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Mow or Edge First? Pros, Cons & Expert Tips (2023)

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do you mow or edge firstUnleash the potential of your lawn care routine with a simple yet powerful decision: should you mow or edge first?

Imagine your lawn as a canvas of possibilities, each trim and cut a stroke of mastery. As you step into the realm of yard grooming, the order in which you tackle these tasks can shape your dominion over your outdoor sanctuary.

The question echoes: do you mow or edge first? This article delves into the depths of this age-old debate, presenting you with pros, cons, and expert insights to help you seize control and elevate your lawn care prowess.

Picture this: the sun-kissed expanse before you, waiting to be sculpted to perfection. As you stand at the precipice of your lawn care ritual, the decision lingers heavy.

Your desire for liberation from chaos and the pursuit of mastery over your domain fuels this choice. The hands-on journey begins, and whether you mow or edge first, the path to lawn supremacy unfurls before you.

Key Takeaways

  • Pros of mowing first: Achieve uniformity, showcase lushness, efficient cutting sequence
  • Cons of mowing first: Clippings clutter edges, re-trimming needed, compromise crispness
  • Benefits of edging first: Defined aesthetics, taming overgrowth, efficiency, sustained lawn health
  • Edging techniques: Clean lines, precision, using pavement edge as a guide, sawing motion

Pros of Mowing First

Pros of Mowing First
Picture this: your lush green lawn, bathed in the morning sunlight, awaits your touch. As you step onto the grass, a sense of purpose fills the air. Time to sculpt your canvas of nature, starting with the canvas itself.

With a strategic move, you set the stage for a symphony of precision – every blade aligned, every patch immaculate. The secret? Unveiling the grandeur of your lawn through a meticulous act that readies it for the spotlight.

Mowing first carries distinct advantages. Electric or gas-powered, your mower’s whirring blades become your tools of liberation and mastery. By mowing before edging, you create a uniform base, showcasing your lawn’s lushness.

Your rhythmic strides guide the mower, executing precise turns around obstacles.

This strategic order simplifies the cutting sequence, allowing you to master each step with efficiency. In the end, your meticulously mowed lawn stands as a testament to your lawn maintenance prowess and an ode to the beauty that diligent care can unlock.

Cons of Mowing First

Cons of Mowing First
Imagine creating a meticulously defined boundary for your lawn, accentuating its neat appearance, and preventing weed encroachment. However, starting with this meticulous task could mean spending considerable time, particularly for larger lawns, and potentially dealing with the aftermath of scattered grass clippings.

Disadvantages arise when you opt to mow before edging. While your mower may efficiently trim the grass, it can create challenges when maneuvering along the edges. Execution issues might arise due to clippings cluttering the areas you just meticulously edged.

The efficiency trade-offs become evident as you find yourself re-trimming to achieve the desired crispness.

Optimal order in your lawn care routine is crucial, and while mowing first might seem convenient, the grass clippings’ clutter and the risk of compromising your edged lines indicate that, at times, convenience might not align with achieving the finest results.

Why Should I Edge My Lawn First?

Why Should I Edge My Lawn First
Experience the transformation as your lawn gains an exquisite allure, every boundary meticulously etched, revealing the meticulous care that whispers welcome and admiration to every passerby.

Prioritizing edging before mowing brings forth a symphony of benefits and techniques that elevate your lawn care game:

  1. Aesthetics Defined: Edging first delivers sharp, clean lines that frame your lawn like an artistic masterpiece.

  2. Taming Overgrowth: Overgrown edges find solace in the precision of your trimmer, re-establishing order in the midst of chaos.

  3. Efficiency Unleashed: With efficient tools like the Worx electric lawn edger, you embark on a journey where speed and precision intertwine.

  4. Sustained Lawn Health: By trimming prior to mowing, finer grass clippings foster the lush, thriving growth that your lawn craves.

Harness these techniques, wield your edger with finesse, and behold the lush carpet of green that bows to your mastery. As the edges stand crisp and the turf luxuriates, your lawn care prowess shall stand as a testament to your dominion over the land.

Why We Mow and Edge Our Lawn

Why We Mow and Edge Our Lawn
Alright, let’s dive into the heart of the matter – the art of maintaining your lawn. When it comes to the perennial question of whether to mow or edge first, there’s a bit of finesse involved. You’ve got your trimmer in hand, your mower revved up, but the order of play can make a real difference in the outcome.

We’ll walk you through the lively debate, the benefits of trimming post-edging, and the virtues of mowing after the delicate dance of edging and trimming.

The Debate

Delving into the ongoing discussion, the contention lies in finding the balance between crisp edges and a neatly mowed lawn, where one approach prevails in cultivating a manicured appearance. When it comes to the effectiveness comparison of mowing and edging, the choice boils down to harmonizing lawn aesthetics.

Mastering edging techniques lays the groundwork, creating defined boundaries. However, timing benefits favor mowing first, utilizing sharp blades for uniformity. Wise equipment selection enhances your prowess in achieving the desired outcome.

Trim the Lawn After Edging

As you guide the trimmer along the crisp borders of your lawn, each precise pass enhances the overall look, giving your property a polished and inviting appearance. Mowing efficiency is at its peak after edging. The trimmed edges provide a clear guide for your mower, ensuring seamless navigation and a uniform cut.

Edging techniques lay the foundation for a manicured lawn, and pairing it with well-timed mowing is key to achieving optimal lawn aesthetics.

Mow After Edging and Trimming

Start by ensuring your lawn’s edges are crisp and defined – the clean lines beautifully frame your property. Then, proceed to refine and manicure your lawn further, bringing forth its lush potential.

Embrace the art of mowing techniques, letting your mower glide with finesse. Feel the satisfaction as your grass transforms with each precise pass. Embody the edging benefits, achieving a polished contrast against your trimmed expanse.

Choose your edging tool wisely; consider the Craftsman gas-powered edger for its powerful performance. Let your lawn’s appearance be a testament to your mastery, a product of diligent trimming tips and hard work.

Equipment Needed for Mowing, Edging, and Trimming

Equipment Needed for Mowing, Edging, and Trimming
Equip yourself with the right tools to transform your lawn into a masterpiece of precision and beauty. Each pass of the blade and each clean edge is a brushstroke in the canvas of your outdoor sanctuary.

Edging techniques define your lawn’s boundaries, creating a polished look and preventing weed encroachment. Compare equipment like the Worx Electric Lawn Edger, offering adjustable depths and RPM for precise edging, to the Craftsman Gas Powered Edger with a 29cc engine for sturdy edges along driveways.

Consider mowing patterns that complement your edging style. Optimal trimming tips ensure clean lines around obstacles, enhancing your lawn’s allure. Choose whether to mow or edge first based on personal preference and lawn conditions.

Your mastery of these tools elevates your lawn care, bringing a sense of liberation and power to your outdoor haven.

Tips and Tricks for Edging

Tips and Tricks for Edging
Get ready to master the art of edging like a pro. To sculpt those crisp lines, put on your safety glasses – trust me, flying debris isn’t your lawn’s best accessory. Stick to a regular schedule; edging is like a little trim for your lawn’s hair, keeping it tidy and welcoming.

Wear Safety Glasses

Picture this: As you stand at the edge of your lawn, preparing to work on its perfection, remember the importance of safeguarding your vision. Just like a seasoned explorer wouldn’t venture into the unknown without a reliable map, you wouldn’t want to embark on this lawn care journey without the protection of safety glasses.

These glasses shield your eyes from unexpected debris, while your careful approach to edging and trimming ensures a clear path to your lawn’s vibrant beauty. So, equip yourself and tackle those hard-to-reach corners, balancing mowing’s benefits and edging’s finesse for ultimate lawn health.

Edge on a Schedule

Embrace the rhythm of a well-timed choreography, ensuring your lawn’s edges maintain their sharp distinction as part of your regular maintenance routine. Maintain a consistent schedule for both edging and mowing, as each complements the other.

Prioritize precise edging techniques that emphasize clean lines. Utilize the power of a gas-powered edger or the versatility of a cordless trimmer. Combine whipper snipper finesse with expert mowing techniques to achieve a manicured result that exudes mastery and enhances your lawn’s allure.

Use the Pavement Edge

Navigate alongside your lawn’s perimeter, leveraging the pavement edge as your trusted guide. This technique ensures a sleek outcome, accentuating your property’s refined aesthetics. The clear boundaries aid in efficient execution, delivering meticulous cuts. By integrating this method, you harmonize with the mastery of your lawn.

The choice between mowing or edging first becomes an empowering decision, where the pavement edge becomes an ally in your pursuit of a flawless finish.

Saw Back and Forth

Guide your tool along the pavement’s edge, creating a smooth, back-and-forth motion that maintains the crisp boundary of your lawn. This sawing technique not only defines your lawn’s edges but also sets the stage for efficient mowing.

The clean lines achieved through this method enhance your lawn’s aesthetics, showcasing a well-kept appearance. Keep in mind your lawn’s layout and your personal preferences when deciding whether to mow or edge first.

Don’t Cut Too Deep

Explore the concept of avoiding excessive depth when engaging in lawn maintenance, aiming to uncover whether going too deep could potentially harm the health and appearance of your cherished green space, stirring a sense of curiosity and concern among enthusiasts.

Achieve a balanced depth control while using edging techniques to ensure efficient mowing and optimal lawn health. By avoiding cutting too deep, you safeguard the integrity of your grass, particularly sensitive varieties like Bermuda grass.

Tips and Tricks for Mowing

Tips and Tricks for Mowing
Get ready to level up your lawn care game! When it comes to mowing, your arsenal of tips can make all the difference.

First off, keep those blades sharp – a well-honed mower blade ensures clean cuts, promoting a healthier lawn.

Before you rev up the mower, give your lawn a quick check for debris and obstacles, preventing any unwanted mishaps.

Now, when you’re in action, avoid the temptation to go super short; cutting the grass too low can stress the plants and hinder growth.

Embrace variety by mowing in different directions each time – this encourages upright growth and a more even appearance.

With these hands-on strategies, your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Keep Your Blades Sharp

Maintaining the keen edge of your tools is pivotal for ensuring a satisfying, crisp outcome to your lawn care efforts.

Regularly inspect and sharpen the blades of your edger, string trimmer, and mower. This practice not only enhances the efficiency of your equipment but also contributes to impeccable lawn aesthetics. A sharp blade facilitates smooth edging techniques, allowing you to create a crisp line along pavement edges.

Check the Lawn First

Surveying your lawn’s condition before diving into the next step, you’ll quickly assess its unique needs and seize the opportunity to enhance its vibrant, inviting allure.

Here’s a hands-on approach for your lawn care journey:

  1. Assessing Priorities: Take a moment to identify problem areas, focusing on overgrown boundaries and potential weed havens.

  2. Optimal Timing: Gauge the weather and time of day – mornings retain moisture and reduce stress on your grass.

  3. Edge Perfection: Examine the edges and define their cleanliness, envisioning the polished finish.

  4. Efficient Edging: Equip yourself with a suitable tool – an edger guarantees precise results, while a trimmer works for hard-to-reach spots.

  5. Mow Edge Sequence: Decide whether to start with edging or mowing based on your lawn’s specific needs.

Mastering this step grants you the liberation to curate your lawn’s aesthetics, wielding power over its appearance.

Mow Your Lawn at the Right Time

Commencing with the most opportune time for lawn care, ensure your grass receives its much-needed attention during the optimal moments of the day, harnessing the benefits of ambient moisture and gentle temperatures.

Best Timing for Lawn Care

Time of Day Ideal Tasks
Early Morning Effective Edging, Moisture Control
Late Afternoon Mowing Techniques, Level Cut

Embrace the crisp morning air for precise edging while the grass retains moisture. As the sun mellows, employ superior mowing techniques for an even, level cut. Achieve lawn aesthetics that reflect your mastery, guided by insights from mowing blogs and equipment comparison.

Handle overgrown lawns with confidence, optimizing your lawn care regimen.

Don’t Cut the Grass Too Short

Achieving a lush, vibrant lawn involves ensuring you don’t trim the grass excessively short.

  • Optimal Lawn Height: Maintaining a reasonable grass height supports strong root systems and photosynthesis, contributing to healthier, more resilient turf.

  • Grass Health Balance: Longer grass blades can capture more sunlight for energy production, while maintaining a moderate length prevents shading and disease susceptibility.

  • Debris and Damage: Cutting too short can stress the grass, making it prone to disease and pest damage. Longer grass provides a cushion against foot traffic and equipment.

  • Mowing Patterns: Longer grass helps hide the mowing lines, creating a more even appearance in your lawn.

  • Edging Techniques: Proper edging complements optimal grass length by providing clean and defined boundaries, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your lawn.

Mow in Different Directions

As you navigate your lawn care routine, consider alternating your mowing directions. This simple technique encourages healthier, more upright growth, resulting in a lush and well-manicured lawn. Varying your mowing patterns prevents grass from leaning in one direction, fostering a uniform and balanced appearance.

Edging techniques can further enhance the precision of your mowing efforts, creating clean lines along driveways and sidewalks. Pay attention to the details as you mow, and the results will speak for themselves, leaving no mess behind.

Edgers for Your Consideration

Edgers for Your Consideration
Now, when it comes to crafting those pristine edges that make your lawn stand out, you’ve got some powerful contenders to consider. The WORX WG896 Electric Lawn Edger, Craftsman Gas Powered Grass Lawn Edger, Black + Decker Edger & Trencher, and the Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer/Edger are all vying for a spot in your lawn care arsenal.

Let’s dive into these options and help you make an informed decision on whether you mow or edge first for that impeccable finish.

WORX WG896 Electric Lawn Edger

Digging into the topic at hand, you’ll find the WORX WG896 Electric Lawn Edger as your go-to tool for achieving an immaculate lawn finish. Its 12 Amp power delivers exceptional edger performance, while adjustable cutting depths provide control over edging techniques.

The ergonomic design ensures comfort during use, and the adjustable shaft and D-grip handle enhance edger ergonomics. With precise boundary definition and the ability to save time, this electric engine edger ensures an even, polished look.

So, when it comes to the question of whether you mow or edge first, this edger becomes a time-saving ally in creating a stunning landscape without compromise.

Craftsman Gas Powered Grass Lawn Edger

Navigating your lush expanse with the Craftsman Gas Powered Grass Lawn Edger is like effortlessly sculpting the edges of your lawn into clean, well-defined lines. Experience the comfortable grip of its ergonomic handle and the smooth glide of its premium transport wheels.

Achieve lawn edge precision with easy depth adjustments. This gas edger performs flawlessly, especially during the growing season. It’s an essential tool for a dedicated edger, and its impeccable performance often satisfies even the strictest homeowners associations.

Black + Decker Edger & Trencher

Explore the dynamic versatility of the Black + Decker Edger & Trencher, a robust 2-in-1 gardening tool that effortlessly transitions between precise edging and trenching, offering you a range of options for refining your lawn’s boundaries and landscaping features.

Its 12-amp motor empowers efficient edging, while the three adjustable blade depth settings ensure tailored trenching benefits. This tool enhances lawn appearance with clean edges, enabling effective mowing techniques and saving time.

From triple cut to whipper snipping, this edger empowers mastery over your lawn’s presentation.

Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer/Edger

Considering your lawn’s meticulous maintenance, let’s delve into the details of the dynamic Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer/Edger, a tool that tantalizingly transforms trimming tasks into a tidy triumph.

This cordless wonder offers an array of benefits, from precise edging to trimming convenience.

Here’s what sets it apart:

  1. Versatile 2-in-1: Seamlessly switch between trimming and edging, eliminating the need for multiple tools.

  2. Efficient Battery Power: The 40V lithium-ion battery provides ample power and runtime for tackling thick grass and weeds.

  3. Adjustable Cutting Head: Rotate the head 90 degrees for effortless transition from trimming to edging.

  4. Auto-Feed Trimmer Head: Keep the line advancing smoothly with the auto-feed feature, reducing interruptions.

  5. Quiet and Emission-Free: Enjoy the serenity of noiseless operation and eco-friendly performance.

Achieve pristine lawn aesthetics with the cordless convenience of the Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer/Edger, offering edger performance and trimmer benefits in one dynamic package.


Delving into the realm of lawn care, uncover the wealth of information from diverse sources that guide you toward achieving a beautifully manicured and inviting property.

Explore edging techniques that enhance lawn aesthetics, creating clean boundaries and preventing weed encroachment.

Consider mowing patterns to promote healthy grass growth while achieving an appealing look.

Trimming benefits go beyond aesthetics, aiding in easier mowing around obstacles and reducing wind-borne debris.

To choose the right equipment, compare options like the Worx electric lawn edger, offering precision with adjustable cutting depths, Craftsman’s gas-powered edger with advanced features, the versatile Black Decker Edger & Trencher, and the Greenworks cordless trimmer/edger for ease and convenience.

Harness this knowledge to master your lawn care, aligning with your desire for a liberated, powerful mastery of your property’s allure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I edge and mow my lawn?**

Keep your lawn in top shape by mowing every 1-2 weeks during the growing season. Edge as needed for clean boundaries.

Can I use the same tool for both edging and trimming?**

Opt for the versatile Greenworks 40V trimmer/edger. Tame grass and redefine edges effortlessly with its 2-in-1 design. Enjoy freedom from cords and emissions while gaining mastery over your lawn’s precision and allure.

Is there an optimal time of day for mowing and edging?**

Maximize your lawn’s potential by mowing and edging strategically. Mow in the morning for moisture preservation. Edge with the powerful Worx electric edger for clean lines. Achieve liberation from unruly lawns.

What’s the difference between an edger and a trimmer?**

To master lawn care, understand the difference: An edger creates clean, defined edges for a polished appearance, while a trimmer handles hard-to-reach areas.

Are there any eco-friendly alternatives for gas-powered lawn equipment?**

Looking for eco-friendly lawn equipment? Opt for the Greenworks 40V cordless trimmer/edger. With a powerful battery, quiet operation, and precise edging capabilities, it empowers you to master your lawn while embracing sustainability.


Wrapping up this verdant journey, let’s trim through the thicket of choices and arrive at a well-groomed finale for your lawn.

Mowing first, a dynamic opening act, wields the baton of consistency and time-saving prowess. However, tread carefully; its overture can tangle with edging’s intricate serenade. On the other hand, embracing the edge-first mantra, you carve lines of distinction, ward off weeds, and lay the foundation for a refined show.

In this captivating performance, equipment is the chorus, with options like the powerful Worx Electric Lawn Edger or the Craftsman Gas Powered Grass Lawn Edger, ready to hit those high notes of precision.

The Black + Decker Edger & Trencher orchestrates versatility, while the Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer/Edger harmonizes freedom and value.

For a standing ovation-worthy result, heed these seasoned strategies: wearing safety glasses, edging by schedule, using the pavement as your guide, and finding your rhythm in the sawing motion.

Meanwhile, mowing’s solo requires keeping your blades sharp, selecting the right moment, and choreographing varied mowing directions.

So, dear lawn maestro, as you cultivate your turf’s lush sonata, remember: whether you choose to mow or edge first, your melody resonates uniquely with your lawn’s contours. Through this hands-on journey, your expertise transforms a once-uncertain tune into a resounding masterpiece, where your lawn flourishes, and you stand as the accomplished conductor of nature’s harmonious opus.

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