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Can You Cover New Grass Seed With Grass Clippings? (2023)

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Growing grass can be a long, tedious process without the best ideas as well as methods. Growing it is one point, today what? There are a number of ways to nurture your newly seeded yard, covering it with certain things, grass cuttings being just one of them.

We recognize, growing grass looks like a full-time commitment. You just grew your grass, and now you need to do more? With the proper expertise, it can be less complicated than it appears. Not too certain? Maintain analysis, as well as your new grass seed will certainly be a lovely grass in a snap (ok, it might take a little bit of time).

Why Is Covering Grass Seed Important?

Why do you even need to cover brand-new grass seed If grass seed is not covered, it is left revealed to the aspects, hindering its development. Let’s begin at the start.


Grass Germination

Treatment grass seed increases the probability of germination. This is due to the fact that the cover traps heat as well as dampness and supports seed to dirt get in touch with. Every one of these factors are required for the grass seed to establish a robust root system.

Direct exposure

Because the seeds have actually not yet penetrated the ground, they are subjected to aspects such as excess water as well as wild animals. Excessive water will create the seeds to remove (essentially cash down the tubes).

We understand you intend to grow grass, yet wildlife such as birds do not share the very same vigor you do and also often tend to consume brand-new grass seed By covering the newly grown seeds, birds are much less likely to spoil your imagine an attractive yard, leaving the seeds alone.

Will Grass Clippings Smother Grass?

When laid in the appropriate amounts, grass cuttings will certainly not surround grass seed Bear in mind, grass seed does not need the exact same degrees of cover as a freshly grown tree, or a bush does. A thick layer of grass trimmings will protect against required sunshine and catch too much wetness in the soil. This produces the excellent setting for fungal growth (gross, we understand).

On the other hand, the grass clippings ought to not be spread as well slim, as not nearly enough wetness is offered, and also too much sunshine reaches the seeds, drying them out. A quarter-inch of grass trimmings spread equally is the excellent amount of coverage for grass seeds.

Will Grass Clippings Helps New Grass Grow?

When used correctly, grass clippings will assist grass seeds grow. It is necessary to bear in mind the grass seed still needs air flow, so the cover can not be also thick. That being said, the plant food from grass cuttings is really useful to new grass seeds.


It may seem odd that putting grass over grass would certainly promote development. Let’s simplify. Grass trimmings damage down right into a natural plant food for the new seeds. The trimmings contain the exact same compounds as the new seed, consisting of the nitrogen, water, as well as nutrients needed for development.

Exactly how To Get The Most Out Of Grass Clippings

How To Get The Most Out Of Grass Clippings

We recognize, the whole process of expanding grass may appear a little bit overwhelming. Taking into consideration the grass is grown, the remainder of the procedure is less complicated than it sounds. We can nearly see you drinking your head, yet we guarantee, it is. To appropriately lay the grass clippings, comply with the directions below;

  • If you are cutting grass to then lay it over brand-new seed, make sure to begin with the proper lawn mower. Mulching and also push mowers are perfect for this. If you are utilizing an electric lawn mower, make sure the blade is sharp to cut the grass uniformly.
  • The cuttings can be placed in a bag or left in the yard to dry. Enable about one day for the clippings to completely dry.
  • As soon as completely dry, spread a slim layer over the top of the brand-new grass seed Although it may be alluring, do not lay the trimmings also thick over the grass seed (unless the objective is to grow fungal).

Now, take a moment to value your effort. You’re practically a pro at this point. The grass cuttings will certainly break down in 1 to 3 weeks. After the first week, the clippings may no much longer be noticeable. At this moment, they have penetrated the ground and started to give nutrients for the brand-new grass seed

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