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Ego Power+ Cs1600 Brushless Chainsaw Review (2022)

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The EGO Power line of chainsaws is excellent for homeowners with debris to clean up, small seedlings to eliminate, or small woodlots that need to be cleaned out.

It is necessary to keep in mind that we do not intend these power saws for strong applications, but for small to medium applications, they are suitable.

The EGO Power CS1600 56V is straightforward to start, operate, and also preserve. The user manual is especially well-written and also easy to adhere to— excellent for individuals that have actually never owned a chainsaw previously.

Review on to discover even more regarding what the EGO Power+ CS1600 needs to use!


  • The 56V electric motor is effective and also the flexibility needed to make bigger cuts.
  • This chainsaw makes use of the same batteries used by various other prominent EGO Power products.
  • All set to begin with the basic press of a button.


  • The chain often ends ahead loose typically – despite repeated tightening.

Secret Features

  • The brushless motor is durable and highly reliable.
  • It includes a generously sized 16 inch, Oregon branded bar and also chain.
  • The chain tensioning system does not require making use of any tools to readjust.
  • The chain kickback brake enhances overall safety and security and control.
  • Procedure is peaceful compared to similar versions.

Item Review

Upon taking it out of package, the initial thing one will see is the reality that the EGO Power+ chainsaw does not follow traditional design guidelines.

For instance, instead of being in a side-loading position, the battery of this version is below the handle.


While a little off-putting in the beginning glance, the style perfectly offsets the weight of the EGO brushless motor and also provides far better equilibrium when moving the chainsaw onward and also backwards during reducing.

While the chainsaw’s total equilibrium is superb, EGO made use of a stiff plastic location instead of where steel bucking spikes are typically discovered. This limits the quantity of leverage users can get with this chainsawhowever,er it does not avoid cuts from being made.

The body of the EGO Power+ CS1600 56V Li-Ion Battery Brushless Chainsaw is grey with green and black accents. The ergonomic design of the saw handle is padded and very easy to hold. For horizontal cuts, the chainsaw can easily be rotated 90 levels.

The chain oil tank lies on the left-hand side of the chainsaw It’s vital to keep in mind that the reservoir’s cap is not connected, so we should take treatment not to shed it. The cap has a little inspection window that will allow customers to see exactly how much oil is in the tank quickly.

Chain Break

Aemphasisze of this chainsaw’s style is the working chain brake. This function serves a dual function. First and primary, it serves as a kickback safety device. Second, it prevents the saw from being activated while it is being worked on.

I usually saw the chain brake only on typical gas chainsaws, so it is a welcome addition to this cordless model.

This chainsaw packs a great deal of runtime and also power– thanks in component to its 56-volt system and also its 2.4 Ah battery. However, it is likewise because of the chainsaw’s brushless electric motor, which enables the chainsaw to be more effective. The lack of brushes suggests that less deterioration is positioned on its interior components, and the chainsaw runs cooler overall.

Reducing Ability

with cutting, a reduced kickback chain (plus rakers) and a 14 inch, Oregon branded bar is used. We can readily set the chain up by taking off the side coveandas positioning the chain and reducing bar in position.

No devices are required to perform tensioning, which is done via the chain tensioning handld on the front of the chainsaw

Batteries take a standard of 40 minutes to bill. Each EGO Power+ CS1600 56V Li-Ion Battery Brushless Chainsaw is come with by a 5 year, limited guarantee from the supplier.

Thanks for Reading!

The benefit, simpleness, as well as enormous power of the EGO Power+ CS1600 make it among the best battery powered power saws on the marketplace.

Because it is a cordless design, there is no mixing of fuel or need to winterize to take into consideration.

Some customers have actually grumbled regarding the absence of steel throwing spikes, however it doesn’t affect the general efficiency of the chainsaw

An added perk is that this model works with the batteries used for other EGO products, so if you are currently using them, then this chainsaw will certainly prepare to use best out of the box.

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