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The 5 Best Paintball Barrels: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide (2023)

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We’ve created a whole lot concerning backyard video games. Actually, we as soon as providing 106 of them in a solitary write-up. However few video games supply the same excitement as well as enjoyment as a paintball suit. It’s like playing laser tag, however with added pop when you pull the trigger, as well as additional splatter when you score a hit. But even the most competent gamer will gain from better gear. That’s why we’ve laid out to discover the best paintball barrel that cash can acquire. This can be challenging to iron out, especially if you’re not an experienced paintball. So after our reviews, we’ve likewise placed together a short buying guide to aid you figure things out.

Let’s obtain started!

1. Earth Eclipse Shaft FR Back Kit

The Planet Eclipse Shaft FR Back Kit isn’t really a complete barrel. It’s a back package that approves a selection of inserts. This enables you to select your birthed dimension (anything up to. 680 caliber). It additionally means you can tailor the barrel to your heart’s content. If you desire a ported barrel, you’ll have one. If you desire a lengthy or short barrel, you can change the Shaft FR as wanted. It also approves GOG Freak inserts, which are a few of the most popular on the market.

This barrel back is constructed from light weight aluminum and is offered in black or silver to match your preferred look. It’s really well-engineered and also includes a joiner section. The joiner area can be made use of to affix non-standard inserts, as well as enabling for a lot more customizability. This is possible many thanks to the fast strings that are included with the set. Basically, this is a “dummy” barrel that can convert into simply about anything.

The only disadvantage of the Shaft FR is that it calls for an insert. This just makes sense, since it isn’t actually a complete barrel setting up. Nevertheless, it can be perplexing for beginners, that might prefer a “plug and also play” barrel.


  • Accepts Freak inserts
  • Customizable bore option
  • Easy to install as well as get rid of


  • Calls for an insert for operations

2. GOG Paintball 14 ″ Freak

GOG is one of the biggest names in paintball Their Freak inserts have ended up being exceptionally popular, even among paintballers that utilize barrels from various other brand names. This is due to the fact that they’re just simple smoother, much better made, as well as better valued than the competitors. So we absolutely had to include one of their barrels on our list.

The 14″ Freak is a single-piece, non-ported barrel that’s created from aluminum. It’s black in shade, with a smooth birthed that can suit a wide array of calibers. If you want to modify this barrel, you can conveniently make use of a Freak insert to customize it as desired.

The barrel itself evaluates simply over 10 ounces, so it’s really lightweight. You can easily carry this barrel all day, and also it won’t make your paintball pen front-heavy. It’s 14 inches long, which is ideal in the sweet area where accuracy satisfies muzzle velocity. This size is additionally reasonably reliable on gas, so you will not be wasting any CO2 as a result of an extra-long barrel.

The one negative aspect of the 14″ Freak is that it’s not ported, which means it’s a bit louder than some choices. That stated, this isn’t a sniper barrel. More probable than not, your opponents will certainly currently understand where you are, which makes sound less of an issue.


  • Accepts all Freak inserts
  • The tool length supplies a lot of adaptability
  • Strong lightweight aluminum construction


  • Not ported

3. Empire Paintball Driver XX

The Empire Paintball Driver XX is a two-piece barrel. Although it works simply great as it is, the two-piece style offers you the option to replace either the front or the back portion with a various part. Before we go any type of further, we need to be clear that the Driver XX is made for Autococker paintball markers with spyder threading. Various other strings, including Freak threading, will certainly not work.

The bore size is a common 6.88, which is on the big side. If you want to make use of a smaller caliber, there are added pipe backs available in. 678, 683, as well as a bigger. 693. These are simply Empire Paintball’s offerings. If you want, you can use other calibers from various other producers, as long as they’re spyder threaded.

The total length is 14 inches, which is fairly standard. This supplies an excellent mix of control and precision. The 7.5-inch control bore attributes spiraled porting. While it’s not a true backspin porting, it will however give some degree of spin. This ensures longer variety and accuracy than you’ll obtain from a lot of 14-inch paintball pen barrels.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Ported
  • Inexpensive


  • Only fits Autococker spyder threaded barrels

4. Deadlywind Null– Kingman 14 ″

If you want the highest possible muzzle rate, there’s no substitute for a carbon fiber barrel. This material gives essentially no friction, which means it will not slow down your paintballs as they exit the barrel. Additionally, carbon fiber is lighter than any kind of other barrel product. The barrel just evaluates 1.76 ounces, so you’ll hardly also feel it. That’s a substantial benefit when you’re lugging your marker around all mid-day.

In enhancement, carbon fiber is also long lasting. Because of this, you can utilize the Kingman 14″ for many years without requiring a replacement. As the name indicates, it’s 14 inches long, which is among one of the most typical sizes you’ll locate. On the disadvantage, it isn’t ported. As well as since it’s a single-piece barrel, you won’t have the ability to add porting later on down the line.

The birthed is.688″, which is fairly huge. That claimed, it fits a wide array of inserts, including DLX Luxe, NXT, eXTCy, and Ion XE. If you require switching qualities, you’ll have lots of alternatives. Just ensure to utilize a carbon fiber insert, or you’ll waive several of the Kingman 14″ ‘s most persuading advantages.


  • Virtually zero friction
  • Remarkably lightweight
  • Functional tool size


  • No porting

5. Earth Eclipse Shaft FL Tip

Like the Null– Kingman 14″, the Planet Eclipse Shaft FL Tip is created from carbon fiber. This makes sure very little rubbing, keeping your paintballs at optimum speed as they touch towards your challenger.

The Shaft FL Tip actions 14.5 inches in size and also has a two-piece design. Therefore, you can exchange out the front or back section as wanted. Whether you want to include porting or change to a different birthed, you’ll have lots of choices offered. Nonetheless, the front and back sections have a unique, reverse-threaded layout. Since of this option, you’ll require to use Shaft FL replacement parts if you want to make any type of modifications.

The building is extremely tough, with aluminum support that aids bulk up the carbon fiber. This includes a little bit to the weight. But nevertheless, the Shaft FL Tip evaluates only 3.2 ounces. That’s far lighter than any kind of metal barrel on the marketplace and makes it well worth your factor to consider.


  • Virtually absolutely no rubbing
  • Light-weight building and construction
  • Personalized two-piece layout


  • Expensive

Paintball Barrel Buying Guide

Since you’ve checked out the reviews, you possibly have a couple of sticking around issues. So we’ve placed with each other this convenient buying guide, to aid you decide on your own which barrel is the best

Barrel Length

The majority of paintball barrels are either 14 or 16 inches long. This is the optimal size for the majority of functions. Nonetheless, various barrel sizes have different benefits. A lengthy barrel, for instance, is much more precise and likewise quieter. This is since it allows the gas to bleed out a bit a lot more gradually. Nevertheless, much shorter barrels can enhance your effectiveness, because they require less gas for each and every shot.

Birthed Size

The bore dimension is the diameter of the within of the barrel. The birthed needs to match the caliber of paintball you’re using, or your gun will not terminate properly. A bigger caliber enables longer arrays and also a tougher impact. Nevertheless, a smaller sized caliber is extra gas reliable, given that it doesn’t take as much gas to fill the barrel.

Ported vs. Non-Ported Barrels

Porting includes tiny holes pierced via completion of the barrel. These ports work similarly to a muzzle brake on a conventional weapon, because they enable gas to leave from the sides of the barrel, reducing really felt recoil. They likewise minimize sound, given that some of the gas will certainly bleed out quietly.

Some barrels also include a 2nd collection of ported openings regarding midway down the barrel. These are created to add backspin to your shot, which raises accuracy and speed.

Barrel Material

Possibly the most vital decision you’ll have to make is the material of your paintball barrel. This impacts the weight of your pen, along with the precision of your shots. Additionally, some barrel products are much more sturdy than others and can manage a lot more misuse.

Light weight aluminum barrels

Light weight aluminum barrels give an excellent equilibrium of weight as well as sturdiness. They’re lighter than steel, but they can take even more of a beating than ceramic. Aluminum is additionally an inexpensive steel, which suggests you can buy a well-engineered aluminum barrel for much less than you would certainly invest in many materials. When unsure, a light weight aluminum barrel supplies the best balance of functions.

Stainless-steel barrels

Stainless steel barrels take the durability of aluminum and transform it up to 11. They can take a serious beating, regardless of exactly how rough you are with your devices. Because of this, lots of expert paintballers often make use of stainless steel barrels. The disadvantage of steel is that it’s heavy. Switching from lightweight aluminum to steel can quickly include 1 or 2 extra pounds to your pen.

Ceramic barrels

Ceramic barrels are nearly as light-weight as aluminum. Regrettably, they’re also breakable, which makes them a bad option if you’re harsh on your marker. The major benefit of ceramic barrels is that they’re self-cleaning. If a busted paintball fouls your barrel, the next shot will clear the mess. This can save you the problem of clearing your barrel in the area.

Carbon fiber barrels

Carbon fiber is the lightest barrel material offered. It’s additionally incredibly durable. The main benefit, however, is that a carbon fiber barrel has practically no rubbing on the inside. This ensures that your paintballs will take a trip as far and as quickly as possible. That stated, carbon fiber is fairly pricey contrasted to various other alternatives.

Single vs. Two-Piece Barrels

In the early days of paintball, all barrels were made from a solitary piece. This is reasonable. Paintball was initially a means for firearms fanatics to blow off vapor with their close friends, and also normal firearms all use single-piece barrels. Nevertheless, two-piece barrels offer a few unique advantages over their single-piece relatives.

A one-piece barrel is simply what it seems like. The single-piece makes certain that there’s no gas leak, so you’ll obtain the complete benefit of whatever gas stress you’re utilizing. It additionally makes certain simpleness of maintenance, considering that you’ll just need to fret about a single item when you’re setting up or disassembling your pen.

Two-piece barrels, on the various other hand, permit even more modification. The most apparent advantage is that you can get rid of the 2nd item if you desire to shorten your barrel. This enables you to alter barrel lengths without changing the entire barrel.

They’re likewise better at rate. The factor is that you can make use of an open, ported end item, as well as set it with different quality base sections. This enables you to change calibers while just needing to alter half the barrel. If you routinely change in between different paintball calibers, a two-piece barrel is the method to go.

There are extra distinctions in between one-piece as well as two-piece barrels, a lot of which fall outside the extent of this guide If you desire to discover more, this thread supplies a strong summary, consisting of a number of trial videos.

Best Paintball Barrel Brands

Just like any type of acquisition, it’s important to understand a thing or more about that making your paintball barrel. Nevertheless, a brand name’s history can inform you a thing or 2 regarding their high quality.

  • Planet Eclipse was established in Manchester, UK, in 1991. They came to be world-famous in 2023 when they released the Eblade, a digital upgrade to paintball pen Autococker. Ever since, they’ve established a reputation for manufacturing top quality electro-pneumatic paintball markers, together with a variety of parts and also accessories.
  • GOG Paintball is a supplier located in main Pennsylvania. From their beginnings as a regional dealer, they started creating and marketing their very own gear. Their Freak system, particularly, is well-regarded as well as being used by a number of expert teams.
  • Realm Paintball is based in Sewell, New Jersey. They’ve been in the industry for a number of decades and also are extensively acknowledged as a top quality manufacturer. Canadian paintball maker G.I. Sportz lately got them out. Nonetheless, due to their one-of-a-kind background, Empire Paintball still runs as its very own brand name.
  • Deadlywind is a store supplier that creates carbon fiber paintball barrels. They concentrate on this to the exemption of various other accessories, which has actually made their barrels a few of one of the most desired upgrades in the paintball globe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Prior to we cover up, there are a pair of inquiries continuing to be. No fears. We have responses. Below are a number of questions we’ve left unsolved.

Q: What about kits?

A: One point you’ve possibly seen, also on our checklist, is a paintball barrel kit. Sets are normally two-piece barrels, and also they enable you to blend as well as match various parts. This method, you can customize your marker relying on caliber, variety, and the style of video game you’re playing.

Depending on the precise set, you’ll get different alternatives. At a bare minimum, you’ll usually receive a front section with 2 or more back portions. The only downside of a kit, rather than a standalone barrel, are that you’ll generally invest even more. Make certain you’ll actually use the various options before you buy a set.

Q: What is a Backspin Paintball Barrel?

A: A backspin barrel makes use of ports midway down the barrel to cause the paintball to spin. This does 2 points. First, it boosts your barrel’s accuracy. Secondly, it enhances the total variety. This is because of something called the Magnus result , where a spinning thing is much more steady as well as experiences less resistance.

If you’ve played paintball in the past, you’ll right away to see the advantage. Regular paintball guns fire in a bent trajectory, so you’ll usually have to aim above your target to score a hit. Additionally, common array tops off at around 50 yards. With a backspin barrel, you’ll see ranges as long as 75 backyards. You’ll likewise see a flatter trajectory, which makes it substantially simpler to intend.


Which among these is the best paintball barrel? It relies on what you’re trying to find. If you want the best overall performance, right out of the package, the Deadlywind Null– Kingman 14″ is a difficult act to follow. Not just does it have an extremely smoothbore, however it weighs virtually nothing.

That claimed, you may favor some various functions. If you want a similarly low-friction barrel with even more modification choices, think about the Planet Eclipse Shaft FL Tip. It’s on the costly side for a substitute barrel, however it has a two-piece layout. This permits you to make upgrades later. Especially, it suggests you can customize the Shaft FL Tip into a ported barrel if you so desire.

The Empire Paintball Driver XX is the best choice if you want an economical barrel. Not only does it have a two-piece layout, yet it’s ported right out of the box. That stated, the threading is a little bit uncommon. Unless you have a compatible paintball pen, you’ll require to choose a different alternative.

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