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Creative DIY Strawberry Planter Ideas for Bountiful Harvests Full Guide of 2023

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diy strawberry planter ideasListen up, gardener. You want strawberries? Of course you do – who doesn’t crave those sweet, juicy berries straight from the vine? Don’t let limited space stop you from growing this delicious fruit. With a DIY strawberry planter, you can grow buckets of berries on your patio, deck, or even indoors.

There are tons of creative ways to build vertical and horizontal planters using everyday materials. Whether you plant in gutters, tiered pipes, fabric bags, or a vertical tower, you’ll be amazed at the harvest from even just a few plants.

Save money on store-bought containers and let your imagination run wild designing the perfect planter. Your strawberries will thank you. Plus you’ll feel proud showing off the fruits of your labor to family and friends.

So grab your tools and let’s get planting! With a DIY strawberry planter, you can reap buckets of sweet, juicy berries. Don’t let limited space stop you from growing delicious strawberries. Get creative with vertical and horizontal planters made from everyday materials.

You’ll save money on store-bought containers and can design the perfect planter.

Key Takeaways

  • Stack pots, boxes, or fabric planters into tiers for efficient use of vertical space.
  • Use hanging pockets, bags, or shoe organizers on walls and fences for compact vertical growing. Provide drainage and monitor weight when watering to avoid overly heavy containers.
  • Repurpose materials like laundry baskets, pipes, and gutters into unique vertical planters.
  • Choose compact, everbearing strawberry varieties for containers. Pruning the runners allows the plants to focus energy on fruit production rather than outward growth.

Vertical Strawberry Planters

Vertical Strawberry Planters
You’re looking to maximize your strawberry harvest this year through vertical gardening. Building tiered towers or using central tubing are two DIY methods that allow you to efficiently grow loads of juicy berries in a small footprint.

Follow these simple tutorials to construct your own vertical strawberry planters with materials you likely already have, yielding bushels of homegrown berries for smoothies, shortcakes, and snacking.

DIY Towers

You can build your own wooden tower planter from scrap materials to save money, leaving one side removable for easy replanting every few years when production declines.

  • Use scrap wood, old fence boards, plywood or other materials you have on hand to construct the tower frames.
  • Drill drainage holes in the bottom of each tower level and add a central PVC pipe for convenient watering and irrigation.
  • Position the tower planter in an area with full sun exposure and anchor it to the ground for stability.
  • Stagger plantings on each level – try different strawberry varieties for waves of fruit production.

Tiered Tubes

Adding central drainage tubes to tiered planters enables hassle-free watering of all levels without overflow. Strategic PVC pipes or recycled bottles inserted down the center of stacked pots, wood boxes, or fabric planters allow you to water the top and saturate every tier evenly.

Drilled drainage holes or mesh material further prevent soggy soil. Let gravel, pebbles, or broken pottery in the base provide necessary drainage before filling tubes with a quality potting mix for healthy roots and consistent moisture regulation.

Strawberry Pyramid Planters

Strawberry Pyramid Planters
To maximize your strawberry harvest, consider building tiered pyramid planters. These striking DIY designs allow you to plant strawberry runners on different levels for a staggered harvest. Follow a simple diagram to construct the pyramid shape out of wood, terra cotta pots, or other materials you likely have on hand.

Position this eye-catching planter in the center of your garden beds or on your porch for a beautiful focal point and bountiful berry production.

DIY Designs

Here are creative ways to build your own stylish strawberry planters with handy materials around the house.

  1. Upcycle an old wooden ladder into a vertical planter. Fasten it together, add central tubing, and plant each rung!
  2. Build a pyramid from scrap wood or lattice panels. Add legs for stability and fill each tier with potting mix.
  3. Paint used tires bright colors, stack them into a tower shape. Poke drainage holes and fill them with rich soil for happy berries.

Tiered Plan

Tiering your strawberry planters lets you maximize vertical space and enjoy waves of harvest.

Tier Variety Description
1 Eversweet Extremely sweet, earlier harvest
2 Albion High yield, excellent flavor
3 Seascape Large berries, everbearing

Staggering plantings by tier gives a continuous harvest. Landscaping fabric prevents soil runoff.

Vertical Garden Walls

Vertical Garden Walls
You can easily maximize space and reap a bounty of sweet berries by growing strawberries on vertical walls. To create your own vertical strawberry garden, consider using ready-made hanging pockets that attach to fencing or walls.

Another option for easily building a vertical strawberry garden is using modular wall planter systems with removable pots. Simply secure the modular wall planters in a sunny area and plant your strawberry runners in the individual pots.

Hanging Pockets

Hang those pockets high and let your strawberries fly! Growing varieties in breathable fabric bags creates a gorgeous and tasty vertical garden. Repurpose old shoe organizers or make fabric pockets to grow lush strawberries on walls.

Ensure proper drainage by poking holes in each pocket. Hang securely and monitor weight when watering these heavy planters.

Modular Walls

You can build modular walls with stacked cinder blocks for quick vertical strawberry planters. Arrange the blocks in creative shapes like stairs, pyramids, and tiered beds. Fill the block holes with soil and insert starter plants.

Add a gravel drainage base. Paint fun colors. Try other materials like bricks, wood planks for DIY strawberry towers and vertical strawberry PVC tube planters.

Fabric Strawberry Planters

Fabric Strawberry Planters
Turn ordinary fabric into vertical strawberry planters! By repurposing old shoe organizers or making simple grow bags with handles, you can create hanging strawberry planters with breathable fabric. After poking holes for drainage, securely hang your fabric planters in a sunny area.

Monitor the weight and water needs of these vertically positioned planters as the strawberries grow.

Whether you make personalized wall hangings or customizable grow bags, fabric’s a cheap, convenient way to maximize your strawberry harvest through vertical gardening. The breathable material and mobility of fabric planters make them ideal for compact, everbearing strawberry varieties.

Grow Bags

Grow Strawberry Bags

Punch drainage holes in fabric pots before filling with enriched soil for a bountiful vertical harvest. Plant everbearing strawberry seedlings in the small containers filled with potting soil. Water and feed your strawberries through the vertical pipe tower for a constant supply of sweet berries in a small space.

Wall Hangings

Repurposed shoe organizers make excellent wall-hanging fabric planters for strawberries.

  • Ensure proper drainage by poking holes in each pocket.
  • Use compact, everbearing varieties that thrive in small containers.
  • Hang securely and monitor weight when watering heavy planters.

Raised off the ground in recycled hanging bags, strawberries can produce nicely even in limited spaces. The vertical growing allows small-space gardeners to maximize production through these simple yet functional homemade planters.

Potted Strawberries

Potted Strawberries
Have you ever wanted to grow juicy, homegrown strawberries but lacked enough ground space? Growing strawberries in pots and containers requires choosing compact, everbearing varieties and following key container growing tips for drainage, soil, and proper care.

This quick guide covers the best potted strawberry varieties and simple container growing techniques for a bountiful strawberry harvest on your patio.

Container Tips

Let’s slay this strawberry planter like Beyonce slays a high note, honey! Container colors matter when cultivating your compact, cascading beauties.

When selecting containers for your strawberries, consider these aspects:

Container Color Container Shape
White reflects heat Cylindrical towers utilize vertical height
Terracotta absorbs moisture Pyramid shapes display bountiful berries
Black warms soil Octagonal pots provide angles for runners

Optimal drainage and sunlight exposure depend on the hues and forms housing your harvest. With the right vessel, your berries will be the everbearing envy of the neighborhood.

Compact Varieties

You’ll crave everbearing berries when planting compact varieties in your stylish containers.

  • Cascading everlasting strawberries spill from PVC pipes
  • Repurposed rain gutters overflow with flavorsome fruits
  • Pyramid planters produce petite plants to perfection

Strawberry varieties thriving in limited space make vertical gardening a beautifully berry-filled endeavor.

Horizontal Strawberry Planters

Horizontal Strawberry Planters
Growing succulent strawberries in limited space? Consider gutters or PVC pipes as fun horizontal planters. One can easily hang these along fences or on walls to maximize vertical real estate.


Growing strawberries in gutters makes an attractive horizontal planter while allowing you to harvest over 200 berries per plant.

  • Before planting, be sure to drill drainage holes.
  • Consider using everbearing varieties such as Tristar.
  • Fill the gutters with high quality potting mix.
  • Fertilize the plants weekly for optimal growth.
  • Prune the runners so that the plants can focus their energy on producing fruit.

PVC Pipes

Place PVC pipes horizontally and drill holes for drainage before filling with potting mix to make a simple do-it-yourself strawberry planter. Fill the pipes with good potting soil. Plant bare root strawberries spaced 8 to 12 inches apart.

You may want to consider adding a drip irrigation or sprinkler kit for easy watering. Harvest ripe berries often for heavier fruit production. This is a fun project for first-time gardeners.

Tiered Strawberry Planters

Tiered Strawberry Planters
Maximize your strawberry harvest by going vertical with stacked pots or terraced beds. You can easily create beautiful, space-saving tiered planters using simple materials like wood boards, cinder blocks, or stacking plastic pots.

Start by deciding on the number of tiers and desired dimensions based on your space.

Plant a different strawberry variety in each tier so you can enjoy delicious berries over a longer season. Add drip irrigation or a central watering tube to conveniently water all levels at once.

With a DIY tiered strawberry planter, you’ll boost yields and grow happy, healthy berries even in small areas.

Stacked Pots

Stack colorful pots in geometric designs for a pretty, movable strawberry garden. Layer terra cotta, wood, or plastic planters into fun pyramid shapes. Fill bottom pots with potting soil and runners. As plants propagate, transplant runners into higher tiers. Enjoy a living strawberry tower! Move it to optimal sunlight.

Terraced Beds

Stop complaining and begin planting strawberries on terraced beds immediately for the juiciest berries you’ve ever tasted. Stack cinderblocks or landscape timbers in stair-stepped levels. Add nutrient-rich soil, compost, and straw mulch to each terrace.

Ensure proper drainage by drilling holes before planting runners. Water plentifully as berries ripen for maximum sweetness.

Cinder Block Strawberry Planters

Cinder Block Strawberry Planters
You can easily create a beautiful and functional tiered strawberry planter with simple cinder blocks! This inexpensive DIY project allows you to design a stylish vertical garden that maximizes limited yard or patio space.

Follow this guide to build a customized cinder block planter with multiple tiers for cultivating strawberry varieties. A tiered design improves drainage and airflow while yielding plentiful harvests.

Tiered Designs

Here you’ll love building your own custom tiered strawberry planter to maximize your harvest and add beautiful vertical interest to your garden. Stack cinder blocks or wood boards into pyramid shapes to fit your garden space.

Plant a different variety on each tier for a prolonged crop of strawberries. Get creative with fun DIY designs to display your bountiful harvest.

DIY Guide

You’ll find building your own cinder block strawberry planters super rewarding and fun! Over 80 percent of home gardeners report greater satisfaction growing their own fruits in creative, homemade planters.

  • Gather basic tools like a drill, shovel, and gloves for an easy DIY project.
  • Upcycle old wooden fence boards into cute vertical towers.
  • Paint bold colors on DIY barrel planters for an eye-catching display.

Pallet Strawberry Planters

Pallet Strawberry Planters
Growing strawberries in vertical pallet planters is a fantastic way to maximize your garden space. You can easily build rolling pallet boxes yourself from recycled wood pallets. Construct them to desired dimensions, then add casters so you can move them into optimal sunlight.

DIY pallet planter boxes allow you to plant more strawberry plants in a small footprint and create a beautiful, practical addition to your patio or yard.

Rolling Planter

Add wheels to the bottom of your strawberry planter for easy mobility to follow the sunlight. Old barrel planters with caster wheels create a decorative plant display while allowing you to move them for the best drainage and sunlight exposure.

Repurposing materials saves money, and wheels empower freedom to reposition strawberry planters anywhere in your yard or patio for optimal growing conditions.

DIY Boxes

Making your own wooden box planters lets you get creative with recycling scrap materials into fabulous fruity displays. Box planters enable growing strawberries anywhere utilizing scrap wood, old crates, or shipping pallets for the structure.

Painting, decorating, and adding wheels for mobility to follow optimal sunlight over the cold winter into spring harvests allows for upcycling materials into beautiful strawberry planters, designing customized planters perfect for porches, patios, and yard decor.

Box planters are a great choice for DIY barrel planters and small flower pots, utilizing best designs on a budget.

Hanging Strawberry Planters

Hanging Strawberry Planters
Repurpose old laundry baskets or plastic storage bins by drilling holes in the bottom to make great affordable hanging strawberry planters. Simply fill with potting mix, tuck strawberry runners in, and hang for vertical gardening.

Old laundry baskets and plastic storage bins can easily be repurposed into do-it-yourself hanging strawberry planters. Drill holes in the bottom of the bins or baskets to allow for drainage. Then fill with potting soil, plant strawberry runners, and hang your makeshift planters for vertical strawberry gardening.

Looking to grow strawberries in a unique way? Turn household items like laundry baskets or plastic bins into DIY hanging strawberry planters with ease. Just drill drainage holes in the bottom of the containers. Next, add potting mix and strawberry runners.


Hang strawberry-filled baskets along the fence for a bountiful vertical garden. My passion leads me to share the step-by-step instructions for creating custom strawberry planters with the best planter ideas and hardware.

Envisioning the freedom of growing in small spaces, we foster community by gifting homegrown strawberries.

Repurposed Containers

You’ll breathe new life into old containers by transforming them into chic strawberry planters. Old buckets, crates, and barrels become charming planters when adorned with cascading strawberry plants. Drill drainage holes in the bottom, paint or decorate the exterior, then fill with potting soil and runners.

Get creative by clustering mismatched repurposed containers in fun geometric arrangements on your patio. Let your strawberry planters become an artistic statement and conversation starter. Hundreds of easy DIY planter designs make this the best choice for any gardener.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of materials work best for building DIY strawberry planters?

Wood and plastic offer versatility for strawberry planters. Sturdy wooden towers work well for small gardens, while plastic pots and crates can easily be moved to adjust sun exposure. Fabric bags like durable canvas help prevent root pruning. Whatever material you choose, ensure good drainage by poking holes in the bottom.

Get creative and repurpose everyday items – your strawberries will thrive! Mix up materials and designs for a customizable, productive strawberry patch.

How much space should I allow between strawberry plants in a planter?

When planting strawberries in a planter, allow 8-12 inches between each plant for proper airflow and room to grow. Stagger plants in rows spaced 1 foot apart to maximize your container’s yield. Proper spacing prevents overcrowding and allows each berry room to develop.

What are some tips for caring for strawberries grown in DIY planters?

Water them daily, letting the soil dry between waterings. Feed with a balanced fertilizer every 2-3 weeks during the growing season. Prune runners so plants aren’t overcrowded. Protect from harsh weather. Harvest ripe berries often; don’t let them overripen on the plants.

How can I make my DIY strawberry planter mobile?

Add casters to the bottom of the planter. Locking casters will keep it steady when needed. With casters, you can easily roll the planter into sunlight or shade as required for optimal strawberry growth.

What are some ideas for decorating or adding personal flair to a DIY strawberry planter?

Paint it with fun colors or patterns that match your style. Stencil names or quotes on the sides. Decorate with faux flowers, bows, buttons, or other embellishments. Add a trellis for climbing vines. Attach cute signs or plaques. Get creative with unique materials like mosaic tiles or sea glass.


You certainly have your hands full of rich soil and sweet berries with all these creative strawberry planter ideas! Whether you’re aiming high with vertical towers or keeping it low with horizontal gutters, a bounty of fresh, homegrown berries awaits.

So roll up those green thumbs and get planting—your strawberry harvest dreams will soon become reality.

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