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Flowering Desert Plants for Colorful Landscaping Full Guide of 2023

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Although the desert may feel like a dry and also dry surface, it is home to thousands of colorful, flowering desert plants Using the Arizona desert as an example, there are several trees, yards, wildflowers, cacti, as well as bushes spread across the warm desert landscape.

Whether you would certainly such as a brand-new garden visual or are on the search for drought-tolerant plants, there are plenty of options to fit any type of requirement. Browse know even more, listed below are some of our top choices for simple to keep, flowering desert plants:

Shrubs and also Trees

Tecoma Stans : Also referred to as ‘Yellow Bells,’ this native American shrub grows completely sunlight or filtering system color. The bright as well as strong yellow blossoms are a superb option for your new yard as they expand rapidly as well as flower in wealth. If well maintained, the bush can expand to 32 feet (10 meters) high, making a bold declaration in your yard.

Callistemon (Bottlebrush): The container brush family is an indigenous Australian shrub or little tree that flowers in tones of lotion, yellow, pink, or red. These drought-resistant plants are an easy-care choice that will bring in and also birds to your yard with its pleasant nectar.


Kallstroemia Grandiflora : Also recognized as an Arizona poppy, Summer Poppy, or Orange Caltrop, this flowering natural herb can be located in the deserts of California, and Northern Mexico. If you have a big and also dry landscape, this blossom can infect 1-3 feet (30cm– 1 meters) tall as well as 3 feet (1 meter) broad. Upkeep for these hardy blossoms is simple, just requiring periodic watering, and no feeding or trimming needed.

Desert Marigold : If you live in a completely dry, warm, and also windy landscape, the Desert Marigold is a durable desert wildflower that will certainly flower throughout the warm months as well as return year after year. This sampling can grow between 10-30 inches (25-70cm and does not need any type of certain dirt type, just good water drainage.

Cactus as well as Succulents

Irritable Pear : This cactus is a superb choice for your desert -themed garden. It is an easygoing and also sturdy plant to expand, which will bloom intense blossoms during the spring and also edible fruits in maturation. After approximately eight years, your cactus can generate as many as 200 fruits, making an exceptional enhancement to a healthy smoothie mix.

Ice Plant : If you are looking for colorful succulents that can load your unwelcoming and completely dry spots of desert yards, Ice Plants is the right choice for you. With their many yellow, pink, purple, and also red flowers, this beautiful succulent develops an excellent covering for the rocky inclines or dirty ground. Several gardeners such as this delicious as they attract butterflies, bees, and also birds to their otherwise extreme desert landscape.


Muhly Grass : Muhlenbergia is a decorative green grass that blossoms into a lovely pink or white spectacle. This extensive turf can be found in the Arizona Desert and throughout Mexico, Canada, Asia, Central, and South America. The geographical diversity of the plant makes it exceptionally adaptable and fast-growing in a variety of dirts. Also with no flowers, this eco-friendly grass adds texture, color, and volume to your garden year-round.

Exactly How Can I Keep My Succulents And Desert Plants Happy For The Winter?

As temperatures start to drop, you might be questioning whether your succulents as well as desert plants will certainly endure. The bright side is even deserts get chilly, sometimes going down below cold at night. Nevertheless, if the climate remains constantly cold and also wet, your plants might battle.

The good news is, there are lots of steps you can require to ensure your plants will flourish during these harsher months.

Cover your young and at risk plants when the cold temperatures get here. The cover ought to review the top of the plants so that it is completely covered, protecting it from wind, rain, as well as frost. These particularly made plant covers can be purchased at many yard stores.

It is important to continue conscientiously watering your desert plants throughout the winter season months. When frost kinds on the surface area of your plant, it draws the water away, possibly causing dehydration as well as damage. A hydrated plant is far more likely to make it through the chillier climates.

When landscaping, it is very important to frequently look your plants for insects such as aphids as well as mealybugs. If found, relocate your infested plants far from the others as well as haze with a combination of 3/4 alcohol and also 1/4 water.

Succulents are especially fragile in the wintertime. Where feasible, relocate your plants within. Start the procedure by getting rid of any kind of weeds, and leaves around the succulents and after that repot them making use of new soil. Leave the succulent in its new pot for 2 weeks before relocating it within, as well as gradually decrease the quantity of watering. When inside, place your plants on a windowsill with lots of sunshine.

If it is difficult to bring your succulents within, ensure that you plant them in a place that will receive at the very least 3-4 hours of bright sunshine each day. If you stay in a damp climate, make sure that you buy a completely dry succulent mix that will certainly keep any kind of excess water away. Or else, it can add to deteriorating.

Making The Most Out Of Your Desert Landscape Design

When developing your excellent desert landscape, keep in mind to play about with plants that will certainly supply a selection of contrast. Fantastic landscaping includes a combination of shade, form, appearance, and dimension. Using a plant from each of the categories listed: trees, grasses, wildflowers, cacti, and also shrubs will enable your distinct desert yard to stand out.

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