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The 5 Best Soccer Cleats for Flat Feet: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide (2023)

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If you have flat feet or know someone that does, that should not stop you from enjoying a game of soccer Most of soccer cleats aren’t constructed for those of us with flat feet. Luckily, there are a handful of high-quality soccer cleats that will fit you perfect! After plenty of research, I have found the 5 best soccer cleats for flat feet that cash can acquire. Listed below you will review thorough reviews, adhered to by a purchaser’s guide to assist you to locate the ideal cleats for you. Hereafter, you’ll prepare to score some corners and objectives!

Allow’s see which products made the cut!

1. DESIRE PAIRS Men’s Cleats Football Soccer Shoes

First on our checklist as a pair of men’s cleats from Dream Pairs. For starters, these cleats are designed with synthetic material. There is a comfortable synthetic single reason under a supported insole and also the shoe has a lightweight and also soft fit that nearly makes you forget that you’re using them. The rubber molded cleats assist you to get the best traction possible while on the pitch.

An additional excellent feature of these cleats is that they’re offered in 15 different color mixes. You can select something casual such as black and also gray or go for something that will make you stand out on the field such as lime environment-friendly or bright orange. It may be necessary to note that these shoes tend to run a bit big. If you have large feet you’ll appreciate just how roomy this Dream Pairs cleats are.

Due to the high-quality materials, they are developed with these footwear must last at least two seasons. It likewise might be beneficial that this pair is quite cost-efficient. If you run of this footwear to the ground it will not cost you an arm and a leg to change them. Lastly, you will not need to stress over these footwear sliding and sliding about throughout your next game.

What we like:

  • Among the greatest reasons individuals appreciate these shoes is the rate factor. That was additionally among our preferred functions as well. For much less than $30 you obtain a premium set of soccer cleats that are long-lasting as well as resilient.
  • These shoes likewise have a larger variety of color choices than numerous various other soccer cleats on the market. While this does not always enhance the shoe itself, it’s a terrific mean to make customers satisfied.
  • The cushioned sole gives extra convenience as well as assistance. Perfect for flat feet!

What we do not such as:

  • The only point that we can think about that is adverse for these shoes is the sizing. As long as you keep in mind to size a half size or full-size down, this should not be an issue.

2. Adidas Copa 19.4 Firm Ground

Adidas makes their very first look with the Cops 19.4 Company Ground cleats These artificial footwear are offered in all black or black as well as white. These not only work wonderful on the field, however they are trendy also. There is an artificial leather upper but has actually a stitched vamp that keeps your feet in location in any way times.

Because of the versatile ground outside, you won’t need to fret concerning losing balance regardless of what surface area you’re using. Adidas makes high-quality items as well as these cleats are a fantastic instance of that.

They are resilient and long-lasting, allowing you to wear them period after period. These footwear are likewise fairly inexpensive. You can generally locate them in between $35 as well as $ 70. These can be used during expert games, senior high school games, or also youth soccer

What we such as:

  • Among the best features of these Adidas is that they give rate and traction on any type of kind of surface. Whether the turf is company, long, or perhaps if you’re on tough ground, you will certainly have the support and also grip.
  • We additionally like the look of this footwear. There’re smooth and minimalistic. The outside is entirely synthetic, and they look excellent with any kind of attire.

What we don’t like:

  • Much like various other cleats on the marketplace, these Adidas tend to run a bit large. It is suggested to get a fifty percent dimension down when buying these shoes.

3. NIKE Boy’s JR Bravata II FG Soccer Cleats

Considering that soccer is such a prominent sport that youngsters appreciate, we wanted to consist of a youth soccer cleat that attracts attention from the remainder. The Nike Boy’s JR Bravata II FG are fantastic footwear that are perfect for youth soccer They are offered in three various shade combinations including yellow, pink, and also black.

There’s an artificial upper that was developed with micro-texture technology that helps to make these Nike footwear as resilient as possible. This innovation likewise assists gamers control the sphere when running at faster speeds. Unlike many other cleats, these have asymmetrical leasing. This additionally gives added control as well as allows you to execute a lot more consistently.

The outsoles are developed with rubber FG to provide you added traction, security, and velocity. This is best for youth soccer players who are still finding out exactly how to play. These footwear are also incredibly comfy thanks to the perforated sock liner that offers additional pillow while still permitting the shoe to be light-weight. With outstanding grasp as well as a design-build for those with flat feet, these economical Nike soccer cleats are an excellent enhancement to any type of player’s attire.

What we like:

  • The asymmetrical leasing really attracts attention to us. The capacity to offer gamers with even more uniformity and also far better ball control are a great touch.
  • We also enjoy the distinct perforated sock liner. When you’re running at rapid rates for long durations of time, you want a footwear that’s comfortable as well as lightweight. That’s what the perforated sock lining has to offer.
  • There’s no demand for breaking these shoes in. As quickly as they show up, they can be utilized without the fear of obtaining blisters or aching feet.

What we don’t like:

  • It’s vital to note that these shoes run a little tiny and narrow. This can be a disadvantage to some soccer gamers.

4. LEOCI Men’s Women’s Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

The penultimate soccer cleat that is best for flat feet is the LEOCI Unisex Firm Ground Soccer cleats These manufactured shoes have a synthetic rubber sole. Comfortably, the shaft is a low-top from the arch, making them best for those with flat feet that are seeking a cleat that will stay while being worn.

They’ve likewise developed the upper in a weave layout to give extra friction when regulating the sphere. The LEOCI Unisex cleats are readily available in a few different shade combinations consisting of pink and blue, silver as well as orange, and also orange and black. Something that these cleats are known for is the comfort as well as performance that they supply.

Many thanks to the premium products, you will certainly have complete control over the sphere in any kind of kind of conditions. The padding has actually been built to supply users with flat feet as much comfort as possible. These cleats give you regulate on company law as well as tough ground too. The outsole is exceptionally versatile, enabling you to relocate smoothly on the pitch. You may additionally take pleasure in the honeycomb insoles that maintain your feet great and completely dry.

What we such as:

  • These cleats are extremely comfortable to put on. They can be used for extended periods of time on different surface kinds.
  • LEOCI makes long-lasting and long-lasting footwear. You won’t have to fret about replacing these set at the end of every period.
  • They’re also budget friendly, normally valued around $35 to $ 40.

What we don’t like:

  • Though these shoes fit, it may take a while to break them in.

5. Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat

Finally, Adidas makes a second look on the list for the five best soccer cleats for flat feet. Despite the fact that these footwear are offered in numerous different shade choices, it’s quite subtle. The outside of the shoe is made out entirely of natural leather, consisting of the traditional three-stripe logo design, which offers these cleats a stylish and sleek look.

Adidas even created these with a split-suede natural leather upper as well as a low-top from the arch. There is a comfortable rubber sole that is going along with by synthetic cellular lining to bring ultimate comfort to those soccer gamers with flat feet or low arcs. The midsole is molded with EVA making the supporting comfy, yet light-weight enough to quickly run on.

If you’re looking for extra grasp on the area, the TRAXION outsole provides simply that. These soccer cleats are built to last for numerous periods, which conserves you money in the future. Last but not least, these shoes have a practical heel loophole that makes them exceptionally easy to slip on and also off as needed.

What we such as:

  • These cleats run true to dimension, that makes buying them on-line much simpler.
  • Adidas is a well-known and also relied on brand name that makes top notch items
  • If you’re trying to find comfort, you’ve located it with the Mundial team lawn shoes from Adidas.

What we don’t like:

  • The price point can be a bit high for some. The Adidas Mundial Team Turf soccer cleats run in between $50 to $120 on standard.
  • Though short, there is a burglary time required for a pair of these cleats

Customer’s Guide

We understand that discovering the ideal cleat can be hard, specifically when shopping online. This is why we’ve included a thorough buying guide Ideally, this makes it simpler to contrast one footwear to an additional.

Sorts Of Soccer Shoes


FG represents firm ground. These cleats are best used on natural turf surface areas that don’t obtain a great deal of rain. With that being stated, many people still make use of FG cleats on fabricated fields.


Mentioning, AG represents man-made ground. This is just one of the more recent kinds of soccer cleats These supply incredible grip and also provide you with a whole lot of control. Sadly, AG cleats can not be used on firm ground.


In the soccer globe, SG means soft ground. These are best endured genuine brass where it rainfalls often. You will recognize if the pitch is soft sufficient for SG cleats if the cleats penetrate the ground when you take an action.


After that there is IN soccer cleats These are created for interior usage only. They have certain grips and also some that are meant to be utilized on indoor floorings as well as should not be utilized on any kind of surface area that isn’t flat


TF cleats are designed for man-made turf. They are made with much shorter studs that are thin adequate to hold on synthetic grass quickly. TF cleats resemble FG cleats The primary distinction being TF for especially for man-made pitches. You may also see these promoted as AT (artificial lawn).


HG cleats are for hard ground usage just. This is just one of the initial kinds of soccer cleats yet is gradually going out of style. HG cleats are best used on gravel or bare surface areas, such as damaged grass.

Tied vs. Laceless

Soccer cleats been available in both shoelace and also ageless designs. There are additionally ghost lacing as well as individualized lacing that some brands use. Laceless soccer cleats are very easy to handle as well as off, yet some individuals may not such as that they are a bit loose.

They are best utilized for front to back motions, making them a bad choice for goalkeepers. Laced soccer cleats are terrific for any type of setting. They permit you to choose just how limited or loosened the footwear is and also you can customize the fit how you would certainly like. Ghost lacing and customized lacing won’t impacting exactly how the footwear carry out, they’re much more aesthetic-based choices.

What Position You Play

If you’re not aware, various cleats are utilized for different positions For example, a goalkeeper isn’t mosting likely to put on the same cleats as a midfielder. Let’s speak a little bit regarding the differences in each placement.


If you are a forward, you’ll likely wish to concentrate on cleats that offer speed. Forwards are the fastest people on the team and they require a lightweight shoe that easily lets them manage the ball.


Considering that goalkeepers don’t do as much running as the various other gamers, they choose even more comfy cleats If you are a goalkeeper you wish to test out your side to side movements to make certain that the cleats will certainly fit during a video game.


Most protectors choose natural leather cleats over any various other material Several others choose the very same cleats that forwards wear to improve their rate. If you’re a defender, you’re able to use nearly any kind of soccer cleats.


Midfielders requires cleats that offer them full control. Like forwards, they need rate but additionally desire something that is a bit much more cushioned. The more natural a cleat feels on your foot, the much better it is for midfield settings.


As you’ve seen, soccer cleats can vary in rate fairly a little bit. There are cost-effective footwear that cost less than $ 20, while other cleats price numerous bucks. Lots of people go with soccer cleats that are in between $40 and $ 80. This provides a great mid-range high quality and also will not cost you a ton of cash.

If you’re interested in plays skillfully or you already play professionally , you’ll have an interest in boots that are $150 as well as over. Please offer the best quality and are unbelievably long lasting for near-constant usage. Numerous gamers go to obtain their cleats personalized made to their taste. You can typically locate soccer footwear on sale towards the end of summer, right prior to college starts.

Upper Material


Artificial soccer cleats are constructed out of thin material. They will not change much from the preliminary where and our best used by soccer gamers with lots of experience.

Natural leather

There are 3 various sorts of leather soccer cleat uppers. The most common are artificial natural leather. These are usually water resistant and supply players with a better quality efficiency.

Since artificial is a newer kind of product, some twists are still being functioned out by companies that utilize synthetic, natural leather. There are also natural leather as well as K– natural leather shoes. These cleats can set you back rather a bit a lot more but provide you a personalized feel and are extremely comfortable.

Fit together

Harmonize uppers are becoming a growing number of common in the soccer globe. Likewise to artificial, mesh uses a thin and light-weight design that players love. It is essential to note that if you’re interested in a set of meshes cleats, see to it that they’re water resistant otherwise you’ll be kicking with wet feet.


Finally, some gamers delight in putting on weaved soccer cleats Please offer gamers a special feeling of the sphere as well as keep feet dry in all times. While knitting cleats deal assistance, very few brands offered this product rather yet.


While it varies from setting to setting, the bulk of soccer players enjoy a tight fit There need to be around a quarter inch of room between your toes in the front of the shoe. It’s additionally essential that your toes don’t really touch the footwear top. Relying on what position you play, the fit of the footwear can alter a fair bit.

If you are an onward, you desire something that is as snug as possible without being also tight, whereas if you’re a goalkeeper you can have cleats that are a bit loose. Fit is the perfect reason to review reviews when buying soccer cleats online. You’ll have the ability to see if you need to size down or if they are made for large or slim feet.

Best Brands


Adidas was started in the fall of 1949 in Germany. They are best understood for their athletic wear including shoes, pants, and also devices. They are the second-largest sportswear producer in the globe.


The largest sportswear maker in the world is Nike. The head office lie near Portland, Oregon, and also the business has actually been around since 1971.


LEOCI isn’t also well known when it involves soccer shoes. The firm itself does not have a web site, however it markets the bulk of its product on Amazon. Many of the footwear they make have high star scores and positive reviews

Fantasize Pairs

Fantasize Pairs has over 6,000 designs of footwear including athletic wear, pumps, boots, and also shoes. Their major goal as a business is to make each private happy with high-quality footwear.


Q: Is there a distinction in between soccer shoes and also soccer cleats

A: Yes! Soccer footwear are made mostly for indoor use. They are usually flat under, whereas cleats have rubber cleats to help players remain tough while operating on the pitch. Cleats must never be made use of indoors and soccer shoes without cleats should not be endured the field.

Q: Can I wear my cleats from other sports to play soccer

A: It is not uncommon for people to think that all cleats are compatible. Soccer cleats can be used in sports such as lacrosse, baseball, and also football. However, lacrosse, baseball, as well as football cleats might not be made use of to play soccer

Q: How can I discover the best fitting soccer cleats for flat feet?

A: Soccer cleats tend to be concerning a 1/2 dimension smaller sized than your typical athletic shoe. They must be tight but not limited. If you have flat feet, make certain that the cleats you’re interested in having plenty of cushioning.

Q: What does MG mean in soccer cleats

A: MG stands for optimum grasp. These shoes can be used on completely dry and artificial surfaces just.

Q: How long do soccer cleats last?

A: This depends on how commonly you’re playing as well as what the primary product the cleat is constructed out of. If you’re an onward wearing light-weight cleats, you can anticipate to replace your shoes more frequently as light-weight cleats are much less long lasting. The more often you play, the quicker your cleats will certainly obtain run down. On average, if you’re playing or exercising three to 7 days a week, you can expect a set of top quality cleats to last you at least one period.

Q: Are there other names for soccer cleats

A: Yes. Soccer cleats might additionally be called boots or soccer shoes depending on where you’re situated. They’re normally interchangeable, with the exemption of soccer shoes normally pertaining to interior cleats

Q: How can I make my cleats odor much better?

A: There are several ways you can maintain the stench out of your soccer cleats, regardless of exactly how commonly you use them. Initially, you can put sodium bicarbonate, Epsom salt, or citrus skins in the cleats and also allow them to sit overnight. You might likewise turn in between pairs which not only aids with the scent yet maintains one set from using out swiftly.

Q: Is there a means I can make my cleats last much longer?

A: If dealt with correctly, cleats can last a bit much longer. There is a protective spray you can relate to the cleats that protect from dust, debris, and regular damage. You can additionally change the studs as well as change sizing as needed. Making certain your soccer cleats get cleaned up after every usage is the best means to obtain a longer life out of them. You ‘d be surprised at what cozy water and also gentle soap can do.

Wrap Up

Now you’re practically a professional on all points connected to soccer cleats Have you found a set that will benefit you? It can be extremely challenging to find comfy footwear when you have flat feet, add in requiring particular footwear for a sport and also it can be quite a demanding job to discover shoes that function. Ideally, the reviews over gave you a much better idea of what you should search for when going shopping around for soccer cleats

The buyer’s guide is best utilized when contrasting one pair to one more. Remember to obtain the best cleats for the placement that you’re playing. You wouldn’t wish to put on a goalkeeper’s cleats if you’re an ahead. Remember the product also. Some products such as leather can influence how the shoe fits as well as executing on the field.

Finally, pick a cleat that is developed for the surface you’ll be using. If you switch over to exercise inside your home and also playing outdoors, it’s best to have a set for every. We hope that finding out about the 5 best soccer cleats for flat feet has assisted you locate the best cleat for you or liked one. Excellent good luck on the field! We’re rooting for you.

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