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Brinly Pa-48bh Tow Behind Plug Aerator Review (2022)

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A aerator is a gardening execute that is made to punch openings in the dirt where your lawn is growing. It is particularly beneficial for grass with compressed dirt. By producing tiny holes in the ground, the aerator enables the soil to get even more oxygen and also nutrients. It likewise assists in boosting soil water drainage.

An added advantage is that routine aeration assists to manage grass thatch. While some thatch is beneficial to your yard, to a lot can hamper the development of new lawn.

Brinly is just one of the world’s leading producers of professional quality aerators. Since its creation in 1839, Brinly has developed an online reputation for creating budget-friendly products with excellent high quality.

Each of their items is established as well as produced in the United States, as well as one of their most popular products is the Brinly PA-48BH Tow Behind Plug Aerator.

If your lawn calls for some serious aerating yet is also portable for basic light-weight aerators, the Brinly PA-48BH provides a superb choice. With four independent, revolving areas of plug spoons, it is created to withstand routine, strong use.

Keep reading to figure out even more regarding what this version has to provide!


  • There are no wires or cables to emulate.
  • In enhancement to compacted dirt as well as thatch, this device can be utilized to freshen red clay dirt.
  • Each connecting spoon can be changed individually as required, which reduces the general cost of maintenance.


  • The system is difficult to set up.
  • Some users did not such as the fact that it is an analog gadget.

Secret Features

  • This version has a working width of 48 inches.
  • 32 heavy obligation plug spoons enable it to aerate any lawn quickly.
  • It can be hauled behind a tractor or ATV.
  • The confined steel tray permits it to lug up to 200 extra pounds of added weight to penetrate the soil extra deeply.

Item Review

Designed for use on larger yards, the Brinly PA-48BH Tow Behind Plug Aerator will certainly be an outstanding addition to your grass care arsenal.

The sturdy aerator can be used on red clay soil, compressed dirt, or thatch. Its structure and 32 tines are crafted from heat-treated steel to ensure the model’s resilience. With the ideal amount of weight, it will certainly draw out 2 to 3-inch lengthy “soil connects” from your yard, which will certainly make it possible for the dirt to get the water, oxygen, as well as nutrients it calls for to prosper.

Rather than accumulating the dirt plugs, this model is created to leave them on the ground, which aids in replenishing your lawn with crucial nutrients.

This Brinly plug aerator actions 48″ in size as well as evaluating about 82 extra pounds. It is made for large-scale applications; although, a smaller sized 40″ design is offered.

The design flaunts a huge steel tray that can accommodate approximately 200 extra pounds of extra weight. The weight on the tray lowers on the aerator and grows the deepness to which the plug spoons pass through the soil.

What is one-of-a-kind regarding this specific model is that it includes 4 independent, rotating areas of plug spoons, which do an outstanding job of guaranteeing even penetration on even one of the most terrain.

This layout also protects against grass damages when making tractor turns. Each connecting spoon on this version can be replaced independently. Because a whole spoon shaft does not need to be replaced, this decreases the general expense of maintenance. If you require crossing a sidewalk, driveway, or one more surface area that you do not wish to aerate, all you need to do is involve pneumatically-driven wheels utilizing a side lever.

For the best results, Brinly recommends using this product to aerate your grass during the early spring and also early autumn prior to the growing season.

Like most various other items, the Brinly PA-48BH Tow-Behind Plug Aerator is not free from mistakes. A few percent of buyers have disliked the truth that this is an analog gadget.

In addition to the side level that engages/disengages the wheels, there are nothing else cables or wires to contend with. For the majority of individuals, this will merely come down to an issue of personal choice.

The prevailing issue versus this model have actually been the amount of effort called for to construct it. This aerator lacks a user’s manual or images concerning just how to construct it and tighten its elements, that made it difficult for some buyers to assemble.

Nevertheless, the majority of agreed that as soon as assembled; it was easy to inform that the unit was made with high quality materials and had solid construction.

Many thanks for Reading

When it comes to aerators, the Brinly PA-48BH Tow Behind Plug Aerator provides a solid, center of the roadway option for homeowners that need a durable aerator but do not wish to spend a great deal of cash.

Brinly offers a one year, restricted service warranties on each of their aerators, and also with its affordable cost, this version is an appealing buy.

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