every little bit of emerging crabgrass is covered.


‘Non-selective’ crabgrass awesome are created to eliminate crabgrass and also anything else in its way. These herbicides are for pure destruction and also are therefore not secure to utilize on plants and also grass that you don’t intend to see dead. The only celebration you would certainly use a non-selective weed killer is if you have a crabgrass trouble that is so widespread, you prepare to eliminate the entire yard, raking it up, and also reseeding. One more reason to utilize a non-selective herbicide is for crabgrass found on walkways or driveways– away from any type of existing plants that you might intend to keep.

Pointer: Remember that discerning does not constantly omit all kinds of turfgrass: grasses not protected versus crabgrass killers are usually detailed on the label.

Pre-emergent vs Post-emergent Herbicide

differential entry paths of per and post emergence herbicides into agricultural

One more point to consider when purchasing the best crabgrass killer is whether to choose a pre-emergent or post-emergent. This will certainly rely on whether you prepare for a crabgrass issue or remain in the center of one.

Protecting against Crabgrass

A pre-emergent crabgrass herbicide, such as the very first three on our checklist of the 10 best crabgrass awesome, is developed to avoid crabgrass from arising throughout the expanding period by killing the weed at germination. It is always a good idea to utilize a pre-emergent and also post-emergent in combination with each other, to make certain all development cycles are targeted.

Eliminating Crabgrass

In some cases crabgrass can invade your lawn as well as being fully right into its growth cycle prior to you even notice. In this situation, a pre-emergent herbicide can not help you– however a post-emergent will. It may take anywhere from days to weeks before you see outcomes, however a quality post-emergent will certainly kill right to the root of any type of totally grown crabgrass spots.

Just How to Apply Crabgrass Killers

Many crabgrass killers need a sprayer, whether handheld or backpack depends on you and also the size of your backyard. Others are granular as well as can be used with a lawn spreader. If you do not have either in the house, consider a herbicide that is created to attach straight to your garden hose. Always read as well as comply with the instructions on the tag when diluting a herbicide concentrate.

Whether spraying or spreading, it is vital to apply evenly as well as covering the whole afflicted area. Missing even the smallest spot of crabgrass could imply taking care of an intrusion around again later on in the season.

Do not be disheartened if your picked herbicide does not completely kill off all the crabgrass the very first time around. Crabgrass is an infamously stubborn weed that frequently needs a number of treatments. Nonetheless, it is necessary to have persistence– provide your lawn a few weeks before reapplying crabgrass killer, to lower the chances of shedding your turf.

When to Kill Crabgrass

If your yard is new, it is recommended to wait up until your grass has actually been mowed a couple of times before taking down any type of kind of herbicide. This is since recently grown seed or turf is prone to the chemicals of the weed killer


Timing is everything when it involves applying herbicides, specifically the preventative ones. The best guideline when looking to lay down a pre-emergent is to take the soil temperature and use when the ground gets to 60 levels Fahrenheit. This will typically be early to mid-spring, relying on the zone you live in.


Post-emergent herbicides must be applied throughout the growing season when the temperature levels are in between 60 and 85 levels. If the weather condition is hot, plants are likely to soak up the chemical therapy as well as body, including your lawn. Discerning herbicides may, therefore, be damaging to also the hardest lawn grass

On the day of application, ensure there is no rain in the projection that might possibly remove the herbicide. Apply on a well-watered yard– never use throughout a drought. Wait a day or more prior to watering once again in order to enable the herbicide to be absorbed by the crabgrass origins.


If you’re grass does not go inactive in the winter months, you can additionally utilize a slow-moving release crabgrass killer in the be up to catch any type of you may have missed out on over the summer season.

If utilizing a non-selective herbicide for an overall grass remodelling, the best time to use is the fall.

Take Caution When Applying Crabgrass Killer

As crabgrass killer is a chemical remedy, there is always factor to be cautious when selecting the best herbicide.

Remember that most States have limitations when it pertains to lawn treatment, in order to minimize dangerous runoff. Make certain to read the label or check your state’s agriculture official site for Regulated Herbicides or Restricted Use Products.

Know your environments when applying the herbicide. Do you have blueberry bushes downwind? Exist ornamentals surrounding your yard that could be harmed by herbicides? Never use weed killer where there are edible or fruit-bearing plants, or at the very least cover them while you spray.

The Most Effective Crabgrass Killer– Conclusion

Crabgrass is one of the most persistent grass weeds and is difficult to remove. For lots of, it is a battle that takes several seasons of trial as well as mistake. This is why we have actually provided you with a simple checklist of crabgrass killers that work, checked, and also attempted over the last few years. All 10 of the crabgrass killers on this listing can obtain the job done, yet there is at the very least one on the list that caters even more especially to you as well as your yard’s requirements.

There are some commonalities between the herbicides on our listing. Quinclorac is a trustworthy chemical that is widely made use of in the sector as a post-emergent crabgrass herbicide. Prodiamine is the go-to chemical in pre-emergent crabgrass killers. Herbicide with these components are generally dependable. Lawn owners with warm-season grass types are advised to attempt preventative steps if there is any kind of idea of crabgrass in the area, since the bulk of blog post detergents are harmful for usage on warmer environment lawn kinds. In our opinion, Tenacity Turf Herbicide is the primary service because it is both preventative and post-emergent. All the best for getting rid of crabgrass permanently without harming your lawn!

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