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How to Clean Concrete Patios Without a Pressure Washer Full Guide of 2023

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Concrete obtains dirty slowly, and also it’s nearly impossible also to see the change in look. Nonetheless, with easy cleansing applications, you can make a dramatic enhancement to your patio area. The best time for a much deeper clean is throughout spring or early summer when it is warmer, as well as you can include cleaning up the outdoor patio to your listing of springtime cleansing jobs. Cleaning your concrete patio to make sure that you can obtain outdoors to benefit from the great weather condition, comes to be a top concern as the days extend. In this post, you’ll discover exactly how to clean concrete patios without a pressure washer

Prep work

The very first point you will certainly want to do is to remove everything that could be in your means. Relocate furnishings, grills, any type of decorations or plants. When clear, use a stiff-bristled exterior press broom to sweep the dirt, leaves, and debris from the patio, making the surface area as clean as feasible before you begin. This helps you stay clear of splashing any kind of large portions right into the backyard, making it tougher to clean up later on. It is an excellent suggestion to put a tarpaulin over any kind of fragile plants and anything else that may obtain damaged from the spray. Also, cover any type of electrical cords as well as electrical outlets.

You will likewise require a durable scrub brush, some durable rubber handlebar covers, eye protection, old garments and water resistant shoes, a large plastic jug, and a bigger tight nylon-bristle block brush with a take care of. If you have grout to clean, it will certainly be handy to have a soft or medium tooth brush. A spray bottle and also a tube with a suitable spray nozzle to ensure that you can adjust the water sprays are also essential.

What To Use To Clean Concrete

Take care with the concrete cleansing items you make use of as some can not enter contact with paint, and you likewise wish to make certain that run-off does not go right into your yard. Some chemicals can be harmful, specifically to pets as well as children, so perhaps a natural cleansing solution is best A standard concrete cleaner that used to be preferred is trisodium phosphate, which has an extremely solid base and also can create skin burns, sores, coughing, aching throat, and also burning red eyes.

In a similar way, chlorine bleach irritates mucous membranes, can cause eye and skin inflammations and is hard on the lungs. Hydrochloric acid is possibly the most typical chemical for cleaning up concrete Nonetheless, it is corrosive to the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. That being stated, you can get your concrete clean with a selection of eco-friendly, self-made items without making use of severe chemicals and hired tools such as a power washer

Do It Yourself Homemade Cleaners

The patio area cleaner you pick has fairly the work to do to restore your outdoor patio to its original, just-laid look, and also a lot will rely on the state of your outdoor patio to start with and also what specific marks or issues you need to handle.

Slightly filthy cement can be cleansed with mild washing detergent weakened with cozy water.

Vinegar is an excellent outdoor patio cleaner as a result of its acidic nature. For a basic concrete outdoor patio cleaner, mix distilled vinegar and water in a squirt bottle. The more powerful you require it, the more vinegar you add. You could also use straight vinegar if essential. If you want to make it smell a little bit better, attempt including a number of drops of your favorite vital oil.


It is best to work in sections, particularly when you have a big outdoor patio to clean Pour sufficient of your cleaner over the cement you’re servicing to get it thoroughly damp.

If the outdoor patio is small or otherwise really dirty, spray the cleaning remedy over the whole surface area and await about 20 mins (however do not allow it completely dry as well much) and after that scrub with the mop. Splash it off with the garden tube or wipe it up with clean water.

A Lot More Difficult Marks

Occasionally materials like tar or other thick viscous materials might be quite tough to eliminate from the outdoor patio. If you have access to a warmth gun, this may use a good choice to a minimum to eliminate the updating product. This heat cleansing ought to be gone along with by a scraping device that can get rid of the material while it is being warmed up.

An even more rough option of homemade cleanser for your concrete patio area is utilizing a cooking soda blend. You’ll require two parts baking soda as well as 1 part bleach. This bleach service can be made into a paste for smaller spots. Just spread it over the tarnish, let it rest for a few mins, and after that scrub it with the brush or mop. For bigger stains as well as high website traffic areas, mix equal parts of baking soda, salt, and also water. Spread mix over the entire concrete patio area, let it rest for a few minutes after that spray with vinegar. The vinegar boosts the efficiency of all components. After that scrub with a broom. As soon as you are done scrubbing, wash completely with water.


There are a couple of excellent ways to clean concrete stains if a complete clean is not needed.

Unwanted marks can be hard to leave concrete given that it’s a porous product. The aim is to attract the marks out of the concrete While kitty litter, sawdust, and other absorbent products get rid of fresh surface area spills, they do really little to absorb what sinks below the surface area. To eliminate hard discolorations, you will require some specific concrete cleansers. This might include making a thick paste of your picked cleaner (probably baking soda as well as water). The paste must be the uniformity of peanut butter. Spread the paste mixture onto the tarnish and also let it sit for a couple of hours.

Corrosion Stains On Your Patio

If the corrosion marks on your concrete surface area are not tough, after that you can easily use lemon juice as a cleaner. There are even lemon concentrates you can buy.

Oil Stains On Your Patio

The size of the oil stain and its age will figure out how tough it is to remove. Cleaning up oil from concrete may take some experimentation to locate the best technique for your situation. One choice is to remove the oil with a strong detergent as well as a scrub brush or sponge.

Alternatively, you can utilize a concrete cleaner or degreaser to loosen up and remove the oil. This includes scrubbing the solid alkaline soap right into the surface area.

You could additionally apply a poultice that will certainly break down the oil and suck it from the concrete Made use of largely on little stubborn marks, a plaster is made by saturating an absorptive material such as sawdust with a strong solvent such as acetone as well as then smearing this over the mark. The solvent will certainly damage down the oil, as well as the absorbent product will draw it out of the concrete Utilize the hose pipe to wash every little thing off.

If you really feel likely, you could allow distinct single-celled microbes eat up the oil. This newest innovation has the enzymes and oxygen absorb the oil and turn it into carbon dioxide as well as even more microorganisms. When the food resource (oil) is gone, the microorganisms die, leaving the outdoor patio clean and also oil-free.

The Clean Patio

Let the location dry normally prior to adding any kind of additional treatments to it. You might want to use an anti-fungal therapy developed for battling algae. There are a lot of pet-safe alternatives on the market.

When your patio is clean, safeguard from future discolorations as well as weather by sealing it with a concrete sealant. Make use of a paint roller to apply the sealant. Ensure you speak with an expert prior to doing so as sealers may transform the appearance of your patio area. A specialist will certainly have the ability to advise the best security for your outdoor area. You can utilize the telephone number or email address of specialists registered with your regional profession store.

When using the sealer, begin with the middle of the outdoor patio and roll the sealer out to the edge. Once it’s dry, you’ll have a shimmering clean patio that’s all set for outside amusing.

It is a misconception that only pressure cleaning provides perfect cleansing of your concrete patio area. Concrete patios can be cleansed easily without pressure There are lots of approaches readily available, including sodium bicarbonate, vinegar, bleach, and single-cell microbes to produce a magnificently clean outdoor patio prepared for summer usage. Often doing things the old-fashioned way is still the best way to do it. Rubbing away dust and also crud with commercial soap or household treatments, with routine hoses and a great deal of arm joint oil, will certainly supply a superb outcome without the cost of employing tools.

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