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The 5 Best Soccer Shin Guards: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide (2022)

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Soccer (called football in many of the remainder of the globe) is one of the most prominent sport in the world, having more than 4 billion fans and played across both hemispheres as well as lots of countries. Basically, regarding half of every person in the world consider themselves to be soccer fans. If you have the room in your backyard to play this superb video game, you can see for yourself just how much fun it is. You also may think about joining an organization, or joining your children so they can get begun on a sport while they’re young.

In any case, you need numerous pieces of gear to take pleasure in soccer the way it was implied to be played and also run about with injury. Probably one of the most fundamental part of a soccer gamer’s package is his/her shin guards, which shield your legs from injury as you combat over the round with your feet.

Locating the appropriate soccer shin guards for your backyard or official game can be difficult without the appropriate research, however we’ve already found the best soccer shin guards and also can’t wait to share them with you. Let’s get going!

1. Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guard

These extraordinary shin guards are likewise a few of the most affordable you can discover, specifically if you pick them in a typical color that does not require additional layout job. They are available in two pieces for each and every leg: one protective plate as well as one sleeve to make sure a secure and bustier fit. The shin guards themselves go under the sleeves, which are in turn safeguarded by your soccer socks.

Each plate is created with a lightweight as well as challenging covering constructed from long lasting plastic and EVA foam. The plastic does a wonderful job of preventing candid force injury while the foam soaks up impact power and also safeguards your leg also additionally. These are likewise rather comfy considering that you do not need to count on straps to keep every little thing in position.

The sleeves that go on top of the plates are made from polyester, rubber, and spandex, affording them an outstanding waterproofing as well as versatility without causing them to shed their form in time. They’re very breathable as well as will not make your shins as well perspiring.

On top of that, each shin guard is specifically created for a certain leg, so included convenience is a given. Cleaning these shin guards after your video game is additionally very easy, as home plates can be hand cleaned and the sleeves can be maker cleaned with the rest of your clothing. These shin guards are NOCSAE-approved, so they’re perfect for actual league games.

Ultimately, these guards include a carrying instance that goes perfectly with any kind of other bags you require to your games or to the technique backyard. Overall, these are some great shin guards that will function well for adults and children that intend to take soccer seriously and be comfy at the very same time.

If you do make a decision to select these shin guards, make certain to visit the Nike internet site to obtain your sizes best.

Things We Like

  • Perfect for league video games
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Can be found in a range of dimensions as well as colors
  • Budget-friendly

Things We Don’t Like

  • Sleeve is a little bit brief compared to socks
  • Fitting is weird contrasted to other usual dimension charts

2. Franklin Sports Superlight Soccer Shin Guards

These shin guards span a wide array of sizes and are each made with a lightweight material that manages wonderful longevity all the exact same. These shin guards benefit aesthetically from a unique chrome-accented design, which makes them look sturdy and also fashionable at one time.

Each plate is designed as a high-density abrasion-resistant guard, and also each plate is created flawlessly symmetrically to function well with everybody’s anatomy. Both plates likewise utilize self-sticking bands to secure them into a location on your leg, and also the straps can be readjusted for comfort and safe suitable.

The plates are further bolstered by high-density foam that provides amazing power absorption even compared to various other soccer shin guards on the marketplace. Completely, these are just one of the most sturdy soccer shin guard pairs we’ve ever before seen. The only real downside is the lack of a sleeve and the fact that they might wiggle during a game.

The adjustable bands do an excellent task of maintaining things comfortable but frequently permit a little excessive sliding for protection. Still, these are an excellent option for durable yet informal soccer games.

Things We Like

  • Extremely durable plates
  • Soak up great deals of kinetic power
  • Comfortable for many
  • Have bands that can be readjusted

Things We Don’t Like

  • Straps aren’t the most protected on the market

3. Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin Guards for Kids

These shin guards are specifically designed for young boys as well as women, making them an outstanding selection if your youngster’s desire to sign up with a little organization soccer association or simply play the video game in the yard. They can be found in a variety of dimensions in a big variety of colors, varying from black to eco-friendly to pink. Whatever your kids’ visual tastes are, there’s most likely something they’ll like within this choice.

Each pair of shin guards is made with a light-weight polypropylene shell, which is created as a durable but cost-efficient plastic. As an outcome, these shin guards supply respectable protection for a very affordable asking rate. They aren’t one of the sturdiest on the market, however they are sufficient for a lot of kids offered that they can’t kick really difficult anyway.

These shin guards are additionally outfitted with foam cushioning on the back, raising comfort and absorbing kinetic power from any kicks your kids might obtain. To make points even better, this foam cushioning prolongs right down to the ankle to support the sides of the foot. For children, who aren’t quite possibly balanced anyway, this will certainly decrease circumstances of spraining their ankles as well as shield those vulnerable components of their legs.

The shin guards can be further protected with an adjustable band that goes around the center of home plate. Overall, it’s a great set of shin guards with the only drawback being for serious kid players, that might lament the lack of ankle agility.

Points We Like

  • Really light-weight yet fairly long lasting plate layout
  • Has an additional strap for added safety
  • Shields as well as cushions the ankle joint and shin from impacts
  • Affordable
  • Comes in a broad selection of colors

Things We Don’t Like

  • Not excellent for significant players
  • Restricted dimensions as kids expand

4. Sportout Adult Youth Kids Soccer Shin Guards

These soccer shin guards are also terrific for kids, however they come in a broader selection of sizes as well as styles to make them ideal for young adults as well as young people. They are constructed with tough polypropylene front plates that are light-weight and also fairly durable to shield your shins and also calves from violence in packs.

These shin guards likewise have a fairly inconspicuous construction that makes them appear much less bulky than numerous various other shin guards on the marketplace. This is strengthened thanks to the high flexible “dri-fit” sleeves that feature the acquisition. These go over the shin guards to maintain them in position without triggering them to move around. These are developed with 2 “tubes” that do a great job of maintaining the sleeves in location and stopping them from slipping around while maintaining your calves rather completely dry at the same time.

Each plate is made with the ergonomic style to fit your calf bones and allow the EVA foam incorporated into the rear of home plates to support to its maximum degree. Altogether, you’ll locate that your major shin areas are reasonably protected from injury on the soccer area. Your ankle joints are laid off, nevertheless, which might be an advantage or negative aspect relying on your requirements.

Things We Like

  • Designed to be lightweight yet sturdy
  • Avoids shins and also calf bones from sweating
  • Fits onto shins effectively
  • Really budget friendly total

Things We Don’t Like

  • Can make calves feel a bit warm regardless

5. G-Form Pro-S Elite Shin Guards

These shin guards are cutting edge. They’re the first soft and versatile shin guards that are more like sleeves, neglecting different plates completely. Despite this, they still satisfy NOCSAE standards for safety and comfort.

They are developed with a specialized adaptable covering that sets automatically on influence. This unique foam material has particles that slightly repel each other, after that bind together when outdoors pressure impresses on their surface area. They’ll return to a flexible state as quickly as the energy has actually passed.

This allows you to slide them on like normal soccer sleeves without having to fret about an added plate. It’s incredibly light-weight and breathable that can minimize your warm and your sweat at the exact same time. You won’t need tape or any kind of various other straps to keep these in position, as they fit perfectly onto a lot of shins and also calves.

It’s likewise extremely easy to care for these shin guards. Simply throw them in a machine-washing cycle and you’re good to go. These shin guards are also water resistant during routine use, so they will not come to be larger as you sweat. They are also relatively aerating thanks to their mesh backs and UPF 50+ layout.

Ultimately, these are a great option for significant soccer players that want something high tech and also sturdy for their next game.

Points We Like

  • Made with high technology material
  • NOCSAE-approved
  • Doesn’t make use of plates, still protects your shin
  • Adaptable for nearly every person
  • Doesn’t make you sweat
  • Waterproof

Things We Don’t Like

  • A little pricy

What to Look for in a Soccer Shin Guard

As you search our preferred soccer shin guard options, maintain these significant facets in mind and also you’ll have the ability to much more properly choose the best shin guards for your demands.

Shin Guard Type

Generally speaking, there are four main kinds of shin guards you can find on the marketplace, although any provided collection of shin guards might differ considerably from its closest rivals.

The first shin guard kind is “slip-in”. These shin guards are typically light as well as being generally flexible to allow you to glide them right into location beneath your socks. These shin guards will be constructed with a compression sleeve constructed from a mesh or a comparable fabric to effectively hold them in place. It does not make use of straps or braces, making these shin guards as well as some of the simplest to use as well as a great option for novices.

To keep them in position throughout the game, just utilize a tight soccer sock or some tape if necessary. These shin guards are well recognized and well taken pleasure in by numerous because they give you with great deals of wheelchair and also do not restrict your array of movement. Because of this, progressed players will certainly additionally actually value slip-in shin guards.

One more significant kind is ankle shin guards. These included a hefty your significant plate for your shins as well as adding soft cushioning that slides onto either side of your foot as well as ankle. Not just does this supply added structural support for your ankle joint as you operate on the field, yet it will certainly likewise protect it from blunt force damages. This shin guard is extra safety yet always restricts your variety of movement a bit.

You can constantly eliminate the ankle defense fabric if required. These shin guards are normally favored by novices more than experienced gamers as a result of the variety of activity restriction. Newbies will such as these due to the fact that they afford even better security and sturdiness versus common soccer injuries

Strap shin guards are a 3rd, significant kind. These generally have a heavier plate that defends your shin against kicks or other sorts of candid pressure injury without restricting your series of motion around the ankle joint. They come with bands that twist around the rear of your leg below your sock, so they do not secure the ankle joint whatsoever. Still, these shin guards are probably the most basic type as well as they protect the shin most durable out of all the kinds.

The fourth significant kind is sleeve shin guards. These are really comparable to the first slip-in kind of shin guards, as you need to glide your foot right into the shin guard like you would certainly a sock. These go underneath your socks and also typically come with no ankle defense, yet they give much better resting and comfort for typical shin guards. Those who don’t like to put on shin guards regularly might discover these to be to their pleasure considering that they have a tendency to be rather snug and comfortable and also don’t slide about extremely usually.


Normally, various shin guards can be constructed from various materials. But you need to remember that the entire function of a shin guard is to secure your leg from damages as you play soccer, so it won’t do to buy a week shin guard that doesn’t do this primary task.

You must constantly look for shin guards that are made with either difficult plastic or carbon fiber. The previous product will certainly be a lot more affordable many of the moment and additionally can be found in brighter shades and even more differed layouts. These are additionally a little heavier than carbon fiber shin guards. We advise tough plastic shin guards for novices or children that can’t kick or harm themselves as difficult as adults.

Carbon fiber shin guards are extra costly but offer also better toughness with a lighter total weight oftentimes. Carbon fiber is extremely challenging as well as won’t break or bend under stress, so knowledgeable gamers or adults betting other adults might intend to purchase a collection of these.

Some shin guards are made from foam rubber. This is a really economical material, so it’s fantastic if you’re looking for a spending plan set of shin guards, however it does not do a great task of affording excellent security. Just obtain these if you’re buying shin guards for children that can not kick extremely hard.

Ultimately, polyurethane shin guards are a practical option if you desire something as long lasting as carbon fiber without paying as much upfront. These are a little much heavier than the lightweight yet sturdy carbon fiber material, however they can probably safeguard your shin as effectively. Grownups will likely have the ability to handle these better as their legs will be able to relocate just as quickly despite having a little additional weight.

Ankle Protection

We currently mentioned over that a few of the kinds of shin guards feature ankle joint defense. Think about whether you require one of those types before you head right into a game. Beginners who do not mind shedding some of their series of activity will probably gain from having ankle security, particularly given that they aren’t exercised at the maneuvering essential to avoid straining their feet. Experienced gamers can frequently do without ankle joint defense.


The best shin guards for soccer video games will possibly fit; or else, you won’t want to wear them for the whole of your soccer sessions. Many leading shin guards will certainly have supporting foam at their front to shield your shin bone from the real sturdy material of the shin guard plate itself.

Home plate may or may not be comfy enough by itself. Excellent padding will certainly both include in the security your shin bone gets and offer various other advantages like wick sweat from your leg or aid to maintain the shin guard in place. It’ll also absorb the kinetic power of impact, protecting your shinbone also better and also stopping it from bruising.

Try to find EVA foam when you can, as this material does an incredible task of taking in impact power when your shin guard gets a kick while maintaining your leg comfy at the very same time.


The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment is the major organization in fee of identifying what standards of product in building and construction are essential for sports equipment to be utilized in main competitors. Some shin guards are NOCSAE-approved, while others are not. You’ll most definitely desire an accepted collection if you are trying to find some shin guards to utilize in an official game or a sporting activities league.

You can always determine if a collection of shin guards are approved by looking for the stamp on the guard plate or on its tags.

The Best Soccer Shin Guard Brands


Nike is among one of the most popular sporting activities business on the planet, as well as an international firm that make not just shin guards however various other types of shoes, clothing, as well as accessories for sports of all kinds.

Franklin Sports

This firm was founded in 1946 and initially center its products around the athlete Joe Namath. Gradually, it expanded to include sporting activities equipment not simply for baseball yet for basketball as well as soccer also.


Vizari is a soccer equipment company based in Paramount, California. They provide premium soccer gear for players of all skill levels and ages, and their designers are based in the United States, where is most various other soccer gear firms are in Europe or South America.


Sportout is a general sports equipment brand that focuses on football, table tennis, and exercise accessories and devices. Many of their items are designed by experts in the industry or the sports they are meant to be utilized with.


G-Form is more recent than several other sporting activities devices firms and also makes use of sophisticated modern technology as well as 3-D style methods to supply state-of-the-art sports devices solutions for athletes across games and industries.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What Size Shin Guards Should I Get?

A: The exact sizing metrics made use of for a set of shin guards occasionally relies on the supplier and also the material used. That being stated, you can utilize the complying with standards as basic guidelines when choosing shin guards for you or your kids. Bear in mind, to verify whatever the shin guard’s manufacturer claims about sizing prior to completing a purchase.

Any type of shin guards sized “added small” need to be used for youngsters listed below 10 years old or kids that are much less than 4′ 6″ in height.

Shin guards that are sized “little” are perfect for children over 10 years old yet prior to they begin growing with adolescence. 10-13 or two is most likely fine. They’ll additionally be ideal for youngsters that are less than 5′ 3″ in height in most instances.

Medium-sized shin guards are one of the most variable for youngsters and also smaller sized grownups. They are normally ideal for kids below 18 years old but after they’re too huge for “tiny” shin guards. You can conversely make use of these shin guards for children or adults that are listed below 5′ 9″ in height.

Large-sized shin guards are generally only worn by adults. They are usually planned only for players that are over 5′ 9″ in elevation right up to 6′ 8″ or so. Extra-large shin guards are even yet level and also are much better for also taller gamers.

Q: Does Shin Guards Reducing Pain from Injury?

A: Some shin guards do a wonderful job of cushioning your leg to the level that obtaining an awful kick from a fellow gamer does not hurt rather as high as it or else would. But don’t anticipate your shin guard to magically make all of your soccer pains go away. The main purpose of shin guards is to protect your shin from real damages, not negate every one of the pain or discomfort. Think about shin guards as a method to preserve your capacity to play the game even if you obtain kicked by accident.

Q: What Is the most effective Shin Guards for sure Players?

A: You can always pick the sort of shin guards you need by considering the position you’ll fill. Protectors, as an instance, will certainly be running interference versus forwarders, so they require shin guards that are larger as well as supply lots of security, and even perhaps ankle joint protection.

Midfielders and also forwarders will possibly desire more dexterous shin guards that don’t limit their series of motion and also don’t normally utilize ankle joint security. Lighter and smaller shin guards are suitable.

Ultimately, goalkeepers hardly need any type of shin security whatsoever, so obtain them a lightweight as well as active set of shin guards so they can be light on their feet as well as transform on a dollar.

Q: How Many People Do You Need to Play Soccer?

A: The official regulations of soccer state that you require 11 players on each group to continue with a main video game. But the reality is that soccer actually only requires 4 to 6 people in total if you remain in the state of mind for a casual backyard match. You need one goalkeeper for each and every team, plus some opponents on each group to try to kick the round into the opposing web.

You can also have fun with just 2 or 3 individuals if you do not have that lots of by taking turns as well as dealing with a solitary goal.

Final thought

Ultimately, you could still be questioning which soccer shin guards that you should choose. The Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guard is a perfect selection if you need something economical yet dependable for youngsters or young people of all ages. They use a wide array of dimensions and shades to select from.

The G-Form Pro-S Elite Shin Guards is a great different if you want something more advanced for a major soccer player, either on your own or a person in the household. These shin guards are extremely comfortable and also do not call for an additional plate to effectively secure you from injury throughout a soccer match.

Whatever you pick, we’re positive one of the above choices will certainly be excellent for your yard when you’re exercising with a rebounder or severe soccer video game, whichever precedes. Enjoy on the area as well as many thanks for reading!

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