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Can You Spread Grass Seed With a Fertilizer Spreader? (2023)

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There are lots of specialized devices in yard treatment and also gardening, yet when it involves fertilizer and also grass seed spreaders, they are the exact same item of tools. Just how you make use of a spreader, nevertheless, will certainly differ slightly in between seed as well as fertilizer because of the various products. Also, though the exact same device can be used for both fertilizer and seed, you need to not blend or spread them at the exact same time.

How Do Spreaders Work?

Grass seed or fertilizer spreaders come in two primary material-distribution kinds: decline spreaders and program spreaders. Each executes as their name implies: decline spreaders do not cast the seed outwards; instead, they drop seed as well as plant food via the opening in the all-time low of the spreader’s hopper.

Broadcast spreaders make use of a rotary propeller below the hopper that captures the material as it spurts and also spreads it to the left and right in addition to in front of it. In both broadcast and decline spreaders, the quantity of product launched is regulated by a setup lever or dial on the hopper.

Adjusting Spreaders For Seed

The spreader’s adjustment setups can open broader for bigger materials or to release more simultaneously, as well as it can limit the flow as well as readjust to smaller grains of plant food or seed. Many spreaders have overview information that tells you which settings are right for various types of materials based upon their size, such as powder, granular, natural plant foods, as well as penalty or coarse grass seed.

Seed Amount By Type Of Grass

Different lawn seed species require to be applied in various quantities, which need to be taken right into account when adjusting for the opening dimension. Kentucky 31 tall fescue, for instance, requires a lot more seed to be distributed at when (9-10 lbs per 1000 sq feet) as a cool-season bunch-type yard that normally spreads out by going down seeds. Even more seeds mean even more protection for this species.

Scotts Elite Spreader

On the other hand, the warm-season Bermuda grass seed only needs a light application (about 2 extra pounds per 1000 sq feet). This varieties spread out primarily by root extension instead than by seed distribution, so less seed is much more in this case. Your yard seed bag will certainly include instructions and need to provide a guide for application based on a certain square footage per ounce or pound.

What’s The Best Method Of Spreading Grass Seed?

When you sow turf seed, you desire even insurance coverage, as well as you do this by managing the quantity of seed that obtains used. After computing your square footage to cover and the demands for the particular lawn type, the Best method will depend upon the task itself: whether you’re spot-seeding bare or thin spots, overseeding existing grass, or growing a whole brand-new yard on freshly tilled and also exposed soil.

There are three methods of spreading seed:

  • By hand— Sowing by hand can be helpful for broadcasting to overseed or for spot-seeding, yet utilizing a distributer provides a lot more constant insurance coverage over bigger areas.
  • Handheld spreaders— With tiny hopper capability however excellent broadcasting power, portable distributers are excellent for overseeding your yard.
  • Push spreaders— Push spreaders have a series of capabilities up to a number of feet, being available in several various dimensions. Scotts and also Agrifab are preferred brands that make large fertilizer spreaders that function as seed spreaders. These guarantee you obtain a constant circulation with a huge receptacle capacity.

Do I Need A Spreader For Just Grass Seed?

Do I Need A Spreader For Just Grass Seed

You don’t always need a different spreader for grass seed just. Keeping your dual-use spreader tidy of accumulation from seed husks or plant food products will assist you to make sure the openings remain clear and also can accommodate the different sized materials as you make use of the spreader throughout the year.

Can I Fertilize And Overseed At The Same Time?

You should never mix plant food and seed considering that you will not be able to manage the evenness of the seed distribution. These need to always be separate applications. Fertilizer is usually made of much heavier product than seeds as well as can interfere with the also spread of seeds when being launched from the hopper, normally causing uneven growth. Plant food must be used first; after that, your turf seed can be sown.

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