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Best Trampoline Grease: 5 Fantastic Options! (2023)

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When it comes to trampolines, maintenance can be the driving force behind several years of use as well as fun. The effectively oiled springtimes are just one of the biggest factors to a long trampoline life, which is why, in this article, we’re covering the best trampoline oil to avoid rust and guarantee excellent capability!

Allow’s get going!

Quickly? Right here’s Our Top Picks …

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1. Valvoline w609

Valvoline w609 is oil designed to lube car and other tools, including trampolines. It’s great for greasing the springtime on a trampoline

Apart from guaranteeing the springtimes are in good problem, Valvoline w609 makes certain the squeaky noises on a trampoline are a distant memory. The majority of trampolines are put outside. This indicates they are prone to weathering effects.

For example, a trampoline is likely to corrosion due to moisture. Valvoline w609 has superb water-resistant homes. This implies using it on your trampoline will certainly avoid rusting and other results of adverse weather.

The temperature level series of the oil is quite high. It can effectively lube trampoline springs that get to temperature levels ranging from -10 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 levels Fahrenheit.

Points We Liked:

  • High-temperature arrays
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to use on difficult to reach locations
  • Cost effective

2. Lubriplate 03494

The initial point you will observe with this grease is it works best in cool temperature levels. If you stay in a location with cold weather, this is the ideal oil for your trampoline

Another function of the Lubriplate 03494 is the ability to avoid wear and corrosion. Trampolines are products that are utilized by kids any type of chance they get. This implies they are really prone to wear and also tear.

Preserving a trampoline consists of the application of grease to numerous components. Lubriplate 03494 can be used to locations where it is tough to get to. The grease ensures a considerable reduction in wear.

Corrosion is an additional concern encountered by trampolines, particularly those that are positioned outdoors. Numerous variables create deterioration. Excellent grease must can stop rust on your trampoline

Lubriplate 03494 can last a number of months after application. This implies you can utilize it to ensure your trampoline is corrosion-free for years.

Points We Liked:

  • Outstanding lubrication properties
  • Practical down to -60 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Protects against deterioration and put on
  • Water repellent, extreme pressure grease

3. Lucas Oil 14 5 Ounce 10301 Sturdy Grease, 14 5 oz

A # 1 best -vendor, the Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Grease is a long-lasting choice that stays on the trampoline springtimes 4 times longer than your ordinary grease. It’s almost water-proof, avoiding one of the most vulnerable components of your trampoline from rust.

This grease is all-temperature steady and is a very cost effective alternative. You obtain 14 5 oz of product, sufficient to last a year or longer with routine trampoline maintenance. As well as, even if you don’t use it for a while, it will not dry out like various other brand names on the marketplace. It’s also not a ‘wet’ oil, and also will not leak onto the ground as you apply it to the trampoline springtimes.

Things We Liked:

  • Really cost effective
  • Durable
  • Will not drip or dry out otherwise made use of
  • All-temperature secure
  • Waterproof
  • Hot seller
  • Lasts 4 times longer than ordinary multi-purpose grease

4. WD-40 Specialist Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Grease, 14 OZ

A relied on name in equipment care supplies, WD-40’s Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Grease has long-lasting rust protection to expand the life of your trampoline springtimes. As well as, although the steel on a trampoline will never ever get to such high temperature levels, this grease is trustworthy at temperatures at and also above 650 levels F.

It has marine-grade water resistance and defense versus corrosion and deterioration and can also be made use of in damp conditions without shedding high quality.

Points We Liked:

  • Marine-grade water-resistance
  • Unequaled security against rust as well as deterioration
  • Can be used in moist conditions
  • Reliable at temperatures above 650 levels
  • Budget-friendly and long-lasting

5. Valvoline Moly-Fortified Gray Full Synthetic Grease 1 POUND

Valvoline’s 1-pound full artificial grease aids inhibit rust as well as oxidation and created to offer superior extreme reduced as well as high-temperature protection for your trampoline springs.

It doesn’t harden or completely dry over time and can be conveniently used without much initiative as well as will not wash away because of damp conditions or rainfall. Not just will this oil relax rusted or sticking springs, yet it will also silence squeaks!

Points We Liked:

  • Budget friendly
  • 1 extra pounds of oil
  • Resilient and also reliable
  • Loosens up rusted or limited trampoline springtimes
  • Silences squeaking

Trampoline Grease Education

As soon as you locate the best trampoline, you after that need to discover the best grease for the periodic upkeep.

With some understanding into oil and exactly how it works, the option procedure can be streamlined. We have created factors you need to think about prior to you purchase any sort of trampoline grease.


What does the grease do? Lubricating substances such as grease have a variety of features that are directly or indirectly entailed in managing the following:

  • Temperature– lubricating substances can transfer and soak up heat
  • Contamination– lubes transportation impurities such as bits to separators and filters
  • Rust– high quality lubricants avoid destructive materials from corroding surfaces
  • Wear– they decrease destructive and mechanical wear
  • Rubbing — lower power usage and warm generation

Trampoline oil is generally utilized to stop corrosion, wear, and rubbing.

Relieve of Use

The application of grease is different from the application of various other oils. trampoline oil might be easily used by hand to easily accessible locations of the trampoline

Tough to get to locations of your trampoline can be oiled using an automated dispenser. If your trampoline has chains that require lubing, a constant dispenser is recommended.

Long life

Grease, and various other lubricants, all have an optimum life expectancy. Once it is over, they require to be replaced. The same instance relates to any kind of trampoline oil.

The only means you can track the life-span of a trampoline grease life-span is by checking the exterior temperature level. As a rule of thumb, excess temperatures ruin grease in a trampoline

Every rise of 18 levels F (or 10 levels C), or temperatures above 150 degrees F (65 degrees C) will half the oil’s life span.

This suggests oil that might last for 30 months at 150 degrees F will certainly last around 14 days at 165 levels F as well as concerning 4 days at 204 degrees F.

For a trampoline, it is a good idea to examine out squeaky noises when it remains in use. Generally, a squeaky trampoline noise is a certain indicator of damaged trampoline oil.

Most of high-end trampolines included a customer overview with an upkeep schedule. These are simpler to maintain. If this is not the instance, you will certainly require to do it manually or find an expert who can do the exact same.

Best Brands


Lubriplate is understood to offer value-added, free of charge solution. The main objective is to ensure you can boost productivity, minimize downtime, and maintain your lubrication program.

The company generates the finest petroleum-based, synthetic, and food-grade lubes that fulfill and exceed your expectations. From lithium lubricants to multi-purpose greases, Lubriplate is a leader in generating several of the most essential lube products for numerous functions.

Products from the company are unbelievably difficult as well as sturdy. This suggests you will not have to go on re-greasing your trampoline This is why it is among the recommended brands for trampoline oil.


A petroleum-based lube for vapor engines was established by Dr. John Ellis in 1866 Since, his company has actually functioned constantly to guarantee they repeatedly innovate and also offer the finest electric motor cleansers, lubricants, oils, and oils.

The reason individuals count on Valvoline is this commitment to development and also tradition. It is additionally the reason it is just one of the best trampoline greases you can find out there. Automobile owners have actually relied on Valvoline products from the Model T of the past to today’s present models.

Trampoline Grease FAQs

Q: Is it typical for a trampoline to squeal?

A: If the squeaking is not extremely loud, the cause may be the initial stage of rusting on the trampoline spring. This holds true especially if the item was saved in a damp area for a long duration as well as it was not being used.

Allow the trampoline dry in a completely dry environment. Once it has actually dried, use some WD40 on the steel joints and springs. End up by using trampoline oil in these areas.

Q: How do I preserve my trampoline

A: Trampoline upkeep is extremely simple. As an example, ensure you remove any kind of snow buildup during winter season.

You can make use of a soft-bristle mop or brush to gently push snow from the structures of the trampoline If you are maintaining the jumping floor covering up, clear snow by drawing the snow from the facility of the mat towards you and also finally off the side.

When it comes to greasing, it’s best to apply oil throughout cozy, completely dry weather to all of the springtime.


Using our over-overview will certainly help you find the best trampoline grease on the market. As you can see, the best option would certainly be going with Lucas Oil.

The fact that it is very easy to apply on hard-to-reach areas must be a plus for anyone who possesses a trampoline In addition, it is waterproof and also very affordable.

The second choice would certainly be Lubriplate. For starters, it has exceptional lubrication residential or commercial properties. One of things you require to take into consideration is, it is convenient to -60 levels Fahrenheit. Furthermore, it protects against wear and corrosion.

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