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The Best Hover Mower: 4 Reviews and Complete Buying Guide (2022)

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The Swedes have brought the globe a lot of a good matter more than the many years — the Vikings, Abba, IKEA, and oat milk are just a couple of. 1 other invention that merits its spot on any record of Swedish results stories is the hover mower, which was 1st launched to the globe by Stockholm-primarily based brand Flymo in 1964

These days, the quantity of hover lawn mower designs out there runs into the hundreds, and this after pretty European turf-trimming instrument is now ultimately commencing to consider off in North America, as well. In this post, we consider a search at why you may want to take into consideration buying a hover mower and introduce you to our choice of the best hover mower out there

Prime 4 Hover Mower

one. California Trimmer RC190 Hover Mower : Our Prime Decision


  • Gasoline-powered motor
  • Two engine designs out there: Honda GCV160 OHC Briggs Stratton 550EX OHC
  • 19-inch cutting width
  • Challenging-sporting, hard, ABS injection-molded plastic deck
  • Broad-ranging 52″ adjustable handles deliver more attain
  • Tough steel blades
  • two-12 months guarantee for residential use

Consumers in the marketplace for a petrol hover mower that delivers the best blend of energy and maneuverability may not need to have to search any even further than California Trimmer’s RC190

This petrol mower is not ever going to come across itself on any featherweight podium, granted, but for individuals inclined to take care of a couple of more lbs in return for oodles of energy and a machine that deliver Ferrari-like efficiency with a tank-like establish and sturdiness, the RC190 is effectively well worth severe consideration

What we like most about the RC190 is that, in spite of its ponderous excess weight, when it will get to move it delivers extremely smooth and quick managing

We located it quick to do the job with in tighter locations about capabilities on the lawn and a huge improvement on wheeled mowers on slopes. On uneven patches of lawn wherever a typical mower would be leaving alternately bald and barely trimmed patches, furthermore, the RC190 left a pleasingly degree, uniform lower

Other attributes that win this machine our vote is its cordless style and design, 19-inch cutting width, and its potential to mulch as it cuts

The bottom line? This is not the least expensive hover mower out there, nor the lightest, but for individuals with bigger yards, sloping terrain, or who merely prioritize energy and precision more than value and excess weight, this machine merits its spot someplace pretty close to the best of your shortlist

What We Like:

  • Pretty maneuverable regardless of the heavyweight
  • Mulches as it cuts
  • Performs pretty effectively on slopes up to 45 degrees
  • Difficult, ABS injection-molded plastic deck
  • Adjustable cutting height (.75” to 3”)
  • Fairly priced

What We Really don’t Like:

  • The excess weight — at a whopping 43 lbs with the Honda engine, this machine is significantly heavier than most of its rivals

two. BlueBird 20″ Hover Mower HM200


  • Gasoline-powered motor
  • twenty-inch cutting width
  • Effective Honda GCV160 engine
  • three-12 months guarantee
  • Tough Higher-Density Polyethylene (HPDE) deck
  • five to three-inch cutting variety
  • three alternatives of blades

An ever-far more common preference with greenkeeping teams on golf programs nationwide, this exceptionally effectively-created mower is one that packs just about every characteristic and style and design characteristic essential for the best lower

The HM 200 utilizes a beefy Honda GCV160, gasoline-powered, 4 4 HP motor that is capable of powering by means of even the most unkempt of lawns. It comes with three alternatives of the blade and boasts a 0 .5”-3” cutting variety that collectively permits you to dial in the mower’s configurations to your requirements

Whilst weighty (36 5 lbs), the HM 200 retains excellent managing, with the potent Honda engine making it possible for the decking and blades to glide freely even in sub-optimum cutting problems (damp, on clumpy or extended grass, in bumpy terrain)

Barring its heavyweight, the HM200 is in essence a flaw-free of charge machine, but the value tag is tricky to justify provided the comparable efficiency provided by substantially much less expensive designs from other brand names (see over and beneath). That mentioned, this is a hefty-duty machine and if you envision placing it to quite hefty use, then it may perhaps effectively be well worth just about every penny

The bottom line? This is a machine that rank amid the best we’ve ever come across in terms of establish and last lower high-quality, but its rather exorbitant value will rule it out for all but the most scrupulous yard owners

To see the HM 200 in action, verify out the following clip from BlueBird:

What We Like:

  • twenty-inch cutting width
  • three-12 months guarantee for residential use
  • three alternatives of blades: reversible stainless steel, reversible nylon, or triple-edged co-polymer string
  • Higher-Density Polyethylene (HPDE) cutting deck with steel take care of
  • Substantial cutting varieties

What We Really don’t Like:

  • The price…!
  • The excess weight — at 36 5 lbs prior to including gasoline, this one’s possible to be a minor as well hefty to take care of for some customers

three. Toro HoverPro 550 Hover Mower


  • Outstanding cutting width (21 inches)
  • Pretty solid ABS injection-molded decks
  • 14” (35 5 cm) impellers for optimum lift and smoother mowing
  • Effective 4-stroke, 160cc Honda GCV E-spec engine
  • Fantastic managing in spite of hefty excess weight

With a 90-12 months historical past of creating mowers that have developed into the go-to turf trimmers of championship golf programs the globe more than Minnesota-primarily based brand Toro understands a matter or two about producing very productive and higher-high-quality grass-cutting gizmos

The HoverPro 550 continues Toro’s extended tradition of virtually peerless craftsmanship and helps make our shortlist on account of a quantity of things, but most notably bang for our buck. This model prices about half the value of the HM200 (over) but packs pretty comparable capabilities and comparable development high-quality, energy, and cutting capability

It is powered by the Honda GCV E-spec engine, which has been specially formulated for constant use on inclines and hilly terrain, packing a 4-stroke motor and cam belt oil transport method that maintain lubrication on even the most severe slopes

The only downsides to this machine are its hefty excess weight and constrained cutting variety, the two of which are very easily forgiven for everyone keen to have a professional-high-quality lower without having to pay by means of the nose

The bottom line? A nicely priced beast of a machine that is a minor on the hefty side but constructed to blitz inclines, overgrown grass, and consider on greater lawns

See the HoverPro Series in action right here:

What We Like:

  • Pretty fairly priced
  • Exceptional efficiency on sloping turf
  • Simple managing
  • Exceptional energy-to-excess weight ratios
  • two-12 months guarantee
  • Sturdy, long lasting steel blade

What We Really don’t Like:

  • Restricted cutting variety (.seven-one.2″)
  • Pretty hefty (42lbs)

4. Flymo TurboLite 400 Hover Mower


  • Weighs just 14 3 lbs
  • thirty-foot cable
  • 13-inch cutting widths
  • 1150-watt motor
  • 4 cutting heights

This Flymo turbo lite mower has in essence the identical style and design that Flymo hover has made use of on its best-promoting product or service for the best portion of fifty many years. And there are lots of causes why this style and design have withstood the check of time..

Initial up, the TurboLite 400 ticks the 4 largest boxes that need to have ticking for your normal domestic lawnmower: it is light-weight, very affordable, quick to use, and wonderfully productive

1 of the best added benefits of any hover mower is maneuverability, and the TurboLite delivers this high-quality in spades. Weighing in at just 14 3 by and with a narrow, 13-inch cutting width, this mower can negotiate tight spaces like virtually no other and is an absolute cinch to use on slopes

On the downside, the Flymo hover mower TurboLite has a couple of limitations that will make it a much less eye-catching possibility to some potential purchasers, notably individuals with bigger lawns. These contain the quick (30ft) cable length, its narrow cutting width, and the lack of an assortment grass box

The bottom line? Great for owners of smaller sized lawns and individuals on the lookout for a productive, fuss-free of charge cutter that is inexpensive, light, and superbly quick to use not so perfect for owners of bigger lawns or individuals in need to have of a strong machine that can get the task completed promptly

What We Like:

  • Pretty quick to preserve
  • Fantastic worth for funds
  • Simple managing
  • Light-weight
  • Great for smaller sized lawns

What We Really don’t Like:

  • Restricted cutting energy
  • Comparatively narrow cutting width
  • Quick cable lengths
  • No assortment box

Factors to Appear for in a Hover Mover

In the upcoming couple of sections, we’ll be supplying you with all the things you need to have to know about a hover lawnmower to equip you with the information to make the best determination for you

Hover Mower, Rotary Mower, or Wheeled Mower?

The Positive aspects of a Hover Mower

The principal advantage of picking out a hover mower more than a wheeled mower is maneuverability. Whilst with wheeled mowers you are limited in terms of motion to the course in which the wheels are dealing with and mowing in straight lines, hover mowers can be steered in any course (backward, forwards, and sideways) with ease

This is in particular essential if your lawn transpires to be of an irregular form and/or has capabilities (walls, ponds, rockeries, flowerbeds, and so forth.) that make turning difficult and demand a minor superior managing and agility

Hover mowers are also normally a superior bet on sloped or undulating lawns, largely since the ‘air cushion’ made by the mower offers it a lighter truly feel when negotiating ups and downs in your lawn and permits for a smooth lower wherever wheeled designs may bite into the turf

Final but not least, hover mowers are, for the most portion, simplicity defined. Whilst most other varieties of mower demand assembly and prep prior to use, with a hover mower you are excellent to go as quickly as you get the matter out of the box and plugged into an energy supply (if electrical hover) or filled with gasoline

The Drawbacks of a Hover Mower

On the downside, the bulk of hover mowers are electrical and mains powered, which means your cutting will be constrained to the length of your energy lead, or need to have to fork out more for an extension. Whilst this may not be a difficulty with a modest lawn, if your yard’s packing more than 50 square yards of grass, then that usually means a good deal of cables and a good deal of more managing when setting up and placing the mower away once again — not to mention the possibly fatal danger of cutting the cord!

‘Domestic’ hover mowers are also commonly built to mow grass that is fairly effectively maintained and no far more than ten-12cm extended, with far stronger designs possibly stretching to 15cm. If you have a tendency to be a bit lax on the mowing front, consequently, and allow your grass to develop extended involving cuts, then a gasoline-powered mower may be a superior bet as these have a tendency to pack far more energy and are superior outfitted to deal with far more unkempt, overgrown lawns

Last but not least, one considerable distinction involving hover mowers and other varieties of push mower is the former’s lack of capabilities

Several wheeled mowers permit you to stripe your lawn (a biggie for the aesthetically inclined) so it seems like the courts at Wimbledon, gather grass in a box as you lower, self-propel (perfect for the lazy gardener), mulch grass for on-the-go composting, and modify the cutting height with the flick of a switch (with hover mowers, the endeavor commonly entails a good deal of fiddling about that is absolutely sure to see a lot of a quarter go the way of the cuss-jar )

Spending budget

An additional of the best added benefits of opting for a hover mower more than a gasoline-powered or rotary/wheeled mower is value. On normal, hover mowers value a modest handful of $ much less than other varieties of mowers, leaving you with lots of money for that aforementioned cuss-jar

Inside of the hover mower group, there are also considerable value differentials and this is wherever it is smart to be a far more discerning purchaser. If you occur to come across what seems to be a bargain, be absolutely sure to read through the specs cautiously. Some widespread flags of poorly carrying out mowers are reduced voltage/energy, constrained mowing width, non-adjustable blades, or just shoddy workmanship —something you can gauge by studying consumer reviews, ideally from purchasers who have a couple of months of knowledge with the mower beneathneath their belt

Yet again, how substantially you need to have to devote will eventually come down to your yard and your cutting routines. If you have a significant yard or have a tendency to be an after-a-month kinda mower, then we’d suggest a far stronger (and costly), gasoline-powered machine with a broad mowing width (in the 18-inch variety). If you have a smaller sized lawn that you deal with to trim at least after a week, then a much less expensive mower with much less energy and a sub-15-inch mowing width will serve your functions nicely

Blade Materials

Two elements are made use of in hover mower blades: plastic or metals

The preference involving the two is reasonably very simple: plastic blades lower much less successfully and need to have regular changing but lots of spares are typically provided with the mower metallic blades lower successfully and really don’t need to have changing (except if you get a touch clumsy about slabbing or really don’t de-stone your lawn prior to cutting) but may perhaps demand occasional sharpening, dependent on how generally you lower your lawn

Grass Assortment

To have or not to have, that is the query? Several a purchaser is apt to feel that the more outlay of $ for a grass assortment box on a mower is not well worth it, typically when sitting on their sofa surveying the possibilities. Speedy forward a couple of days to when they’ve just completed their 1st lower and are staring down a slough of unpleasant cuttings spread across the lawn and the 1st pangs of regret typically kick in pretty promptly

Whilst hover mowers with collectors nevertheless have a tendency to depart a minor mess behind, in most instances this is negligible and will only be well worth a 2nd considered for hardcore perfectionists

The bottom line? Raking up grass clippings right after a lower can be time-consuming and an almighty soreness in the posterior, and no matter whether or not you pick out a mower with a collector or without having will come down to how substantially persistence you have, how substantially time you have on your hands, and how averse you are to accomplish a task a different model of mower could have completed for you for just a couple of far more bucks

Lawn Dimension

The dimension of your lawn will all but dictate the best sort of hover mowers for your requirements

If your lawn transpires to be about the dimension of half a tennis court or smaller sized, then a cable-powered model is possibly the way to go—these machines are lighter, less difficult to preserve, and typically much less expensive than gasoline-powered designs, and an extension cord that lengthens your cutting attain shouldn’t value far more than a 6-pack of beer

If your lawn is approaching the dimension of a total tennis court, having said that, we suggest going down the gasoline-powered route. This will permit you to get your mow on without having concern of cutting any cables and, in most instances, conserve plenty of time

No items located

Cutting Width

The cutting width on hover mowers ranges from about 12” to 21” and designs at the two ends of the dimension scale have their pros and cons

Smaller sized (or narrower) designs can only lower modest quantities at a time but are, normally speaking, lighter and substantially less difficult to take care of and maneuver than bigger designs. In practice, this in essence usually means it will consider you far more time to mow your lawn, but you will have a superior time accomplishing it(!)

Motor Electrical power

A direct correlation exists involving the motor energy your hover mower is packing and its cutting potential. As you may have guessed, the greater the wattage (in electrical designs) and horsepower (in gasoline designs), the far more juice the machine will be ready to place into cutting by means of longer and thicker grass

Acquiring a hover mower with far more energy will permit you to trim your turf in only one pass and is notably essential for infrequent cutters or individuals whose lawns have issues with stubborn gatecrashers like rats’ tails or horsetail , which are tougher to lower and may come out of an after-more than with a reduced-energy machine unscathed

As a ballpark guide to essential motor energy, we’d suggest something in the 1100-1300-watt variety for regular cutters and something in the 1400-1800 watt variety, or any gasoline-powered model, for individuals with much less time on their hands or rogue strains of weed in their lawn

Guidelines for Creating the Most of Your Hover Mower

  1. Get rid of any stones or pebbles from your lawn prior to cutting as these can injury the blade on your machine
  2. When you commence up your mower, tilt it a fraction backward or to the side. Carrying out so lets the blade clean off any remnant debris from the final lower and permits the airflow essential for the machine to hover
  3. If your mower has a collector, try out to stroll in as straight a line as doable. This way, the grass clippings are deposited in the collector box and not to the side, which can occur with some designs if your steering is much less than completely straight
  4. Really don’t mow more than tricky surfaces—if you are approaching slabs, a path, or patio, conserve your blades and get the strimmer or weed eater out to finish off the task
  5. View that cable!

Greatest Hover Mower Brands

Flymo: This Swedish-primarily based brand has had a thing of a monopoly more than the marketplace for decades. And with excellent reason…their items are very affordable, effectively created, quick to use and preserve, and superbly productive

Black and Decker : This Maryland-primarily based brand has extended popularity for creating higher-high-quality house improvement items and boasts a modest choice of practical but, reality is informed, unexceptional hover mowers

BlueBird : This US-primarily based brand’s motto is “Tough. Rugged. Reliable.”, and their items are correct to their word. The gasoline-powered HM160 and HM 200 designs values a quite penny but are created to final, working with HDPE elements and stainless steel all through their development

California Trimmer : This Washington-primarily based brand was founded in 1935 and delivers two pretty hefty-duty hover mower designs, one of which is powered by a Honda gasoline motor and the other by a Briggs Stratton gasoline motor

Toro : This Minnesota-primarily based brand has been on the go for more than a century and its HoverPro Series consists of a trio of extremely strong, gasoline-powered hover mowers with sixteen-21″ cutting widths, producing them an excellent preference for everyone with a lawn that is on the significant side

Hover Mower FAQs

Q: Can I sharpen the blade on a hover mower?

A: If the blades on your machine are plastic, then the probabilities are you will be provided with various substitute blades at the level of buy. If they are metallic, having said that, there are two means you can go about restoring your blade’s edge if need to have to be:

By hand

Are the blade in a clamp and use a file or grindstone to hone the edge, preserving the blade as near as doable to a 45-degree angle, as noticed in the following video:

With a bench grinder

Get your protective goggles on and sharpen the blade by applying stress to the angle of the cutting edge towards the grinder

In the two instances, the aim of sharpening is to restore your blade to element-degree sharpness, which is, possibly remarkably, not razor-sharp but closer to bread-knife sharp

For far more thorough guidelines on sharpening your mower’s blade, verify out this webpage from Relatives Handyman

Q: How can I modify the height of the blades?

A: This can fluctuate from mower to mower, but with most designs, you can alter the cutting height by including or getting rid of the spacers positioned involving the blade and the deck or, in far more sophisticated designs, with a height adjustment lever

Q: Why is not my hover mower hovering?

A: Hover mowers do the job by working with air stress from a fan over the blades to allow the mower’s deck glide over the terrain. If something restricts that movement of air then the mower will hover poorly or not at all. Some widespread culprits contain grass buildup, moist problems, overly tall grass on your lawn, and clumps of moss or thatch

The option? Wait for the grass to dry out if moist, clean out the region about the blades right after cuts, de-thatch your lawn with a scarifier or rake, and/or mow your grass far more regularly to reduce it from increasing as well tall (if this is not a possibility, give it a swift after-more than with a stripper prior to mowing)

Q: How must I keep my hover mower?

A: One of the rewards of hover mowers is that they can be folded up or hung on walls and consider up pretty minor area. Ideally, they must be stored in an interesting, dry spot. For far more suggestions on instrument and appliance storage, verify out our guide right here

Conclusion: What’s the Greatest Hover Mower for 2019?

Our review located the best hover mower out there for treating your lawn to a skilled-on the lookout trim to be the California Trimmer RC190 Hover Mower . Irrespective of whether you are just on the lookout for an extremely productive mower that lets you tick the backyard chore box as promptly as doable or grooming your lawn for a backyard wedding ceremony, this mower is one that will get the task completed with the minimal of fuss and to an exceptionally higher typical

Not only does it pack all the attributes we’d searched for in a hover mower for bigger lawns — strong engine, robust style and design, adjustable cutting heights, and broad cutting width — but also comes in at a fair value in contrast to comparable items from competitor brand names

If this one’s a minor expensive for your tastes or spending budget, or you have a smaller sized yard, then the two of the Flymo electrical-powered mowers are superb choices

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