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The 5 Best Paintball Markers: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide (2022)

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Few backyard sporting activities provide as much enjoyable and exhilaration as paintball It provides the exact same accuracy and reaction speed obstacles as a first-person shooter, along with the fresh air and also exercise of an outside sporting activity. And if you wish to obtain an upper hand on your close friends, among the simplest methods is to have the best paintball pen in your team.

A paintball pen, sometimes called a paintball gun, is the gadget you make use of to shoot your paintballs. We’ve done our research and also come up with five options that stand for the best on the market. We’ve also assembled a useful buying guide for novices. For a lot more on paintball gear, have a look at our write-ups covering the Best Paintball Elbow Pads, and also the Best Paintball Arm Pads.

Keeping that said, let’s begin!

1. Tippmann A5

The Tippman A5 is just one of the most preferred intermediate paintball markers on the marketplace. It’s gotten this status, partly, due to the fact that there are so many modification sets readily available. With a conversion package, you can easily customize your A5 to look like an AK- 47, an MP 5, or various other prominent real-world guns. You can likewise blend and match components to make your A5 truly distinct. Replacing the stock, barrel, or grasp is fast, simple as well as painless.

The default version is mechanical, with a semi-automatic trigger. Nonetheless, you can also upgrade your A5 with an aftermarket digital trigger. This variation will support totally automatic shooting, although you’ll pay a bit a lot more for the upgrade. Then once more, this isn’t a major problem, considering that the base A5 is extremely cost effective, to start with.

Also the base mechanical model is rated to fire up to 15 paintballs per second. Taking into consideration that that’s much faster than any kind of person can shoot, it’s secure to say that the A5 is exceptionally quick. It’s not as precise as a few other markers, however that’s to be anticipated at the reduced price point.


  • Easy to customize
  • Full auto-upgrade readily available
  • Budget friendly


  • Relatively inadequate accuracy

2. Tippmann X7 Phenom

The Tippmann X7 Phenom is an electro-pneumatic paintball pens that sustains fully-automatic fire as well as typical semi-auto. In full vehicle mode, it can discharge 1,400 paintballs per minute, a really outstanding rate of fire. Clearly, this will run your hopper completely dry in a rush. However, for covering fire or a fast “spray and pray”, the X7 Phenom is absolutely unmatched.

This paintball marker has a short, 9 1/2-inch barrel that makes it easy to steer in close quarters. Whether you’re attempting to peek out from cover or attack a bunker, you will not have to bother with your barrel obtaining in the method. The top of the barrel likewise includes a typical Picatinny rail, which allows you to install reflex sights or various other standard firearm devices.

The only disadvantage is the circuit board itself, which is a little bit particular. It doesn’t execute well with affordable common batteries. Stick to name brands like Energizer or Duracell, though, as well as it will work simply fine.


  • Selector button for semi or complete car
  • Compact and also easy to steer
  • Accepts basic weapon sights


  • Requires certain battery brands

3. Realm Paintball Sniper Pump Marker

The Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker is developed particularly for sniping. The pump activity is more long lasting as well as dependable as your common mechanical or electro-pneumatic action. It ensures that you’ll have the ability to keep shooting also when your CO2 or air storage tank is nearly vacant.

The Sniper Pump Marker features three various control bores, with qualities of. 675, 680, as well as. 685. This enables you to select your favored paintballs, or to mix as well as match to use your pal’s paintballs when you run out.

The apparent disadvantage of a pump-action pen is that you have to cycle the activity manually in between shots. This makes the Sniper Pump Marker ill-suited for front-line use. However, if you prefer a sniper role, this marker is comparable to gold. It’s incredibly precise, even at lengthy ranges, so you can label your challengers before they’re also in array.


  • Numerous barrel qualities
  • Outstanding long-range precision
  • Functions well even at reduced stress


  • Only beneficial for sniping

4. Realm Paintball Mini GS Marker

The Empire Paintball Mini GS is extremely well-named. It’s developed for individuals with small to mid-sized hands, with a compact, ergonomic grip that’s likewise soft to the touch. This makes it easy to lug, even if you’re paintballing all day.

The most ingenious feature is the container launch, which features a simple on/off button. Simply turn the air movement off, and you can swap your container promptly and also easily. If you’ve ever run out of gas in the middle of a match, you know just how aggravating it can be. This function makes it a lot less of a concern.

The only major drawback is maintenance, which can be a challenge. You’ll need to review the manual thoroughly to recognize exactly how to fully disassemble the pen. That stated, the Mini GS is exceptionally precise for its dimension. It might not have the long-range of some sniper pens, however it will certainly put a paintball on target every single time you pull the trigger.


  • Easy container exchanging
  • Soft, ergonomic hold
  • Great for small hands


  • Hard to preserve

5. Dye Dam Assault Matrix

The Dye Dam Assault Matrix is an attack rifle reproduction paintball pen that’s created for serious tactical players. Its fire selector switch permits you to pick between semi-auto, 3-round bursts, as well as completely automatic fire. This guarantees that you’ll await any type of tactical situation in the field.

Adding to the tactical charm is the Picatinny leading rail. This rail supports conventional firearm sights, so you can dress up your paintball markers similar to you would a gunpowder rifle. And all of this comes in a lightweight, 5.15-pound package that’s easy to bring about all day.

The only drawback of the Dam Assault Matrix is the high price tag. You might buy a premium searching rifle for less than this. Therefore, it’s not an excellent selection for beginners. But also for intermediate or advanced paintballers, it’s one of the best pens on the marketplace.


  • Sustains semi-auto, 3-round ruptured, and full-auto fire
  • Ported barrel for low recoil
  • Accepts conventional weapon sights


  • Pricey

Paintball Marker Buying Guide

As assured, we’re regarding to go over some paintball gun essentials. Seasoned paintball gamers can miss this section. Yet if you’re a relative newbie, this is a handy review of what you require to recognize prior to you get going.

Sorts Of Paintball Markers

When choosing your paintball pen, the initial point to believe about is what sort of marker you’re going to make use of. There are 3 main kinds: pump, mechanical, as well as electro-pneumatic. Right here’s a quick review of just how each type functions.

Pump paintball pens

A pump paintball pen works likewise to a pump-action shotgun. After each shot, the shooter needs to by hand pump the weapon to chamber the following paintball as well as cock the activity. This results in a slower rate of fire than various other types. Therefore, there’s just one pump pen on our checklist, as well as it’s a sniper pen.

The factor for this is that a pump paintball marker puts you at a distinct negative aspect if other gamers are making use of mechanical or electro-pneumatic markers. That stated, there’s a great deal of fun to be had if everyone else is additionally utilizing one. The lack of a speedy choice suggests that gamers need to time their shots as well as plan ahead prior to striking. For more on pump markers, right here’s a quick introduction of the pros and cons of playing pumps paintball

That stated, pump paintball markers actually belong in their very own classification. If you’re buying your very first or also your 2nd pen, stick to mechanical or electro-pneumatic. You’ll be much more competitive, and also you’ll have much more enjoyable.

Mechanical paintball pens

Mechanical markers are one of the most popular range, both in expert and backyard video games. The factor is straightforward. They offer an equilibrium of performance and firing price and also stand up well to nasty weather condition. They’re additionally low-maintenance, which is a huge advantage if you’re frequently playing.

Mechanical markers make use of a similar device to semi-automatic gunpowder firearms. When the trigger is pulled, a springtime feeds the next paintball into the chamber. The bolt secures into place behind the paintball, all set to launch a blast of CO2 or air to move the round out of the barrel. Some mechanical markers need to be cocked between trigger draws, yet this is the exemption rather than the rule.

Upkeep is also very easy. All you need to do is tidy and also oil them after every couple of matches. You’ll additionally need to check the O-rings for leaks, as well as change them as needed. Aside from that, there’s not much to them. Take them out in the rain, mud, or messy weather, as well as they’ll remain to function reliably. This makes them most players’ first option.

Electropneumatic paintball pens

Electropneumatic markers use the fastest price of fire or any kind of type of paintball guns. Because of this, they’re the only option if you want a totally automatic activity. This can trigger you to go through a great deal of paintballs in a hurry, yet it’s enjoyable to spray a constant stream of paintballs downrange. They’re the best choice for speedball suits since they’ll provide you a slight edge in firing time.

That stated, electro-pneumatic markers are more conscious drops and moisture. The factor for this is that they have built-in electronics that manage the action. When you shoot, you’re not really working any mechanical components. Rather, you’re turning on a motherboard, which cycles a solenoid shutoff to complete the firing series. This makes drawing the trigger as simple as shooting on a video game controller.

Electropneumatic markers likewise enable more modification. You can typically set your very own price of fire, as an example. Nevertheless, many competitions and venues will have regulations that limit your price of fire. If you’re playing anywhere apart from your yard, see to it you know the guidelines prior to you bring among these markers to a suit.

A couple of years ago, also a low-end electro-pneumatic marker might cost you an arm and a leg. But that’s gradually been transforming. Nowadays, you can get your hands on an electro-pneumatic marker for only a little even more than a mechanical marker. Therefore, they’ve slowly been getting appeal.

Sorts Of Paintball Hopper

Every paintball has a hopper, which is a little bin that holds your paintballs. These receptacles can be found in 2 primary kinds: center-feed as well as offset. The advantages and disadvantages of each are a topic of hot disputes among paintball players, so we’ll just offer you a fast review.

A center-feed hopper is mounted straight over the facility of the barrel. This enables ambidextrous shooting as well as enabling you to lean out to the left or right without having to come too way out of cover. It additionally keeps your pen well balanced.

That said, a center-feed hopper can make it awkward to intend to consider that you’ll require to intend down the side of the barrel instead of over the top. A countered hopper fixes this issue by being mounted on the left or right of the barrel. This enables simple sighting. Nonetheless, if you need to lean out from cover, you may require to lean out even more than needed to permit the receptacle to clear.

Best Paintball Marker Brands

A paintball pen is a little financial investment, however it’s still an investment. Because of this, it’s a great suggestion to understand a point or more about the producer. Below’s a quick appearance at the suppliers of our top paintball markers.

  • Tippmann is an American business based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They got their begin as a replica machine gun manufacturer. Nonetheless, after a 1986 change in weapon laws made that organization unwise, they changed over to producing paintball markers rather. Their pens are popular for top quality, sturdiness, as well as reliability. This is simply what you ‘d anticipate from a company that reduced their teeth by producing actual guns.
  • Realm Paintball is a New Jersey-based supplier that creates a number of paintball markers and also relevant devices. They were just recently purchased out by Canada-based paintball supplier G.I. Sportz. Nonetheless, because of their pedigree and history in the paintball market, they still run as a semi-independent brand.
  • Color Paintball was started in 1994 in San Diego, California, where they still maintain their head office. Ever since, they’ve expanded to service every inhabited continent. They’re widely known for sponsoring a few of the most effective paintball groups. Along with pens, they additionally create a large array of devices, including masks and also safety equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Prior to we end up, it’s time to respond to a couple of remaining questions. Below are a number of the most bothersome unanswered concerns that continue to be.

Q: I’ve read about receptacle feed kinds. What does that imply?

A: A receptacle feed kind refers to the mechanism that the hopper utilizes to feed the paintballs into the chamber. There are four main types.

  • Stick feeds use a straightforward spring-loaded pole to feed paintballs with a tube. They’re incredibly reputable, however they feed relatively gradually, and they just hold concerning 10 to 20 paintballs. Therefore, they’re usually only used in pump pens.
  • Gravity feeders are your most common receptacle type. They rest on top of the barrel, and also the paintballs fail small through a small feed tube right into the barrel. This is a simple system that does not need repair. Nevertheless, these hoppers sometimes jam, and also you have to drink the pen to get another paintball to go down.
  • Upseting feeders are comparable to gravity feeders, but there’s a battery-operated propeller that continuously stirs the paintballs. This stops obstructing problems often located in gravity feeders.
  • Force-feed hoppers, occasionally called powerfeed hoppers, have a comparable design to gravity feeders, but there’s a spring-loaded or battery-powered plate that presses the paintballs swiftly right into television. This makes them optimal for electro-pneumatic pens, which call for a very quick feed. Nonetheless, they have their own pros and also cons

Q: What regarding various gas systems?

A: There are two sorts of gas commonly used to thrust paintballs downrange: CO2 and also HPA/Nitrogen. Carbon dioxide is one of the most usual gas system, as well as replacement storage tanks are easily offered. It’s additionally fairly cheap. Nonetheless, prolonged quick shooting can cause the tanks to cool rapidly. This can result in an accumulation of frost and condensation in your barrel, which can make a cloud when you fire. This cloud can give you away when you’re or else entirely hidden.

HPA/Nitrogen containers utilize high-pressure air, which is what HPA represents. They can approve a really high stress, and also the tanks can be re-filled without being totally cleared. This makes them much more reliable than CO2 containers. However, fill up tanks are tough to come by, as well as numerous shops do not also sell them. They’re additionally more expensive than CO2 storage tanks.


If you’re searching for the best paintball pen on the whole, the option is clear. The Dye Dam Assault Matrix supplies everything you might request, consisting of a 4-way fire selector button that sustains a 3-shot ruptured setting. It likewise has a Picatinny rail mount. However it’s likewise expensive, which makes it much less than ideal for newbies.

If you’re simply starting, the Tippmann X7 Phenom is a superb option. It supports fully automated fire, but it’s additionally beginner-friendly. Best of all, it still accepts common gun sights, which makes it helpful for quick, mid-range shots when outfitted with a balanced out receptacle.

And for an excellent budget alternative, the Tippmann A5 is difficult to defeat. It’s not one of the most accurate marker on the marketplace, but it’s simple to update. You can also convert it into a replica of your favored real-world firearm. All in all, it’s an excellent value for the rate.

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