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Best Solar Hanging Lanterns for Subtle Illumination (2022)

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Improving the charm of an exterior space is very easy with a last touch that blends beauty and functionality– like a solar hanging light. Generally, solar light supplies one of the most green means of lighting yards, patios, driveways and even more.

With the best solar hanging lanterns, you can include some cozy, subtle accents illumination to your room. In this write-up, we’ve suggested premier hanging solar fixtures as well as offering a guide to help you locate one that meets your requirements.

Features to Consider When Buying Solar Hanging Lanterns


Every purchaser will have particular requirements. If you’re buying this component to require to an outdoor camping trip, after that you’ll have various requirements from somebody that’s acquiring it to enhance their patio area.

Usually, the applications for solar hanging lanterns are:

  • Embellishing
  • Camping
  • Illuminating areas like patios and also gardens
  • Emergencies

If you’re planning to hang it in your outdoor camping outdoor tents or utilize it for severe sporting activities like climbing up, then you should seek one that’s resilient however also light enough to carry around.

Nonetheless, if you mean to utilize it only for emergency scenarios, you may intend to locate a solar light that has unique functions. These consist of capabilities like power financial institution, USB ports or back-up batteries that can be utilized as a resource of power when there’s little sunshine.


Along with thinking about the designated objective, you also need to believe about the type of problems it will certainly undergo– these consist of wind, dirt, water, snow or frost. Each of these elements will have a serious effect on your hanging light and also might affect its performance.

Great news is: a good number of hanging lanterns are designed for the tough problems of outdoor settings. By this we indicate they can handle small sprinkles of water, rain, and also dust. That stated, this does not necessarily imply that they can endure a flood or constant topples.

So if you’re intending to take your solar hanging lanterns outdoors, ensure it’s accredited waterproof. Also, a difficult plastic/vinyl building is much better matched to endure severe weather conditions contrasted to glass.

On the various other hand, if you’ll only utilize it in your backyard for summer barbecuing, you’ll possibly not require the water-resistance ability. Thus, you can conserve a couple of bucks by choosing a non-waterproof model.

Battery Life

With the exemption of a couple of versions, most of solar hanging lanterns depend exclusively on solar power This is not the kind of lighting component that you can link into a wall surface socket as well as fee whenever it runs reduced.

While this conserves you cash on energy costs, it additionally leaves you in a bit of a pickle. If the weather is gloomy for a whole week or perhaps a couple of days, your solar -powered battery may lack juice.

The batteries of most solar hanging lanterns are created to last for 8 to 10 hours. Just a few fixtures are promoted as being able to light up for approximately 24 here. Overall, a quality component must be qualified of staying on for one whole evening as well as after that charge to the maximum the adhering to day.


Lumens is a measurement of exactly how bright the solar hanging lanterns are. The bulk of these fixtures come geared up with LED bulbs, which naturally illuminate brightly.

Nonetheless, you can be trying to find a soft decorative accent to use in a setting that does not require the overly bright light. If you browse our choices, you’ll locate numerous lanterns that offer either white light or warm light.

As a policy of thumb, select lanterns with a minimum of 5 lumens for ornamental applications as well as 40 lumens for the primary lights. Right here’s a simple overview that compares lumens loved one to the light bulbs’ electrical power:

5 lumens = 0.08 watts

15 lumens = 0.25 watts

30 lumens = 0.5 watts

50 lumens = 0.8 watts

Top 10 Solar Hanging Lanterns

1. Maggift Retro Star Hanging Solar Landscape Lantern: Best All-Round

Produced making use of iron, the 2-Pack Retro Solar Hanging Lantern uses an excellent equilibrium of functions and pricing.

The measurements of each lantern are 6.3 x 6.3 x 6.9 inches, and also it utilizes a white LED bulb that produces regarding 5 lumens. Thus, it’s intense enough to brighten a conventional outside room.

Another positive attribute of the Maggift light is its energy effectiveness. This component is developed to instantly switch itself off at dawn as well as after that back on at sunset. This is a helpful device for those home owners that neglect to turn the lights off in the early morning.

While it’s advertised as a hanging lantern, the Retro Star provides an excellent deal of convenience when it involves installing. You can suspend it from trees, patios, as well as pergolas along with area it on a level surface area like a table top or walk.

Every light features 1 solar -driven AA 400mAh NI-MH battery. When this obtains enough sunshine, it can run for 8 hours right.


  • Backed by a 3-month warranty
  • Adaptable mounting: can be hung or hinged on a straight surface area
  • When fully charged, it can last for 8 hours
  • Automatic on/off systems to reduce energy


  • Not weatherproof

2. Hanging Solar Lanterns by SHANNA: Runner-Up

If you’re seeking a brighter choice, the Hanging Solar Lanterns by Shanna is a fantastic selection. These generate at the very least 7 lumens, making them suitable for decorating holiday parties, wedding events, camps and more.

This specific set is composed of 2 lanterns, each of which gauges 5.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches. But if you want extra illumination or lanterns to make use of in various areas, these are likewise offered in a 6-pack as well as 8-pack

The crucial highlight of the Hanging Solar Lanterns is their long run time. While various other fixtures help a maximum of 8 hrs, this set boasts a 10-hour run time. As long as they’re completely charged– and also this takes about 6 hrs– they will remain lit throughout the night.

One more aspect that sets this hanging lantern unit apart is the versatility of setting up. The components utilize a clip-based hanging mechanism, offering you lots of choices for placing. You can link them to a string of lights to increase illumination or you can use them by themselves by hanging on a tree.


  • Waterproof building
  • Comes with vehicle on/off
  • 10-hour long run time
  • 2 means of installing
  • 45-day money-back warranty and 1-year warranty


  • Not brilliant enough for some individuals’s liking

3. CHBKT 4-Pack Mason Jar Solar Hanging Lantern: Best Mason Jar Lanterns

Perfect for boosting the mood or improving illumination in a space, CHBKT Mason Jars will certainly include a touch of homemade, natural-looking beauty to any type of setup.

They come as a collection of 4 mason containers, every one of which are filled up with 20 LED warm white fairy lights. The fact that the supplier has chosen LED illumination provides numerous benefits. For one, you do not need to bother with the bulbs giving off warmth. Second of all, these light bulbs are durable and also secure to take care of also if they’ve been on for a long time.

Another point we enjoy concerning this mason container hanging light set is their waterproof capacity. According to the producer, the whole package features a waterproof rating of IP 65. This indicates you can easily leave it outdoors also when it’s raining.

The mason jar components operate for in between 8 as well as 12 hrs when they’re fully billed, after a minimum of 5 hrs in direct sunlight.

What’s distinct concerning this collection is that also if they’re not billed, maybe due to inadequate sunlight, they can still function. The lights come with one item AAA rechargeable battery for these scenarios.


  • IP65 water-proof building
  • The mason containers lighting design is posh
  • Integrated light sensing unit to automatically transform on/off
  • Suitable for interior and also outside use
  • 1 AAA rechargeable batteries included for back-up
  • Features a 1-year warranty


  • Perfect for ambiance however not that helpful for illumination objectives

4. ANDEFINE Solar Hanging Lanterns: Best Value

Initially glance, it might seem like this light collection is costlier than our top choice. But the truth that you’ll be getting 4 solar lanterns, makes the ANDEFINE Lights Sets among one of the most affordable alternatives.

Each of the lights is LED as well as gauges 3.46 x 3.46 x 5.5 inches. And also, they each featured a steel clamp and also ring for a quick and also very easy setup. The umbrella lanterns can be installed anywhere; be it trees, outdoors tents or driveways.

The advantage about these lights is that they’re weatherproof. Created making use of premium-quality ABS and also metal, they’re able to endure extreme heat and also downpours, making them suitable for exterior applications.

Even better, these components utilize exchangeable batteries. This implies you can substitute with one more collection of batteries without having to acquire the entire lantern set.

ANDEFINE provides a 90-day guarantee for this product. So if any of them has a flaw or breakdowns prior to this duration expires, you can request for a refund or get it changed absolutely free.


  • Sturdy, weatherproof building
  • Changeable battery style for maximum sturdiness
  • Includes 4 quality solar lanterns
  • Fashionable umbrella style makes them suitable for decorating


  • Also small for some applications

5. Yard Island Solar Hanging Cage Lantern: Best Design

If you do not mind splurging on a beautifully-crafted lighting fixture, this Solar Lantern by Yard Island is an amazing alternative.

Composed of 1 Edison bulbs covered in a geometric cage of circuitry, this light looks exquisite as well as really creative. This is the kind of component that you ‘d just anticipate to locate in premium establishments.

Looks aside, this solar hanging light delivers an outstanding performance. The lithium-ion battery is 100% solar -powered, enabling it to create warm white LEDs. Yet what makes this system distinct is the huge 1500mAh battery ability. Thanks to this function, the lantern can light up for up to 8 hours.

However, it needs to be delegated to charge for at the very least a complete day. This suggests that you must purposefully place the component in an area where it gets direct sunshine.

That stated, the Yard Island lantern is totally weatherproof. It also includes an automatic setting that changes it on at dusk as well as turning it off at dawn to conserve power.


  • Perfect for decorative objectives
  • Completely automatic
  • Trustworthy 3.7V 1500mAh battery
  • Weatherproof building


  • Costly

6. Homeimpro Solar Big Hanging Lantern: Ideal for Larger Spaces

Metal lanterns are made in a range of forms and also dimensions, yet the Homeimpro Solar Big is our favored pick if you’re searching for a large-sized unit. Gauging 7.9 x 7.9 x 7 inches, this is definitely the greatest hanging lantern in our review Even better, the component has such a complex globe style with special openings. This allows it to cast beautiful beams on the bordering area.

The light is moderately bright, creating a minimum of 7 lumens. Hence, it gives a good quantity of illumination for huge rooms like pathways, courtyards, and also gardens. One more noteworthy function of the light is that it’s readily available in white or blue. It also has an automated on/off feature for smooth usage.

This light features a waterproof score of IP 44, indicating it can hold up against water spilling. However, this is not an extremely high level of security so you may intend to store it inside when it’s not in usage.

In addition, Homeimpro provides excellent client assistance in instance you experience any kind of concerns with the component. If you want to change the light or obtain a reimbursement, make certain to contact them within 180 days of your acquisition.


  • Gorgeous style
  • Big enough to set up in big spaces
  • Automobile turn on/off for energy efficiency
  • Comes with batteries
  • Weather-resistant; IP44 security degree


  • Not the most durable

7. Obell 2 Pack Retro Solar Hanging Lanterns: For a Vintage Look

A warm lights fixture is one that gives that typical yellow color light. Not just does this feel natural however it also helps you to unwind. If you’re aiming to install such fixtures in locations like your room, the Obell Retro Lanterns is a terrific option.

Counting solely on solar powers, these lanterns give off cozy lights that aid to establish a ventilated mood in your house.

Each light determines 3.5 x 3.5 x 5.5 inches as well as being intense enough to light up dark rooms at evening. However, if you do not desire the soft light, the lanterns are likewise readily available in a white light variation.

Like most of the products in our review, this collection features an automated button on/off setup. Additionally, the lanterns have a highly-durable build that is composed of difficult iron and plastic with a copper finish.

Every lantern makes use of 1 AA 600mAh NI-MH batteries, which upon charging totally, lasts for 8 hours or even more.

Likewise worth keeping in mind is that this lantern set features a lifetime service warranty. Therefore, if you experience any concern when utilizing the fixtures, you can call the maker through the Amazon platform.


  • Multifunctional: can be used in a selection of areas varying from outdoor patios to gardens and patios
  • Good run time of 8 hours
  • Features a lifetime guarantee


  • Not bright sufficient for some applications

8. TomCare Dancing Flame Hanging Lanterns: Best for Decoration

This solar hanging component blends trendy design with fair prices. The TomCare 2-Pack Light appears to be producing flickering fires, which though a little bit peculiar, provides it an attractive look. And also, they provide the benefit of being useful when you’re organizing celebrations in your backyard.

These solar -powered lanterns are versatile sufficient to be used both outdoors and indoors to add setting. That stated, you’ll still need to discover a method of billing them under direct sunlight.

An additional attribute that makes this component unit stand out is its long working time. With adequate juice, the light can function for regarding 10 hours. It takes at least 6 hrs for this device to charge totally. Nevertheless, both the fee and also run time depend on the weather and also season.

When it involves installation, you have two choices to choose from: you can either hang or clip it on anything you want.

Dancing Flame solar lights are likewise water resistant many thanks to the ABS plastic construct. Because of this, they don’t get harmed by rainfall, snow or frost. Besides, the producer supplies a 1-year guarantee in addition to a 45-day money-back assurance.


  • They send out a cozy glow, which is wonderful for establishing a relaxing mood
  • Features a built-in sensor for automatic operation
  • Abdominal plastic develop is totally water-proof
  • Includes an alligator clip for simple setup
  • Includes a user-manual


  • Does not come with a battery

9. GIGALUMI 4 Pack Hanging Solar Lanterns: A Budget-Friendly Option

For homeowners that are on a limited spending plan however would certainly still like to provide solar hanging lanterns a shot, this 4 Pack Globe Set by GIGALUMI is a cost-effective alternative.

These components cast a bright white light from the interior of a grey-transparent “broken” glass instance. Keep in mind that the glass housing isn’t really broken. The maker uses this term lightly to describe the light’s glass patterns that create distinct shadows once it’s activated.

Lots of people would think that the glass real estate is fragile. As opposed to this belief, the glass is pretty thick and also difficult, which makes for durable building.

We likewise like exactly how straightforward this solar light is. All you require to do is transform the “on” switch located near the top. As soon as you do this, the fixture will automatically activate at night and also disable in the early morning.

The only area where GIGALUMI Lanterns drops brief is their running time. While many of the fixtures we’ve assessed to provide a strong 8 hr run time, this collection averages in between 6 as well as 8 hrs.


  • Sturdy glass as well as stainless-steel construct
  • Straightforward installation
  • Easy to use


  • Running time can be boosted

10. SUNWIND Hanging Solar Lanterns: Most Colorful

If you’ve gone with all the products in our review and thought, “Are there any kind of lanterns that can be found in dynamic colors?” Well, these Decorative Solar Lanterns by SUNWIND is the supreme remedy.

They in fact can be found in 2 shade variations: white as well as multi-color; hence appropriate for various consumer tastes.

This set of lights components also provides excellent value. You’ll be obtaining 8 solar -powered lanterns for the exact same rate that you ‘d pay for a plan of a couple of similar fixtures.

Additionally essential to note is that the lights are simple to make use of. You do not need to have any tech expertise or understanding to operate them. Simply rotate the button to “ON” and place them in your chosen place. Advisably, this ought to be a location with straight access to sunshine.

Depending on the quantity of sunlight they’re subjected to throughout the day, these lanterns can last anywhere in between 6 and 10 hrs.


  • Weatherproof construction
  • Problem-free installment
  • Multi-color style which is perfect for decorating backyards, outdoor patios, yards as well as more


  • No guarantee supplied

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the conventional life expectancy of a solar hanging lantern?

A: If the instance or housing of the component is solid, then it ought to have the ability to benefit a pair of years. Usually, these lights last for at least 2 years. If you’re wanting to extend the life of the solar panel, the key is to clean it correctly and also keep it indoors whenever there’s inclement climate.

Even much better is the truth that most of these lanterns usage LED bulbs, which have also longer life expectancy of at the very least 30 years. What this suggests is that you’ll only need to change your hanging lanterns if they become malfunctioning.

Q: Can the lanterns run on regular batteries as well?

A: Ideally, every solar light should be powered making use of solar powers. These components generally come with solar panels connected to their roof coverings, which offer to soak up sunshine and convert it right into electrical power.

Owing to this environmentally-friendly method of creating electric power, there’s no demand for any exterior power sources.

Nevertheless, a few advanced models go a notch higher by giving alternating billing alternatives like backup batteries, AC adapters as well as USB ports. With these choices, businesses are able to meet a selection of demands.

Q: What happens if a solar hanging light splashes?

A: The benefit of a lot of solar hanging lanterns is that they’re created for indoor as well as exterior applications. Therefore, they’ll commonly come with a weatherproof or water resistant rating.

Most of these fixtures can not get harmed by light rainfall, pool dashes, yard watering or morning dew. Still, very few of these can withstand hefty water exposure like flooding, submersion or a storm.

Unless your lanterns are entirely waterproof, you ought to constantly bring your lanterns inside when the weather deviates for the most awful.

Q: Can the lanterns fee when it’s gloomy or when they’re under a color?

A: Solar hanging lanterns rely mainly on sunlight to bill This implies that whenever there’s a low UV index, they will not bill adequately.

If you stay in an area that gets little sunlight, you’ll wish to select models that can charge even if there are just a few rays coming via. The something you’ll require to do is charge these lanterns for a longer period.

Keep in mind that the dimension of the solar panels on these components also matters. The bigger the panel, the a lot more qualified it is to take on overcast weather condition or unethical problems.


The best solar hanging lanterns provide a flexible lighting mechanism. Not just can they be installed in a variety of areas yet they’re likewise energy-efficient and cost-effective since they operate on an endless supply of free tidy powers

If you’re aiming to purchase among these lights, we advise the Maggift Retro Star Hanging Solar Landscape Lantern.

The 2-Pack Lanterns are fairly large, enabling them to illuminate a large area. Also, they have an automatic on/off switch, which conserves you time while also helping to conserve power. Finally, they offer you a range of installment choices.

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