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6 Best Fertilizer for St Augustine Grass | Greener & Lusher Lawn (2022)

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Seeking the extremely best fertilizer to keep your lawn of St Augustine grass environment-friendly and lush? Read along in this short article that will certainly describe all you require knowing when looking for a fertilizer for St. Augustine, along with a listing and also thansessment of the leading 6 plant foods matched for your lawn St. Augustine iaims popular variety of warm-climate lawn grass— and also forever reason. Its crude appearance anby thehick blades give thick insurance coverage. However, its trademark density and also turquoise color are notposting,ng likely to look their very best without added nutrients.

The best fertilizer for St. Augustine Grass, like lots of others, will certainly have a relatively high concentrate of nitrogen Nitrogen keeps the grass eco-friendly and lush. The best method to apply nitrogen to your lawn is via a slow-release fertilizer to avoid several applications or shedding the lawn Milorganite is a fantastic instance.

Other than wanting the look of a deep environment-friendly lawn that would make the neighbors envious, there are other excellent factors to feed. Without fertilizer, St. Augustine grass is much more susceptible to patchiness, bare spots, and also thatch. This shows more area for weeds to move and also a nicer setting for undesirable pests. If your lawn is currently badly impacted by weeds or pests, find out more concerning just how to eliminate them here.

Top 6 Best Fertilizers for St Augustine Grass

Below are the top fertilizers for St Augustine in 2022, attempted, evaluated, and also authentic. Any of these would certainly be an excellent remedy for your lawn– however continue reading our buyer’s guide below the checklist to discover which sort of fertilizer suits your needs best

1. Milorganite Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer


  • Famously used by professionals
  • Organic, non-synthetic
  • Slow-release

This natural fertilizer by Milorganite is nitrogen-rich, making it wonderful for St. Augustine lawns. The NPK ratio is 6-4-0, suggesting there is no Potassium, so it ought to be avoided in times or areas of dry spell. It additionally implies the focus of Nitrogen is relatively low and also consequently has no possibility of shedding your lawn It must cause a darker eco-friendly lawn that is much less dehydrated and simpler to cut, but because it is slow launch, the outcomes may take some time. Slow-release is on the whole more economical and much better for the lawn soil.

When aiming to apply a granular, slow-release fertilizer, you will need a lawn spreader. Inspect the directions on the bag in order to know what establishing your spreader ought to go to when laying down fertilizer If there is no rain in the forecast, you may need to water a day or two after taking down. Apply simply once in spring, summer, and autumn, specifically.

A few testimonials do point out that this item has smelll, but that it dissipates rapidly. When gaining an organic fertilizer, this is just an excellent sign. This fertilizer can likewise be made use of to ward off deeandas rabbits.

2. Scotts Turf Builder Lawn Food

scotts lawn food

  • Encourages new environment-friendly growth while defendinandas enhancing
  • High in nitrogen
  • Improves lawn’s capability to absorb water
  • both fast-acting and also slow-release

This lawn food by Scotts is made to expand your lawn thicker, greener, and extra durable versus warm and dry spell by improving your lawn’s ability to absorb dampness. It is a wonderful option for alsortsrt of lawn, comprising St. Augustine, that is looking irregular and pale. This fertilizer has an NPK ratio of 32-0-4, meaning it is really high in nitrogen, a vital nutrient for a lusher, greener lawn A thicker lawn is an exceptional protection against parasites and assists to crowd out weeds.

As a granular fertilizer, this Scotts Lawn Food shows both rapid results and also has slow-release fragments for a longer-lasting remedy than several liquid fertilizers. The very fine structure makes it fast to take in. Make use of a routine lawn spreader to apply according to the directions on the package. Because of the high percent of nitrogen, be sure not to use in excessively warm weather condition, and water in lightly. Apply anytime throughout the growing seasons as soon as every 6-8 weeks.

Take care to always sweep any type of excess fertilizer that may have spilled onto pathways or outdoor patios back right into the lawn

3. Lesco St. Augustine Lawn Fertilizer

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  • Helpful for greening up your lawn
  • A spring nutrient increase
  • High in iron

Lesco Turf Fertilizer is an option customized specifically for St. Augustine Grass. It has an NPK ratio of 24-2-11 plus it is high in iron, suitable for getting that optimum green shade out of a discolored lawn A lot of customers seem really delighted with the results!

This fertilizer comes granular, so you will certainly need a routine lawn spreader to use. Water in well after application, but watch out for hefty rainfalls as they might wash most of the granular away. The results ought to be lasting. I recommended it to apply in the spring, in order to delight in the full length of outcomes!

4. Dr Earth Super Natural Organic Lawn Fertilizer

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  • Organic and also all-natural
  • Ideal for St. Augustinandas lots of various other grass kinds
  • Focused formula

Dr. Earth makes a superb organic solution for your St. Augustine lawn This brand name is well recognizeandas enjoyed for its use natural active ingredients and is risk-free for use around children and pets. It might produce a questionable odorhowever,er that will last only concerning a day. This formula has an NPK proportion of 8-0-3, possibly marginally reduced to keep it secure and from shedding your lawn

Several reviewers advocate the item itself however have actually had problem with the nozzle and also dispenser this item comes with– although it is mean to be practical for those without a sprayer. Some retailers lug the item without the headache of the nozzle. Whether you use your very own sprayer or the one accompanying, make certain to follow the label to get the ideal proportion of concentrate to water.

5. Scotts EZ Patch Lawn Repair

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  • Particularly created for St. Augustine Lawns
  • Mix mulch as well as fertilizer
  • Repairs bare patches 60% quicker

This product from Scotts is a superb solution for St. Augustine lawns that deal with bare spots. This unique mix of compost as well as fertilizer motivates bordering St. Augustine to grow and also load in the bare dirt. Prepared to use as well as easy to apply, it requires minimal initiativess; it is most efficient when the bare patch is prepared.

The bare spot requires to be dug up, det hatched, and also watered well prior to application. As soon as the area is totally free from dead grass as well as roots, use, maintain sprinkled, as well as wait. The results will receive regarding 3-4 weeks.

6. Easy Lawn Solutions Natural Liquid Fertilizer

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  • Contains natural active ingredientscomprisingof seaweed as well as fish
  • All set to use, spray nozzle included
  • Quick results

With an NPK proportion of 16-4-8, this fertilizer is fantastic for a well-established or new lawn of St. Augustine grass This fertilizer’s specialty is feeding your lawn grass an optimum equilibrium of nutrients, with none of the severe chemicals. This natural formula comprises vitamin-rich, sea-based macronutrients such as algae as well as fish to feed your Bermuda grass lawn This 32 oz container will cover up to 3200 square feet.

One wonderful benefit of this product is it prepares tuseze, also if you do not have fancy splashing devices at residence. We developed the nozzle on the container to talk to any type of common garden tube, so you can spray your lawn straight from the plan, while it self-dilutes. Read the guidelines meticulously and ensure the tube is properly attached.

Spray your lawn by hand with even, constant passes– use as usually as monthly. Outcomes will certainly show rapidly, yebecauseat this a fast-acting liquid option, it won’t last all period long. Feed spring via summertime. Customers say they have actually had success with this item also in heat.

When as well as How to Apply Fertilizer on St. Augustine

If wondering when is the best time to feed St. Augustine grass, you also need to consider what zone you remain in. Warmer climates (where frost isn’t a concern) can be fertilized nearly all year. I advised cooler climates to begin 3 weeks after the grass starts to environment-friendly after winter. If making use of a soluble, fast-acting option, apply once every 8 weeks. Granular, slow-release versions can be used every 12 weeks, or perhaps less as required.

It is essential when you apply any kind of fertilizer to read and adhere to the instructionsThey should apply evenly dry plant foodsly and also with a typical lawn spreader. Soluble or liquid plant foods need a sprayer. Once again, an even spray will ensure the entire lawn take advantage of thnutrientsnts you are providing it. It is additionally key to water in the fertilizer as soon as it is applied– you require it coming down right into the roots, not sticking to the blade!

The only care when using fertilizer is to make certain not to readjust the ratio, and also not to use in heat. Staying clear of these two blunders will ensure your St. Augustine grass is well fed however not burnt out.

  • Do not use nitrogen-rich fertilizer in warmth over 85 degrees
  • Apply no even more than 5 pounds of pure nitrogen per 1000 square feet

Purchaser’s Guide: What to remember when choosing a fertilizer for St. Augustine

Fertilizer for Newly Sodded St. Augustine

As you most likely already understand, St Augustine grass does not can be found in seed kind as well as is therefore planted from turf. Because of this, even the newest-laid lawn of St. Augustine it much more mature than various other selections of lawn that have simply been seeded. This implies you can proceed and also feed your new lawn without fear of stunting its growth– however, a small word of care.

The roots will certainly not yet be established deep into the soil, and also this implies a slow-release or granular fertilizer might not be the best Fluid fertilizer, on the various other hand, will encourage the roots to reach down into the dirt by saturating the lawn In conclusion, if asking on your own: Should I feed my freshly sodded St. Augustine grass The answer is indeed It will just aid speed up along the process of facility.

Slow-release vs Quick release

It is always pleasing to see fast outcomes when feeding a St. Augustine lawn fast-acting, sadly, doesn’t constantly show long-lasting. Quick-release or liquid plant foods often flaunt deep as well as fast greening as well as growth, however will call for several applications throughout the expanding season. Thestypespe of fertilizers are an optimal selection if you have a family barbecue showing up, as well as you require the lawn to eco-friendly up swiftly.

A slow-release fertilizer is for those wishing to conserve their very own effort and time. With application needed as little as biannually, it suggests getting the work done and delighting in nearly an entire growing period of gorgeous turf without the inconvenience of splashing repeatedly. Also, slow-release plant foods have less opportunitto burnng the lawn, also when temperature levels are high.

Organic vs Non Organic

You may seek the best natural fertilizer for your St. Augustine lawn, because of youngsterandas animals. It could also be you wish to reduce unsafe runoff, or I ban some chemical products in your region. Thankfully, there are several amazing alternatives in natural plant foods. You may have to stand up to a bit of an odor, and also organic is frequently much more costly, but otherwise, you will not discover a downside.

Try to find a fast, extreme green for your St. Augustine grass Perhaps a synthetic service will certainly make more feeling for you. If the lawn does not host a great deal of foot web traffic or pets, there is no actual injury being used the chemicals– they usually reveal much faster, more obvious results.

NPK Ratios

Notice that most of granular fertilizers best for St. Augustine grass will have an NPK ratio of high-low-medium. This is suggested by the 3 numbers on the bag of fertilizer Now, if the fertilizer is water soluble, the proportion of nitrogen is often much higher, to show quicker results and represent drainage. The NPK proportion stands for Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and also Potassium (K). The number represents the percent of the nutrient in the fertilizer; for instance, a bag that says 14-6-4 will certainly mean this fertilizer is 14% Nitrogen, 6% Phosphorus, and also 2% Potassium. The remaining 78% is added product that makes the fertilizer simpler to spread. Each nutrient offers a various aim in healthy and balanced plant growth:

  • Nitrogen (N): Aids in the manufacturing of lavish, eco-friendly fallen leaves.
  • Phosphorus (P): Stimulates origins and also helps advancement
  • Potassium (K): Protects versus illness

therefore, on a well-established lawn of St. Augustine grass, a nitrogen-rich fertilizer is best If the lawn has been just recently sodded, a fertilizer proportion greater in phosphorus (the center number) would be better suited. Too much nitrogen on a brand-new grass places recent growth in danger for wearing out.

Verdict and Takeaway

Fertilization is all about the balance. If you do not feed your St. Augustine grass, the nitrogen, iron, as well as various other minerals it needs, it will never accomplish that preferred deep eco-friendly. A thicker, much healthier fertilized lawn will also crow out weeds as well as leave less room for parasites. On the various other hand, fertilize it excessive, and also you take the chance of melting the lawn Make certain to select a fertilizer that is abundant in nitrogen, but beware not to apply more 5 pounds of pure nitrogen to 1000 square feet of lawn Spray or spread, relying on what approach suits your demands best, then prepare yourself to sit back and view your St. Augustine grass as it thickens and gets greener

Check out on for more suggestions on how to obtain your St. Augustine grass to spread out quicker.

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