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Dewalt Dcst970x1 Flexvolt Cordless String Trimmer Review (2023)

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Thwith a DEWALT DCST970X1 FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Cordless String Trimmer is a fantastic trimmer, duration.

It’s made for ease of usage aninpowerful enough to take care of virtually any type of task. Though I have not used this trimmer myself, based on customer reviews and item research, I ‘d claim it’s certainly a maker worth highly taking into consideration.

When I try to find a high quality cordless string trimmer, I have a tendency to prefer the easy-to-use ones. The makers that do not use me out mins right into use or exhaust my arm simply trying to pull begin it. Keeping this in mind, this DEWALT trimmer absolutely appears to fit my preferences and also made my checklist of the leading cordless string trimmers to buy.

It has the power similar to lots of gas-powered trimmers, yet it is light-weight enough to use for even more prolonged durations of time, it is trigger began, so there’s no demand to waste energy draw starting it, and with the 60V battery, the power of this equipment is solid sufficient to get points done.

Currently let’s talk about the proandas cons of the DEWALT DCST970X1:


  • Light-weight and also ergonomic layout allows for more loosened up and also less difficult usage
  • Can deal with heavy-duty jobs and also punctured difficult overgrowth
  • Easy to begin; rather of pull start this trimmer is trigger started


  • 60V Battery powered means it requires to be re-energized a lot more often under heavy usage
  • Not able to run for lengthy as well as makes all-day tasks challenging to end up


  • The lightweight and ergonomic body of this machine just evaluates 12lbs and is easy to use
  • Though the 60V lithium battery poses a time restriction, it is one that can be resolved with the acquisition of added batteries.
  • Effective adequate to contend versus gas-powered string leaners and also can cut via overgrowth as well as various other effective makers.
  • Variable efficiency dials enabling variant in power use from high to reduced to extend runtime
  • 15-inch reducing swath with bump feed
  • Easy trigger started rather than a pull beginning


Allow’s take a better check out what the DCST970X1 offers ( tip— it is a great deal! .


One of the key attributes of the DEWALT DCST970X1 that makes it such a gem is its ergonomic layout. Weighing only 12 pounds, this string trimmer is easy to usandas a lot less draining for a user than various other heavier gas powered machines. This reduction in weight enables a user to outlive the battery charge and/or have the energy to continue working after the job is done.

I ‘d provide this attribute 2 thumbs up!


The DEWALT string trimmer has a 60V MAX * 3Ah Lithium-Ion Battery. This battery holds a longer coat and uses a higher power degree than smaller batteries. The only drawback of this battery is that it just holds its cost for concerning 45 minutes. Though this is a drawback to this trimmer, it is a quickly treated shortcoming. To repair this trouble, the best option I located was to gain extra batteries. Additional batteries allow the useto replacece the spent battery with a charged one while charging the spent one.

I would certainly offer this attribute a partial thumbs up and also partial thumbs down. The reality that you require getting another battery to offset the brief run time of a battery is a hassle and also an added expense.

Variable Performance

The flexible power level allows the user to enhance the high-efficiency brushless motor for much better runtime and also motor life. Both power levels, high and also reduced, let the individual determine they required just how much power to finish a task. Though it’s instead self-explanatory, using the top-level setup should be used on tougher jobs, and also the lower degree must be used on smaller jobs.

I would certainly offer this attribute a thumbs up!

Trigger Start

The discomfort of needing to pull start a gas-powered trimmer isn’t something you need to deal with when beginning the DEWALT DCST970X1 FLEXVOLT. This is by far among the best high qualities of this trimmer Wasting all that power and also time pulling and also drawing to start a gas electric motor can drain pipes. This trimmer is not only uncomplicated to start, yet more time effective.

I would certainly provide this attribute a double thumbs up!! Who does not like an easy-start motor?

Bump Feed

The bump feeder is the only concern to this trimmer that I have found. I do not find out about you, however every trimmer I’ve made use of that has a bump feed has at some point worn as well as stopped functioning. That being said, I can’t say that I would have the same problems with this trimmer

Thumbs laterally


earlier, I have never ever directly examined the DCST970X 1, but all the evaluations as well as item summaries make me what to give it a shot.

I enjoy the concept of a light-weight string trimmer and a respectable power degree that stays constant throughout use. I also such as the concept of gaining added batteries to switch over out after one battery needs to be reenergized, so work does not need to quit. Though this had not been my idea, I think it’s great and also would certainly recommend extra batteries to any individual who purchases this trimmer

Altogether, I would certainly say this is a great trimmer Minority disadvantages are minimal as well as easily solved. It’s hard to look at this maker and also discover any type of failures that would make it anything but wortgainingng.

If you can see a significant drawback to possessing this trimmer that can’t be overcome, I would certainly like to hear it.

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