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Can I Apply Fertilizer to Wet Grass? (2023)

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Many home owners feed their yard frequently as part of annual upkeep, normally every three to four weeks throughout the spring, summer season, as well as loss. Throughout the transitional periods, it can get specifically damp and also rainfall over several days. When stormy climate overlaps with your feeding timetable, you may wonder if you can use plant food to the a wet grass.

Thsoil,lution is that you can normally use most non-liquid plant foods to wet yard however not water-saturated ground. If there are pools or hefty rainfalls, it’s best to wait for the ground to refine the water prior to using any type of a sort of fertilizer. If it’s spraying or showering, it’s fine to spread dry fertilizer; the rainwater will aid incorporate it right into the soil.

Many granular products need water to be triggered and also dissolved, so as long as they aren’t getting cleaned away, you can use strong plant food. On the various other hand, liquid fertilizers shouldn’t be related to damp lawn since the formula will be thinned down by the water and can be rinsed away.

Nutrients In The Soil

Grass origins take in nutrients with water that have dissolved molecules from the dirt. When plants occupy the minerals and vitamins to expand, they deplete the dirt of those nutrients, which is why plant food has to apply to renew them. A lively and also fast-growing grass will use great deals of phosphorus to expand thick origins, nitrogen to grow green blades, as well as potassium to generate healthy and balanced, moisture-keep cells.

Before using any type of fertilizers, do a soil examination to examine the nutrient account and the pH balance. If your dirt is deficient and needs a strong product, it may really feel more pushing to get the lawn fertilized regardless of any kind of rain, which can assist work it into the ground.

Can You Fertilize Grass In The Rain?

A light rain shouldn’t inhibit use of also a gentle fertilizer. As an example, Count, a 1-0-1 formula boosts blade health and also shade, needs to be put on wet ground and also sprinkled in, so rainy problems will in fact give you as well as your lawn sprinkler a break.

What Happens If You Apply Fertilizer To Wet Grass?

There are three primary types of plant foods that will certainly deliver nutrients to your lawn when the soil gets diminished: fluid plant foods, granular plant foods, and unrefined organic material. Each of these will certainly connect in different ways with water-based on their characteristics.

Liquid I make Fertilizer

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Liquid plant foods to be offered right away to the lawn at the time of application. These formulas can be thinned down or drained pipes off if they are used to wet yard or right before a rain. We can put some liquid plant foods on damp lawn, but also for one of the most part, we should not put fluid fertilizer on wet grass.

Granular Fertilizer

Granular fertilizers are tiny, strong grains of nutrient-rich product that are dry as well as require water to dissolve. This strong plant food can be related to wet yard, and it’s suggested to sprinkle your grass before as well as after using it.

Some property owners will take down granular plant foods before it rains, but you should not use it if it’s going to pour. Light water will maintain the grains in position, yet excessive can cause it to be removed or redistribute erratically in the yard.

Whole-Material Organic Fertilizers

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When you make use of fertilizers like leaves, garden compost, emergent, worm spreadings, and other natural products, I can relate these to wet turf because of the time to break down. Like granular fertilizer, these strong nutrient resources need time to be integrated right into the dirt. Granular fertilizers break down over a few weeks, while organic material takes several months to break down completely.

Is It Better To Put Fertilizer On Wet Grass?

When you’re using any kind of kind of dry fertilizer, it’s better to apply it to damp yard so it can soak right into the soil and liquify and also damage down. These items and materials require to be watered in after application as well, and adequate rain can do the job.

When Should I Apply Fertilizer?

The best time to use plant food is throughout the grass’s expanding seasons, when it will use the added nutrients most efficiently. Cool-season grasses like to be fertilized in very early spring and also very early autumn, while warm-season lawns like fertilizer in very early and also mid-summer.

Don’t use fertilizer throughout dry durations or in late autumn because the yard will not effectively soak up the nutrients when it’s emphasized from warm, drought, or cold, or going into dormancy.

Applying Fertilizer To Wet Grass

Wet Grass

In enhancement for wetness on the yard and in the dirt, other factors will certainly influence your choice regarding whether you need to apply fertilizer when your backyard is wet:

  • Yard slope— If your lawn has a huge incline or an uneven surface area, spreading out fertilizer when It’s raining or when the soil is wet can cause washout, runoff, or an unequal gathering of nutrient deposits.
  • Application rate— If you spread a slim application of plant food on wet lawn, it will certainly liquify and be absorbed and integrated right into the soil far better than a thicker application. Way too much plant food on wet ground can get shifted around and also develop pockets more quickly, especially on uneven ground.
  • Read the directions— Some items must be made use of a particular method and also under certain conditions, so it’s necessary to look at the instructions on each item before use. As an example, Scotts weed and feed formula must not be related to damp lawn despite being a strong granular given that the weed-killing ingredient needs to order onto the fallen leaves of weeds, as well as water can decrease this effect.


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