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EGO Vs WORX Lawnmowers: a Complete Guide (2023)

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This handy guide will certainly contrast the mowers supplied by two huge names in the industry: the EGO vs WORX lawnmower. By comparing each of their products, it is possible to create identify the strengths and weaknesses of each manufacturer so you can make an educated decision for your lawn.

The lawnmower has actually been a staple of the domestic residence since the gadget’s innovation in the 19 th century. It was initially created to assist the residents of suburban areas that had turned away from their agricultural roots and no more had barn animals efficient in keeping the grass around the home trim as well as orderly.

The original lawnmower models were easy steel press mowers which depend specifically on the power of the private dealing with the device. Thin steel blades thoroughly punctured the turf yet typically left harsh and also unequal spots.

Over time, gas-powered equipment increased and change these press lawn mowers. These would certainly be preferred up until the 21 st century, when a new challenger arrived: The cordless electric lawn mower.

Cordless electrical mowers are in vogue nowadays due to the fact that they do not call for gas, oil, and heavy equipment to operate. Instead, they use batteries. But with a lot of products on the market, how do you recognize that brand names to rely on?

The Basic Features of a Cordless Mower

Cordless lawnmowers make use of batteries as well as being therefore powered by electrical power. They are made to be rechargeable in the garage or outdoors and do not require the comprehensive maintenance of a gas design. Given that there are less relocating parts and also no internal combustion engine, the overall product is light-weight and easier to navigate as well.

With this in mind, there are 3 standard factors why someone selects to acquire an electrical mower over a gas version:

  1. Much better ability to move
  2. Reduced expenses generally
  3. Less upkeep

We’ve already covered why there is much less upkeep: You will certainly not be expected to maintain a tough gas-powered engine, which implies no messing with spark plugs, fuel, air filters, and oil modifications. This is attached to reduce costs too given that you will certainly not need to acquire gas or oil to keep this mower completely satisfied. The electricity to keep among these models charged so only expense between $5 and $20 at the majority of

Lastly, there is the maneuverability. Individuals like used cordless electric mowers since they are light-weight, do not shake as high as gas options, and also typically featuring self-propelling systems. The smaller models are also much easier to transform, and the overall gadget generates little sound.

This is great information for someone that lives in a residential area as well as stress over irritating their next-door neighbors or inadvertently clipping their garden while trying to turn in the yard.

Vanity vs. WORX: Who Are They?

Who is the ego, as well as why should you acquire one of their lawnmowers? This manufacturer is a smaller sized brand controlled by the bigger firm of Chevron, which is based in China. Chervon has over 2 decades of experience and also created EGO to likewise make alternatives to traditional gas-powered devices as well as makers. It has come to be preferred in the industrial field and is branching off right into property versions to be utilized by the typical individual in your home.

WORX, on the other hand, is a brand of power devices as well as grass tools manufactured by the much bigger Positec Tool Corporation. Comparable to EGO, WORX’s head office is in China, where most of the products are produced as well as eaten. The WORX brand name was initial established in 2023 and also has been a staple of the marketplace because its unique orange design, long battery life, and also total affordability for the ordinary individual.

So, simply by examining the essentials, it looks like the ego and WORX would be comparable. When you consider the general fads of the brand names, however, you start to see some distinctions that can assist you to identify which one would certainly function best for you.


EGO as well as WORX operate on a comparable level with only minor distinctions between the two producers. On the whole, these cordless electric lawnmowers are designed to be semi-durable, of moderate power, as well as able to be made use of in property areas. Both have typical maneuverability also and can assist you to save cash in the future.

Nonetheless, there are some key differences that can assist you to determine which one you want to acquire.

  • EGO versions just utilize a single lithium-ion battery generally, while WORX requires two (voltage varies based on mower)
  • WORX mowers often feature an added mulching alternative that is useful for people with harsh and roll lawns or the requirement for a mulch
  • EGO produces lawn mowers which are lighter and also much faster typically
  • Vanity items have a body and also components guarantee of 5 years and also a battery guarantee of 3 years; the ordinary WORX service warranty is 4 years for components as well as 2 years for batteries
  • EGO batteries can be butted in roughly 30 minutes, while the WORX batteries take 60 minutes
  • Both products come with battery chargers, yet the WORX battery charger is easier as well as much easier to make use of
  • It is simpler to eliminate the EGO’s battery than it is to eliminate the WORX batteries
  • Typically, the EGO cordless electric lawnmower is more probable to be self-propelling than the WORX alternative
  • The WORX cordless mowers are more effective and have far better adjustability, allowing them to target sections of the grass which are of varying lengths or toughness
  • Vanity utilizes batteries which can be shared between equipments, while the WORX batteries can not
  • Both brands possess longer battery lives than standard, with EGO batteries lasting 45 minutes and WORX batteries lasting 60 mins

With this details in mind, it is hard to figure out which brand is better general. While the ego wins when it involves the ability to move and also cost-effectiveness, it is WORX that takes the prize for less upkeep. Plus, WORX is more powerful overall.

In these competitors, the result is a connection.

To better comprehend the outcomes, please examine the chart below.

Guarantee 5 years on parts; 3 years on batteries 4 years on parts; 2 years on batteries
Number of Batteries 1 2
Battery Life 45 Minutes 60 Minutes
Self-Propelling? Yes Yes
Weight Average Average
Speed Rapid Average
Mulching Included Consisted of

Each brand has its very own benefits and drawbacks, with the EGO being wonderful sense of its rate as well as guarantee, and WORX being exceptional due to its longer battery life. Whether you desire power or speed, both of these brands will certainly be able to offer.

Choice Products from These Brands

Whether you select to acquire an EGO or a WORX cordless electric lawnmower, it is essential to do some background study on the design you want to get. There are a lot more WORX then EGO alternatives on the market, so it can be harder to discover an item you truly delight in. To streamline the procedure for you, right here are several of the best mowers you can buy from these brand names.


  1. VANITY 21 in. 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Walk Behind Self Propelled Mower
    • Makes use of a single 56V lithium-ion battery
    • Self-propelled
    • Weather-resistant building and construction
    • 60-minute battery life
    • Consists of mulching capability
    • Product measurements: 72 x 48 x 36 in.
    • Evaluates 60 pounds.
  2. Vanity Power and also 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower
    • 20 in. Reducing ability
    • Folds up for compact storage space
    • Utilizes a single lithium ion battery
    • Includes mulching ability
    • Functions LED headlights
    • Product measurements: 37.4 x 21.6 x 16.1 in.
    • Evaluates 56 pounds.


  1. WORX WG744 40V Power Share 4.0 Ah 17 ″ Lawn Mower w/ Mulching
    • Utilizes 2 20V lithium ion batteries
    • Mulching capacities
    • Cuts up to 5445 sq. ft. per charge
    • Product dimensions: 55.5 x 39.5 x 17.8 in.
    • Weighs 38 pounds.
  2. WORX WG774 Intellicut 56V Cordless 20 ″ Lawn Mower with Mulching Capabilities
    • Consists of a battery power degree indicator for much better billing estimates
    • Steel cutting deck
    • Completely retractable handle
    • Lithium ion batteries
    • Can reduce up to 9,400 sq. ft.
    • Item measurements: 55 x 19 x 38 in.
    • Weighs 65 lbs.

Every one of these items are of high quality and will work well in the average domestic lawn. While they do have a tendency to be on the heavier end of cordless electrical mowers, they are still maneuverable sense of the lighter weight. And also, a number of them have collapsible deals with and consist of more than one battery so you can bill one while using the various other.


Both EGO and WORX produce cordless electric lawnmowers, which can be made use of by the average person. If you are attempting to figure out which one will be the better value, it will be tough to decide. This is why the fight of EGO vs. WORX lawnmowers inevitably finishes in a connection.

Both of these brands give premium lawnmowers at reasonably affordable price, making them perfect for a person looking for a more budget friendly lawnmower that will last for greater than a year. The batteries are included with each purchase, and it is basic to get rid of and also bill them.

At this phase in their production, we can suggest both EGO and also WORX for the average customer.

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