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What Are the 4 Best Drop Spreaders? Reviews & Buyer’s Guide (2022)

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If you’re tackling weeds, planting brand-new seeds, fertilizing the dirt, and/or trying to attain a gorgeous, lush grass, you need a spreader!

When it comes to spreaders, there are two alternatives to select from– drop spreaders and also program spreaders.

To briefly describe the distinctions between both sorts of spreaders, broadcast spreaders are a terrific option for large and open patches of land, however aren’t optimal for smaller sized yards and also yards.

Drop spreader

Drop spreaders contrarily are a perfect selection for specific applications in residential areas and protect against damages to the surrounding plants, or cluttering the neighboring grass.

Acquiring the best drop spreader isn’t as easy as it appears, since there are 2 kinds– hand-operated and tow behind readily available, as well as a great deal of options to select from.

But I’ve done the research, as well as narrowed it down to the 4 best drop spreaders that will not disappoint you throughout your spreading applications.

Scotts 76565 Turf Builder Classic
Scotts 76565 Turf Builder Classic
Agri-Fab 45-0543 100 lb. Tow
Agri-Fab 45-0543 100 lb. Tow
Spyker P70-12010 Commercial Drop Spreader

4 Best Drop Spreaders

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1. Scotts 76565 Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader

The Scotts Turf Builder Classic drop spreader tops this checklist of drop spreaders for several great factors, beginning with its large holding capacity that can fit yard seed and plant foods to spread out throughout 10, 000 square feet.

Adding to this, Scotts Classic drop spreader is developed to last as well as sitting steadily on a durable structure for unrivaled stability during usage.

The Scotts Turf Builder Classic drop spreader provides a 22-inch dispersing pattern for terrific accuracy as well as maximum protection.

It arrives pre-calibrated as well as totally put together, so it prepares to use best out of the box. Prior to you utilize the Scotts drop spreaders, inspect the product packaging of the yard seed you intend to use for the spreader settings.

Next off, adjust the setup dial accordingly to the setups, since you wish to guarantee that the location being seeded obtains optimal insurance coverage.

With the spreader disengaged, fill the hopper with as much lawn seed you assume you will certainly need for your area. Position the Scotts drop spreader near the edge of the area, as well as press the lever to engage it.

After you’ve spread out the seeds equally throughout your lawn, put any type of unused seed back into the bag, rinse the spreader, as well as shop it correctly for future use.


  • Can hold item to cover 10, 000 square feet
  • 22-inch dispersing pattern
  • Heavy-duty frame for excellent security
  • Pre-calibrated and all set to utilize
  • Made in the USA


  • Limited to one shade alternative

2. Agri-Fab 45-0543 Drop Spreader– Best Tow Behind Drop Spreader

The Agri-Fab 45-0543 tow behind drop spreader is in a league of its own with its capacity to hold as well as spread approximately 100 pounds of item at any type of given time.

Relying on the item, the Agri-Fab tow behind spreader can cover about 40, 000 square feet with a complete hopper.

This complex drop spreader can be used as a seeder and also spiker and also offers superior efficiency, many thanks to its drop spreading out and aeration capabilities.

The Agri-Fab tow behind drop spreader is fitted with 10-inch flat-free tires, which allow you to ride efficiently on both tough and also uneven surface.

This tow-behind spreader supplies a 32-inch regulated dispersing width, making it a fantastic option for small and also plus size lawns.

It is outfitted with a steel lift handle that permits you to change the elevation easily for maximum accuracy.

With regards to aeration, the Agri-Fab tow behind drop spreaders attributes eight galvanized spike discs that work their means effectively right into the dirt.

The Agri-Fab tow behind spreader pointers the scales at 37. 5 pounds and also can be gotten in touch with your tractor with a global hitch.

It can be activated as well as off through a straight pole that’s accessible from the tractor’s seat. For a tow-behind spreader that doubles down as an aerator as well, the Agri-Fab drop spreader is difficult to defeat!


  • Holds 100 lbs of items to cover 40, 000 square feet
  • 10-inch flat-free tires
  • Steel lifts manage to readjust the elevation
  • Can be made use of as a spreader and also aerators
  • 8 galvanized spike discs


  • Does not come fully set up

3. Spyker P70-12010 Commercial Drop Spreader

The Spyker P70-12010 is a commercial-grade drop spreader that can stand up to 120 is of product in its receptacle.

It includes a power-coated steel frame for unparalleled longevity and supplies a 36-inch spread width.

Contributing to this, the Spyker P70-12010 drop spreader is fitted with 13-inch x 5-inch wheels, which collectively give excellent grip on rugged surface.

The Spyker P70-12010 drop spreader can be utilized for a number of various kinds of products consisting of sand, seed, top dressing product, and also even salt to thaw the snow.

The receptacle of the Spyker P70-12010 drop spreader is separated right into 2 areas, where one can be made use of for 18-inch widths and the various other for 36-inch widths of consistent coverage.

The Spyker P70-12010 drop spreader is a suitable option for starting a grass and includes variable price and 1/2″ dealt with price bottoms.


  • 2 hopper areas for 18″ and also 36″ sizes
  • Powder covered steel frame
  • 13-inch x 5-inch wheels for smooth procedure
  • Can be used for various sorts of materials
  • Hold up to 120 is of product


  • cannot be used to spread topsoil

4. Agri-Fab 45-0288 Drop Spreader

Unlike the Agri-Fab model mentioned over, the Agri-Fab 45-0288 drop spreader doesn’t offer oxygenation capabilities, yet does include a larger hopper than can hold up to 175 lbs of material.

It can cover even more than 40, 000 square feet with each fill, and is corrosion proofed for raised solution life.

The Agri-Fab 45-0288 drop spreader offers a regulated 42-inch dispersing size and includes a premium galvanized agitator for improved durability.

Additionally, the Agri-Fab 45-0288 drop spreader shows up filled with pneumatically-driven tires for smooth operation, and also is backed by a three-year supplier warranty.


  • Big hopper can hold 175 pounds of items
  • Corrosion proofed for longer service life
  • 42-inch spread size
  • Pneumatically-driven tires
  • 3-year manufacturer guarantee


  • Does not offer aeration abilities

Drop Spreader Buying Guide

Drop spreaders are maybe one of the easiest devices to make use of in your yard treatment collection, as well as server simply one objective– drop seed, granular plant food evenly throughout your yard.

Unlike mower or other comparable powered tools, drop spreaders have a couple of functioning components to them.

However, drop spreaders can be huge ticket purchases, which is why there are a couple of crucial variables to consider to get the ideal model for your requirements.

Kind Of Drop Spreader

There are 2 kinds of drop spreaders to pick from– push-behind drop spreaders and tow-behind drop spreaders.

as the name would recommend, push drop spreaders allow you to spread out seed and also various other materials by pressing the drop spreader throughout your yard.

A push spreader is a wonderful choice for lawns which contain whole lots of planting beds, landscape design narrow environment-friendly strips and/or limited turns.

A tow behind drop spreaders can be attached with your tractor or riding yard mower using a universal drawback, as well as being an optimal selection to spread seed and various other products uniformly throughout larger size yards.


The best drop spreaders are crafted from hefty responsibility products, so you can expect them to last for several years to come. Some models are even corrosion proofed for improved toughness.

If the hopper of the drop spreader is crafted from plastic, make certain it is sturdily constructed with huge adequate holes to allow the seed or fertilizer quickly circulation via.


Most, if not all drop spreaders are fitted with wheels to quickly move the drop spreader around throughout your yard. These wheels can gauge in between 10 inches to 12 inches, and also some are flat-free tires.

Steer clear of drop spreaders with wheels made from plastic, because they do not function smoothly over large bumps or irregular ground.

Drop spreaders fitted with pneumatically-driven wheels are great for uphill terrain and rugged terrain, but on the disadvantage, the majority of pneumatic wheels call for routine maintenance, since you require to determine their atmospheric pressure consistently.


The deal with of a push-behind drop spreader should be high enough for the individual or else might create strain on the back.

Some drop spreaders come with a flexible manage that allows you to lower or elevate the deal with as required. There are some deals with that included rubberized grips that alleviate stress on the hands.

Controls and also calibration

Leading model drop spreaders come pre-calibrated, whereas others need to be adjusted before use. You likewise require readjusting the circulation rate settings to match the application rates of the particular product.


Many huge brand drop spreaders do come with some sort of guarantee that secures the drop spreader against any type of producer flaws for a few years.

Scotts Drop Spreaders

Scotts is one of the big names in the grass treatment segment as well as using a massive portfolio of hit products. The firm’s drop spreaders are simple to use, and flaunt a robust built top quality.

Additionally, many Scotts drop spreaders are very easy to regulate, thanks to their onsite trigger take care of that permits you to efficiently control the flow of seed.

Scotts drop spreaders include a huge receptacle, typically 22 inches wide, which permit you to hold more product, as well as seed over a bigger location.

Another noteworthy function of Scotts drop spreaders is that they come totally put together, so all you’ve reached do is box, load the hopper, and also voila– you’re ready to spray seed on your lawn.

Agri-Fab Drop Spreaders

Just like Scotts, Agri-Fab produces a large range of drop spreaders as well as other essential grass care equipment. Their drop spreaders usually come with larger ability hoppers as well as our tow-behind models.

The majority of the company’s drop spreaders can hold material to cover 40, 000 square feet of location, so if you have a larger area to seed, Agri-Fab’s drop spreaders are worth a 2nd appearance.

Agri-Fab drop spreaders feature a galvanized steel agitator, which is crafted to avoid clumping, and provides also as well as consistent coverage.

Contributing to this, many of these versions feature flat-free or pneumatic tires, which enable the drop spreaders to roll smoothly over existing yard and/or rugged surface.

Just how to Use a Drop Spreader?

Drop spreaders use the power of gravity to drop seeds as well as other products precisely in rows with a straight pass.

The initial point to do when utilizing any kind of drop spreader is established the dial and to do this, refer to the fertilizer or seed plan for guidelines.

Search for the setups associated with drop spreaders, which can be different from those of broadcast spreaders.

Although drop spreaders are secure to use, you must take the added precaution of disengaging the maker before filling the hopper.

Once disengaged, fill up the hopper of the drop spreader with the quantity of an item you believe you’ll need, as well as it’s better to underfill than overfill.

Keep in mind, you can constantly replenish the receptacle if you lack material to include seed or item the missed out on areas.

Whether you’re using a push drop spreader or a tow-behind drop spreader, maneuver it in straight lines to spread the seed equally across your lawn.

After utilizing the drop spreader, it’s a good technique to clean it extensively, making certain you do away with any kind of product that might be stayed with the hopper.

Before saving your drop spreader, apply a spray lubricating substance to avoid the metal parts from developing rust.

Last Thoughts

A drop spreader enables you to specifically spread out seed or various other product throughout your lawn but takes a little longer to do the work contrasted to transmit spreaders.

Drop spreaders are available in 2 common types– push-behind drop spreaders, as well as tow-behind spreaders.

If you have a smaller dimension yard to cover, a press spreader is an ideal choice, however tow-behind drop spreaders are very recommended if you have a tractor or riding mower for plus size yards.

The market is flooded with drop spreader versions, making it a little bit tricky to get the right one.

However I’ve narrowed the note down to the 4 best drop spreaders available, which come with a big hopper capacity and consist of both push and tow-behind drop spreaders.

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