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Greenworks Cordless Mower Reviews – Best Models 2023

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Have you gone out of your grass one bright day, with objectives to give it a nice remodeling just to find on your own accidentally mowing the electrical cable? Hey, occurs to the best to us. However Greenworks has actually thought of a service to who problem. The Greenworks brand has made a series of battery-powered electric mower who assures to supply the products. No more having to handle cords in one hand and the mower in another!

I’m posting likely to be looking at 3 of the lot more popular battery powered alternatives from Greenworks listed below.

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GreenWorks 25302 Twin Force G-MAX Cordless Lawn Mower Review

This brand-new version comes furnished with goodies that might make a lawn,mower lover’s head spin. What is excellent and distinct regarding the Greenworks 25302 is its Twin Blades. The Twin Force G-MAX makes sure that cutting your lawn is effective and timesaving make it, running, simultaneously for best outcomes.

You’ll probably be assuming, how efficient can this product be? Operating on battery? It won’t last long. Do not be as well quick to disregard it. The Greenworks 25302 runs for 70 mins on a single charge, as well as it’s rather wise. 2 lithium-ion batteries, are included in the plan as well as this is ample to tackle your weeds. The batteries take a couple of hours to charge, and after that they’re all set to roll!

What is additionally fantastic concerning the GreenWorks 25302 Double Force G-MAX 40V Li-Ion 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower is that you don’t need to fret concerning changing batteries when the very first one passes away. There is an automatic battery switchover which begins attracting power from the second battery once the initial one is depleted. A big convenience. It’s the focus to information that makes the 25302 such an excellent product. The Innovative Smart Cut technology changes itself for power or runtime after picking up the thickness of the lawn.

Greenworks 25302 cutting deck

Having a 20″ cutting deck is additionally a benefit. You wouldn’t wish to mow your grass for longer than required. This lowers the moment you function, so you have more time to delight in the benefits of your freshly trimmed yard. It is rather light as compared to gas powered lawn mowers, and certainly simpler to steer around your grass. Just like Greenworks items, the 25302 is without claiming an Eco-friendly product. The benefit of having an electrical mower is that it is way quieter than its gas powered relatives, as well as you don’t need to take care of gas exhausts.

An additional huge draw to the GreenWorks 25302 Double Force G-MAX 40V Li-Ion 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower is the one change height settings. The product having 6 various height change settings may make your yard mowing a lot simpler. You would certainly have to observe that although there is no light sign on the 25302 showing whether the bag is complete, the flap will stagnate. This will certainly show that there is no area for the air to move, as well as the bag will require to be cleared out.


  • lightweight as well as even more manoeuvrability.
  • Twin 10″ blades provide far better cut high quality.
  • Large rear wheels for easy handling and movement.
  • Cordless for trouble, totally free activity.
  • Quieter than a gas powered mower, and also Eco-Friendly.
  • Various height changes for different grass sizes.
  • Straightforward beginning procedure
  • Has a 4 year service warranty which is dual of most industry’s requirements.
  • 20 inches of cutting deck.
  • Easy to fold up for inhabiting very little storage area


  • Lasts for 70 minutes. Large lawns would certainly need a break of 2 hrs while batteries bill.
  • Slight Gap between twin blades creates the 25302 to pass over a little patch of lawn which would certainly call for a 2nd pass.

Frequently asked questions about the Greenworks 25302:

Exists a sign on the system showing which battery is running which is diminished?

Yes, there is a red Indicator on the battery revealing that it’s in usage.

The time is the guarantee on the mower The batteries?

4 year repair guarantee on the unit, 2 year service warranty on the batteries.

Does lawnmower come fully put together?

All you need to do is set up the manages and also charge the batteries, everything else is done

Last word:

The Greenworks 25302 model certainly proves to be easy as contrasted to other models because of the cordless function. The suggestion of utilizing a battery-powered grass mower has actually mixed feelings though. I’m instead the sort of person that calls for a ready-to-use item if I’m in the mood to cut my grass.

If you’ve neglected to bill your batteries you’re in a while of hold-up. The Twin Blades of the 25302 has actually blended reviews– as they do not appear to be measuring up to the online reputation their earlier equivalents had for reliable cutting. I feel this is the ideal direction toward less complicated, cleaner, easy mowing, yet a few enhancements could be done on the GreenWorks 25302 Double Force G-MAX 40V Li-Ion 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower.

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