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Greenworks Corded Electric Lawn Mower Reviews – Best Models 2023

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Many individuals wanof a to not just grow an environment-friendly lawn this year, however additionally looking to go green in their yard. In various other words, wanting to ditch making use of fuel powerewithlawn equipment. Go into the globe of green technology for lawn treatment. Greenworks has actually been among the leaders in corded and battery powered lawn mowers for a few years currently. In this review I’ll go over 2 of the more prominent Greenworks Corded Lawn mowers to give you an overview of what you can expect with using this sort of mower

Greenworks 25012 12 Amp 18-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower Review

The Greenworks 25012 12 Amp Corded 18-Inch Lawn Mower is fashionable and effective, with a zero-carbon footprint, generating no exhausts. The 18-inch electric -powered lawn mower will efficiently cut your backyard without putting out a cloud of discharge maintains your household from taking pleasure in the outdoors while mowing. Say goodbye to transporting your gas can to the station and back- the GreenWorks provides a no-gas, no-oil, and no-maintenance function.

greenworks mower1

Mow greener with the Greenworks Electric Tower. Its durable steel reducing deck managementrs tough, rowdy growth of greater than simply lawn. With rear bagging and mulching abilities, you’ll appreciate the reduced cleanup time behind the mower This electric -powered mower has 7-inch front wheels and 8-inch rear wheels leaving an 18-inch course. A seven-position lever lets you change the elevation of your lawn

Fold and shop with a simple cam-lock, so you never ever need to function around the mower in your garage. The mower comes requirement with a compost pluandas offers a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • No cable function
  • Battery-powered
  • Long lasting steel cutting deck
  • 18-inch reducing path
  • Adjustable elevation in 7 placements
  • 4-year producer’s guarantee
  • No gas, oil or tune-ups
  • 1440 Watts


The Greenworks Electric Mower fasts and easy to set up as well as is all set to tackle your multi-terrain lawn This design uses attributes allow it to stay on par with the huge young boys, providing fantastic maneuverability and also little storage space.


Contrasted to the holler of a gas-powered mower, the Greenworks Electric Mower practically hums its method across your backyard, allowing your family to appreciate being outdoors while you’re trimming. Say goodbye to putting on earplugs while cutting your lawn


This lightweight mower can manage some of the hardest jobs you can toss at it and also will certainly not cope high or thick lawns. You’ll get a great deal of bang for your buck with the GreenWorks Electric Mower.


The reviews for the Greenworks 25012 12 Amp Corded 18-Inch Lawn Mower at have been really favorable and also it presently has a review ranking of 4.5 celebrities.


The bulk of the consumer responses for the Greenworks 25012 12 Amp Corded 18-Inch Mower has been positive. There have likewise been a few grievances made by the reviewers, as well as we will certainly talk about several of them now for the advantage of our readers.

Among one of the most usual issues of this Greenworks Mower has been regarding getting substitute components, which many customers state is challenging. Consumers share having to wait 21 days for components to show up in the mail, and after that, arriving with no installment directions or assist for them to place the component in. Consumer service did not seem to be extremely valuable for responding to inquiries or for installing components.

One more trouble that customers had with this Mower was the range they needed to drive to a repair work center. Several buyers state that their repair facility was 100 miles away which to have their mower repaired or serviced needed them to bring the mower to a filling station that cost them a great deal of gas- which they believed ironic given that this mower is intended to be environment-friendly.

Finally, some customers were not pleased to locate they might not situate a collection bag purchasing for the mower Some mentioned that they might not also gain client service, even after calling lot of times.


despite the negative comments regarding the Greenworks 25012 12 Amp Corded 18-Inch Mower that we have simply reviewed most of the customer feedback has actually been really positive and 73% of the reviewers have given the product a 5-star score.

What has thrilled clients a lot more than anything else about the GreenWorks 25012 12 Amp Corded 18-Inch Mower is the simplicity with which it cuts, turning small community whole lots into a fast and also simple work and bigger backyards into an easy afternoon task. Clients loved that its lightweight frame and extra-large tires made it manoeuvrable over a great deal of various terrains. A great deal of customers revealed that this was the best electric -powered mower they had actually also had.

Buyers of this mower actually enjoyed its electric function, specifically those who had not had an electric mower prior to this. They appreciated having the ability to connect in the mower and also not having to run to the gasoline station before every mowing work. Most buyers remained in agreement that having a mower that did not have to be serviced continually, with stimulating plugs and oil modifications was revitalizing.

As well as naturally, there is the green factor, which buyers definitely enjoyed. Many purchasers really bought the mower for no reason other than it do not make use of gasoline, only to locate that the GreenWorks does not jeopardize any power or feature. Daddies who mowed their yards with the GreenWorks stated that they really ruche’d as having the ability to trim while their household was out delighting in the yard at the very same time- something they can never make with their gas-powered mower


Would we suggest the Greenworks 25012 12 Amp Corded 18-Inch Lawn Mower to our viewers?

Definitely yes, as well as below is why:

The feedback for the Greenworks 25012 12 Amp Corded 18-Inch Mower was higher than we expected seeing, and also when we began reading tales from proprietors of this mower we can see why. With only a few exceptions, buyers extremely loved the item- for the price along with for its function. Story after story from customers informed of the factors why they were satisfied with their acquisition. When we see a product that meets a requirement to this level, we feel practically obliged to tell our readers about it.

The Greenworks 25022 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower Review

Do you like the concept of a well-manicured lawn that will be the envy of all your neighbors? Does the tall grass in your front lawn bother you? Why pay for a service when you can get your money’s worth in this product? Right here’s what the fuss over the Greenworks 25022 is all concerning:

first, the Greenworks 25022 can be found in a box, well packaged and also easy making use of the minute you get it. All you need to do is unpack package, unfold the manage, as well as vola! All set to use. It has a 12 Amp engine— which is enough to get the job done, a 20″ Steel reducing deck that permits you to mulch, use side discharge, or simply bag. Currently the advantage of the 20″ as opposed to the 18″ it you can make fewer passes, so you wind up saving your time! They consist a turf collection bag as well as compost plug of in the 25022 package.


Being an electric lawn mower, it shows it is Eco-friendly. The Greenworks 25022 has a ZERO carbon impact, which suggests you’ll be doing your bit toward conserving the atmosphere. Annually, American families make use of around 800 million gallons of gas. Another asset is that it is silent as contrasted to gas mowers.

What possibly sets the 25022 besides other mowers is its rear wheel dimension. They are bigger, so there is a simple ability to move. The front wheels of the Greenworks 25022 are 7″ in diameteandas the rear are 10″. Thishowses even harder-to-access areas of your lawn can be provided an excellent manicure, without damaging your back to reach them.

For individuals whgetin annoyed with a lot of switches to press, the Greenworks 25022 is really simple to use. Just press the control deal with down and also the start button and also it’s prepared to munch the grass away. An additional fantastic attribute of the 25022 is that they constructed the body from steel as contrasted to other lawn lawn mowers that are created from plastic. You have longevity on your side as well. This metal body gets rid of the thickness that exists in other plastic models, making it easy to manoeuvre around your lawn

If you haven’t been trimming the yard on your lawn, there are various height setups to deal with that problem. The Greenworks 25022 has 7 different elevation changes ranging from 1.5 to 3.75 inches. You have unkempt yard expanding? No problem, the Greenworks 25022 can take care of primarily every little thing. But you will certainly need to remember to transform your settings accordingly. You would not desire a hairless patch on your lawn

greenworks mower

Of program, with whatever looking so wonderful and rosy, I should warn yot you will certainly require to purchase a cord to realluseze this product. The Greenworks 25022 comes with a cable that is only 10 to 12 inches. Relying on the size of your yard, you will certainly have to pick the size of the cable you will need to buy for the 25022. For example, if you have a backyard of tiny to tool dimension, allow’s state around 40 feet, you can choose to buy a 16 scale expansion cable. Even a 14 gauge cable would function, but you check that your option is outside rated.


  • Steel body as opposed to plastic– so lighter and also extra manoeuvrability.
  • Huge rear wheels for simple handling and also movement.
  • Quieter than a gas powered mower, and also Eco-Friendly.
  • Various height changes fomanyus grass lengths.
  • Easy to take care of with the Start switch unloccontrolol handle.
  • Has a 4 year warranty which is dual of a lot omarket’s requirements.
  • 20 inches of reducing deck.
  • Easy to fold up for occupying minimal storage area


  • Suited for just tiny to medium-sized backyards.
  • Required to purchase an extension cord to make use of the item.


they recommend what kind of extension cord for the 25022?

UL allowed extension cord, 16 gauge for a 50 foot expansion cord, 14 scale for 100 feet.

Does this mower call for a 3 or 2 conductor extension cable?

Also though the mower is double shielded as well as does not require the ground, the only expansion cables of enough scale that are readily available are 3 core, and also we would certainly constantly suggest to make use of these

Just how would certainly you factor the price of the 25022 Electric mower

If you run this mower for a hr, it will, basically cost you 25 cents.


On the whole, the Greenworks 25022 model guarantees to provide its money’s well worth. A little a lot more expensive than a gas-powered mower, this confirms to be an exceptional choice for the small-medium lawn classification. The service warranty proves that the firm trusts its product, as well as with terrific price cuts available online– we ensure you to obtain a swipe deal anytime you choose to buy the Greenworks 25022.

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