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Best Rabbit Repellent: Keeping Rabbits Out of Your Garden (2023)

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Rabbits arforadorable, fuzzy little animals. They make excellent pets, produce one of the most precious stworybook and tv personalities, and also are charming to view as they jump back and forth. However, it’s not all jumps and laughs with rabbits

When rabbits make their means into your blossom beds and gardens, they can inflict mayhem; destroying your petunias and also leaving rabbit -shaped teeth marks in your home-grown carrots.

If you’ve been searching for a means to discourage rabbits from moseying into your garden beds, look no more. In this post, we’ve made it our aim to bring you the best rabbit repellents readily available today (together with a couple of suggestions and techniques to aid you out a bit much more).

1. Enviro Pro Rabbit Scram Repellent

Rabbit Scram is a granular repellent functions wonders to fend off any kind of and also all rascally rabbits This pale comprises 6 pounds of granules that are ready-to-pour immediately with no requirement for gauging, deceiving, or blending.

After it’s sprayed onto the ground around the No-Rabbit Zone, Rabbit Scram will certainly remain powerful for approximately a month. Even during damp or severe weather condition problems, you can expect this repellant to last for weeks on end.

Once fresh opened, this mixture will not have an enjoyable scent. However, the scent (for human beings) will quickly dissipate, leaving just enough scent to drive off bunnies.

As well as the best part? This formula is totally risk-free as well as neither dangerous to people or pets.

Suches as:

  • Budget friendly, specifically for an immense quantity of repellent
  • The scent does not remain to the factor of bothering humans
  • Resilient. It will just require to be reapplied once every month
  • Water-resistant and also can be applied in any weather problem
  • Prepared to go right out of the pail— no blending or misguiding
  • Will not harm animals or people


  • The granules can not be used straight to plants (obviously). Some might choose to spray repellent onto their blossoms for better outcomes

2. Fluid Fence Deer Rabbit Repellent

The Liquid Fence Rabbit Repellent is a safe, however effectiveconcentrationte suggested to be splashed directly on vegetation. This would certainly be a great alternative to make use of in extensive areas, flower beds, and also various other ornamental plants.

Unlike some fluid repellents, the Liquid Fence Rabbit Repellent does not require to be consumed by rabbits to deter them. The overwhelming fragrance alone suffices to maintain bunnies away. This is a durable formula that stands up splendidly in all kinds of weather, even in heavy rains.

This repellent is a concentrate, which suggests it won’t be all set to use right out of the gate. Blend the concentrate with water in the amounts routed on the product packaging.


  • A terrific choice for huge rooms and ornamental or flower gardens
  • A budget-friendly and potent formula
  • Durable concentratt stands up in all weather
  • Not dangerous to individuals, pet dogs, or wildlife
  • Can likewise repel deer, if required


  • It might not be a terrific choice for vegetable or fruit yards

3. Nature’s Mace Deeandas Rabbit Repellent

Yet an additional potent concentrate, Nature’s Mace is a repellent that rabbits will not quickly neglect. This 40-ounce bottle of concentrate suffices to make 5 gallons of ready-to-use repellant spray that is resilient, weather-resistant, as well as odorless (to people) when dried out.

We can make this concentrate use of at any moment of the year as well as is safe to individuals, animals, and also wildlife– comprising water animals. According to the maker, Nature’s Maccomprisesof three times the amount of active rabbit -warding off components than other brand names.

Nature’s Mace concentrate counts on both preference and fragrance to fend off rabbits (and deer) to make for an extra effective solution than other leading repellents and alternative techniques.


  • Affordable, even for those who may get on a tighter budget
  • Enough concentrate to make 5 gallons of repellent spray
  • Eco-friendly – not harmful to plants, people, or wild animals
  • The strong scent dissipates as soon as the servicries out
  • Nature’s Mace includes 3X the quantity of rabbit -fending off active component than other leading brands
  • Apart from rabbits, Nature’s Mace additionally maintains deer from consuming your vegetation
  • This concentrate utilizes both preference and also odor to fend off rabbits, contrasted to other services that just count on taste


  • This will maintain deer from coming near, so if you’re a fan of Bambi, this may not be the concentrate for you

4. Plantskydd Granular Animal Repellent

Plantskydd’s Organic Animal Repellent is an entirely all-naturaandas secure formula, harmless to plants, pets, as well as people alike. It’s made with 100% natural active ingredients, including dried blood, to make rabbits instinctually run away from potential killers.

The 3 5 container holds enough granules to cover nearly 1, 800 square feet of residential or commercial property, and also the 8-pound container has enough granules to cover 4, 000 square feet. This would be a terrific option for lining enormous flower or veggie yards with low-lying plants. This formula will last come rain or snow for approximately 8 weeks before even more item requires to be applied.

Use caution when applying this rabbit repellent near edible plants. It can be made use of to line veggie and fruit gardens, however make sure not to get this solution onto the planproducee, itself.

Suches as:

  • Economical
  • Offered for purchase in a 3 5 or 8-pound container
  • Made with 100% natural as well as natural products
  • Safe to plants, individuals, family pets, and wildlife
  • Lasts as much as 8 weeks without reapplication
  • Repels rabbits together with voles, elk, moose, beavers, porcupines, as well as marsupial


  • Relying on your choice, you might or might not desire to repel multiple type of animals. This rabbit repellent drives off different animals other than rabbits (provided over)
  • This repellent works best in yards that contain low-lying plants at a maximum height of 2 feet. For plants taller than 2 feet, the producer advises to buy a liquid repellent

5. I Must Garden Rabbit Repellent

Yet another natural rabbit repellent, I Must Rabbit Repellent is a risk-free formula that is gentle and also unharmful to individuals, plants, family pets, as well as wildlife alike.

Unlike the other repellents on this list, the I Must Repellent doesn’t have a revolting odor that remains till the item dries. This repellent makes use of mint oil to repel rabbits and also not individuals.

Similar to the other rabbit repellents on our list, this repellent is unbelievably lastinandas rain-resistant. There’s no demand to reapply after rainfalls (unless it’s frequent) or differing climate condition– just reapply after 4 weeks. mean,an this repellent to be splashed directly on your flowers and plants for the best results.

This is an excellent alternative for those who are health conscious or seeking to keep their gardening items as tidy and environmentally pleasant as possible.


  • Botanicals and natural items are utilized in this formula to develop a risk-free, but efficient, rabbit repellent
  • Inexpensive
  • Evaluated and approved by gardeners almost everywhere
  • Has a pleasant, minty scent unlike most rabbit repellents
  • Ready-to-use right out of the gate– no mixing or gauging!


  • This formula may not be as potent as others on our listing

Extra Tipandas Tricks

Planting Undesirable Plants

Rabbits prefer plants that have an even more neutral taste, such as many varieties of lettuce, carrots, broccoli, as well as some beans. Pansies anpetuniasas are some of their favorite snacks in the floral family. Growing plants that are much less preferable to rabbits is an excellent method to possibly discourage them from taking a trip to your backyard.

Strong-smelling edibles such as garlic, onions, and heavily aromatic natural herbs (like basil) create suitable deterrents. Geraniums, Sweet Alyssum, Lantanas, Sunflowers, Marigolds, as well as various other similar blossoms may likewise disinterest rabbits

Installing Barriers

Positioning obstacles around your garden beds is among one of the most reliable methods of quitting rabbits from getting to a veggie garden or blossoms. Chicken-wire is most likely the best bet for garden security yet remember: rabbits love to dig and they can jump like it’s no one’s organization. So, make sure that when you’re putting the hen wire, that it goes to the very least 2 feet tall and hidden 6 to 12 inches below the ground.

Naturally, the higher and deeper the fence goes, the far better. But normally 2 feet tall and 6 inches deep is an excellent guideline.

Keeping Your Yard Tidandas Busy

Rabbits are unreliable animals. They and their large households choose wooded locations loaded with a thick brush to secure them from prospective dangers. Keeping your lawandas yards well-trimmed and also devoid of particles is a remarkable way to caution rabbits not to get too close. Wide-open spaces are unattractive to rabbits, so make certain to eliminate any kind of unnecessary brush, weeds, high grasses, and also stick or fallen leave stacks.

Since rabbits are so skittish, any sort of movement or sign of a human’s visibility is typically adequate to scare them away. Adding lights to your garden, having an outside dog, or putting activity scare gadgets in your yard are a few means to fend off unwanted bunnies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Will water influence the effectiveness of the repellent?

A: It depends. With everyday watering or constant, the repellent should last around a month. We advise that you try your best to stay clear of putting water in direct contact with the rabbit repellent. Always review the summary and also directions on your rabbit repellent to make certain that you’re getting the most out of the item.

Q: Will rabbit repellent harm my plants?

A: Most rabbit repellents are secure to use around plants. Obviously, you wouldn’t wish to apply the repellent directly to your plants unless otherwise routed. I meant rabbit repellents to be put, normally in a thick “route”, around garden or flower beds.

Q: Are rabbit repellents damaging to pets?

A: No. None of the rabbit repellents on our listing are damaging to animals or individuals, though the scent might be unattractive! No matter the lack of poisoning, we do suggest that you maintain a close eye on pets and also kids. Rabbit repellents should never ever be consumed or come in contact with bare skin.

Q: How typically should I reapply rabbit repellent?

A: Depending on the item you gain and the weather condition conditions (rainfall will certainly affect the life of the repellent), you ought to reapply the rabbit repellent every 3 to 6 weeks.

Q: Will the rabbit repellent keep wild animals that I like from involving my backyard?

A: No. Rabbit repellents are made to hinder simply that– rabbits some options on our list will also deter deer. So if you’re wanting deer in your yard, it may not remain in your best passion tgainre those.

Otherwise, there’s no demand to fret. All the wild animals you enjoy will certainly still pertain to see you when you’ve treated your yard with rabbit repellent.

Q: Will the repellent operate in the winter months?

A: Yes. You can use rabbit repellents at any moment of the year. Just remember melting snow or ice might get rid of the option.

Q: What exactly does rabbit repellant do?

A: As you can inform by the name, rabbit repellant is developed to repel rabbits Rabbit repellents comprise all-natural components that emit an unique, distasteful odor that maintains rabbits from desiring to get too close.

Q: Will I need tuseze several repellents for the best results?

A: No. There’s really no requirement to mix several rabbit repellents or combine them with various other products. The aroma of a single repellent will discourage rabbits

Last Thoughts

Though rabbits make adorable family pets as well as animation characters, they’re the natural adversary of any type of garden bed filled up with delicious veggies or blossoms. Rabbit repellents are a fantastic and cost-effective means to guarantee that your edibles as well as petunias are protected– while keeping your family members, family pets, and also wildlife unaffected at the same time.

We wish you appreciated our post covering the best rabbit repellents on the marketplace today! Happy horticulture!

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