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Edger Vs Trimmer: Which is the Best One for the Job? (2023)

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Cutting your grass is component of landscaping maintenance that serves several features besides keeping your home looking clean. It can boost the health of your turf as well as yard while aiding to avoid bugs from finding new residences in your backyard. The next step to a stunning lawn entails investigating the differences in between a edger is leaner.

Both will aid with your maintenance but in various manner ins which make understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each one vital to get one of the most out of your purchase. Our purchasing overview will offer you the details you need to learn the myriad of choices you’ll find.

1. AMES 2917200 Saw-Tooth Border Edger with T-Grip

The AMES 2917200 Saw-Tooth Border Edger with T-Grip is concerning a traditional as it obtains with some renovations to make the job easier. The saw-toothed edge cuts with plant life with ease. You are in total control of clearing it away. It determines 39.3 inches high by 14.1 inches wide by 1.5 inches thick.

The ergonomic layout provides you a great deal of utilize to rock the blade backward and forward to resolve thicker vegetation. It is relatively light-weight, yet it can deal with harsh therapy well, thanks to its steel building and construction.


  • The edger is well-crafted with steel for longevity.
  • The serrated edge is uber-sharp.
  • It is cost effectively valued.
  • The edger cuts via weeds the very first time.


  • The edger will not undergo the thicker, woodier brush.
  • Some users might find the device as well tall.

2. BLACK+DECKER 2-in-1 Landscape Edger as well as Trencher

The BLACK+DECKER 2-in-1 Landscape Edger and also Trencher are a multi-task tool that takes care of two of the hardest landscaping jobs with one product. The 12-amp motor slices with greenery easily. It has 3 deepness setups to match the job. The edger measures 23 inches tall by 10 inches wide by 12 inches deep.

The product is an upgraded variation. The brand-new version includes ergonomic elements and also some tweaks in the layout to boost its performance. It has 2 modes, depending on the job. The edger deals with well whether you’re bordering or reducing a trench. Some setting up is required, but it’s not difficult. The guidelines are clear to get you back in the backyard quickly.


  • You can purchase it with an extra blade.
  • The included guide maintains your bordering on point for clean cuts.
  • It is easy to make use of with a powerful motor.
  • The big wheels are simple to steer through a selection of surface areas.


  • The device is a little bit heavy at simply over 14 pounds.
  • Some individuals might discover it tough to use due to its shorter elevation.

3. WORX WG154 Cordless Edger

The WORX WG154 Cordless Edger is an outstanding choice for little backyards where you do not have a great deal of bordering to do. The battery-powered tool is lightweight at simply 6 extra pounds. That, together with its ergonomic handle, makes it easy to utilize. It measures 47 inches high by 11 inches large by 10 inches deep. It reduces a sizable swath for quick work.

The gadget works on a 20V lithium-ion battery with a five-hour fee time. The use time is reasonable for many jobs. Nevertheless, the wise buyer will include an extra battery to their cart prior to buying it. You can utilize it as a leaner too, although it is a bit as well lightweight for yards with heavy plant life.


  • The edger has an automated line feed.
  • It’s lightweight for a battery-powered gadget.
  • You can change the reducing width from 10 to 12 inches.
  • It’s very easy to put together.


  • The free time is a bit longer than we ‘d such as.
  • Heavy plant life faucets the battery swiftly.

4. WORX WG 163 GT 3.0 PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer Edger

The WORX WG163 GT 3.0 PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer Edger is one more multi-use device that brings even more power and also an easy to use style to the mix. The head of the tool turns to make sure that you can match the angle with the job. We likewise loved the guard that aids regulate the trajectory of the cuttings and safeguards your landscape design.

The tool has an automatic feed, which we like to see in these types of products. And also did we state you obtain totally free spindles permanently? The device deals with well also around dilemmas. It also has a 1 year warranty. The battery life is good as well. It absolutely helps that you obtain a 2nd one with your purchase.


  • The package consists of 2 batteries.
  • You can readjust it to the degree you require.
  • It’s light-weight at just 6 extra pounds.
  • The wheels go across easily over various surfaces.


  • The device can not handle thick plants well.
  • You should pay the shipping on returns as well as for the complimentary spools.

5. Husqvarna 2-Cycle Gas String Trimmer

The Husqvarna 2-Cycle Gas String Trimmer is the device for larger lawns as well as larger usage. There is extra maintenance with this type of device, considering its source of power. It makes use of 2-stroke oil as well as unleaded gas. It’s a little bit bulkier at 63.8 inches high by 11 inches vast by 11.5 inches deep. It only weighs 11 pounds, but that lacks fuel.

The leaner is healthy and also easy to utilize, although we advise getting a band for it. It’s very easy to start, which is constantly an and also. It makes use of a twisted line for much heavier plants and also woody brush. There are three optional attachments that make it a multi-purpose tool and far better value.


  • The leaner comes with a two-year service warranty.
  • It’s easy and fast to fill a brand-new line.
  • There are a number of attachments available to boost its adaptability.
  • You can conveniently check that amount of gas left in the container with its clear cover.


  • The leaner is loud.
  • There are periodic problems with it bogging down during usage.

Edger Vs Trimmer Buying Guide

Now that you know the sorts of items that are offered allow’s dig into what you should look for when making a decision in between a edger is a leaner. We’ll cover the standard distinctions, together with the functions that each one offers the table to make your landscaping simpler.

What’s the Difference Between an Edger and a Trimmer?

Both devices do a certain function, usually with the ending up touches after you’ve trimmed your lawn. That, as most of us recognize, is simply the start of your landscape design maintenance. They offer a comparable purpose– to clean up the loosened edges, as it were.

You can make use of an edger to reduce the roaming plants going across the borders of your walkway, driveway, or any kind of decorative trim you have as a component of your landscape design. It makes brief job of getting the job done while leaving a sharp edge that makes your grass appearance cool. As you might speculate, a edger has specific uses in specific places.

A leaner, on the various other hand, is the clean-up team coming in for the mop-up after you’ve trimmed the lawn. You can use them to cut greenery in locations where your lawnmower can’t reach or where you do not intend to take the chance of damages, such as around trees. They work in a similar way to this kind of tools with a smaller reach and more regulated fashion.

The biggest distinction in between both is that a edger has one work, whereas a trimmer can do double-duty for both tasks. You’ll likewise see products that are multi-functional, which is a boon if you do not wish to invest in a lot of power devices.

Things to Consider

It’s vital to tip back before you acquire a edger is a leaner to figure out what you need out of the item and also just how much you’re prepared to spend. You can invest anywhere from less than $50 to more than $ 1,000 for professional-grade equipment.

We ‘d suggest considering the labor factor also. It doesn’t take lengthy to discover that landscape design is effort. It’s no coincidence that neck as well as back discomfort is the third leading resource of healthcare costs in the United States. That’s part of the reason that makes powered devices a smarter selection over manual ones for the 60 million American families that invest money and time in their landscape design.

When deciding whether to purchase a edger vs trimmer, consider these elements:

  • Size of the Job
  • Power Source
  • Upkeep of the Equipment

Dimension of the Job

There are two aspects to this factor to consider. First, there is the physical dimension of your yard. The typical size yard in the United States is concerning 0.2 acres While that might not sound like a whole lot, you’ll recognize first-hand what it suggests when you maintain a whole lot of that size. If your property is large, you might discover it beneficial to buy larger tools to make the job quicker and less complicated.

Also, consider the sort of land you’re landscaping. If your property abuts an area or woodland, you’ll likely have a lot of tougher vegetation encroaching on your lawn. You might need power tools to puncture intrusive weeds as well as woody plants.

Source of powers

You’ll find either product with numerous options for its source of power. On the reduced end, you’ll discover hand-operated equipment where you offer the arm joint oil. They use several advantages. They are portable and typically light-weight. On the drawback, there is labor.

You’ll also see lawn edgers as well as leaners that use batteries. They supply mobility, however they are also larger. Electric devices do not evaluate as much. Nonetheless, there is a cord, which can easily come to be a danger or restricting aspect if you have a lot of areas to cover.

There are also gas-powered tools. They are likewise very easy to utilize anywhere on your home. The fuel does include weight and requires completing periodically. Then, there is the environmental element. These tools give off numerous damaging greenhouse gases, consisting of co2 as well as nitrogen oxides The paradox is that landscaping increases the eco-friendly room, yet the upkeep is a risk factor.

Maintenance of the Equipment

From a sensible point-of-view, you ought to additionally consider what you need to do to maintain your yard devices in good form. We highly prompt you to maintain them to get the optimum use from them. That indicates keeping the blades sharp and also altering the oil as well as filter as recommended by the manufacturer. They will certainly run much more successfully and lower the time that you have to utilize them.

Less utilize amounts to less greenhouse gas discharges.

Various other Features

We would certainly suggest checking out other specs that can influence just how well these types of gadgets job and your simplicity of utilizing them. As an example, weight is a vital consideration is you’re making use of a string leaner. While 5 pounds does not appear like a great deal, you’ll feel it after 20 mins of transporting it around your backyard. That’s why we suggest making use of a band to take the problem from your top arms as well as shoulders.

Matching the sort of trim line with the gadget is one more important aspect. If you’re just handling grass-like plants, 0.065-0 08 round string will certainly finish the job. If there is hefty brush, choose 0.11 or greater sizes in square or multi-sided line. Inspecting the reducing width in the specifications will certainly assist you choose a version that is ideal for your scenario.

Ergonomic grips are a blessing if you have a big location to cover. If you’re utilizing a battery-powered tool, we suggest getting a couple of additional batteries to ensure that you can get your lawn down in one pass. An additional essential consideration is the guarantee and warranty of the product you buy. We like ones that the manufacturer backs with satisfaction ensured.

Best Brands

Black Decker

Black Decker is a family name when it comes to power tools, whether it’s the coffeemaker in your kitchen area or cordless drill. The America-based company obtained its beginning in 1910. Now recognized as Stanley Black Decker, you’ll find several various other acquainted brand names in its line, consisting of DeWalt as well as Craftsman. It has a credibility for cost effective, quality items.


WORX specializes in grass and also yard tools with a complete line of items from chainsaws to electrical lawnmowers. A number of its items are multi-purpose and eco-friendly. It is a fairly new business, established in 1994 by the China-based Positec Tool Corporation.

Ryobi Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Ryobi Seisakusho Co., Ltd is a global business started in 1943. Its line of product offers a selection of sectors from building and construction to automotive to power devices. It prides itself on its capacity to far better the top quality of life of its customers through an ingenious innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do edger blades need to be honed?

A: Edger blades are no different from the ones you carry your lawnmower. They will shed their edge gradually, especially if you use them on plants with harder or woody stems. We suggest getting them developed professionally at least every two years. Keep in mind that a sharp blade cuts cleaner and minimizes your workload.

Q: Is the twisted trimmer line much better?

A: You’ll locate spherical leaner lines with many of these items. It’s the winner for all-purpose cutting where there isn’t a great deal of woody plant life. Nonetheless, if you require the huge weapons, then the twisted line is a smarter option. While it might set you back even more, it will certainly make brief work of anything in its way. You’ll likewise locate it a lot more comfy to make use of with much less vibration.

Q: How do you add more string to a trimmer?

A: The procedure varies with the kind of devices you’re using. You need to do it by hand with old-school versions, which generally entails touching the device on a tough surface area to obtain more line. You’ll also see products with an auto-feed device that makes including line a breeze. More recent leaners take the guesswork out of adding even more string by doing it immediately.

Last Thoughts

Power tools make landscape design simpler and quicker, enabling you to invest even more time appreciating your backyard. A number of products stood out with technologies that offer a reputable service for a myriad of jobs like the WORX WG163 GT 3.0 PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer Edger. If area as well as your budget are your key concerns, you’ll find a high quality product.

Despite the fact that landscape design requires time and initiative, there is no rejecting the satisfaction and complete satisfaction of a clean grass. Whether you’re considering a edger vs a trimmer, you’ll discover the best device to clean up your yard and maintain it looking its best As constantly, we advise that you utilize eye and also ear security when making use of any power tools.

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