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The 6 Best Professional Shears: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide (2022)

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When it comes time to get care of the plants in your backyard and preserve them wholesome, there is only one particular instrument you need to have in your arsenal: an excellent pair of professional backyard shears. The correct pair helps make tending to your backyard a less complicated undertaking than ever just before. We’ve place collectively a buying guide to support you get the best professional shears on the industry, no matter what your desires are

Gonicc 8” Skilled Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears (GPPS-1002)

The Gonicc Skilled Pruning Shears (GPPS-1002) are light-weight and uncomplicated to use for all sorts of pruning perform. They function, a drop forged entire body and handles, with a resilient style and design.  They are an uncomplicated pair for any one to use. No matter if you are a starting gardener or a green-thumbed professional, they’ll make a fantastic addition to your gardening instrument kit

The blades are produced from substantial carbon steel with Ultra-Fine Polishing Technologies to support them preserve their edge longer than rivals. The Teflon coating aids in sustaining their sharpness and trying to keep tree pulp from sticking to the blades as you are operating. The sap groove assists also by providing the sap dislodged as you prune an area to go as an alternative to linger on the blade and gumming it up

The handles are made to be comfy, produced from substantial excellent aluminum and coated with non-slip PVC grip. These helpful shears are made to cut down hand fatigue and be helpful all all-around your backyard

Factors We Like

Drop forged entire body and handles are super resilient and challenging to injury

Ultra-Fine Polishing Technologies keeps the blades protected from rust and corrosive injury

Teflon coating keeps the edge sharper longer

Sap groove keeps the blades from sticking when you perform with messier plants

Electrical power Drive Ratchet Anvil Hand Pruning Shear

The Electrical power Drive Ratchet Anvil Hand Pruning Shears is one particular of our preferred possibilities out there mainly because they use ratchet technological innovation to multiply your hand’s energy and make it doable to reduce by means of all kinds of thick branches when pruning

The heat handled and hardened carbon steel blades are strong and resilient. They’ll final for many years and only wanted to sharpen sometimes, plus they come coated in a non-stick Teflon to preserve sap, or other sticky supplies, from sticking to your blades

With its clever ratchet mechanism, when you are pruning specifically stubborn branches, the shears latch so you can release and squeeze once more. The mechanism locks to give you escalating stress on the branch with no triggering your hands ache or fatigue. The ratcheting mechanism increases your hands energy by up to 5 occasions, so you will in no way struggle with tough branches once more

The ergonomic style and design to minimize wrist strain and desires significantly less stress and work from you to make cuts, so hand fatigue is significantly decreased in contrast to other trimmers. These shears are best if you have little hands, arthritis, or any other problems that could make employing a lot more conventional set of shears challenging for you

Gardenite also backs these infants up with a one hundred% buyer fulfillment promise. If you have any problems with them, you can attain out to the enterprise and they’ll get care of it

Factors We Like

Teflon coating keeps the edge sharper longer

Ratchet mechanism will take the stress off your hands and puts it on the instrument so you can do a lot more perform with significantly less work

Very ergonomic style and design minimizes wrist strain and discomfort

Mockins Skilled Hefty Duty Backyard Bypass Pruning Shears

These backyard shears are, as the title suggests, hefty duty. They are a particularly excellent choice if you are on a tight spending budget, as they are a strong backyard instrument that comes on the low-priced

The stainless steel blades reduce by means of plant stems quickly and the spring action assists to ease some of the strain on your hands that brings about hand fatigue. The connected security lock keeps the shears closed when they are not in use and is uncomplicated to toggle, with no receiving in the way of the shears when they are in use

The Mockins Skilled Hefty Duty Backyard Bypass Pruning Shears comes with a comfy deal with style and design that characteristics a rubber grip to cut down ache and hand fatigue. These shears really don’t have a popular brand behind them backing them up and guaranteeing their excellent, but they do give a restricted lifetime guarantee and they’ve nevertheless turned out an excellent item that is robust and helpful

Factors We Like

Security lock keeps you protected from harm when the shears are not in use

Fiskars 91095935J Steel Bypass Pruning Shears

These very little shears pack a indicate punch. The Fiskars Steel Bypass Pruning Shears will impress you (and if they really don’t, you can get the benefits of the lifetime guarantee) with their hardiness and sturdiness. They truly are an excellent instrument

These shear’s absolutely hardened and precision-ground carbon steel blades hold their edge even just after hefty use. They are also coated with a lower-friction and rust resistant coating to support your blade glide smoothly by means of the wood you are cutting. They also have a self-cleaning sap groove that keeps the blade from sticking even when you are pruning a particularly sappy tree

To preserve you protected when it is not in use, these shears also function as an uncomplicated-open ambidextrous lock that keeps your shears shut but is uncomplicated to unlock. This helps make them protected and uncomplicated to carry all-around. Plus, they’ve acquired dual layer comfort grips to preserve your hands from sporting out when you are tending to your backyard

Factors We Like

Rust-resistant and lower-friction coating keeps the blade clean and practical

Sap groove keeps the blades from sticking when you perform with messier plants

Security lock keeps you protected from harm when the shears are not in use

Felco F-two Traditional Guide Hand Pruner

These Felco pruners set the normal for pruning shears and have been perfected in the fifty some many years given that, even though it nevertheless has the iconic Felco seem. These anvil bladed shears are excellent for all sorts of backyard perform and, if appropriately maintained, could final you a lifetime

The Swiss precision-produced blade is reduced from substantial-excellent, hardened steel that hardly ever calls for sharpening. The blades have a notch at the base for cutting little wires with no damaging the cutting edge and function a deep sap groove to preserve the blade from sticking, even when dealing with sappy wood. It helps make them less complicated to use and less complicated to clean afterwards

The Felco F-two Traditional comes with a micrometric adjustment method, which assists the pruning shears to be quickly adjustable and to retain its clean cuts. It also characteristics a shock absorption method, which assist to soften the influence as your reduce completes, and non-slip coating on the handles so that your cutting knowledge is comfy and protected

1 matter we truly like about Felco solutions is that all of the pieces are replaceable, with replacements quickly obtainable. The sturdy and light-weight forged aluminum handles themselves come with a lifetime promise

Factors We Like

Wire cutting notch protects blades from injury if you use them for cutting wires

Entirely replaceable elements and uncomplicated accessibility to replacements helps make this an authentic lifetime instrument

Sap groove keeps the blades from sticking when you perform with messier plants

Micrometric adjustment method helps make it uncomplicated to make changes and preserve your shears in tip leading form

Ergonomic shock absorption method minimizes injury and strain to your wrists

Gonicc 8” Skilled Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears (GPPS-1003)

An additional in the Gonicc Skilled Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears line, the GPPS-1003 is made to be even less complicated for customers and is an excellent choice for a person on the lookout for an instrument made with comfort in thoughts – as you can see by the thick padding on the handles. The GPPS-1003 is a clear consumer preferred, with almost nothing but rave reviews from gardeners all above the planet

The substantial-excellent blade on these shears is produced from premium titanium steel with Ultra-Fine Polishing Technologies, so they’ll hold their edge for a remarkably lengthy time and boy is that edge sharp! Mixed with the strong spring action, you really don’t have to perform just about as difficult with these as you’d need to have to with a conventional shear. The blade also characteristics a sap groove to preserve your shears from receiving caught when the sap commences working

Alternatively of rolling these infants out with the traditional PVC non-slip grip that you see on most professional shears, the GPPS-1003 has super comfy foam grips that match above the aluminum entire body of the handles. They preserve you from feeling the bite just after prolonged use

Factors We Like

Drop forged entire body and handles are super resilient and challenging to injury

Ultra-Fine Polishing Technologies keeps the blades protected from rust and corrosive injury

Teflon coating keeps the edge sharper longer

Sap groove keeps the blades from sticking when you perform with messier plants

Very ergonomic style and design minimizes wrist strain and discomfort

What Are Shears?

Backyard shears are essentially just difficult-core scissors. Alternatively of cutting paper, they are made to tackle plant stems and shrub branches. Their position in the backyard is to get rid of dead, diseased, and broken stems to preserve your plants protected and on the lookout their best. You may possibly hear them referred to as pruners, secateurs, or hand pruners, but they all indicate the very same matter

Issue to Think about

When you are receiving prepared to have a tendency to your backyard, you may possibly locate you need to have an excellent set of professional shears. In purchase to make a decision what the best professional shears for you are, you will need to have to deal with initially what kind of plant matter you will be dealing with. Are you pruning soft new development or difficult branches? You will need to have a distinct set of shears to do each and every work correctly (and securely)

Forms of Pruners

Pruners come in two most important types that have distinct strengths. Based on what kind of perform your backyard desires, you will want to look at which pruner form will perform best for you: bypass (like the Gonicc 8” Skilled Sharp Bypass Pruning) or anvil (like the Felco F-two Traditional Guide Hand Pruner). A third, significantly less prevalent class is ratchet shears (like the Electrical power Drive Ratchet Anvil Hand Pruning Shears)

Anvil Pruners

Anvil pruners have a blade and an anvil, which functions similarly to a cutting board. The blade is pushed by means of the plant onto the anvil. Even though helpful, anvil pruners can have the unintentional side impact of crushing or bruising your plants if made use of on the residing. It tends to be far better suited for dealing with dead wood, which will not be broken by the crushing action

Bypass Pruners

Bypass pruners perform a lot more like scissors. They have two blades that pass each and every other to do the cutting and need to have to be stored razor sharp in purchase to reduce by means of green wood with no triggering it any injury. When they are sharp even though, these pruners are best for most of your pruning desires and are absolutely the go to decision for most backyard pruning

Ratchet Pruners

Ratchet Pruners have a tendency to have an anvil form blade, but the mechanism for cutting is what sets them apart. In purchase to reduce with a ratchet type pruner, you can perform your way by means of a branch or stem by squeezing and then releasing. The blade continues to shut, thanks to the ratchet mechanism, but the anxiety on you is significantly launched. You can reduce by means of thicker plants with significantly less work


Dimension is a lot more significant than you’d consider when it comes to pruning shears. They are made to be made use of one particular-handed, so if your shears are also little or also substantial for you, they’ll be challenging to use. Feel of a little one attempting to use a pair of kitchen scissors

Tiny-handed gardeners can select up a lot more compact pair of shears for comfort and ease of use, but except if your hands are on the far sides of the bell curve, you should really be fine with any outdated shears


This could possibly not be the initially matter you consider about when you are selecting your following backyard instrument, but it deserves some consideration. You will locate most shears come with brightly colored handles. There is an explanation for that it helps make them less complicated to spot when you are on the lookout for them by means of the foliage. You can get shears in vivid colours or in neutral tones. Visibility is anything to preserve in thoughts

Caring for Your Skilled Shears

It is significant to get fantastic care of your shears , each to lengthen their lifestyle and to guard your plants. A poorly maintained set of shears can pass conditions amongst plants and be substantially a lot more challenging to use

Initially, you are going to want to clean your shears. Wash off any lingering sap or filth with soapy water and, if you need to have, a wire brush or wire wool. This is the most significant stage and should really be finished every time you finish employing any backyard instrument

If you need to have to do a lot more in depth upkeep, this is the time. You can sharpen your shears by oneself. Here’s a guide on how to sharpen your shears . This is also the time to tighten any loose screws and give your instrument a after above to see if something desires to be replaced just before you need to have it once more. Several companies have in depth substitute supplies – particularly if you select up a Felco!

Finish up with an instrument lubricant spray to preserve all the things working smoothly then make absolutely sure to retailer your instrument appropriately. It is best to preserve your shears securely in a cover, to guard them from their atmosphere and you from accidental injuries. The worst matter you can do is to depart your shears out and exposed to the factors exactly where they are probably to rust and corrode

Pruning Strategies

Now that you have acquired your new professional shears, you will need to have to use them! Right here are some guidelines for pruning your plants like a professional. You can verify out a a lot more in depth pruning guide right here if you need to have a lot more advice


  • Disinfect your pruner blades just after use, or just after each and every reduce if you are dealing with a diseased plant
  • Make clean, mindful cuts to prevent damaging your plant
  • Use the correct form of shears for the perform you are carrying out


  • Twist or flip the plant as you reduce it
  • Pull on the branches to get a far better angle
  • In excess of-prune your plants

Ideal Brand names


Gonicc has only been all-around for 20 many years, but in that time they’ve established themselves as one particular of the best designers and companies of backyard shears in the sector


You may possibly know Fiskars from their scissor empire, so backyard shears are not a surprising leap. What may possibly shock you is that this enterprise is above 300 many years outdated and is an excellent brand in terms of outside solutions


Felco is the quantity one particular title in the backyard shear sector, with a background of developing substantial excellent and cutting edge equipment that you can depend on and a policy of supplying substitute elements so that your equipment can final a lifetime


Gardenite has a background of making substantial excellent equipment to support preserve your outside spaces clean and underneath manage

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I sharpen my backyard shears?

A: You can and you may possibly need to have to if you preserve your shears all-around lengthy adequate. You can do it oneself (verify out the guide over) or you can get them to a neighborhood hardware store and they should really be ready to sharpen them for you just verify with them initially

Q: Can I reduce by means of thick branches with my shears?

A: Possibly not. Backyard shears are commonly made for carrying out a lot more gentle perform, like cutting by means of new development stems and thin shrubbery branches. If you are on the lookout at branches that are thicker than an inch, it is unlikely your shears can tackle it with no remaining broken or providing a ragged edge. You will need to have a distinct instrument to deal with the thicker branches

Wrap Up

Despite the fact that there can be a good deal of issues to get into account when choosing out the best professional shears for your backyard, we have to give the gold to the Gonicc 8” Skilled Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears (GPPS-1003). In terms of all all-around usefulness and comfort of use, it is an uncomplicated winner and we’re not the only ones who consider so. If you could only get one particular to cover your bases, give these a go!

If the dimension of your hedges make shearing by hand challenging, verify out our posting on the best electrical hedge trimmers!

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