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Best Paintball Pants for Better Performance (2022)

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Some of the best paintball pants on the planet can be challenging to locate, specifically when you simply intend to jump right into the game. Safety equipment is necessary as well though and also discovering gear that is both helpful and tough can be exceptionally tough. Thankfully finding some durable paintball pants is simpler than it looks. The paintball pants on this list are the best ones in our viewpoint as well as with them, you can quickly enter into a round of paintball recognizing you or your enjoyed one is safeguarded.

1. Bunker Kings Paintball Pants

These paintball pants is a terrific addition to your paintball arsenal, these are several of the best paintball pants you can locate. With a flexible midsection dimension, a harness securing system and a buttonless and zipperless seam making it challenging to shed these pants, all while guaranteeing they remain securely on your individual as you play. These pants is an extremely crucial addition to your gear package because without them you could quickly scrape your legs. Every item has a downside though, and this pair of pants has a weak point. After months of strenuous usage, these pants can remove in the crotch, which is a deal-breaker for some individuals. If you’re a laid-back gamer these pants should stand up for you though and also can be an identifying consider your comfort and also safety and security.

Points We Like

  • Flexible Waist Size
  • Use Lock System
  • Buttonless as well as Zipperless

Points We Don’t

  • The seam can divide after many uses

2. IDIOGEAR Gen 2 Paintball Pants

These paintball pants are among a kind, with high quality product, a caution that the dimension runs tiny right in the description, and a 45 day after-sales assure there is little left to want from these pants What’s also better is the reality that there have not been any type of complaints whatsoever with these pants No one is unpleasant, has actually had delivering issues, has actually dealt with splits, nothing. Generally these pants are commonly made use of and rely on with an outstandingly customized layout to help the pants fit you even better

Things We Like

  • Quality Material
  • Dimension Warning
  • After-Sales Guarantee

Things We Don’t

  • Absolutely nothing we understand concerning

3. TACVASEN Tactical Pants

If you’re searching for a set of paintball pants that are tough and dependable and also are made with top quality in mind know that these get on our best paintball pants listing for a reason. These pants are constructed from cotton as well as polyester, a wonderful mix that enables elasticity along with durability. They’re additionally wear-resistant and breathable, making them superb even in the warm. Include the multiple pockets, the reality that dimension recommendations are made by the seller and also you have a dish for a fantastic pair of paintball pants Regrettably, these pants have a little bit of a disadvantage, they sometimes tear and often can be found in a different shade than originally advertised. Aside, from that though you have a wonderful enhancement to any kind of paintball gear kit enabling you to have even more time on the area.

Things We Like

  • Wear-resistant, breathable
  • Several pockets
  • Size tips

Things We Don’t

  • May tear conveniently
  • Different colors than promoting

4. IDIOGEAR G3 Tactical Camo Paintball Pants

These arrived at our listing of best paintball pants as a result of their amazing removable knee pads, their waist modification system and also their big capacity system. The knee pads can be gotten rid of and replaced as needed, the weight ability system can be changed, and when paired to your large-capacity lugging system you can really easily move concerning the area with little to no problems whatsoever. The only issues with these paintball pants typically originated from the delivery. Now and then, the knee pads will not be delivered with the pants Those knee pads are additionally softer than some individuals desire deliberately.

Points We Like

  • Removable knee pads
  • Waist adjustment system
  • Huge carrying ability

Points We Don’t

  • Sometimes missing out on knee pads
  • Knee pads are softer deliberately

5. HK Army HSTL Line Paintball Pants

These pants have a wonderful adhering to with a lot of people that will just purchase this brand name. They’re resilient, allowing you to maintain playing over as well as over again without tearing, tearing or damages. They’re flexible, maintaining you moving without preventing you or your motion throughout a video game, as well as they’re light-weight, making them high performance and low impact, since of all this they’ve landed a spot on this list of best paintball pants This pair of pants is functional as well as strong making it much easier on you when you just wish to have enjoyable.

These pants do have a downside though. First of all after strenuous damage the zipper is susceptible to breakage. There have also been some problems with sizes running to large, which can be upsetting due to the fact that large paintball pants can hinder you in a video game. General though these are excellent pants that any player would certainly be lucky to have as long as they fit appropriately.

Things We Like

  • Resilient
  • Versatile
  • Light-weight

Things We Don’t

  • Sizing issues
  • Busted zipper

6. These Exalt Paintball Pants

These paintball pants is an additional superb addition to any kind of paintball gamer’s gear collection. With Kevlar knees, side zipper pockets, practically boundless extra padding you can be certain you’re going to be secure putting on these pants These pants landed their means onto our best paintball pants listing due to the reality that every one of the functions readily available are especially created to protect you. The only genuine downside to this pair of pants is that occasionally the seller ships the incorrect size. This overall is discouraging yet isn’t a deal-breaker especially if you order with plenty of time in breakthrough.

Things We Like

  • Kevlar Knees
  • Zipper Side Pockets
  • Cushioning on knees, hips, and groin

Things We Don’t

  • Sometimes ships the incorrect dimension


In 1981 the first paintball video game ever before played was played in a field one of the players owned, though it had been discussed for just over ten years. It was played as one group versus an additional, woodsmen versus professionals like writers and also physicians, to see if the specialist group would certainly be able to survive. The capture the flag type game was easily won by one of the woodsmen that avoided shooting in any way as well as just aimed to collect the flags. Today there’s also an indicator in the field that they played in, memorializing the very first game that brought paintball to the world.

This video game was a strenuous one, and also though the paintballs do not harmed as a lot as you might believe they do, you still do get welts and also contusions when you play. This makes safety equipment like the gear on this list of best paintball pants necessary. If you aren’t prepared to be contended then you aren’t prepared to play paintball Each round can be extremely physically tiring, like running your very own ninja warrior course, and the even more protection you have overall the extra fun you’re going to have the ability to have even if you do end up obtaining shot and also marked out of the round. This is a wonderful game to contribute to a yard graduation party!

Best Brands

A few of the best paintball pants on the market is going to fall under among four major paintball gear providers, Shelter Kings , IDIOGEAR, TACVASEN , and also HK Army IDIOGEAR is the most preferred, making a huge amount of paintball equipment every year for players who can’t obtain enough, however any type of one of the brands in this checklist are all incredible choices when looking for a brand name that will certainly fit you and your play style. None have problems so huge that they would be unusable throughout the training course of your paintball play.

There are other brands on the marketplace of the program, yet the majority of them don’t meet the very same degree of quality, longevity, as well as overall satisfaction that the pants on this list do. Each of these pants made their way to this best paintball pants checklist for a factor, as well as though most of them do have small imperfections, evaluating by the brand name each of them is strong, steady, as well as a great overall enhancement to any type of paintball gamer’s collection. All you require to do is determine which of the pants on this list would be best fits to you or your enjoyed one’s requirements as a player.


Q: How many layers should you use for paintball

A: That all depends on the individual and also the weather condition. Lots of people can manage with just one layer, however if you’re mosting likely to be playing in chillier temperatures you might require greater than one layer. Don’t neglect to factor the high activity price into your choice!

Q: Do paintballs wash off?

A: Yes they do, they’re made to be simple to get rid of if you wash them quickly after you play. Or else, a discolor might establish in. Simply toss them in the washing machine when you’re done playing and you should be great.

Q: Does paintball harmed for a kid?

A: Paintball can injure anyone at any age, yet of course, particularly if you’re firing a compressed paintball weapon it can conveniently trigger bruising.

Q: What does being struck with a paintball seem like?

A: It’s only truly as bad as being snapped with a damp towel, but it can be as soft as sensation as if you’ve had a tough flick to the shoulder.

Q: Can a paintball eliminate you?

A: No, paintballs and paintball guns are nonlethal, there has never ever been an incident where somebody was shot and also passed away from the paintball That being stated, shield your head as well as the neck, due to the fact that a shot to the capillaries on the side of your neck can create some clinical difficulties.

Q: Where is the most painful location to get struck by a paintball

A: The topmost unpleasant areas to get struck begin with your hand, which simply barely defeat your groin, the back of your head, and also your inner thighs. Your neck makes the checklist to, so make sure to safeguard these areas!

Last Thoughts

Paintball is a video game that requires physical capability and some of the best paintball pants you can buy. It’s extensive, demanding, and also incredibly fun. Total though it’s a lot more enjoyable when you don’t go house covered in bruises and welts. These paintball pants is absolutely essential when you’re attempting to get out and also play a video game of paintball They protect your body, including your knees as well as occasionally also your crotch, as well as can be the defining variable in between going house satisfied or going home with bruises and also scratches. Paintball pants is an incredibly effective tool against daily paints of the paintball globe.

So instead of just tossing on a pair of pants and also claiming its excellent sufficient to make the effort to check out these 5 sets of wonderful pants Each one has it’s advantages and disadvantages, but no matter they offer even more protection than the pants you were going to wear. So take into consideration picking one of these strong pair of paintball pants prior to your next round, it might make all the difference in between going residence with or without small injury.

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