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What’s the Best Drop Spreader for Residential Use? (2023)

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For lots of, visual allure is a key active ingredient in the satisfaction of homeownership. As well as looking after your grass is a big part of helping your home stick out and also look fantastic to neighbors as well as friends. While various products can be utilized for your lawn, purchasing a good spreader to use those products is something practically every house owner will intend to do. And also if you’re in the market for the Best decline spreader, then I’m below to help you select a trustworthy model that will match your spending plan, as well as stand up to normal use.

In today’s short article I’ll be discussing whatever there is to learn about decline spreaders. I’ll share what they are (and also exactly how they differ from broadcast spreaders), how they function, supply suggestions to select one that’s Best fit to your residential property, and also ultimately I’ll share a few of my favored designs in case you’re expecting a referral and desire to get one today.

Quick Picks– Comparing My 5 Favorite Drop Spreaders

In situation you’re simply here to locate the Best spreader for you, right here’s a fast side-by-side comparison in between what I think about a few of the Best decline spreaders offered today.

Drop Spreader Spreading Width Capacity Typical Price Range Where to Buy
Scotts Turf Builder Drop Spreader 22 ″ 25 pounds Under $100 Amazon
Agri-Fab Towable Drop Spreader 42 ″ 175 pounds $ 200– $300 Amazon
Spyker P70-1210 Drop Spreader 18 ″ or 36 ″ (spreader has 2 receptacles w/shutoffs) 120 pounds $ 550– $700 Amazon
Gandy 36 ″ Push Drop Spreader 36 ″ 120 pounds $ 700– $750 Amazon
Lesco Drop Spreader 36 ″ 120 pounds $ 750– $800 Amazon

Now, allow’s dig in as well as begin with the basics.

What is a Drop Spreader?

A decrease spreader is a tool generally made use of for bigger lawns. They are utilized to disperse yard products equally across big spaces to guarantee equivalent growth and also distribution.

Drop Spreader

Spreaders permit very easy and also rapid circulation of items, yet different kinds of spreader will disperse that product (be it turf seed, plant food, or something else) in various means.

A drop spreader typically features a bucket like body where yard materials like fertilizer and also seed are held. In between the wheels there are typically slots that launch or “decrease” the grass product straight down onto the yard as you press the spreader throughout your lawn. Unlike broadcast spreaders, you get an even quantity of product dropped in a single line straight between your spreader’s wheels.

Aside from decline spreaders there are 3 different sorts of spreaders each suited for different tasks, yard spaces, and labor strength (more on those momentarily).

How to Use a Drop Spreader

Using a decline spreader is extremely easy as the majority of them are manually operated.

After filling the receptacle with the lawn product, all you need to do is press the spreader. Most of the time, little to no calibration is needed as drop spreaders depend mainly on gravity to disperse lawn product.

How to Use a Drop Spreader

When using your spreader it is essential to bear in mind that going down spreaders are not relayed spreaders.

This suggests that the track you’ll take control of your yard while spreading out seed, plant food, or pre-emergent will certainly need to be more specific.

You might intend to run over particular locations extra than once in order to make certain correct and also full circulation. I suggest splitting your product in half as well as spreading half of it across your yard north-to-south, as well as spread the other half in an east-to-west pattern.

Why Choose Drop Spreader?

Homeowners usually go with drop spreaders as they are the even more economical choice. Decrease spreaders are extra-precise as well as provide house owners more control over the amount of product being dispersed.

Using a Drop Spreader to Spread Grass Seed

They are likewise preferable for smaller grass which is perfect for a lot of Spreader vs Broadcast Spreader

Among the various kinds of spreaders, broadcast as well as decrease spreaders are one of the most popular as well as one of the most similar to each other.

While we have already gone over the ins as well as outs of decline spreaders, allow’s briefly take a look at just how they contrast to broadcast spreaders and why you might want to choose a drop spreader instead.

About Broadcast Spreaders

As the name suggests, broadcast spreaders are meant to disperse or “broadcast” much more items at once.

Drop Spreader vs Broadcast Spreader

This suggests that more land is covered, but this does not always imply that the quantity of seed or fertilizer spread is and also.

Broadcast spreaders are terrific for bigger lawns however, for conventional home yards, a decrease spreader is often the way to go.

Your outcomes will certainly be extra foreseeable as well as your insurance coverage will certainly be a lot more also if utilized correctly.

Buying a Drop Spreader: Factors to Consider

When getting a decline spreader there are a few elements to take into consideration in order to select the best one for you and also your grass.

Buying a Drop Spreader

You will desire to take into consideration variables such as:

  • the dimensions of your whole lot,
  • how often you prepare to use it,
  • durability of the product,
  • manufacturer’s brand name credibility, as well as
  • the ability of the spreader.

Size as well as Capacity

Generally, decrease spreaders are better for smaller sized grass. Nonetheless, there are various sized drop spreaders to better suit your lawn.

In regards to decline spreader size, you can check and also compare the various carrying capacities. Drop spreaders with larger carrying capacities can cover even more land with less item refills.

Using a Drop Spreader - What Capacity is db82206b1d49042d1a710e9c88c21d36 for You?

That might not appear like a big bargain, yet it is. If you can do large areas of your lawn with one tons of product you’ll be better with your spreader.

Frequency of Use and Durability

If you are continuously doing yard work and intending to utilize your spreader for different products, you will certainly want to take into consideration a decline spreader created hefty task use.

This may set you back a little extra, but it will certainly function better and last much longer, as well as you need to value those qualities.

Factors to consider would certainly be spreaders with strong receptacles or hefty responsibility wheels.

Standard decrease spreaders are excellent for plant food as well as seeds, however various other materials such as sand will require you to check into even more tough choices. If you buy a sturdy spreader you can utilize it for rock salt or sand on your icy winter season driveway, making it a year-round financial investment rather than a seasonal one.

Brand Reputation

The high quality of grass treatment items and equipment can frequently be determined by the online brand reputation of the firm that make’s it.

A Drop Spreader

For example, Scotts is a great brand for everything yard care relevant. The truth that they’re almost everywhere can suggest that the quality of some of their products experience (they count on their brand name acknowledgment as well as distribution to offer a great deal of products), but that quantity indicates their spreaders are offered at a lower price.

My Picks: The 5 Best Drop Spreaders for Residential Use

With all the variables to consider above, we have compiled a list for the 5 Best program spreaders for property use. We will certainly be going over one of the most remarkable functions, advantages and disadvantages, and also even the cost range to assist discover the ideal drop spreader for you.

Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader (my top choice for many yards)

The Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader is a great top quality and cost effective decline spreader sitting at a cost varies between $50 and also $75 with four various variations to pick from.

Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader


The Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader is the best spreader for property grass on a budget. While this spreader isn’t perfect, at under $100 it’s pretty much the Best bang-for-your-buck that you can get when getting a drop spreader and also it’s a solid selection for small yards and seeding tasks.

This decline spreader includes a strong frame and also manage that guarantees toughness. The spreader currently comes precalibrated and also has an insurance coverage ability of as much as 10, 000 square feet without re-filling the receptacle, which behaves.

Additionally, the spreader works with all Scotts products and also collaborates with other brand names of seeds, fertilizer, and other lawn items. The wonderful feature of purchasing Scotts spreaders is that every person has them– this indicates every item producer informs you what readying to utilize on your spreader for their product.


  • Spreader is extremely budget friendly and also can be found in various variants and also prices to select from.
  • Perfect size for medium sized lawns.
  • Size warrants for fantastic accuracy while keeping a 22-inch spread pattern.
  • Comes totally assembled and also be calibrated, all set to utilize without hassle.


  • Wheels are not pneumatic so they do not have the exact same efficiency capacity as luxury spreaders.
  • Since the wheels are not pneumatic, seed or other product can often get stuck in the wheels which affects the performance.

Check Price on Amazon

Agri-Fab 42 ″ 175 Pound Capacity Tow-Behind Drop Spreader

If you have a big lawn as well as own an ATV or riding lawn mower, a large-capacity tow-behind spreader may be the way to choose your yard. At under $300, Agri-Fab’s 42 ″ model is a solid choice that executes well.

agri fab tow behind drop spreader

I advise utilizing it on dry lawns to keep the metal components completely dry during usage and to guarantee that whatever is tidy and dry prior to saving this piece of tools.


With a 17 gallon hopper ability, you can spread a great deal of item simultaneously. The maker suggest this will provide you concerning 40, 000 square feet of coverage if filled up (regarding one acre). The agitator is currently galvanized steel (a renovation over previous iterations where corrosion was a concern). Features a 3-year service warranty.


  • A low-effort remedy ideal for large yards of 1 acre or more.
  • The 17-gallon receptacle enables for a bigger carrying capacity, which indicates that you would certainly not have to replenish the hopper with product as often.
  • Great cost for a commercial-grade, tow-behind spreader.


  • Some consumers have whined concerning a curved agitator– will certainly not work well for some thick items like powdered lime (you’ll have to acquire pelletized).
  • Can be testing to assemble.
  • Will call for even more storage room when not in use.

Check Price on Amazon

Spyker Commercial P70-1210 Drop Spreader

This Spyker Commercial drop spreader is one of the Best drop spreaders you can buy and comes at a cost’s price-tag.

Spyker P70-12010 Commercial Drop Spreader

It is normally marketed in a price array in between $550 as well as $660 and also is offered through Amazon and a couple of other online retailers.


This sturdy commercial decrease spreader consists of functions such as steel outside frame, 2 hopper areas, and a 120lb receptacle capacity.

Other functions include 13″ by 5″ inch wheels as well as either an 18 ″ or 36″ spread width. The fact that you can shut one side of the hopper for a slim application, or open both sides of the receptacle at the same time is a good feature to have. It’s possible to distribute several products at the exact same time (like yard seed and also starter fertilizer) this means, though many home owners will intend to use the full 36 inches and also do 2 separate applications.


  • 120lb carrying capacity allows users to do the job without refilling.
  • Dual receptacle compartments permits you to disperse to various products at the very same time.
  • Steel coated frame for added durability


  • Steel covered frame as well as large wheels make the receptacle much harder to maneuver.
  • Large spread size does not permit for exact distribution.
  • Products are costly and can be hard to find through certain manufacturers.

Check Price on Amazon

Gandy 36″ Variable Rate Drop Spreader

This Gandy drop spreader sits at a price series of $700 to $750 and is popular among specialist landscaping firms. It is additionally used on golf links regularly.

Gandy 36 Inch Variable Rate Drop Spreader

Homeowners looking for professional arise from a high-performing decrease spreader (as well as that can afford its costs cost) will certainly be really satisfied with this spreader.


This decrease spreader features a sturdy steel covered outside, and 13″ pneumatically-driven wheels for ensured sturdy toughness.

Other attributes consist of a snap on base which permits users to cleanse the spreader easily and also for the item to disperse easily due to the triangular openings which sit at 1 ⅛ inches apart for quick as well as even distribution.


  • Heavy responsibility steel outside and also pneumatically-driven wheels enable added durability.
  • High top quality take care of bar that prevents product waste
  • Accurate deal with enables for exact distribution.
  • Evenly spaced out distribution slots permitting also distribution and stopping product from hindering the wheels


  • This spreader is more pricey than its competitors.
  • Heavy responsibility metals and attributes make the spreader difficult to maneuver.

Check Price on Amazon

Lesco Drop Spreader (120 extra pound ability)

This Lesco Drop Spreader rests at a cost range in between $750 and $800. It’s a severe device and also needs a severe financial investment, however if you have a huge level yard and desire one of the Best decline spreaders on the marketplace, consider this model.

Lesco Drop Spreader


This Leseco Drop Spreader is a strong spreader that has a 120lb bring ability, steel layered exterior, and also compatible stainless-steel hopper bottoms.

This is a wonderful decline spreader, especially well matched for big lawns. Its 36″ receptacle enables you to cover a whole lot of ground quickly in 3 foot passes.


  • The steel outside and also receptacle bottom guarantee that this product will certainly last.
  • Wide spread reach (36 ″) will certainly require less walking to cover your lawn.
  • Dual areas in the receptacle enables you to distribute two products at once.


  • Air filled up wheels rather than pneumatic wheels, this can lessen toughness as well as leaving the spreader susceptible to level tires.
  • Assembly is required, this leaves even more area for blunders on the occasion that the spreader was not constructed appropriately or parts were damaged during shipping.
  • Very expensive.

Check Price on Amazon

Calibrating Your Drop Spreader for Proper Application

This brief video clip from the Oklahoma Gardening channel does a great work of explaining just how to appropriately calibrate a drop spreader (or any kind of kind of spreader) for an application of plant food to your yard:

Choosing the Best Drop Spreader for Your Property

Drop spreaders can be an important to property owners that choose often tending to their lawns themselves, however many people will just need one seed/fertilizer spreader for their building.

If you have a little lot with a level lawn, you’ll most likely be Best offered by buying a decrease spreader. If you have a larger lot with a bumpy lawn that you aren’t inspired to level, then a program spreader may be one of the most effective tool for you.

With a decrease spreader, you obtain more control in how you apply seed, plant food, as well as mineral supplements to your lawn, as well as for numerous home owners in suburbia, they’re the best tool for the job.

Once again, unless you live-and-breathe grass treatment, my top referral for a domestic use decline spreader is the Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader. It’s a budget friendly and long lasting item of tools, and also will certainly do the job without damaging the bank.

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