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Can I Mow Right After Aerating? (2023)

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A wonderful, tidy, well-tended yard provides pride, and rightly so. It can take a great deal of effort to reach that factor. Consequently, it can be a struggle not to cut right after freshening. However, cutting your lawn after aeration can be hazardous.

You must not trim your grass right after freshening. Despite which approach of aeration was used this can start to reverse the excellent done by aerating. Certain techniques are much more negatively affected by mowing right after oxygenation, while others don’t have as lots of factors not to mow.

How Soon Can I Mow After Aerating?

Maybe you didn’t have time to trim prior to you aerated your lawn as well as it has grown long and wild. Or possibly your grass expands rapidly whatever. How much time do you need to wait prior to you can cut once again?

It’s best to wait a minimum of a week after oxygenation prior to mowing. This gives your lawn a possibility to take full benefit of the benefits of the process. 2 weeks can be even better for your yard if your lawn does not require cutting after the very first week.

That being said, some aeration methods will be a little bit much more forgiving if you trim before the week is up. Slicing and spike aeration are 2 such techniques. The reasons for which I will certainly go over in the following area.

In the instance of core aeration, the one-week rule is a good standard, however it is frequently far better to wait the full 2 weeks.

If, after 2 weeks, your lawn has not grown enough for mowing you may want to check into why. It could be as ordinary as the period and absence of water or another thing entirely.

It is not likely that the oxygenation affected your yard negatively.

What Happens If I Mow After Aerating?

While it isn’t the end of the world if you mow your lawn within a week of aerating, it can have some adverse results. Some possible results are:

  • Your yard will compact
  • Root development can be interrupted
  • Overseeding efforts will be interrupted
  • You can plan your mower blades (core aeration)

Each of the three major mechanical oxygenation methods (core, spike, cutting) present voids in your lawn that minimize dirt compaction as well as allow healthy gas exchange in your soil.

The openings likewise make it less complicated for fresh nutrients as well as water to reach the origins, causing more powerful grass.

Cutting right after aerating will certainly start to compact the soil with the stress of your lawn mower. Letting your yard rest by not cutting or strolling on it will certainly enable your yard to utilize the aeration advantages undisturbed.

It is particularly important to let your yard remainder after core aeration. This approach is the only one of the 3 mentioned that gets rid of dirt from your yard. The core connects removed during oxygenation will normally damage down as well as reestablish nutrients to the lawn.

On standard, it will certainly take 1-2 weeks for the cores to break down. Cutting these plugs seems like it would be valuable because it would certainly quicken the failure process. Sadly, this is not the case.

The dirt connects will be damaged up by the blades of your mower, perhaps dulling your blades in the procedure, however will certainly additionally have a chance of obstructing the really openings they were pulled from. This remains in enhancement to the compacting that arises from the weight of the lawn mower.

The spiking and also slicing oxygenation methods are a bit a lot more forgiving if you trim early because they do not have the very same core plugs. The yard will still start to portable once more, nonetheless.

If you freshened to ensure that you can then overseas, it is a lot more crucial that you wait to mow. If you cut prematurely you could stop germination.

What Should I Do After My Lawn Is Aerated?

After your yard has been aerated– despite the approach– there are a couple of points you can do to get the most out of your recently aerated grass.

In enhancement to allowing your yard to grow, you need to fertilize right after, stay off the grass as long as possible, water consistently, and overseas if necessary.

  • Fertilize
  • Deflect the turf
  • Water
  • Reseed

Fertilizer is most reliable right after oxygenation. It enables the fertilizer to hinge on the top layer and also within the aerated openings. Moreover, the turf is in the best position to make the most utilize of fertilizer.

Plant food quantity and kind depend upon your lawn. Specialist aeration services usually spread plant food after aerating.

Remaining off the lawn and not cutting both assist your yard for comparable reasons. Both will begin to compact your yard and also undo the good done by aeration. This chooses individuals as well as animals.

You can cut and also stroll on your yard typically after the very first week is up. It may still be best to provide your lawn another week before hosting a yard box.

When it comes to watering, you must sprinkle extra often however not as lengthy for the initial week. Maintaining your yard a little damp will certainly urge sprouting if you have actually reseeded. Twice a day for roughly 15 wins need to do perfectly.

Similar to feeding after aeration, this is the best time to reseed. Aeration helps the new seeds take hold and also start with the best chance.

It is very important to note that if you do reseed after oxygenation you need to adhere to the two-week time out on mowing. As discussed over, cutting on top of fresh seeding can reduce the possibilities that seeds will certainly grow appropriately.


Oygenation is a wonderful help in maintaining a healthy grass. By following the recommendations in this post you will certainly be able to get the most out of aerating. There aren’t way too many points to do after aeration so you can relax a bit.

Simply remember: don’t cut your grass right after aerating! As long as you don’t do that as well as keep up with watering, your grass should be growing without a problem.

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