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DIY Winter Wreath Ideas – Festive Home Decor Full Guide of 2023

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diy winter wreath ideasAre you looking for a cozy way to update your home decor this winter season? Bring the outdoor beauty of nature indoors with some unique DIY winter wreath ideas!

From rustic woodland styles and snowball creations, to natural frost designs and pom-poms, there are creative options that will make your door look festive.

Let’s start by exploring pine cone garlands, magnolia leaf arrangements, ice skate accents, cookie cutouts or even a scarf swag – all guaranteed to make visitors smile when they arrive at your doorstep this winter.

Key Takeaways

  • Create cozy winter decor with personalized DIY wreaths. Craft creative and unique designs using natural elements like pinecones, berries, and fresh evergreen branches.
  • Incorporate vintage items and household objects into wreaths for a nostalgic, homemade look. Try adding old keys, buttons, or ribbon scraps.
  • Follow easy and festive DIY ideas to add holiday spirit to your home. Simple designs made with supplies on hand allow you to customize wreaths to suit your style.
  • Display DIY wreaths on doors, mantels, or walls to greet guests with rustic charm. Handmade wreaths also make thoughtful gifts and holiday crafts to share.

Woodland and Pine Wreath

Woodland and Pine Wreath
To craft a lovely hoop of nature’s bounty, forage through the wintry timber for fallen pine needles and bare branches to interweave into an earthy, charming adornment for your entryway. Select supple pine boughs, delicate sprigs of cedar, and fragrant juniper to fashion an enchanting woodland wreath.

Adorn with found treasures like acorns, pine cones, seed pods, and dried stars of seed heads for rustic charm and woodland whimsy.

Bind your foraged finds together with floral wire, winding and weaving greenery into a circular wreath form.

Finish by adding a festive bow, burlap ribbon, or natural jute for the perfect rustic-chic winter wreath with DIY spirit.

Snowball Wreath

Snowball Wreath
Rather than merely ornamenting your door with store-bought winter decor, channel your inner child this season by crafting a merry snowball wreath. Begin with a basic wreath form, then let your imagination run wild gathering materials.

Fluffy balls of yarn, softly hued felt, and wispy tufts of cotton will transport you right back to carefree snow days. Affix the snowballs to your wreath with hot glue and finish by accenting with sparkling snowflake cutouts, icy glitter, or cheerful ribbon.

For frosted variety, dye some snowballs in icy blues and silvers. Your snowball wreath’s sure to spread joy whether real flakes fall or not. Embrace your nostalgic side and get crafting this unique wreath full of snowy whimsy and holiday cheer.

Magical Forest Wreath

Magical Forest Wreath
Let’s make a magical forest wreath to evoke a wintry woodland wonderland! Begin with a basic wreath form, then let your imagination run wild gathering mystical materials from the woods and your craft stash.

Adorn your nature-inspired masterpiece with forest finds like pinecones, acorns, twigs, and moss.

Wind twine around your wreath and tie on tiny woodland charms and critters for an enchanted touch. Accent with silver glitter, sparkly ribbon, and faux snow for a dusting of snow queen magic. Top with glittered branches, metallic leaves or feathers for a stylish statement.

Finish by tying your whimsical creation onto your door with a satin bow. Friends and neighbors will delight in your handmade holiday wreath’s fairy tale forest frolic!

Natural Frost Wreath

Natural Frost Wreath
You’ll achieve a natural look with twigs and pinecones for your frost wreath, then finish with white spray paint despite the extra effort required. Collect an assortment of pinecones, twigs, and berries for texture before assembling your wreath form.

Interweave flexible twigs throughout as you affix pinecones and other nature materials with hot glue for an organic style.

For an icy overlay, spray your finished winter wreath with white frost spray paint. Apply multiple coats, allowing drying time between each application, to build up frosted layers mimicking freshly fallen snow.

Embrace the beauty of winter with this elegantly icy wreath. Let frosty white tones and natural textures transport your doorway to a snow-covered forest wonderland this season.

Pom-Pom Wreath

Pom-Pom Wreath
You’d enhance the homemade pom-pom wreath with bigger and fluffier pom-poms for a better wintery effect. Varying the pom-pom colors and sizes adds visual interest to your wreath. Opt for a large 24-inch wreath form to allow for full, fluffy pom-pom placement.

Get creative with pom-pom placement by clustering colors and sizes throughout the wreath.

For wreath longevity, store indoors when not on display. Freshen up the pom-poms with periodic fluffing or replacement as needed.

With thoughtful preparation and creative pom-pom selection, you can craft a lively pom-pom wreath that ushers in winter cheer on your front door.

Magnolia Leaf Wreath

Magnolia Leaf Wreath
Step into the enchanted forest and bring a touch of frosty nature indoors with a magnolia leaf winter wreath.

  1. Gather magnolia leaves, faux snow, pinecones, and ribbon.
  2. Hot glue leaves in a circle, alternating directions.
  3. Fill in gaps with pinecones and a light dusting of faux snow.
  4. Tie the ribbon around the wreath to hide the base.
  5. Hang it on your door and marvel at this gorgeous, organic piece! Your entrance will feel like a wintry oasis.

Ice Skates Wreath

Ice Skates Wreath
With a bit of creativity, you can quickly turn old thrift-store ice skates into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind winter wreath that captures the magic of the season.

Start by scouring local thrift stores and flea markets to find a set of vintage ice skates with character and charm. Carefully remove the laces and attach the skates together into a circle wreath form using sturdy wire.

Embellish your vintage skates with frosty pinecones, faux snow, glittery ribbon, and seasonal greenery to create a dazzling wintry display.

Hang your DIY skate wreath outdoors on your front door or inside over your fireplace mantel to add joyful winter wonderland flair.

Let your creative vintage skates wreath inspire friends and family with its handmade charm and cozy winter style.

Winter House Wreath

Winter House Wreath
Secure the porcelain house to the winter house wreath so it doesn’t fall and break. Winter house wreaths bring life to your front door. Start with a basic wreath form as your base. Wire on mini pinecones, fresh winter greens like holly and cedar clippings. Tuck in faux magnolia leaves for texture.

Accent with red berries and curly willow stems. Then affix your porcelain winter village house with hot glue. Add LED string lights to illuminate your creation. Finish by tying on plaid ribbons in red and green.

Your custom handmade house wreath becomes a beautiful focal point. Experiment with colors, textures, and ornaments to fit your style. Rustic burlap and twine paired with red cardinals and pine cones achieves farmhouse charm.

Play up the cozy cabin vibe with fuzzy yarn pom poms or a mini snow family. This original DIY wreath makes a statement and warm welcome for all your holiday guests.

Cookie Cutter Wreath
Scavenge cookie tins to create whimsical cookie cutter wreaths! Raid the baking drawer for varied shapes like stars, trees, and gingerbread people. Paint the cutters with metallic spray paint in wintry hues like icy blue, peppermint red, or sparkling silver.

Affix paint-dipped pinecones, tart cranberry garlands, and frosty eucalyptus sprigs to a grapevine base wreath form with hot glue.

Hang with red gingham ribbon for a festive charm. Delight holiday guests with the nostalgic and novel design. Experiment with color schemes like red and green for Christmas or pink and white for Valentine’s Day.

Let cookie cutters inspire your next homemade wreath!

Winter Scarf Wreath

Winter Scarf Wreath
Craft a cozy winter scarf wreath with warm colors that’ll hug your door like a soft blanket. Start by gathering cozy scarves in rich hues like crimson, mustard and sage that complement each other. Layer and wrap them around a wreath form securing with floral wire or pins, overlapping the edges.

Tuck in pinecones, cinnamon sticks or mini ornaments for an extra special touch.

Finish it off by shaping the scarves into a fluffy ruffled wreath and adding a festive bow or berries. Hang your masterpiece outdoors with a wreath hanger so you can admire it all season long. This simple yet snuggly wreath is sure to keep your door warm and welcoming through the winter months.


Who doesn’t love a little DIY? Adding a winter wreath to your home decor is an easy and festive way to instantly add some winter cheer. From a Woodland and Pine Wreath to a Snowball Wreath, there are so many DIY winter wreath ideas to choose from.

Create a Magical Forest Wreath with artificial snow powder, or a Natural Frost Wreath with twigs and pinecones. Pom-Pom Wreaths, Magnolia Leaf Wreaths, and Ice Skates Wreaths are just a few of the gorgeous options available.

For a truly unique look, craft a Winter House Wreath, Cookie Cutter Wreath, or Winter Scarf Wreath.

With a little time and creativity, you can easily make a stunning winter wreath to welcome the season in style.

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