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Best Outdoor Shelving: Our Favorite Looks and Top Picks! (2023)

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Autumn is the time for raking leaves, sculpting pumpkins, and potting colorful selections of us. Do you find yourself looking for extra space to expand as well as display your potted plants? If so, why not take into consideration an exterior shelving unit for your outdoor patio or deck? We can recommend some amazing free-standing collapsible racks constructed from bamboo or timber that will certainly offer practical space for potted plants to grow, flourish, as well as thrive.

Along with free-standing shelves, we’ll also advise a couple of portable greenhouses if you desire to start your plants from seeds or plants in a protected environment. With their special mesh covering, these outdoor shelving systems offer an appropriate area for container horticulture in tough climates plus added space to display your finished products. Keep reviewing for the best outside shelving to carry you with every season!

Bamboo Outdoor Shelving

Bamboo is an appealing and also sturdy product that is naturally immune to insects and also a lot of kinds of rot, that makes it our leading option for exterior shelving. The bamboo is brightened as well as then treated with an eco-friendly, non-toxic, odor-free varnish to produce a smoother, much more polished look. Some units are movable on wheels, while others are foldable and also mobile, so they can conveniently be used outdoors as well as inside your home. This gives you an added alternative if you intend to bring your potted plants inside for the winter.

In addition, bamboo likewise has a warm tone as well as an enticing structure. Below are a few of our choices for bamboo exterior shelving:

1. COPREE Bamboo Rolling 6-Tier Plant Stand

The COPREE Bamboo rolling plant stand makes it easy to move your shelving device from one place to another since the whole system gets on wheels. Its unique and modern style consists of 6 rates, which will certainly offer lots of sunlight to each of the potted plants that you pick to display. It might even double as a movable storage space cart for your tools, a bottle of lemonade, a pile of magazines, or your tablet, while you’re working outside on your outdoor patio or deck. Made with 100% all-natural bamboo, this shelving device is durable, as well as environmentally-friendly.

What We Like:

  • Bamboo is incredibly resilient material
  • 6 tiers mean lots of storage space for your plants
  • Easily mobile since it’s on wheels
  • The layout is upgraded as well as modern

What We Don’t:

  • On a windy day, it could roll, and also your potted plants could drop off

2. MallBoo Three-Tier Bamboo Ladder Plant Stand

The MallBoo Three-Tier Bamboo Ladder Plant Stand likewise has several shelving levels, that makes it suitable for plant storage space. Nevertheless, these shelves are in a lot different setup. Since the three racks are portable yet tiered, your plants will certainly still get lots of sunshine to guarantee ideal development. This shelving unit is very easy to put together, but make certain to wear gloves throughout the setting up process. Although the device is treated with varnish, you can still get splinters from some of the rougher components in the bamboo. It also features a dependability guarantee, so if you have any issues, the maker will certainly replace it within a two-year home window from the date of purchase.

What We Like:

  • Portable, collapsible, and also very easy to assemble
  • Triangular shape provides additional stability
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors
  • Bamboo product has a warm hue

What We Don’t:

  • Bamboo is not totally weather-proof
  • Since this shelf is light and also mobile, it might blow over on a windy day.9 LC9U

3. Gigantex Three-Tier Bamboo Plant Stand

Similarly, the Gigantex Three-Tier Bamboo Plant Stands has 3 shelves for plant storage, plus an extra bamboo bar at the top for hanging plants. The bar can be changed for elevation, depending on the size of your plant containers. In general, this device is simple to install, simple to move, and also simple to shop. Merely fold it up when it’s not required, or maintain your potted plants on it throughout the year.

What We Like:

  • It’s mobile, foldable, and simple to assemble
  • The tiered design offers your plants additional access to sunlight
  • Bamboo is hardy and blends well with other furniture

What We Don’t:

  • Bamboo might end up being prone to mold, especially in moist or damp climates
  • Assembly can be complicated when lining up openings as well as putting screws
  • If you hang hefty plants from the leading bar, the irregular weight distribution can tip the unit

Firwood Foldable Shelving

Another fantastic selection for functional exterior shelving is a folding plant stand made of 100% Fir timber. With beautiful wood-grain tone, Firwood shelving will match your greenery year-round. You can explore various display screens, from brightly colored potted blooming plants to the soft, low-key colors of drought-resistant succulents, to the rich, deep colors of winter season topiaries loaded with evergreens as well as vibrant berries.

Of program, you can likewise maintain your shelving unit outdoors throughout the year. Try decorating your shelving system with potted mums as well as pumpkins during the autumn months to produce a festive display, then exchange these out for evergreen garlands filled with berries to spruce things up during the wintertime. Come springtime, you can change out your screen again to consist of potted blooming plants, which will proceed to look lovely all summer season long.

4. Yaheetech’s Fir Wood Foldable Plant Stand

The practical, triangular layout of the Yaheetech Foldable Plant Stand makes it sturdy and also its tiered layout gives your potted plants maximum direct exposure to sunshine. This unit can be utilized outdoors as well as inside, where it can be included in your hallway, foyer, or mudroom– anywhere that plants will certainly help to brighten up a tight room. They are additionally fit to outside verandas as well as roof gardens.

If you make a decision to bring this device indoors, you can try mixing your display of potted plants with other things, such as publications, photographs, candle lights, and artwork. It would blend well with the furnishings in a living-room or bedroom, and also work similarly well in office, as well. Yaheetech supplies a three-tiered choice and also a four-tiered alternative, depending upon the elevation that you prefer.

What We Like:

  • Firwood has a stunning appearance
  • Outdoor/indoor shelving option
  • Foldable, without assembly required
  • Design is attractive

What We Don’t:

  • Varnish might somewhat scrub off on your hands when getting rid of the system from the box
  • No setting up required, but you might wish to tighten the bolts after unloading the unit

Portable Greenhouse Outdoor Shelving

Are you trying to find outdoor racks that function mainly as a nursery room for your plants, rather than as an ornamental display area? Do you require a designated place to begin your plants from seeds or plants within the protected setting of a mobile greenhouse?

If so, we can recommend a few superb alternatives for outside shelving devices, which likewise consist of protective polyethylene (PE) mesh coverings to safeguard against the natural environments. You can zip open the PE mesh covering to tend your plants, while additionally giving them lots of accessibility to sunlight to assist them grow.

We think that you’ll find mobile greenhouses to be ideal for your planting demands, without the cost of a conventional glass-style greenhouse. And also, some alternatives are also huge enough for you to stroll inside. It’s like a walk-in wardrobe for your plants.

5. Gardman Extra Wide Four-Tier Mini-Greenhouse

The Gardman Extra Wide Four-Tier Mini-Greenhouse provides four numerous shelves for your seedlings as well as plants, in addition to a zip-door for simple access to ensure that you can sprinkle your plant as needed. Whether you are an innovative garden enthusiast whose backyard features as an at-home baby room for plants, or whether you’re a horticulture beginner preparing to make the initial attempt at growing plants from seeds, this mobile greenhouse can aid you out. This outdoor shelving system won’t take long to put with each other, and it will certainly look clean as well as tidy once it’s assembled.

The green safety mesh covering additionally includes a crucial function. It will keep your plants from becoming overwatered by excessive rainfall, and also it will certainly also help to maintain your plants cozy at evening by holding in the heat of the sun from earlier in the day. Given that this is among the main objectives of a greenhouse, your plants will certainly go to an advantage if they’re put within a mobile greenhouse shelving device such as this, rather than other sorts of open shelves without any safety covering.

What We Like:

  • Easy as well as fast assembly
  • Portable as well as lightweight
  • Zippered door with protective mesh

What We Don’t:

  • The covering could come loose at the joints after a period of use

Tips for Planting in Containers

Selecting the Right Soil

Growing plants in pots or containers has its own unique set of needs. For one point, you’ll require to acquire a potting mix that does not include yard dirt. This is because garden dirt is really too hefty for the roots of potted plants. Using normal garden soil risks reducing off the oxygen supply to your potted plants.

Potting soil mixes are in fact consisted of peat moss as well as vermiculite, along with various other components. This ensures proper water drainage of water, but it additionally assists to hold in wetness for your plant and provides them the appropriate conditions that they need to grow. Similarly, succulents need a special mix of potting soil to make certain ample aeration and correct drainage.

Watering Your Potted Plants

A fair word of advising to all container garden enthusiasts: see to it that you do not over water your potted plants. Extreme overwatering is a nearly specific death penalty for your potted greenery. According to experts at the University of Missouri, improper watering eliminates or injures more potted plants than any type of various other solitary aspect. Although you may believe that you are functioning as a caring as well as mindful garden enthusiast by being cautious with a watering can, your plant might be stuck in its pot asking for mercy.

Your plants will additionally like area temperature water instead of cool water from the tap or hose, which can damage your plant’s roots as well as leaves. As well as, unlike all-natural springtime water or rain, faucet water contains chemicals such as chlorine and also fluoride. While these may not necessarily damage your plants, they aren’t completely all-natural either. Preferably, fill out a watering can or pail with faucet water, after that let it sit for a number of hrs. This helps to liquify the chemicals first before revealing your plant to any type of potentially dangerous substances in the tap water.

When to Water?

The best time of day to water your potted plants remains in the morning. This gives adequate time for any water beads left on the fallen leaves to vaporize with the sunshine. If you water your plants when you get home from work in the night, the fallen leaves might remain moist throughout the evening, which subjects your plants to added risks for condition, while additionally making your plants much more prone to the chillier temperatures after the sunlight goes down.

According to the gardening experts at Better Homes and also Gardens, it’s especially crucial for you to maintain the fallen leaves of your rosebushes as well as tomato plants fairly dry. Be sure to water these plants only in the morning.

To Water or otherwise to Water?

A drooping plant may not always be an indication that your plant needs much more water. Sometimes, the dirt can appear completely dry on the surface area, but listed below the surface area of the origins of the plant are soaked. This creates them to asphyxiate. Examine the dirt prior to watering your potted plants by poking it gently with your finger.

Again, do not risk overwatering your plant! You might wind up losing the plant, and also you’ll inevitably be sending out money down the drainpipe, also. As an overall guideline, it’s far better to water much less often however extra deeply, instead of frequently with only a light watering each time.

Of training course, some plants will likewise require less water than others. Cacti as well as succulents are infamously drought-resistant plants. These desert-loving plants can stand up to dry weather as well as severe temperature levels without a fuss. Plants with waxy leaves, such as begonias, are also rather far better able to survive with restricted water supplies, at the very least about their equivalents with fragile leaves. Likewise, plants with blurry silver foliage, such as Lamb’s Ear, have the ability to handle fairly less water compared to other species.

Meanwhile, it will probably come as no surprise that tropical plants such as Canna like consistent moist soil, as they are made use of to high-humidity environments.

Good Drainage for Potted Plants

It’s also needed to offer water drainage holes in your pots to ensure that any kind of excess water filters out naturally via the base of the container. Without holes at the end of your pots, your plants will certainly be left sitting in soggy water whenever it rains. This could cause their roots to rot as well as additionally threaten the wellness of your plants overall.

Since clay pots are a lot more permeable vessels than ceramic or plastic pots, they will certainly call for even more constant watering. The climate will certainly constantly play a variable, and you will certainly intend to be receptive to the atmospheric problems that your area is experiencing every day. As well as bear in mind, your plants will most likely each have various demands depending on their kind, dimension, and container.

How to Revitalize Wilted Plants

If you neglect to water, or if you vanish for vacation and also return to locate your potted plants totally dried out, do not be afraid. Rather, apply an emergency resuscitation strategy to revitalize your plant back to life by submerging its container in a pail of water. Enable the water to increase to the ridge of the pot as well as allow it to rest for a number of hours.

This emersion technique permits the plant to slowly absorb water from the bottom up, giving its roots a possibility to get used to the unexpected provision of water after days or weeks of thirst. You may be shocked at simply exactly how hardy as well as durable as some plants really are. Don’t immediately surrender on potted plants that resemble they’ve keeled over. Chances are, they might fully revitalize after a great drink of water.

Final Thoughts

From folding plant stands to portable greenhouses, you’ll enjoy expanding as well as showing your plants in pots as well as containers many thanks to our referrals for the best outside shelving devices. Plus, you can always mix your potted plants with other products to produce attractive, cheery displays, which provides you a lot to function with throughout the seasons. With a number of great alternatives for exterior shelving, we understand that you’ll be able to create a backyard room that is helpful to container horticulture, while additionally making ideal use of the additional room to reveal off your greenery!

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