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6 Best Lawn Mowers for Bermuda Grass – Reviews + of 2023 Buyer Guide

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When mowing a Bermuda grass lawn, you want an accurate, tidy cut that leaves behind a greener, healthier and extremely attractive lawn To get that right, the best lawn lawn mower for Bermuda grass is one that snips the leaf blades as opposed to hacking, splitting, tearing, as well as chewing out grass blades.

If you have a Bermuda grass lawn, you must choose a reel lawn mower over a rotary lawn mower– constantly. It will create the best cut without harming the leaves of your lawn, triggering browning and also possible illness attacks.

However, because there are fairly most of them around, I’ll advise the very best (from screening) and inform you why they’re the best

Top 3 Contrasted

Certainly, the best lawn lawn mower for Bermuda grass lawns is a reel lawn mower type as opposed to a rotary one. However, you can still make use of good rotating mowers if you have and maintain sharp blades (very crucial for grass health).

Leading 6 Reel Lawn Mowers for Bermuda Grass Lawns

If you mow Bermuda grass tall, it will easily go to seed. If you cut it too reduced, you’ll cause brown patches in your lawn because of scalping. You need to obtain the mowing height right. That likewise selects the lawnmowers. Bermuda grass thrives when cutting between 3/4 ″– 1.5 ″, so make sure to establish the elevation setup on your mower in that range.

Right here’s a list of the 6 best push reel lawn mowers for Bermuda grass yards. Be sure to inspect out individual reviews and also the best rates in the links I’ve supplied.

1. Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower– Best For Smaller Lawns

Some Bermuda grass ranges are challenging and also can be tough to reduce, yet this lawnmower makes the task lighter.

  • New technology makes it reduced grass without touching.
  • A whole lot much less friction which is perfect for pushing when cutting Bermuda grass
  • Has a cutting elevation of 1-4 inches, which is perfect for Bermuda grass
  • It does have top quality blades for resilient efficiency without pricey annual blade honing
  • It is much easier to push and turn the Fiskars reel push lawn mower– it weighs 52lbs only.
  • This mower is peaceful as well as will certainly reduce 99% of your grass perfectly.

First of all, reel mowers are my absolute favorite for trimming Bermuda grass grass. Why? Since you don’t desire to scalp and create brownish spots ( real mowers won’t head your lawn. If you have a couple of dips below as well as there, a reel lawn mower will simply head the areas despite the setup you use.

The Fiskars Stay Sharp Max Reel Mower is among the best for Bermuda grass. Previously referred to as the Fiskars Momentum Lawn Mower, this sophisticated push-mower is great for cutting Bermuda grass also when it obtains actually dense throughout the months of summertime.

This lawn mower does a great work mulching your lawn although it does not leave a thick layer of cuttings on the grass I wouldn’t suggest heavy mulching anyhow since if you’re making use of a reel lawn mower to reduce your grass, the next time you cut will certainly be a large task of pushing via the compost.

The only disadvantage of the Fiskars 18″ lawn lawn mowers is that it struggles to cut anything that’s taller than 6 inches If you want to enjoy its job, ensure you cut your Bermuda lawn often sufficient to stop it from growing as well tall for a very easy to cut. Take a look at this intriguing write-up I did on the best trimming regularity and also height for Bermuda grass You’ll locate it valuable.

2. Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Traditional Push Reel Lawn Mower

Below’s a fast run-through of the pros as well as terrific attributes of this mower for Bermuda grass:

  • Has the widest blade width as well as cutting path: 20 inches
  • It is lightweight and also really simple to steer, weighing just 34 lbs
  • Permits a flexible mowing height of 1 and also 3 inches, which is suggested for Bermuda grass
  • Creates a tidy cut with blades snipping equally across, leaving no torn blades.
  • Has excellent maneuverability and also security for a 34-pound lawn lawn mower.
  • This mower is the easiest to change many thanks to the quick-snap insurers.

What must fascinate you most if you own a Bermuda grass lawn is obtaining a clean and also healthy cut when mowing. For among the healthiest cuts, the Scotts 200-20 push reels lawn mower gave the best in this feeling.

The 2023 version of the Scotts manual walk-behind reel lawn mower comes with a sharpening package in addition to a grass catcher, which is definitely a value include my viewpoint.

While testing as well as evaluating this reel lawn mower, it did not jam whatsoever unlike most other mowers on the marketplace today. You’ll notice that there’s a bar for each and every wheel for adjusting the cutting height. This generates a precise height setting, which is extremely important when trimming various varieties of Bermuda turfgrasses.

Trimming Bermuda grass at 1-1 5 inches produces terrific turf quality in regards to density as well as health. See this guide on means to make a Bermudagrass lawn thick.

On the disadvantage, like with all various other reel mowers with a push-behind feature, you have to keep tabs on your lawn not to allow the grass to overgrow. The Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower did struggle a bit when I pushed it through an overgrown, dense patch of Bermuda grass That is expected given that it’s meant using gets on grass that’s well-manicured and cut a minimum of two times a week.

3. Great States Lawn Mower 1815-18 18-Inch Push Reel Mower

  • Fine grass cutting-height modifications from 1/2 inches to 2 3/4 inches.
  • The 5 tempered alloy steel blades are extremely sturdy.
  • 18-inch blade width means faster mowing of your lawn with fewer passes.
  • 10-inch wheels suggest this mower is stabilized with really strong grip.
  • Plated loop-type take care of with full-length foam grasp

In a couple of words, the Great States mower 1815-18 is one of one of the most resilient reels out right here. That’s thanks to its solidified blades that last long without the need to hone.

The vast reducing size is additionally remarkable, suggesting you’ll reduce your lawn quicker. But what makes the Great States Lawn Mower 1815-18 18-Inch Push Reel Mower wonderful for Bermuda grass yards?

This lawn lawn mower includes a great reducing elevation adjustment capability. You can actually readjust from as reduced as 1/2 an inch to 2 3/4 inches elevation

Bermuda grass is a hard southern grass species and can position a fantastic difficulty to most push reel lawn mowers You need a mower with great traction as well as this Great Lawn Mower brand name is simply the one for this job.

Weight is a significant worry when selecting a lawn mower, so with this, you get a light-weight reel lawn mower for your Bermuda lawn Yes, it is light enough as well as you can conveniently lift it, press and pull, and relocate to shop. Needless to claim, you should maintain your hands away from those sharp blades.

On the disadvantages side, the Great States lawn mower 1815-18 experiences similar drawbacks like other rivals on this checklist.

Among the major issues is cutting grass that is as well long. This lawn mower will certainly battles to cut grass that’s above 5 inches long This, however, is not a unique issue to this version since mostly all reel mowers battle with weeds and also long grass

One more concern is that it does not cut anything when drawn back. Again, this is typical with most press mowers so it shouldn’t be a large concern.

4. Greenworks 18-Inch Reel Lawn Mower 25062

When I checked this one, I didn’t anticipate much because a lot of push lawn mowers can be a difficulty to utilize in a huge location. However, I was excited with the Greenworks 18-Inch Reel Lawn Mower on the large areas of Bermuda grass I pushed it over.

This mower is wonderful since it enables you to lower to 1.75 inches, which is good for Bermuda grass lawns. It likewise comes with a grass catcher bag consisted of in the plan, which is something I liked concerning it. The various other lawn mowers we checked did not include it as part of the total price.

Basically, right here are a few good ideas and functions of this reel lawn mower for Bermuda grass lawns:

  • It is offered in differing deck sizes from 18 inches to 20 inches.
  • The 20″ variation is quickly.
  • What I did not such as is that the mower gets easily gotten on twigs and sticks.
  • Like most top push lawn mowers for Bermuda yards, it is extremely easy to adjust the reducing elevation.
  • It is VERY lightweight and also simple to maneuver around the lawn

Overall, this is a fantastic push-behind reel lawn mowers for Bermuda grass Nonetheless, there are several points I did not such as concerning it.

Among the biggest problems is the amount of noise it makes. While it is very easy to push, I located it makes quite a great deal of sound than I like. The blades cut easily, yet the faster you push them, the noisier they end up being. To me, this is fairly a bit of a turn-off because I like a peaceful lawn mower.

If you’re seeking to trim an extremely tiny Bermuda lawn, you might desire to consider this Greenworks 18-Inch Reel Lawn Mower 25062. For an acre of lawn, this may not be the best for people who such as a peaceful mowing time.

5. Great States 415-16 16-Inch 5-BladeLawn Lawn mower

Below are the excellent features you’ll like on this lawn mower:

  • Creates a tidy cut on grass blades, leaving no damages on Bermuda grass
  • Exact cutting height with easy modification.
  • Light-weight reel lawn mower– just 27 lbs
  • Easy to navigate– the greatest design of the array has 10″ composite wheels.

This handy lawn device is an absolute enjoyment for anybody looking for a strong performance in cutting difficult grass using a push reel lawn lawn mowers. It can be found in 4 deck dimensions– 14-inch 4 blades, 14-inch 5 blades, 16-inch 5 blades, and also 18-inch 5 blades.

When buying the best reel mower under $ 100, this has actually got to feature on your checklist yet not just for the cost. It features some decent functions worth thinking about.

One of the most important feature that makes this reel mower ideal for Bermuda grass is the clean snip. The cut is so clean you’ll not observe any brown crowns on your Bermudagrass lawn after mowing.

One of the primary problems with this Great States press lawn mower is its inability to cut some tough weeds. It additionally has a 18-inch cutting deck size, which is fairly little contrasted to a few of the best models as well as brand names on this listing. You’ll require to do a great deal extra passes to cut a 2000 sq. ft. Lawn with this instead of fewer passes with a 20″ design.

It likewise does badly in yards with sticks It will get stuck frequently. If your lawn is under a color with sticks cluttering it, you may intend to take into consideration a gasoline mower instead of a press reel.

6. Earthwise 1715-16EW 16-Inch 7-Blade Press Reel Lawn Mower

In my reviews of the top lawn mowers for Bermuda grass grass, the Earthwise press reel mower can be found in 2nd. I very recommend it for not just Bermuda grass however additionally paspalum, zoysia grass, St. Augustine grass, as well as centipede grass

Here are the fantastic attributes that make this lawn lawn mower ideal for Bermuda grass:

  • It has a flexible cutting elevation in between of 0.5 ″ as well as 2.5 which is ideal for Bermuda grass turfs.
  • Offered in 16-inch 7 blades, 18-inch 5 blade, and 20-inch 5 blade options
  • It is very very easy to construct without the requirement for any devices.
  • I found the deal with well-cushioned for comfort while cutting Bermuda lawns. This decreases hand tiredness.
  • It has heat-treated alloy steel blades that stay sharp for long
  • The 7 blades make it a whole lot simpler to trim and also get a tiny cut with just one pass.

The Earthwise press lawn mower is a great referral for Bermuda grass grass because it generates a really accurate, tidy cut, which is exactly what we want when mowing yards.

It is a piece of light-weight lawn tools, weighing simply 29.5 lbs , implying you can conveniently cut a tiny to the medium-sized lawn without feeling fatigued. I’ve to advise you, though, that you need to time the trimming effectively and reduce prior to your grass grows taller than 6 inches.

One of the major downsides I discovered with the Earthwise 1715-16EW 16-Inch 7-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower is that you can not change the lawn mower without unscrewing the wedges on both sides. This is not the very same case as the 5-blade variation. This indicates you’ll take a fair bit of time to readjust the deck. They ought to’ve made it a whole lot simpler to readjust everything here.

Another concern I noticed with the 7-blade version is the locking up of the rollers when mowing areas with hefty mulch from the last cut. I think this is brought on by the rollers on the reel mower. I like wheels to rollers, as these rarely secure while in usage also in areas with thick Bermuda grass

Best Rotary Mower for Bermuda Grass

Rotating mowers are not the best for Bermuda lawns since they have a tendency to hack and also eat up grass blades. They merely leave your lawn looking awful after a few days of mowing.

Nevertheless, if your lawn is also large (as when it comes to golf training courses), you’ll require to make use of a rotating, gas-powered or electrical lawn lawn mower to reduce the grass

The premier rotary lawn mower for Bermuda lawns is the Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower. You bill this thing, and you’re all set to head out there and mow your lawn

This is great if you have a smaller lawn, like under 1000 sq feet.

If you have more than 1000 sq feet to mow after that below is something a lot more powerful yet still environment-friendly. I’m getting extra and much more satisfied every year on electric mowers

Have a look at the review of the Greenworks Pro 80V in this video:

Greenworks Pro 80v Mower in HD – FIRST IMPRESSIONS Review – See it In Action Extreme Conditons

Reel Mower vs Rotary Mower for Bermuda Grass

If you want a lawn that has a soft and inviting look, then your best selection is a push reel mower. Rotating mowers that are corded or powered with gas or batteries can give your lawn a “chewed” look at the pointer, making it start to brownish.

Among the advantages (the one that interests me the most) is the specific cut of the turning reel along the bed blade at the end of the mower. It reduces like a pair of scissors.

The reel cut is magnificently tidy as well as being simpler on the grass than a rotating blade, which can tear the grass blade if it is not exceptionally properly maintained.

Reel Mower vs Rotary Mower – Which is Better?

Buying Guide: What to Consider

Although reel mowers are the best for Bermuda grass, it does not mean you can not utilize a rotary mower at all. Picking the best lawn lawn mower comes down to your individual choice and also most significantly, things to think about.

Here are elements as well as things to think about when choosing a lawn mower for Bermuda grass:

Reducing elevation changes

Grass reducing elevation is probably one of the most vital attribute to look for when picking a fantastic lawn mower for Bermuda grass grass.

You intend to be able to cut your grass as reduced as 1-inch As well reduced can conveniently scalp the lawn as well as trigger bare areas.

Pro pointer: Choose a mower with the finest cutting elevation modifications from 0.5 to 3 inches. This will certainly offer you excellent control in dealing with your Bermuda grass in all phases.

Dimension of the lawn

Your selection of lawn lawn mower actually depends on the size of your lawn If it is greater than 2000 sq. ft., you’ll be so exhausted after each trimming that you’ll not cut often sufficient.

Bermuda grass needs regular mowing for the best health as well as development.

Is the lawn degree sufficient?

Reel mowers can easily leave swirls in your lawn if it has bumps and uneven ground. To prevent this, you may intend to buy a rotating lawn mower for a lawn that’s uneven sufficient. Nevertheless. For level grass as well as yards, a push reel lawn mower is a wonderful choice.

Cutting width (blade size)

The width of the blades on the reel mower, or any kind of various other lawn mower for that matter, identifies how many passes you’ll need to make to cut the entire lawn.

The best push mowers for Bermuda lawns have a blade size in between 14″ and 20″. For the fastest cut, select the best blade size.

Nevertheless, broader reducing decks could not constantly be the most convenient to push. It can mean even more lots for you to push and cut, and also that might affect maneuverability.

Weight of the lawn mower

Since all of the reel mowers on this checklist are self-propelled, you intend to get an extremely light-weight lawn mower. This will guarantee you obtain less tired but cut your lawn easily.

The weight of the mower likewise affects the ability to move. If your body is well built, you can take into consideration a slightly larger model in the variety of 30 pounds as well as above. However, many people think about the best real lawn lawn mower below 28 lbs.


Just how very easy is it to move, transform and twist the lawn mower. Bermuda grass is quite difficult and you wish to move the mower around the lawn without too much battle.

Lightweight mowers are easier to maneuver. Nonetheless, you need to examine variables that affect maneuverability such as the following:

  • Variety of blades
  • Wheel size, kind, and high quality
  • Take care of high quality

To best determine this, review and watch reviews to see what to expect when you get the lawn mower.


Obviously, models that provide you a much longer life expectancy for the buck are the most preferred. The majority of the mowers I evaluated above featured excellent stamina, durability, as well as price.

When checking durability, take into consideration the material that composes the blades and also other integral parts such as wheels. Some blades are made from solidified steel alloy, suggesting they remain sharp and sturdy for long.


A 2-year service warranty is an excellent indication of the maker has self-confidence in their product. So, when acquiring a press reel mower for Bermuda grass, examine if there’s a guarantee prior to making the purchase.

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