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Greenworks 20312 40v Cordless Chainsaw Review (2023)

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In basic, specialist landscaping companies often tend not to give much credence to cordless power saws; however, from the initial day of its launch, the Greenworks 20312 40V Cordless Chainsaw has actually been raising greater than a couple of eyebrows.

The layout of this version makes it ideal for overhanging work, and also when the trigger is launched the procedure and sound of the engine ceases immediately.

The effective brushless electric motor and the maker’s 4-year guarantee contribute to its overall good looks.

If you are unconvinced concerning the capabilities of cordless power saws, this is the version that just could change your mind.

I’ve noted out the other leading models in my cordless chainsaw summary write-up.


  • The brushless electric motor supplies extra torque, power, and also much less resonance than various other equivalent versions.
  • Additional attributes, like the chain break and also the reduced kickback chain, raise the overall safety of the individual.
  • When totally billed, the 4 Ah 40V battery can carry out 150 cuts before it needs charging.


  • The slim layout of the chain bar causes it to bend and bend when being used on thicker woods.
  • The oil port and groove are on the smaller sized side as well as tending in the direction of blocking.


  • The Greenworks-made brushless electric motor expands the life-span of the tool by reducing total damage.
  • This chainsaw battery is compatible with other devices in the Greenworks 40V line.
  • The digital chain break is created to stop accidental kickbacks.
  • Chain tensioning is automatic.
  • The push to start function makes it unbelievably straightforward to start this chainsaw


Out of package, the Greenworks 20312 Chainsaw prepares to make use of.

It comes with a 40V 16″ battery and also consisted of charger. This version can be bought with or without the battery as well.

Also consisted of in an acquisition of this chainsaw is a scabbard as well as travel bag for storage space and also transport. As soon as assembled, the chainsaw considers in at just over 10 extra pounds– making it conveniently manoeuvrable for most individuals.

Brushless Motor

One of the main marketing features of the Greenworks 20312 is the truth that its design incorporates a brushless motor.

The style of its digital components guarantees that the engine does not lose effectiveness as a result of the brushes enter into contact with the rotation parts of the electric motor. Therefore, brushless electric motors run dramatically cooler than traditional gas-powered versions. Their engines often tend to be quieter as well as generate less resonance for the user.

Due to the fact that no brushes are consisted of in the design, the motor has a longer life-span, as well as it requires basically little to no maintenance over the life times of the chainsaw This is a considerable step onward in the present innovation for cordless tools.

Chain Bar

One more highlight of the 20312 is the reality that its layout incorporates an Oregon-branded, 16-inch steel bar and chain. By contrast, the bulk of various other cordless power saws have just a 14″ bar. The 16 ″ bar is generously sized, however not so huge that it can not be conveniently utilized.

Safety and security Feature

What individuals have a tendency to value regarding this specific chainsaw is the reality that it features an abundance of safety attributes.

There are standard security features, like hand guards and chain brakes, but a certain standout is the truth that when the trigger is launched, the engine immediately cuts off and all sound ceases. Moreover, the chainsaw immediately closes itself off after 60 seconds of lack of exercise to stop discharging of the battery.

Chain Oiling Tensioning

As one would expect, oiling of the saw’s blade is automated. The chain oil storage tank lies on the left side of the chainsaw The storage tank cap is tethered, so individuals don’t have to stress about losing it.

Chain removal and tensioning are doing by 2 basic to use dials found on the right hand of the device. In general, the chain seems to hold its tension well; however, some customers have whined that the little size of the oil storage tank makes it clog rather quickly.

The Greenworks 20312, as well as all of its consisted of parts are covered by a 4 year, limited service warranty from the maker. If the chainsaw is to be utilized for commercial objectives, the warranty just lasts for 90 days.


A customer does not need to be an experienced landscaping company to learn just how to use the Greenworks 20312 16 ″ 40V Cordless Chainsaw.

The only component that will need some acclimation to make use of is the fact that the electronic device’s system is to deal with installed.

On a full charge, this chainsaw provides roughly 150 cuts on tiny to medium sized items of timber.

For all the attributes and also performance it has to supply, this Greenworks chainsaw is reasonably valued, as well as it would certainly make a superb enhancement to any type of purchaser’s grass care arsenal!

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