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Fields Edge M220 String Mower: Features, Ratings & Comparisons (2023)

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fields edge m220 string mower reviewThe Fields Edge M220 string mower is an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable mower that will get the job done. This mower comes with a clear-cut cutting head, wheel pivot system, and oversized balanced wheels.

It even includes a continual running handle and folding handlebar to make storage quick and easy.

In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the Fields Edge M220 String Mower’s features and benefits. We’ll also review ratings from consumers who have used it. Additionally, we’ll compare it to some alternative options so you can find out what makes this one stand out.

Whether it’s trimming grass or tackling weeds in uneven terrain, the versatile Field Edge M220 has got you covered. It’s perfect for any homeowner wanting professional results without breaking their budget.

With its array of features, the Field Edge M220 string mower is an excellent choice for reliable yard maintenance.

Key Takeaways

  • Clear-Cut Efficiency Head for efficient trimming
  • Wheel Pivot System for maneuverability
  • Oversized 14-inch Wheels for stability
  • Competitive choice with a 4 out of 5 star user rating

Fields Edge M220 Overview

Fields Edge M220 Overview
With its adjustable cutting height and tool-less line replacement, you can easily maintain your lawn’s edges and thick patches with the Fields Edge M220. The Clear Cut Efficiency head offers versatile trimming while the Wheel Pivot System enables maneuvering in tight spots.

Experience Balanced Stability from the oversized 14-inch wheels. Appreciate the Continual Running handle and foldable handlebar.

While competitive alternatives exist, the M220’s features give it a competitive edge for your needs, like sliding string replacement and height-adjustable handle. You’ll value how it tackles overgrowth and simplifies maintenance through thoughtful design attributes that promote power and mastery over your lawn.

Features and Benefits of the Fields Edge M220

Features and Benefits of the Fields Edge M220
As a versatile and convenient solution for handling tough vegetation on your lawn, the Fields Edge M220 string trimmer offers excellent maneuverability and user-friendly features. Equipped with a Clear-Cut Cutting Head for efficient trimming, a Wheel Pivot System enabling access to hard-to-reach areas, Oversized 14-inch Wheels that ensure balance and stability, a Continual Running Handle enhancing convenience, and a Folding Handlebar facilitating storage and transport, this string mower provides the performance and ease of use you need to keep your lawn looking its best.

Clear-Cut Cutting Head

Your trimmer’s efficient cutting head swiftly clears vegetation in its path like a lawnmower conquering a grassy field.

  1. Efficient and precise trimming around obstacles.
  2. Easy replacement of worn string lines.
  3. Reduced vibrations for user comfort.
  4. Less winding of string lines during trimming.

With its competitive cutting head, the M220 simplifies maintenance while delivering precision trimming and enhanced user convenience.

Wheel Pivot System

You can easily access those hard-to-reach areas with its wheel pivot system. The pivot system lets you maneuver into tight spaces and angles with precision. It provides smooth performance and efficiency for trimming, so you can tackle overgrown areas and obstacles.

With quick turns and tight radius capabilities, the system helps you trim vegetation in constricted spots that would normally require tedious hand-work. This performance feature boosts productivity. The wheel pivot system optimizes the M220 for versatility and convenience.

Oversized, Balanced Wheels

Because it’s balanced on 14-inch oversized wheels, this mower allows you to trim without tilting or tipping. The large wheels readily adapt to uneven terrain while ensuring you maintain control. Users say the wheels provide remarkable stability even on slopes. Check tire pressure regularly, and think about proactive replacement if worn.

Solid alternatives such as the Husqvarna offer comparable dual wheel arrangements for navigating diverse landscapes.

Continual Running Handle

The ergonomic handlebar on the Fields Edge M220 trimmer offers a comfortable grip and control, allowing you to maneuver the trimmer smoothly without tiring your hands. Constructed with durable materials, the handle maintains its integrity during prolonged use.

You’ll appreciate the continuous run feature that lets you operate the trimmer without needing to hold down a trigger, reducing hand fatigue during extended trimming sessions. With its user-focused design, the M220’s handlebar aims to maximize your trimming efficiency.

Folding Handlebar

Alright my friend, the folding handlebar on that mower folds up real nice-like so you can squeeze it into that tiny garden shed quicker than a jackrabbit.

  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Compact storage design
  • Optimized for transport
  • Customizable handlebar height

The folding handlebar offers convenient storage and transport. Its optimized folding design and customizable height adjustment meet your needs.

Fields Edge M220 Rating and User Feedback

Fields Edge M220 Rating and User Feedback
The M220 earns good marks for its adjustability and ease of maintenance. Users give it high satisfaction ratings for handling tough weeds and grass, thanks to the versatile clear-cut head and sliding string replacement that simplifies upkeep.

Reviews praise the tool-less line feed and cam-lock handlebar adjustments for comfort and precision cutting at multiple heights. Customers highlight the oversized wheels for stability when navigating uneven terrain.

While some note concerns about plastic housing durability, the majority find the M220 an easy-to-use, high-performing trimmer. With a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, it scores well against competitors for its balance of rugged trimming power and convenient features that save time and effort.

For most users, the M220 hits the sweet spot for an outdoor power tool that can tame unruly growth with little hassle.

Comparison With Alternatives

Comparison With Alternatives
When comparing alternatives to the Fields Edge M220 string mower, three key options are the Remington 22-inch trimmer lawn mower, Husqvarna hi-wheel trimmer mower, and Southland outdoor power wheel trimmer.

Examining their key features and specifications in relation to the M220 can assist in determining if they may be superior choices based on your needs. The Remington, Husqvarna, and Southland models each have unique attributes to consider against the M220.

Factors such as cutting width, wheel size, maneuverability, weight, and power source are worth comparing between the models. Analyzing how these variables align with the terrain, obstacles, and needs of your lawn care can clarify which option may prove optimal for your purposes.

A detailed side-by-side comparison of specs and capabilities allows for an informed decision when selecting among these string trimmer mower alternatives.

Remington 22-inch Trimmer Lawn Mower

The Remington 22-inch trimmer lawn mower offers a similar powerful cutting performance but has a smaller cutting width than the Fields Edge M220. The Remington mower features a 22-inch cutting deck, dual line bump head for optimal cutting, and 7 position height adjustment.

It matches the Fields Edge in power and reliability but loses out on maximum cutting width.

Users report the Remington is slightly louder but appreciate the price point compared to other models.

Overall, the Remington is a comparable option at a more budget-friendly price despite the smaller cutting deck.

Husqvarna Hi-Wheel Trimmer Mower

Take a look at the Husqvarna Hi-Wheel trimmer mower if you want a sturdy machine with extra-large rear wheels for better maneuverability over uneven terrain.

  • It has a powerful engine for excellent mowing performance.
  • The durable construction and quality components ensure longevity.
  • You can adjust the cutting height up to 4 inches.
  • The hi-wheel design makes it easy to maneuver.

This mower’s robust build and improved traction make it a good choice when tackling rough or hilly terrain.

Southland Outdoor Power Wheel Trimmer

Wishing the old Southland would wheel itself to the junkyard, aren’t you? That rickety contraption will chop more of your toes than weeds! When looking at alternatives, avoid Southland’s dated, unreliable trimmer.

Trimmer Cutting Width Engine Type Price
Southland 17 2-cycle $179
Husqvarna 17 4-cycle $329
Fields Edge 22 4-cycle $299

Instead of risking frustration and injury, put money into a high-quality, ergonomic trimmer from a reputable brand.


A Fields Edge M220 String Mower’s like a powerful tool in the hands of a master craftsman. It offers precision and convenience to tackle tough vegetation. Its reliable engine, adjustable cutting height, and tool-less line replacement make it an ideal choice for those who need a versatile solution for their lawn maintenance needs.

The generous five-year consumer warranty provides added reassurance that the Fields Edge M220 will always deliver superior performance.

While there’re some concerns about plastic parts and string line feed, the overall user rating of 4 out of 5 stars makes it a competitive choice in the market compared to alternatives. So if you’re looking for a dependable string mower, the Fields Edge M220’s worth considering.

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