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Best Weed Killer for Lawns | Top 10 | Reviews & Guide (2023)

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Weeds– a common stress for all yard caretakers, they seem to appear unwanted season after period. Whether your yard is overwhelmed by a weed intrusion or you desire to prevent the great fight prior to it starts, there is an easier means than individually pulling each dandelion– and also regardless, in order to be gone for great, weed demands to pass away at the root. If you want to stop a weed issue in its tracks, it is time to attempt a weed killer Let this post guide you to an excellent weed killer that is effective, simple, and safe for your range of grass.

The primary means to quit the spread of weeds is to grow a thick yard, so there is no space for other unwanted grasses to grow. Nevertheless, also the thickest as well as the healthiest of lawns are susceptible to weeds. We have actually made a listing consisting of 10 of the best weed killers for lawns, consisting of preventative, natural, as well as everything in between.

Below are three of the best weed killers for lawns, within three preferred classifications:

10 Best in Test Weed Killers

Currently for a contrast of all 10 weed awesome. This listing is established based upon extremely rated client reviews Numerous of these weed awesome are especially for eliminating broadleaf weeds, one of the most noticeable, and out of favor weeds on your grass. Others are created to kill the a lot more refined, grass-like weeds. Depending on the sort of grass, some weed killers can be hazardous to your yard– so make sure to make the best choice.

A word of caution

Not only can a few of these products threaten to your lawn– many include chemicals unsafe to animals and also people. Take into consideration a much more natural approach if your yard is utilized frequently by pets and children. Several natural herbicides simply consist of a high focus of vinegar, killing weeds by choking them out with an acidic atmosphere they can not make it through in. Bear in mind that these techniques require spot dealing with the yard, as the very acidic service will wear out yard turf also.

Various other weed awesome will certainly be disappointingly inadequate if applied improperly. Some require a completely dry yard while others need to saturated. Some weed killers are prepared to make use of, while others are concentrating. It is critical that you check out and also comply with the tag meticulously the very first time, as some of these products can be expensive. The instructions are there for a factor– call the supplier if you have any kind of questions or doubts.

Each weed killer on this list works well for its designated purpose, so continue reading in order to locate the ideal match for both your yard and also the weeds you are dealing with

1. Southern Ag Amine 24-D Herbicide

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  • Quick acting
  • Eliminates almost any broadleaf weed
  • Safe for usage on lawn yard

This careful weed killer is out to get pesky broadleaf weeds. It can be used against over 200 ranges of weeds, however if the weed in concern is a yard, this 2,4-D item is not the ideal selection. The only turf that it will certainly influence is nutgrass. This is what makes this item so popular– it is practically risk-free to spray on all lawns, giving total protection and making the work simple.

2,4-D will eliminate: Carpetweed, catnip, chicory, cocklebur, coffee weed, cornflower, croton, dandelion, nettles, wild onion-pepper weed, pigweed, plantains, wild radish, redstem, smartweed, thistle bull, thistle musk, velvetleaf, terrains, wild hemp mustards, water plantain, witchweed, wormwood, yellow rocket, as well as many others.

Warning: If the tag does not say ‘Southern Ag’, 2,4-D can be unsafe to St. Augustine turf.


This weed killer comes as a mix-it-yourself concentrate. This provides you the capacity to manage the concentration if you do not see results and maintains the price down, nonetheless, it is constantly recommended to review and also to follow the directions on the label. 2 to 3 tablespoons will certainly cover 1,000 square feet, so lots of customers state one container lasts them numerous periods. Add a percentage of recipe soap to function as a surfactant. Use your 2,4-D in spring, on a day when the soil temperature is below 90 levels. It is constantly an excellent suggestion to await a completely dry, windless day to spray. Utilize a nozzle with a fan spray for the best insurance coverage. Remember to put on handlebar covers and also a mask when taking care of the weed killer

2. Perseverance Turf Herbicide

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  • Avoids and eliminates crabgrass
  • Discerning herbicide, risk-free for lawn yard
  • Affordable

Another incredibly popular careful weed killer, Tenacity Turf Herbicide will inhibit weeds and also unwanted yards from utilizing photosynthesis, as a result creating them to simply shrivel and die off. The label will tell you it targets crab grass, clover, chickweed, and many even more. This herbicide is careful and will certainly not harm lawn turf. It functions terrific as a pre-emergent (striking the weeds prior to they come to be noticeable) along with a post-emergent.

Perseverance Turf Herbicide will eliminate: Crabgrass (large smooth), barnyard lawn, goosegrass, carpetweed, dandelion, chickweed, clover, henbit, purslane, thistle, foxtail, yellow nutsedge, wild carrot, nimble yard, bentgrass, and also lots of others.

Be prepared: This herbicide is not a toxin and as a result functions in different ways than others. The results can take a couple of weeks, depending on the hardiness of the weed, as well as may require several applications.


One tiny, 8-ounce containers can be utilized for approximately 60 gallons of herbicide– naturally, constantly review and comply with the label when mixing weed killer This herbicide will certainly work best when combined with a surfactant to guarantee the service can penetrate the waxy leaves of undesirable lawn or leaves. Persistence can be used at seeding, before weeds emerge, or after emergence. As with a lot of herbicides, the ground temperature ought to be no even more than 90 degrees and also the projection should be dry, however the advantage is that Tenacity can be used at almost any kind of phase of yard growth. Customers agree that although it may take a couple of applications with a few weeks in between, the results are amazing.

3. Eco-friendly Gobbler Vinegar Weed Grass Killer

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  • Certified Organic
  • All set to utilize
  • Pet secure weed killer
  • Non-selective

When it comes to non-selective weed and turf killer, therapies like Round-up return quick, chemically caused results, however can be damaging to the environment or any individual in a call with it. Eco-friendly Gobbler supplies a certified natural, toxin-free weed killer that is primarily constructed from vinegar (acetic acid), although four times stronger than routine kitchen vinegar. This enables it to remove all kinds of weed as well as yard within hours. It is preferred because it functions swiftly and also effectively by detrimentally increasing the pH of the dirt, at the like drying and choking out the plant.

It is extremely reliable for a safe service, nevertheless, it is best utilized as an area treatment along fencings, on walkways or driveways, or other locations where plants and also turf should not grow. This will kill or at the very least damages ALL yard and weeds, so it is only recommended for grass usage if you have a particularly hard spot where you could intend to reseed. After applying Green Gobbler and prior to reseeding, make certain to check the soil’s pH and balance as necessary by watering.

Eco-friendly Gobler will certainly kill almost anything green and living, consisting of crabgrass, oasis, clover, chickweed, ivy, dandelions, as well as quackgrass.

Caution: Vinegar treatments are non-selective and will certainly eliminate all plant life. Be extremely cautious just how and also where you use!


This formula prepares to make use of as well as requiring no dilution. As Green Gobbler is a non-selective treatment, you require using thoroughly. If treating a lawn with a vinegar option, consider painting or splashing each weed separately to guarantee accuracy. Usage items of cardboard to protect any plants you do not desire to affect. If treating a bigger area, do not hesitate to use a regular herbicide trigger sprayer on a day without wind, to avoid it drifting right into undesirable locations of your yard. Treat completely sun when the forecast is dry.

Most significantly, realize: this is an organic product, yet the high level of acidity implies it is still harsh. Beware not to get it on your skin or let kids and also pets be around the treated locations up until after the first rains or detailed watering.

4. Quali-Pro Prodiamine 65 WDG Herbicide

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  • Pre-emergent herbicides
  • Careful and also risk-free for lawns
  • Weed killer secure for pets
  • Affordable

If you intend to nip pesky crabgrass and various other weeds in the bud, prodiamine is a wonderful option. Not several herbicides can stop weeds from germinating, but this will certainly target and kill well before the weeds appear in your grass. It eliminates uniquely, so you do not need to bother with it killing your grass. Professionals use this herbicide for large locations of landscape, golf links, and turf. When making use of effectively, it can be extremely efficient, while leaving marginal environmental impact, as well as being even secure for pets once it has actually dried out– at Quali-Pro’s advised dose.

Quali-Pro Prodiamine 65 will prevent: Annual bluegrass (Poa annua), henbit, knotweed, chickweed, spurge, foxtail, goosegrass, and also a lot more.

Realize: this herbicide is for pre-emergent lawn and also weeds, as well as will certainly not work against post-emergent weeds. Usage in combination with a post-emergent herbicide for complete outcomes!


A little goes a long means with Quali-Pro Prodiamine. Comply with the instructions on the label to dilute the granular prodiamine with water, constantly using handwear covers as well as safety devices when managing. Because of being temperature-sensitive, this herbicide can be splashed on your yard in late loss to very early springtime– as long as you take care to have it sitting in the soil before the ground temperature level gets to 55 degrees Fahrenheit in the spring. Avoid spraying your yard in the winter, as inactive yard can be conscious herbicides. Spraying bi-annually will make certain that you catch all new growth cycles.

5. Scotts Turf Builder Weed and also Feed

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  • Lawn food and weed killer in one
  • Selective
  • All set to make use of
  • Cash back guarantee

When seeking an easy, all-in-one lawn treatment solution for turfgrass, you might take into consideration a weed as well as feed. Growth encouraging plant food aids grow a thicker grass, which subsequently assists naturally crowd out weeds. Weeds that deal with back are exterminated with a weed killer, although it may take a few weeks to see results. Scotts Weed and also Feed will certainly assist promote a healthy and balanced, thicker lawn, while all at once hurting over 50 varieties of weeds. Although this does not consist of crab grass, it does include several popular pesky weeds.

This weed and feed will certainly obtain rid of: Dollarweed, clover, dandelions, chickweed, ragweed, ground ivy, hawkweed, knotweed, mustard, plantain, sow thistle, stimulate weed, yarrow, wild carrot, yellow rocket plantain, pusley, red sorrel, and several even more.

Caution: Always make use of the right dose! Remember, this is a mix of weed killer and plant food, not just one or the various other. Over application will certainly cause charred patches.


Scotts weed and feed makes it easy for you to follow instructions. On the tag, you will certainly find directions on how to spread the weed and prey on your certain selection of turf, and also to what proportion. For all lawns, it is essential to cut your lawn a few days prior to dealing with. Water the grass kindly prior to application. Relocating steadily with the spreader will make sure an also, detailed job. Wait a day and afterwards water once again, gentler this time, to see to it the granules soak into the soil without runoff. Be really mindful to allow kids or pet dogs use the lawn, as a few of the active ingredients are toxic substances.

6. Spectracide Weed Grass Killer

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  • Rain-fast after 20 minutes
  • Outcomes as swiftly as 3 hours
  • Non-selective

A choice, fast-acting weed killer for all ranges of weed and yard is Spectracide. Spectracide is non-selective, so best for place treatment, driveways, or reseeding tasks, since it will kill any plant it is available in call with. It works quicker than numerous various other solutions on the marketplace, enabling you to replant or change yard grass within a much shorter window of time. Need a weed killer that will provide you same-day results? This is your option. The combination of chemicals enables this weed killer to reduce a plant off at its resource by stopping the plant from making use of photosynthesis and murder at the origin. This product even has a money-back assurance, which with any luck you won’t need to capitalize on.

Spectracide’s weed and also yard killer, if dosed appropriately, will certainly kill virtually all kinds of plant.

A lot of efficient for total lawn renovation or driveways: will eliminate all selections of grass and weed


Spectracide comes as a concentrate, as well as consequently needs to be mixed in a splashing storage tank according to the ratio on the tag. By spraying with an accuracy sprayer, you can ensure that just the areas you deal with will certainly be affected– but be careful to do so on a still-weather day. The item is rainproof, so no need to bother with the season or weather condition when using, although it declares to be most efficient in warmer temperature levels. To protect bordering plants that you do not desire to eliminate, items of cardboard can be utilized to produce a barrier. If you remain in reality making use of Spectracide to kill your existing lawn yard, wait a minimum of 7 days prior to reseeding. Spectracide does come at the first because many reviewers say it calls for numerous applications.

7. Spectracide Weed Stop for Lawns Plus Crabgrass Preventer

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  • Selective weed killer
  • Targets typical broadleaf weeds along with crabgrass
  • Rapid-acting

Spectracide additionally carries a selective weed killer, marketed for use on lawns with weed issues. It kills over 470 kinds of weeds, consisting of dandelions, clover, as well as difficult-to-kill crabgrass. Best utilized on a well-known turf grass, this is a post-emergent weed killer, so it is not preventative, with the exception of crabgrass, in which it asserts to be pre-emergent. The label will state which ranges of yard turf Weed Stop is appropriate for– some warm climate types are not recommended for this item. Hold your horses when awaiting outcomes! The Weed Stop is advertised as fast-acting, with outcomes visible within a day– however when it comes to crabgrass, reviewers claim it takes some time and also possibly several applications.

Weed Stop kills practically 500 types of weed, consisting of yellow nutsedge, crabgrass, foxtail, chickweed, dandelions, and clover.

Warning! Not appropriate for particular lawn types, consisting of St. Augustine. May require several applications.


This weed killer comes granular, and needs no dilution– a 11 lb bag will certainly cover to 3,000 square feet with a grass spreader. Use any kind of time during the growing period, spring via to very early autumn, however, for best results, apply when the initial weeds reveal indicators of germination (or blossom) and also then a second time 6 to 8 weeks later. Warm weather helps trigger the weed killer, yet beware to use before it obtains to 90 levels. Remember when spreading granules to damp the lawn completely beforehand, and water lightly a day or two after that. Your family pets and also youngsters can utilize the lawn again as soon as it is dry.

8. Scotts Halts Crabgrass Grassy Weed Preventer

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  • High-performance pre-emergent
  • Withstands cool weather condition elements
  • Couple of applications

High performance pre-emergent that stands up to winter elements!

If searching for a weed killer for verdant weeds such as crabgrass, chickweed, Poa Annua, and others, a pre-emergent is the way to go. Pre-emergent weed awesome target weeds prior to they spread out and create stronger, harder-to-kill origin systems. Win the fight against verdant weeds before it begins, with simply a single application– obtaining it right the very first time will certainly suggest less waste on a somewhat expensive item. The majority of reviews cautions that timing is everything with this weed killer, so pay mindful interest to

  • the grass’s atmosphere
  • your area
  • soil temperature
Scotts ‘Crabgrass and Grassy Weed Preventer’ avoids: Goose grass, Crabgrass, Barnyard lawn, Spurge, Foxtail, Poa annua, Henbit, Chickweed.

Suggestion: Make certain soil reads over 55 levels Fahrenheit for a week before putting down the preventer! Germination requires to be energetic in order for this weed killer to function.


Making use of a normal lawn spreader, Scotts Crabgrass as well as Grassy Weed Preventer is most effective versus crab grass when used in the early spring. Pay cautious attention to the dirt temperature (you can constantly determine with a less complex meat thermostat stuck a couple of inches right into the ground), and also read the product packaging to discover out how very early in the springtime it need to be used. As a basic policy, pre-emergents do best in dirt that has actually been above 55 levels Fahrenheit for a week. This single application ought to look after pesky grassy weeds all season long. Apply once more in the fall if your yard is prone to winter weeds– the winter ought to not affect the performance of the presenter.

9. Gordon’s Speed Zone Lawn Weed Killer

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  • High concentrate– covers huge locations
  • Selective weed killer, secure for most yard
  • Fast-acting

Rate Zone is a solid as well as hostile weed killer that will go after both broadleaf weeds and verdant weeds, while leaving your lawn unaffected. This product targets customers in cooler climate areas, so be sure to double check the label and also see if this weed killer appropriates for your yard. The main selling factor for Speed Zone wants to spread, results job quickly and are noticeable.

Speed Zone Lawn Weed Killer will certainly manage: clover, ground ivy/creeping Charlie, dandelions and various other hard lawn weeds.

Warning! Usage of this item in temperatures more than 80 levels Fahrenheit might cause a stressed out lawn as well as dead turf.


This weed killer is a financial investment for those that have a big yard or large location to cover. Mix the concentrate according to the ratio suggested on the tag, and also spray with an industrial or backpack sprayer. After a couple of days, you can see the afflicted weeds pass away out– it may require numerous applications per period in order to capture them all. Beware to spray in the springtime or autumn, as heat will certainly increase the chemical response as well as may melt your lawn grass.

10. Ortho Weed B Gon Plus Crabgrass Control

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  • Careful weed killer, safe for yard grasses
  • Rainproof after 1 hour
  • Covers up 5,000 square feet
  • Controls over 200 weeds, including crabgrass

Ortho Weed B Gon is a weed killer that targets one of the most common yard weeds, without assaulting your grass. This item is for post-emergent weeds, so it is best for use throughout the weeds’ expanding period. For instance, if targeting dandelions, the springtime would certainly be the best time to spray, prior to the blossoms go to seed. As this weed killer aims for the leaves of the weeds as well as not the dirt, it is safer to grow or overseeding within days after splashing and seeing outcomes.

Ortho Weed B Gon will control: Crabgrass, dandelions, clover, thistle, and also various other typical weeds. It is secure for usage on grass turfs such as: Bermudagrass, Buffalograss, Fescues, Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, and also Zoysiagrass.

Caution: Always review the tag and mix accordingly. Some weeds are much more stubborn than others, as well as may require several applications.


Apply Ortho Weed B Gon with a regular pipe sprayer if in concentrate kind, or you can buy a slightly less financial, ready-to-use formula. In any case, always adhere to the label and also review directions extensively prior to using. The weed killer is water resistant after 1 is, so don’t panic if it rainfalls right after application. You might require to spray numerous times per period in order to get each growth cycle, specifically for persistent yard weeds such as crabgrass.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Right here we have gathered some of our most often asked inquiries when it involves weed killer for lawns

What do I look for when choosing a weed killer that will not damage my yard?

See to it the label checks out ‘careful’ instead of ‘non-selective’. This indicates the weed killing agents target weeds and also leave lawn alone. Constantly examine the great print to make sure your range of lawn is risk-free.

When is the best time to apply weed killer to my grass?

The timing depends upon what type of weed killer or herbicide you are making use of. When taking down a pre-emergent, make certain to ascertain early spring as well as early fall, to deal with germination. Post-emergent weed awesome must be used when the weeds are most actively expanding, most likely springtime and summertime.

What weed killers are safe for pets?

All weed killers and also herbicides have the prospective to be harmful, as well as ought to never be available in direct contact with you or your animals. Also natural, non-toxic solutions are extremely acidic as well as might do damage. As a general policy, keep pets off your lawn for at the very least a day after dealing with– when dry, it ought to be risk-free once more.

What is the best weed killer formula: spray or granules?

This all depends upon what kind of weed you are trying to kill, and when. Sprays prevail because they target weeds throughout their most energetic development duration (when they offer themselves as an evident trouble). Granules are fantastic for pre-emergent herbicides, so they can be in the soil and end up being active as weeds sprout.

The Best Weed Killer for Your Lawn

best weed killer

Currently you have 10 strong, reliable choices, tested and also assessed by ordinary lawn owners. If they can win the battle versus weeds, so can you, and the best remedy for you and your grass is most likely on this list. Dealing with dandelions time after time? After that go with top, Southern Ag Amine 24-D Herbicide. Is it crabgrass striking your yard? After that attempt a pre-emergent for grassy weeds, like second, Tenacity Turf Herbicide. If merely battling with undesirable yard and also weeds on your patio area or driveway, skip the careful weed killers. Remember to utilize care and read the label really carefully prior to going ahead as well as treating your yard with weed killer — and good luck!

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