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The 5 Best Zero Turn Lawnmowers: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide (2023)

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A great zero – turn lawnmowers is optimal if you require power, speed, as well as maneuverability. Offered their high qualities, zero turn lawnmowers are best when you need to cut huge areas, or if you do landscaping properly.

They can also aid you to create your very own yard shelter. So, exactly how can you limit the several mowers offered? Right here, we’ve highlighted the leading five best zero turn lawnmowers. We’ve likewise included a buying guide, so you understand precisely what to think about when selecting your option.

1. Husqvarna Z254

This alternative from Husqvana has an optimal speed of six and also half miles per hour and also uses a 26 horsepower Kohler engine. There is a park brake system that is patent-pending and also will instantly trigger as well as deactivate when the steering bars are moved internal or outside.

The air induction system pulls in air from all-time low and also top of the deck which helps to boost grass and also offer your grass a fantastic cut.

You can discharge the clippings or they can be mulched or nabbed. You need to purchase the larger add-on and mulching kit individually. Nonetheless, this can make fast job of taking care of your yard as well as it can additionally maintain the yard looking neat by eliminating the clippings correctly.

There is a reinforced steel cutting deck which is built from steel for added longevity.

Points we such as:

  • The engine is really powerful. This produces very efficient cutting, also when cutting big locations.
  • Easy setting up means you can get trimming practically immediately.

Things we do not like:

  • There can be problems starting the engine. This seems to be rare but it has taken place with adequate customers to state it.

2. Ariens Apex 60

If you are looking for a mower that’s easy to assemble, you may desire to think about the Ariens Apex 60. This zero turn lawn mower supplies a reducing size of 60 inches and a cutting height of one and also fifty percent inches to 5 inches. The engine offers you 25 horsepower of torque.

There is an electric start with this design and a fuel container that will hold 5 gallons. That five gallons are smaller than the gas capability of a few other designs, so you’ll wish to decide if that allows enough to handle your lawn without needing numerous fill-ups to end up.

There are 2 maximum rates. The forward optimum rate is 8 miles per hr. The reverse maximum rate is 4 miles per hour.

Front wheel size on this version determines 13 inches in diameter and also 6 as well as a half inches broad. The back wheel size is 22 inches as well as the size of the rear wheels is 12 inches.

Things we such as:

  • Easy setting up. When you obtain this mower, you just require to turn around the manages and hook up the battery.
  • Quick job. This model makes fast work of mowing. You can anticipate cutting almost four acres in just an hour.

Points we didn’t such as:

  • The seat could be a bit much more comfortable. With time, you’ll begin to obtain awkward which is something to remember if you will be utilizing it for long durations of time.
  • Fairly little fuel tank capacity suggests you could be filling regularly

3. Swisher ZT2760B

This choice from Swisher has a gas tank capability of 8 gallons as well as a steel reducing deck for added sturdiness. It has a low center of gravity and low account. The gas tank capacity is respectable, so you shouldn’t need to fret about taking multiple breaks to fill.

It utilizes a 27 horse power Briggs Stratton engine which offers an electric start. This is a terrific attribute if you don’t intend to have to by hand begin the lawn mower every single time. There is also an electrical PTO clutch. The mower is non-CARB certified. It has a pivoting front axle as well as a cutting elevation range of one and also fifty percent inches to 5 inches.

There are 3 mulching blades as well as a storage area with this model. This choice provides a great deal of power and toughness that is lengthy enduring. You’ll likewise remain comfy while utilizing this mower. It has an eighteen inch high-back seat and also a six inch slide change. Add that to the armrests and also you should remain fairly comfy while cutting, also for extended periods of time.

Things we such as:

  • Hefty sturdy building and construction. This lawn mower is constructed with sturdiness in mind and also is much heavier building and construction than several others on the marketplace.

Things we don’t such as:

  • Belt problems. This design from Swisher seems to have belt concerns rather constantly. The belts require to be changed commonly.

4. Artisan Z560

This model from Craftsman supplies a Briggs as well as Stratton gas engine that features prepared begin for very easy usage. You’ll enjoy 24 horsepower which will certainly make fast work of a large grass or area.

The reducing side on this lawn mower is 54 inches. This lawn mower has the ability to reduce even when moving in reverse which can be a live saver. The only issue with the reverse is that this model doesn’t include a back view mirror. This can make mowing in reverse a little bit of an obstacle. You’ll likely require to buy a mirror to obtain full use out of reverse mowing. Naturally, the mower also has a 360 level turn span so you can change instructions easily as well as promptly.

The seat on this mower will keep you comfortable over long durations of time. The seat is high-back and also supported. The front wheels on the lawn mower are 11 inches while the rear ones are 20 inches.

The lawn mower can obtain a little tough to maneuver on high declines so that is something to remember if the location you’ll be cutting isn’t flat.

Things we such as:

  • Effective motor creates quick and effective mowing.

Points we do not such as:

  • No rear sight mirror. This mower is pretty powerful backwards yet would profit from a back view mirror.
  • Not excellent declining. This mower can obtain a bit tough to take care of when cutting on a decline.

5. Husqvarna MZ61

This design from Husqvarna offers 27 horse power given the Briggs Endurance engine. You’ll obtain reliable start-ups and a 54-inch cut. The deck lifting system is ergonomically designed so you make simple modifications right from where you’re resting.

You have a few choices when it pertains to cuttings. They can be mulched, discharged or bagged. The larger accessory and also mulching package just have actually to acquired separately.

Something we discovered with this design is that it is prone to leaving skid marks in the lawn when you make tight turns. If you plan on using a lawn mower for expert landscape design work, you might wish to take into consideration that as your customers may dislike the appearance of those marks in their lawn.

There are a lot of comfort features offered with this model. Here are a high-back seat, armrests and hand grips that are foam-padded. There are also vibration dampeners, so you can stay comfy even when mowing for a long time.

There are some ease of usage functions too. You’ll get an hour meter that will certainly let you know when it’ time to have your lawn mower solutions. If you buy the bushel collection system, you’ll locate the layout is fairly special as well as you can install it in just a few mins, making your job also less complicated.

Things we like:

  • Effective motor makes easy work of trimming
  • Convenience functions mean you can mow for extended periods of time without exhaustion and also discomfort

Points we do not such as:

  • Makes a great deal of skid marks in the lawn when turning
  • Doesn’t function also on decreases


There are a lot of things to consider when you acquire your zero turn lawn mower. It is a decent dimension purchase and also investment, so you want to see to it you buy the ideal one for your needs. Below, you’ll find some features that you ought to carefully consider when making your choice.

Ultimately, you wish to find a mower that you fit handling and also maneuvering. Bear in mind that zero turn mowers will operate and relocate differently than any kind of other lawn mower you’ve most likely utilized. This is especially true if you have a grass that has considerable dips and declines. You will get utilized to using a zero turn lawn mower but it will take some time and you wish to discover an alternative that makes you really feel comfortable.


The weight of the mower you pick is a big consideration if you are planning to use the maker to perform landscape design work. Because the situation, you do not desire a mower that is also hefty to easily deliver.

You additionally do not want it to be too heavy for the lift machine or jack you have. If you just prepare to keep the mower at residence with you for personal use, the weight is likely much less a factor to consider for you considering that you won’t be transferring it.

Proper Cut Width

Of program the engine in your zero turn lawnmower will certainly be extremely impactful on your capacity to finish the job. Nonetheless, you should not ignore the cut size. This can actually be just as vital as the engine. You will frequently listen to cutting width additionally referred to as mowing path, which essentially indicate the exact same thing.

You may think that the largest cutting size is the best, yet this isn’t always the instance. A wide reducing width is certainly a time saver when it pertains to the open rooms in your yard. Nevertheless, you will certainly still need to find a way to navigate around challenges, which can really be harder the bigger the mowing course.

If you understand that you are going to be mowing a lawn that has a great deal of willful plant, or that has a number of yard areas, you may intend to consider a reducing system that is smaller sized to make sure that you can maneuver between them. After that you aren’t as most likely to create any kind of damages

Deck Size

As the cutting deck gets wider, the lawn mower has the ability to reduce more yard with each pass. A bigger deck will simply make your mowing time much shorter. Keeping that stated, you wish to truly consider what deck size you in fact need.

Those mowers with bigger decks are excellent for business landscaping companies as well as for those with large homes. However, you still intend to be able to steer around limited locations, if needed on your residential or commercial property or the residential properties you’ll be trimming.

As an example, if you have a small grass but your mower has a broader deck, you may find that you need to keep backing approximately browse. You may even discover that you can not enter every one of the suitable locations because the lawn mower is simply also huge.

You’ll likewise be supporting and also navigating around if you have flowerbeds or trees spread throughout the yard. The larger deck is actually best for very big yards with open room.

Engine Size and Horsepower

Certainly, power is a large variable in identifying which zero turn lawnmowers is best for you. As the horse power increases, the better you’ll go to getting your work finished successfully as well as rapidly. You desire the power to be adequate for the work you need to get done.

Keeping that stated, if the lawn you intend on mowing is only about an acre or less, you likely don’t require an incredibly effective engine If you intend on making use of the mower to do professional landscape design work or to trim a big estate, you’ll desire to buy one with the most horsepower feasible. That will certainly just conserve you energy and time. The a lot more effective engine, the even more cash you must anticipate investing so you want to pick the right power for your demands. This can likewise help you stay within spending plan.

Mowers that are single cylindrical tube are commonly more economical. Nevertheless, they additionally do not give you with as much power. Smaller sized engines are simply better for smaller areas and yards. If a small grass is what you have, you really don’t have to spend lavishly on a powerful engine.

V-twin powered electric motors will certainly cost you a little bit much more however they are likewise much better when it involves sound, vibration as well as gas mileage. They typically last longer than their single-cylinder counterparts, as well. You really only need this type of lawn mower if you intend on using it skillfully or if you have a big lawn.

Mowers with high-powered engines are the best choice for navigating hillsides or via big acreage. They have the ability to handle big and moderate yards easily as well as they can drive at higher speeds. They’re additionally normally able to tow various other devices such as tools and also various other landscape design materials.

Gas Capacity

The fuel capability of your zero turn mower ends up being more important as the size of the lawn you’ll be cutting gets bigger. You desire a fuel container that is large sufficient to look after the yard without you needing to stop to refuel the tank multiple times.


Mowers all have variable front runners. You want to consider that, especially if you are buying a zero turn mower for specialist landscape design work.

Faster and bigger zero turn mowers will certainly allow you to make it through even more ground in much less time. If you are an expert, this can essentially imply more cash for you. You complete one job quicker and also you can relocate precisely to the following one. For a person searching for a zero turn mower for personal factors, it could not be fairly as significant a function to bear in mind. Even for personal reasons, however, a quick-moving mower means that your chore is over quicker.

Keep in mind that many mid and also entry-level lawn mowers will certainly max out around 6 or 7 miles per hour. Several of the semi-commercial lawn mowers will get you to around eight or 9 miles per hr. Finally, real business lawn mowers normally top out around thirteen or fourteen miles per hour. It does not seem like a great deal but a quick-moving lawn mower really can lower your mowing time fairly substantially.

You’ll need to establish just how crucial it is to you to finish the job swiftly.

Best Zero Turn Lawnmower Brands

We like to highlight some information pertaining to the brand names we consist of in our checklists. Lot of times, the brands included are those with a trusted record and also credibility that dates back decades, otherwise longer.


Husqvarna is a really widely known manufacturer of horticulture as well as forest power devices consisting of power saws, robotic mowers and mower. We’ve consisted of two versions by this producer. Husqvarna mowers can be located simply about anywhere as well as our easy to gain access to.


Ariens isn’t rather as well-known as a few other manufacturers. Nevertheless, it has actually been around since 1933 and also was the initial maker of an American-made yard tiller. Ariens does not just manufacture lawn mowers but also various other pieces of grass equipment such as snow blowers as well as riding tractors.


Swisher days back to 1945 as well as generating a selection of devices outside pieces. Everything is American made as well as commercial quality. The goal of this manufacturer is to lower the quantity of time it takes to do outside chores.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a zero – turn lawnmower?

A: A zero – turn lawn mower is actually simply a mower that has a turning span of zero, or extremely near to zero This kind of mower typically drives much faster and also costs more cash than a typical riding lawn mower.

Q: Can a zero turn mower pull a trailer?

A: If you require drawing devices, such as seed spreaders, fertilizer or other mower add-ons, it’s advisable to include a trailer hitch to the lawn mower. The majority of brands of mowers will certainly have accessories readily available for acquisition.

Q: Do zero turn lawn mowers have brakes?

A: Most versions offered do not feature a conventional foot pedal break like what you ‘d locate on a regular riding mower. With that said claimed, there is a device for reducing as well as braking. The overall rate of the lawnmower relies on its levers. If the bars remain in a neutral position, the lawn mower isn’t going to relocate.

So, if you are moving, either forward or backward, you require simply relocate the bars tot neutral as well as you will certainly reduce as well as quit. If you need to swiftly stop, you can disengage the blades. After that, simply turn on the hand brake, which you ought to discover on all versions. Engaging that hand brake indicates that the mower won’t relocate until you return as well as start utilizing it again.

Q: How are zero – turn lawnmowers on hills?

A: Zero- turn mowers are exceptional for functioning at high speeds. You wish to drive them relatively slowly on hills with a 15-degree incline or much less. If you are going up or down a hill, you truly desire to keep it at a consistent 4 or 5 miles per hour.

Q: How do you guide a zero turn mower?

A: You could need to get utilized to guiding a zero – turn mower. To relocate left, you press the ideal lever ahead. You’ll wish to remember, at initially, that zero – turn steering is highly delicate. Nevertheless, you will get made use of to it promptly. If you need to decrease or stop the lawn mower, you simply pull the bars towards you and also keep them in the neutral position.


Any among the five choices we’ve highlighted here would certainly make for an excellent zero turn lawn mower. For us, the top choice for best zero turn lawnmowers is the Husqvarna Z 254. Husqvarna is recognized for its reliability. This design has an incredibly powerful engine that makes trimming quick and also efficient.

On top of that, you’ll delight in that you can quickly discover suitable attachments. You have a lot of options wherefore to do with the clippings which indicates that you can keep the grass clean and looking nice. One of the best features of this model is that it is really only of the most economical on our checklist.

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