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Earthway 2050p Estate 80-pound Walk-behind Broadcast Spreader Review (2023)

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Landscaping companies as well as lawn proprietors utilize a selection of devices for both growing and reseeding turf seed. If you’re seeding a tiny area, your best option would be a handheld spreader Bigger locations require a drop style or broadcast spreader in order to cover terrific areas of grass with a minimum of passes.

A high quality broadcast spreader will have most or every one of the complying with choices: It must be built to lose (assume steel or thick plastic), it ought to have an adjustable spreader establishing with clear, very easy to read printed numbers, and also its spreading mechanism ought to be clog evidence as well as corrosion evidence.

Right here is my listing of the best broadcast spreaders: .

The Earthway 2050P Estate 80-Pound Walk-Behind Spreader includes large durable tires that create simple usage, no matter the terrain. The tires, which step 10 inches in size, have deep treads and high flotation, which mean that they have actually been assigned as Light Truck tires, as well as can deal with also the roughest, most uneven yards with simplicity.

The spreader itself is built of a solid tubular steel framework, and also its plastic hopper has an ability of holding 80 extra pounds. In enhancement, this spreader has a 3-hole copyrighted Ev-N-Spred decline system which assures an also spread out. The transmission is business quality and also has actually confined gears, along with a controller that are handle-mounted for a conveniently flexible variable price of circulation. It additionally has the capability to spread out plant food, lime, salt, etc.

Continue reading to learn the benefits and drawbacks of the Earthway 2050P Estate 80-Pound Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader.


  • Really simple assembly– Just increase the deal with and also lock in place
  • Well balanced, and is effortless to press
  • Quickly calibrated accuracy setups
  • Hopper efficiently empties, and little to no extra product is left behind
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Helpful for granular or pelletized items


  • Handle height is too short for taller customers
  • No side guard to quit materials being gotten rid of from flower beds, patio areas, and sidewalks, or even onto the operator
  • Does not have a screen that will certainly keep swellings from blocking the feed chute


The Earthway 2050P Estate 80-Pound Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader is a high quality product that has just recently been decreased in price. The spreader take care of features tailored flexible setups which can be altered mid-job to assist in the appropriate amount of fertilizer or seed leaving the trough.

This spreader ‘s capability to maneuver via any type of sort of surface makes it a smart choice for anyone having hillsides, dips, or rocky places in their lawn. The pneumatic tires tackle rough, unequal dirt masterfully. The hopper handles huge tons in addition to smaller sized loads and continually throw its product ahead, and not backwards onto the individual’s shoes.

The setting up of the product is straightforward, needing only that users bring up on the take care of as well as tighten a couple of thumbscrews. There’s a five year guarantee covering producer’s flaws (not for wear as well as tear).

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Roughly 70% of customers discovered this spreader to run successfully and also efficiently, and would acquire this version number once more in the future. Twenty percent of users had some concern with either the efficiency or the top quality of the spreader A tiny portion of customers referred to the reality that a contending brand name, Scott’s, given edge-guards or back-guards for their spreader, stopping the user from getting fertilizer on their shoes and also trousers, which Earthway does not.

One customer noted that the transmission that attaches to the wheels constantly becomes ripped off facility, causing the spreader to quit randomly mid lawn and dispose some plant food. An additional customer wants that the spreader ‘s feeder control might be springtime filled, making certain that it would certainly quit instantly when your hand was removed. Customers likewise stated that the manage extra padding split apart after a few usages and also tape required to be applied to no more tearing would happen.

Despite a percentage of minor complaints, the general consensus among customers as well as buyers is that the Earthway 2050P Estate 80-Pound Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader is a quality maker, very easy to assemble and simple to run, and well worth its low-cost rate.

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