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The 5 Best Starter Airsoft Guns: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide (2022)

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When you’re a starting airsoft fanatic, you’re likely aiming to get as much value as is possible! To help you browse this globe, I’ve placed with each other in this fast guide to help you discover the best starter airsoft weapon for your requirements. There’s a whole series of beginner pieces around– I’ve attempted my best to stabilize worth with budget plan to ensure that you obtain a great feel for the craft with these airsoft weapons. Allow’s dive right in!

1. GG CM16 Raider

This is the traditional start airsoft gun– you’ve possibly seen it prior to! As a great monetary option, the CM16 Raider originates from a reputable company as well as consistently obtains high reviews Although it’s on the lower end of the rate spectrum, gamers report having the ability to hold their own versus proprietors of a lot more costly weapons.

It’s light, however it’s obtained some heft to it– it most definitely will not slow you down, as well as it’s made from an extremely state-of-the-art plastic that needs to last for a very lengthy time. This longevity’s essential– when you’re simply beginning out discovering exactly how to use a airsoft weapon, your weapons normally take a rather big pounding!

The magazine consists of 450 rounds (great for gamers who such as to spray the field) as well as the weapon itself is completely modifiable if you seem like throwing it any kind of upgrades as you end up being more knowledgeable about what you’re doing. A pro as well as a con in one: Stores don’t often tend to stock this for very long, as it flies off the racks– as well as if there’s a sale on this gun, due to its popularity, it can market out in minutes.

Things we such as:

  • The price
  • The product feeling of this weapon (so actual!)
  • The huge magazine– no need to refill often

Points we don’t like:

  • Exactly how hard this gun can be to locate due to its enormous popularity

2. FN Soft Air Scar

No items discovered.

At an even a lot more attractive rate point than the CM16 Raider, the FN Soft Air Scar features a much more streamlined silhouette (as well as color options, if appearances are your thing). Note before you acquire that this airsoft gun does require something that isn’t consisted of to function correctly– one AA battery. That battery must power the weapon for a lengthy time, according to reviews, yet you need to recognize that upfront so you aren’t discouraged when you open up the plan.

A full-size gun made totally of a lightweight yet long lasting polymer and also plastic, this airsoft weapon takes 12g pellets and also shoots them rapidly with a reasonable kick-back that the majority of reviewers state isn’t also bad! The publication holds 350 pellets, so you’ll have the ability to have a great quantity of time between reloads.

This weapon features a few personalizations that you can execute precisely the weapon, such as folding down the views and also including or removing a foregrip. This is great because it indicates that as you ‘degree up’ as an airsoft fanatic, you can easily customize your shooting experience to be exactly what you desire it to be. While this isn’t the finest weapon on the market, it is an excellent entrance to the sport– many customers report being really pleased for it as a dad as well as son playing with it in their backyard, but advise that it wouldn’t stand up in airsoft competitors. This isn’t a bad thing, though– you simply have to understand what you’re going to want to finish with your airsoft gun!

Things we like:

  • The beautiful shape and also form of this gun
  • Customizations make your game more accessible
  • Reduced rate

Points we don’t such as:

  • That a battery is required that isn’t consisted of

3. BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M61

For a various kind of shooting experience, consider this effective airsoft sniper rifle with terrific reviews at a slightly greater financial investment. It’s worth the additional pennies, though– this is an airsoft weapon which purports itself to be a genuine and accurate reproduction of the sniper rifles it’s imitating. It’s made from difficult, resilient ABS polymer, so it additionally has a similar heft, equivalent to the genuine point.

This is a precision equipment. Again, you need to understand what you’re going to desire to perform with the airsoft weapon: this isn’t a “spray as well as pray” sort of equipment, however more the sort of gun that you would certainly utilize to pick people off from afar. You can just discharge round at once– that makes sense, as a sniper– however the reload time is extremely fast; absolutely faster than any one of the larger weapons with publications. It does feature the option to acquire a little publication to clip on, nonetheless, which would certainly hold about 20-25 bullets. Still, multiple shots at as soon as are not the priority with this weapon– and also that’s okay!

The genuine selling point of this airsoft weapon is the bolt activity, which was adeptly crafted to be as practical as feasible. Reviews consistently mention that using this weapon truly seems like you’re utilizing the actual thing! Also, since it’s a lighter weapon, individuals do report that it can be truly impacted by the wind– simply something you would like to know when you’re dealing with it!

Things we like:

  • The high quality ABS polymer that the body is constructed from
  • The severe accuracy
  • The ability to purchase a publication to improve shooting

Points we don’t such as:

  • This is a lighter device which has a tendency to persuade around in the wind.

4. Benjamin Armada BTAP17SX PCP-Powered Multi-Shot Bolt Action

This set’s a little bit even more of a financial investment, but it’s worth it– this is a terrific entrance into borderline professional airsoft weapons. With a genuine heft to it that most individuals report say make it seem like a real weapon, this airsoft item is so accurate and effective that some people in fact utilize it to search actual video game or for house defense.

Filling the air container is a breeze, the weapon itself is made of a steel case that both looks terrific and will last for several years ahead, and also individuals report that the reload time is very reduced and also the accuracy of this machine is high. If you’re seeking the wonderful place in between accuracy and also the spraying feeling of a traditional equipment gun, this airsoft gun is a great compromise.

One more perk– this gun is incredibly very easy and also peaceful to run, making it all at once an excellent access point for beginners and a terrific tool for stealth maneuvers. Filling up the tank with the included air pump does take some muscle mass, but you can conveniently consider that just component of the associate exercise! This is just one of one of the most prominent airsoft weapons on the marketplace, which suggests that if you acquire it you’ll quickly have the ability to discover other individuals who can assist you to know exactly how to utilize it face to face, and any repair work, devices, or replacement components will be conveniently available.

Things we like:

  • The actual feeling of it!
  • The quiet procedure
  • The high level of precision for a device weapon

Points we don’t like:

  • The relatively greater expense

5. Glock 19 Gen3. 177 Quality BB Gun Air Pistol

We’ve saved the best for last! As a handgun originating from a timeless name in business, this Glock air pistol certainly provides because thrilling name-recognition means. It includes the timeless Glock views that you understand and enjoy along with qualified and also main Glock markings on its house sidings. It also provides on high quality: it’s got an on-the-side Weaver rail which can aid with accessories, it’s powered by 12 grams of CO 2, as well as it’s capable of capturing. 177 quality BBs at 410 FPS.

This airsoft gun is such an accurate replica of a Glock that individuals report using it to exercise for the real point with excellent impacts. Reviews state that it’s great for target method, as well as it’s certainly as much as the job– this weapon can last for many years, taking whole lots of hefty use prior to it calls for any sort of repair work. The combat views that it comes with feeling like something right out of a computer game, as well as definitely ups the ‘cool’ and also ‘fun’ element that feature owning a airsoft Glock. A wonderful compromise between budgetary airsoft weapons and higher-end versions, this Glock airsoft does a great work for a small cost and includes all the delights of guns lot of times the rate.

Things we such as:

  • The classic Glock name recognition
  • The speed (410 FPS!)
  • The power– people report this is extremely similar to in fact making use of a Glock

Things we don’t like:

  • The CO2 is not consisted of.

What You Need to Know Before Buying an Airsoft Gun

Now that we’ve undergone numerous terrific options for airsoft weapons, I believed it ‘d be an excellent concept to delve into a few of the reasons that individuals buy airsoft guns– and also what you ought to be trying to find. Allow’s begin with a fundamental one:

What do people use airsoft guns for?

Well, the short solution is– whatever they desire! Nevertheless, there are 2 primary camps, here: people utilize airsoft weapons for fun, and individuals use airsoft weapons as technique. Lots of airsoft weapons are reproductions of popular ‘genuine’ weapons that permit the shooter to determine the standard devices as well as really feel of the gun without having to purchase the genuine gun, which is usually more pricey (as well as in many cases, are banned regionally).

Often, depending upon the power of the airsoft weapon, you’ll be able to use it to fire a little game or even utilize it for standard home security.

However, at the start level, you’ll more than likely simply be using this for enjoyable! At the reduced cost factors, you’ll be extra likely to obtain weapons which are extra just enjoyable for running around in the yard with, that’ll have even more of a feel of a paintball gun. They’ll still benefit games of polices and robbers or for fundamental target technique!

Eventually, this is a good idea– you have a reduced entry cost for an entrance tool, and as you come to be even more of a fanatic you have the possibility to level up.

What are the different sorts of airsoft weapons?

There are practically as various types of airsoft guns as there are regular guns, as routine gun suppliers can make a airsoft variation of their weapon with rather reduced overhead (which is one reason that we’ve obtained the Glock featured above). Nonetheless, right here’s a short bulleted run-through of the various kinds of airsoft guns:

  • Assault rifles
  • Sniper rifles
  • Machine guns
  • Pistols
  • Shotguns

Another way to differentiate different types of airsoft guns isn’t a lot the version of an actual gun that they’re made to imitate, yet the manner in which the airsoft gun is powered. There are 3 primary methods to distinguish airsoft weapons in this respect:

  • Spring Powered (most entry-level as well as common form of power; likewise the ‘original’ airsoft device, in which mechanical power using a cock as well as fire motion is called for to trigger your weapon)
  • Gas Powered (extra effective, although you do need to collaborate with storage tanks of CO2 in order to make your weapon work– however normally taken into consideration an upgrade over spring-powered mechanisms)
  • Automatic Electric (most prominent, as the automated function is the one most popularly prohibited in real guns; this offers people a possibility to attempt it out in a legal manner)

Ultimately, the kind of weapon you spend in will certainly be based upon what you wish to perform with it; as an example, if you’re just planning on playing with it in your yard or with friends, you likely don’t require more than a spring-powered gun. If, nevertheless, you’re wanting to compete or utilize this as a genuine practice weapon, you might require to opt for one of the extra higher powered choices.

What should you recognize before you use an airsoft gun for the first time?

Prior to you use an airsoft weapon for the very first time, you require to think of exactly how it’s mosting likely to be utilized– and also you require to think of security Specifically if you’re a parent buying and airsoft gun for your kid, there are some factors to consider as you’re going to wish to take into consideration.

When you’re buying and airsoft gun to use for having fun with household and friends, you do require to impose a rigorous code of conduct. These aren’t ‘genuine’ weapons in that they do not fire deadly bullets– but they do release projectiles with extreme force, and that can do damage. Consequently, you actually do require developing policies such as ‘do not shoot each various other in the face’ — you might be taking a look at eye injuries as well as busted noses within minutes.

Because of this, it’s generally suggested to purchase substantial protective equipment, such as face masks and upper body plates, prior to you start using your airsoft weapon. If you’re heading out hunting, this most definitely isn’t a negative suggestion, either!

The various other standard point to recognize is FPS FPS describes ‘feet per 2nd’, and also is a helpful action for exactly how quickly a projectile is going to come launching out of your weapon. If you do not remember anything else from this write-up and also you need a fundamental way to bear in mind what increases the force in a gun, remember this: the higher the FPS, the higher the power.

If you choose you desire a little more target practice and also need a comfortable area to sit while capturing, think about a few of these best capturing floor coverings

Best Beginner Airsoft Gun Brands

Below’s a quick rundown of each of the brand names we stated above:

GG Armament

GG Armament has actually been around considering that 1986 as well as being recognized for structure devices that are engineered to reproduce the guns they’re duplicating with finesse and top quality. They check each of their weapons before they go on the market– these guys are all regarding the information.


Coming from overseas, FN means Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal; they make each of their weapons in Belgium.


Known as an industrial pioneer of airsoft guns, BBTac has actually been dedicated to offering high quality guns for years. They pride themselves on concentrating on their market and their procedure.

Benjamin Armada

This business accredited the initial MLOK-equipped user interface and also develop this gun around that! It’s the initial gun that very closely mirrors what’s readily available in AR– a massive marketing factor.


As the business whose name is synonymous with excellent guns, Glock has been around considering that 1963 as well as is now an around the world business. Mr. Glock notoriously created the modern gun!


Q: Can airsoft weapons kill?

A: The brief response is– yes! Any gun can kill if you direct it in the ideal direction as well as you give it the best quantity of pressure. Airsoft weapons are typically acquired with the express objective of hunting smaller sized game, especially at the greater rate factor. The point is, you certainly wish to deal with these guns like tools, not just toys– because, if you’re not careful, you can most definitely find on your own in a very regrettable situation.

Q: Which airsoft weapon should I get?

A: This depends a lot on what you prepare on making with it! If you’re simply intending on playing with it in your yard, you most likely don’t have to splurge on a top-end model. If you’re buying it to exercise shooting with an airsoft before you level approximately the genuine point, you should possibly consider the factors you’ll be attempting to shoot an actual gun and then obtain airsoft that many very closely mirrors the weapon you plan on getting later on. Planning on utilizing it for protection or for light searching? You’ll likely intend to buy higher-end airsoft with even more power.

Q: How can I be secure with a airsoft weapon?

A: The most fundamental regulation with any kind of weapon, whether it’s real or it’s airsoft, is never to aim it in the instructions that you would not wish to shoot it in. The following best suggestion is to utilize them in open locations, to allow every person in the nearby area know what you’re doing, and to wear some kind of protective gear. Lastly, ensure to utilize correct safety and security tools like a airsoft mask.

Finish up

And that’s that– all you need to understand about the best starter airsoft weapons on the marketplace, in addition to some information which may help you find out the best gun to purchase for your particular scenario. I included some safety tips, too, since that’s never a poor point to focus on when you’re talking about weapon investing in as well as usage!

Ultimately, my favored pick for this classification is never not going to be the Glock. It’s a traditional for a reason, and also in this instance, you can not beat the hand-feel as well as the licensing markings of this airsoft: it’s a wildly good dupe for the genuine point, and whether you intend on utilizing it for enjoyable or for method, it’s well-priced as well as well-enough powered to be helpful for both purposes.

When you’re checking out airsoft guns to acquire, assume about what you’ll be utilizing it for. Do you intend to exercise precision? Then maybe opt for the airsoft rifle we connected above: that’ll offer you a fantastic machine to boost your sighting and also capturing strategies. Keep in mind to always be secure when you’re functioning with your brand-new airsoft gun!

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