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The 5 Best Paintball Sniper Rifles: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide (2023)

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Paintball are a thrilling activit,y almost any individual can enjoy. Having a sniper rifle during gameplay is the best means to beat your challengers and, come in top. It matters not your skill degree. Finding the best paintball weapon can be challenging. That’s precisely why we found the five best paintball sniper rifles, available now! These rifles are high grade and bring something distinct to the table.

1. Tippmann U.S. Army Project Salvo Paintball Gun

This is one of the most sensible looking paintball sniper rifles money can gain. It’s made to appear like an AR15 Army rifle. If you delight in modification, you’ll like that there are four Picatinny rails on the Tippmann Salvo paintball gun. It also has front and back sights that are not only flexible but detachable, too. It made the gas line out of sturdy stainless steel, which makes the gun a great deal much more resilient.

It’s relatively lightweight, weighing in at around seven pounds. Many users delight in the lightweight aluminum die-cast receiver on this paintball weapon. The one year service warranty that you get isn’t a bad touch either. Lots of people can use this paintball sniper rifle, whether you’re a newbie, expert, or some place in between. There is an alternative to upgrade this gun as you enhance your abilities.

The inline bolting system makes this Tippmann paintball weapon trustworthy and reliable. There is a practical barrel cover included which some users may delight in. This is a. 68 quality paintball sniper rifle as well as is much from silent when shooting. You can additionally use the Tippmann U.S. Army Project Salvo paintball weapon right out of the box!

What we like:

  • There are 4 Picatinny rails
  • The views are adjustable and also removable
  • it’s used by games of all skill levels
  • It’s lightweight and also easy to steer while using
  • The deal with is comfy to hold during lengthy games

What we don’t like:

  • it’s challenging to tighten the hindquarter
  • It’s not the fastest paintball sniper rifle on the market

2. US Army Alpha Black Tactical Paintball Marker Gun Sniper Set

Not to be puzzled with other U.S. Army paintball sniper rifles, this set from Tippmann has whatever you need to playing paintball Some of the devices you’ll get are Gens safety glasses, a hopper with 200 paint balls, harness, CO2 container, as well as much more. This sniper rifle looks unbelievably sensible and also will certainly make you stick out from the rest of the players on the field. I make it with high-grade material, that makes for a durable and dependable item.

Easily, you have control of whether they collapsed the stock. There is an integrated sight that can help you achieve incredibly shots, regardless of your skill level. Maintenance is also fairly very easy with this paintball sniper rifle. The barrel is 11 inches, making this an instead compact rifle paintball weapon.

There is an integrated lugging to take care of that removes the demand for a situation. This item is around 12 pounds because of the stainless-steel and light weight aluminum, which is a little heavy for a paintball gun. Tippmann paintball guns are terrific because newbies as well as professional gamers can use them. It can likewise boost their guns with attachments as well as accessories,, enabling you to have a gun that boosts with you.

What we like:

  • The integrated view is amazing
  • The weight is dispersed well
  • The set features whatever you need
  • The supply is flexible

What we don’t such as

  • This item isn’t allowed in specific postal code
  • The e-trigger makes this gun vulnerable to jamming

3. Realm Paintball Sniper Pump Marker with Barrel Kit, Dust Black/Polished

This premium pump paintball sniper rifle is most commonly used by specialist paintball players. If you compete in a great deal of competitions, this could be a paintball gun that you’ll wish to add to your collection. It has a low-pressure procedure as well as there isn’t an awfully extreme kickback. The barrel comprises two heavy-duty light weight aluminum pieces.

There is an auto-trigger feature that permits individuals to quickly fire paintballs. This could be an excellent option for front or back gamers on a group. It is unbelievably rugged and has next-level efficiency capacities. It has a practical on and of ASA. You won’t have to stress regarding your accuracy, as this weapon offers plenty with the integrated range. There is a hitman mod on the pump take care of that can be easily gotten rid of if needed.

Many people appreciate the top quality of the stick publication and also the joint of this paintball gun. The Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker is durable and if cared for properly, can last several years. A ten-round adapter is included, along with a barrel kit. This is one of the sleekest looking paintball sniper rifles on the marketplace. If aesthetic appeals matter to you, consider this item when seeking your next paintball weapon to gain.

What we such as:

  • It has a low-pressure operating system
  • The light weight aluminum is difficult as well as resilient
  • It considers less than 4 extra pounds
  • The auto-trigger permits quick shots
  • It establishes itself apart by looking unique

What we dislike:

  • For a set, it doesn’t come with a heap of bonus
  • Barrel kit might be a little bit tiny
  • It’s tough to get a specific sped

4. Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package

Tippmann Cronus is conveniently one of the best paintball sniper rifles that money can purchase. For starters, it needs very low upkeep, yet remains reputable. This paintball sniper rifle brings high efficiency and is incredibly long lasting. By considering it you wouldn’t tell that it’s exceptionally light-weight. Weighing in at less than 10 extra pounds, it won’t be hard to lug this paintball gun throughout hours of play.

There are shaped rubber grips on the ergonomic handle. Among the best things concerning this product is there for Picatinny rails that enable endless customization. This. 68 quality paintball gun is semi-automatic and can shoot between 250 and also 325 feet per second. In this kit, you will certainly receive an anti-fog paintball mask, CO2 storage tanks, paintball harness, and much more. It’s likewise offered in three different colors, including standard tan, tactical olive, as well as a tactical tan.

The receptacle can hold 200 paintballs each time. For several individuals, this is the only paintball gun they have or will ever have. You can conveniently upgrade it by including new barrels, containers, as well as other devices. Whether it’s your very first time or play paintball or you were one competition, this is a fantastic sniper rifle to include to your collection.

What we like:

  • Carbon dioxide container lasts for a very long time
  • It’s very easy to learn just how to use
  • The shaped grips on the manager give more control
  • It requires little maintenance

What we dislike:

  • Gunstock can hinder of the sight
  • It is back heavy

5. Activity Village Tippmann United States Army Alpha Elite Foxtrot Paintball Gun Package Kit

This paintball sniper rifle has a red dot sight and a carrying manage. It can quickly readjust the red dot sight in just seconds. The gun comes with a 20 ounce CO2 container and a folding hold. The CO2 container will last a long time prior to requiring to be refilled. You’ll likewise get other accessories such as paintball shells as well as a squeegee.

As for the weapon itself, this is a Tippmann semi-automatic sniper rifle. It takes. 68 caliber paintballs as well as works seamlessly. It’s comfy to hold and is simple to bring for long periods of time. Many individuals take pleasure in exactly how powerful this weapon is. If you’re a back gamer, you might get a great deal of use out of the Tippmann US Army Alpha Elite Foxtrot weapon. The integrated sight makes it extremely simple to make clean and also shots.

Even though this resembles a real military tool, it is most typically used by teenagers who are just entering the sporting activity. This is most probably because it’s easy to tidy and also does not take much expertise to set up. If you don’t have any type of paintball devices yet, buying this gun is a terrific option. It features nearly every little thing you require striking the areas. All you need to do is buy safety and security equipment as well as put together a team!

What we like:

  • It’s simple to assemble
  • The red dot view can be swiftly adjusted
  • The air container lasts for several matches
  • It’s comfortable to hold

What we don’t such as:

  • The threads on the air hose pipe can wear out

Buying Guide

Below you will discover several of the most prominent things to think about when searching for your next paintball sniper rifle. This can be exceptionally convenient when comparing one product to an additional.

The Style of Paintball

Lots of newbies do not recognize that there is greater than one paintball video game that you can play. While there are a number of, speedball as well as woodsia’ll are the most frequently played. The sort of paintball gun as well as specific requirements can alter from game to video game.


One of the most prominent video game, Speedball, is played in an area that has big challenges all around. If you’ve ever before seen paintball played in flicks or TV shows, it’s most likely Speedball. Something you’ll intend to seek in a paintball weapon for this game is speed. You wish to promptly can strike your target prior to they can get behind one obstacle. It’s likewise crucial to note that Speedball makes use of paintballs faster than a lot of other games. Locate one that shoots rapidly and can take extensive usage.


Individuals who play Woodsball usual utilize a tactical-style gun. As the name recommends, Woodsball is played in the woods or a forest. For this game, you’ll require a weapon that fires with accuracy. These paintball guns will typically include a scope or Picatinny rails. Lot of times, looking at a tactical-style paintball weapon, individuals conveniently error it for an actual weapon.

You also intend to make sure that the weapon you utilize for a video game of Woodsball has a long-range, in order for you to hit targets that are far off in the distance. All 5 of the best paintball sniper rifles evaluated above are fantastic options for Woodsball and also can be utilized throughout Speedball too.

New or Used

If you’re new to paintball or have a tight spending plan, buying utilized equipment can be a valuable choice. New gear can be pricey, yet it’s ensured to function properly. New equipment, especially paintball weapons, typically featured a guarantee. We can find this in handy if you’re using the pen a number of times a month.

Used gear will likely break quicker or encounter issues, costing you extra in the lengthy run, yet it’s understandable that not everyone has a huge budget plan when they first play. Try to get a paintball gun that can be modified and upgraded.

Rifle Feed

When buying one of the best paintball sniper rifles, you need to think about the rifle feed. There are two various sorts of feed, facility and also balanced out. Lots of individuals do not utilize this as a comparison factor when going shopping about, but it is important.

The feed of the gun will certainly impact where the receptacle is that holds the paintballs. Having a rifle feed that you do not such as can make it tough to fire and rather uncomfortable to hold the weapon.

Center Feed

With a facility feed, the paintball hopper is on the facility of the weapon. This is terrific for individuals that switch over dominant hands or if you share your paintball weapon with one more individual. Facility feeds are likewise much better well balanced than countered feeds.

Offset Feed

Countered feeds can usually be found with the hopper on the right side of the weapon. This sort of feed offers you a better scope as well as can boost your shot precision. If you’re simply entering paintball but have experience with actual weapons, this feed will feed one of the most comfortable for you.


Possessing your own paintball sniper rifle needs you to execute occasional maintenance Doing this ensures that your paintball weapon will certainly last as long as possible and also do well for years. Depending on just how much you play, you might wish to change your paintball gun now and then to make sure that you’re playing with a reputable tool.

Some paintball guns can only be taken care of using parts from a particular maker, while others require really pricey components. This is something to maintain in mind when you’re shopping about. Attempt to locate a paintball gun that fits within your demands and also has easy to gain access to upkeep options. It may also be essential to discover a gun that you can repair and also maintain. This will certainly conserve you a great deal of money and also stress and anxiety later on.


Simply like several various other things you get, there are extras as well as accessories that you can buy as well. For paintball guns, think about getting a carrying case if the weapon you acquire does not come with one. Air containers are an essential device and also individuals frequently require remaining equipped with them.

Whether you’re a devoted paintball gamer or you just play every couple of months, safety equipment is a must. There are padded coats, vests, headgears, eye guards, barrel guards as well as even more that you can get. Since you’re taking into consideration a paintball sniper rifle, there are several much more devices to think about, such as ranges.

Place of the Game

If you’re playing in a public area , the gun you have is something to remember. Some paintball fields need all players to have the exact same sort of weapon, while others do not have any kind of requirements. Have a look at the guidelines as well as policies of your favorite area when it concerns what sort of tool you can make use of.

This is usually available on their site or by asking among the umpires utilized there. You’ll see points such as sniper rifles only or that the gun need to be mechanical. Some paintball fields provide days where you can make use of any tool and get not just inexpensive paintballs but totally free air as well as gas refills.

Keeping that being claim,ed, if you’re playing paintball in an area in the center of nowhere, you might not desire to use a gun that makes use of CO2 unless you intend to bring extra containers with you.

Just how Often You’ll Use It

Something to think about is exactly how commonly you’ll be using the paintball weapon. If you discover on your own just playing a handful of times every year, it may be best to lease one instead of acquisition one. When you rent, you’ll constantly have access to the current equipment and also you will not have to worry about things such as upkeep.

possessing your very own paintball sniper rifle has lots of advantages as well. You can play whenever you desire, which is the major reason people get their own. You also have the choice to tailor it and make your perfect paintball weapon. And also, not everyone has someplace that supplies paintball weapon services near them. Possessing your own cuts out the fear of looking for a rental location.

Best Paintball Sniper Rifle Brands


Tippmann was developed in 1986 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It is just one of the biggest paintball weapon manufacturing business and also remarkably, they also make stitching machines! The 98 model that they use is one of the most preferred paintball weapon in the world.


This business makes top quality paintball equipment. Over the last few years, Empire paintball weapons have become a growing number of popular. Many individuals use it throughout competitions and also they create whatever from weapons to goggles and hoppers.

Action Village

Action Village makes gear for severe sporting activities including paintball, skate boarding, and also real weapons. They are best known for their outstanding consumer solution and competitive rates.


Q: How much can a paintball sniper rifle shoot?

A: Thought paintball sniper rifles come at a variety of various ranges, many shoot between 150 and 200 feet. When paired with a rifle that has quick speed, you’ll be hitting your targets in less than 1/2 of a 2nd.

Q: How many rounds can a paintball weapon shoot?

A: Paintball weapons are recognized for shooting quickly. The number of rounds a weapon can shoot depends on the kind of trigger pull or motherboard it’s furnished with. On the reduced end, paintball guns shoot five to six shots per second. Quicker weapons, like several Tippmann products, can fire over 30 shots per secondly.

Q: Will a paintball gun break a home window on a car and truck or residence?

A: A paintball can certainly break a home window. It will rely on the precise kind of home window. House windows are posting likely to be a lot easier to damage than auto or business building home windows. In either case, it’s best to play paintball in an open area, away from the glass.

Q: Which harms more paintball or airsoft?

A: Even though this can differ from person to person, paintballs have a tendency to harm a bit a lot more. This is mainly because of the dimension difference. Airsoft pellets are a lot smaller and have a softer influence that paintballs do. Sometimes paintballs have broken skin, which is why using safety gear is a must.

Q: Can a paintball eliminate you?

A: Unfortunately, paintball guns can be deadly. Once more, safety and security gear must be used at all times. It occurs hardly ever, yet severe injury or fatality can happen when paintball weapons are utilized irresponsibly or if individuals play without safety and security equipment.

Q: How quickly can a paintball weapon shoot?

A: A paintball weapon can shoot between 240 as well as 280 feet per second. This amounts to around 165 to 190 miles per hour!

Q: Will a paintball discolor my clothing or skin?

A: Thankfully, no. someone especially created pintables to be eco-friendly. They are likewise naturally degradable, hypoallergenic, and also water-soluble. It may occupy to 24 hrs for the paintball paint ahead off your skin. It will certainly likewise quickly completely clean out of garments and equipment.

Q: What does a paintball hit seem like?

A: Depending on your discomfort resistance, you might assume a paintball hit does not harm. People explain it as a painful experience that resembles being snapped with an elastic band. The discomfort does not last for long, however, periodically if struck hard enough, we might entrust you to a welt or contusion.

Q: Can you ice up paintballs?

A: It is a typical misconception that freezing paintballs will make them last much longer if you’re not quite all set to use them. The reverse holds true. Icing up paintballs typically creates them to come to be really brittle. They will likewise dimple as well as come apart as quickly as they’re fired. When you ice up a paintball it has a tendency to change and alter shape. Because of this, it will certainly not end out straight.


It does not matter if you’re a paintball weapon professional or this is your intro to the sport. Using high-grade items can make a world of distinction in your gameplay. Lots of sniper rifles look extremely similar to U.S. Army rifles which is among the primary reasons people enjoy using them. The built-in views on most sniper rifles allow you to easily see your target, aim as well as struck with precision.

There are many points to keep in mind when searching among these items, but a couple of attributes are extra important than others. For example, Tippmann U.S. Army Alpha Foxtrot is easily one of the best paintball sniper rifles offered because of all the remarkable features. This comprises a well-distributed weight, ergonomic handle, big hopper, flexible stock, and also integrated range.

If you’re not a fan of Tippmann items, the Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Rifle comes in at a close secondly. Remember to think about where you’ll be playing, what kind of game, just how usually, as well as the sort of rifle feed. Last, please be safe as well as conscious of your environments when you’re using a paintball gun. We’re positive that you’ve located an impressive paintball sniper rifle (or 2) today. Before you recognize it, you’ll be having a blast having fun paintball with your pals!

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